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Six Months Later

Betty was pushing the twins baby stroller through the Leore local mall when Marina dropped her favorite stuffed animal on the ground, Betty stopped and bent down to pick up the toy and that's when she heard a familiar female accented voice. She stood up handed Marina the toy, then looked straight to see Chloe Palente' walking toward her.

"Chloe." Betty said glaring at her.

" Betty." Chloe said glaring right back.

" I see you're still fat." Chloe said looking Betty up and down.

" I see you're still a frigid witch." Betty said substituting what she really wanted to say,not wanting her daughter to hear her curse.

"At least I didn't get knocked up and have a bastard baby." Chloe said noticing the baby and the fact that Betty wasn't wearing a ring.

" First of all my daughter is no bastard and second..." Betty began, but Daniel who was carrying Lex in his arms suddenly appeared cutting her off.

"Hey honey, the jeweler said we should have the ring back the day after tomorrow." Daniel said standing besides his wife.

"Chloe, you remember my husband Daniel, you've met our daughter Marina and this handsome little guy is our son Lex." Betty said taking her son from his father and placing him back into the stroller , while flashing Chloe a big grin.

"You're...you're married to her?" Chloe asked shocked that not only was he married to her,but it looked like they had twins too, she couldn't believe it.

" Yeah, our anniversary is next week,we're getting her ring re-sized, its gotten a little big since she lost the baby weight." Daniel explained about her missing ring.

"He didn't want me to accidentally lose the ring, hes very thoughtful like that, its one of the reasons why I love him so much." Betty said throwing their happiness in Chloe's face.

"You're pretty thoughtful yourself,for Fathers day she dressed the twins up, got their picture taken, and made this fathers day card with the picture and with paint prints of their hands and feet, then we had this great fathers day family picnic in the park, these three are my world, they're my life, the best thing that has ever happened to me." Daniel said putting his arm around his wife.

" I..I should get going , I've got errands to run ,I'm moving back to the UK next week , Americans are too stubborn when it comes to their problems." Chloe said,but the truth was that her practice had started to fail after she and Daniel split,her clients began to leave her one by one, she had no choice but to sell her offices and move back to Europe,where she would be staying with an distant aunt in Glasgow, she couldn't afford to move back to London.

" Sorry to see you go. " Betty said sarcastically.

" I would say that it was great seeing you,but that would be lying and we want our children to always be honest." Daniel said giving her a disgusted look.

Chloe just humphed then walked away,clearly angry. When she was out of eyesight, both Daniel and Betty burst into laughter,imagine their luck running into of all people Chloe Palente'.Betty had wanted to laugh the minute Daniel walked over to her carrying Lex, and the smug look on Chloe's face quickly changed into one of pure shock.

"You ready to go get lunch?" Daniel asked.

"Yep and I think the kids are hungry too." Betty said and the twins started babbling as if in agreement.

"How about some Chinese, its been awhile since we had some Panda Express." Daniel said.

"Sounds good to me." Betty said. Daniel grabbed a hold of the handles of the stroller and pushed it while Betty walked beside them.

They walked over to the mall Panda Express and he ordered their food while Betty placed Lex and Marina in the highchairs, the food court had for mall goers use. She then pulled out and handed each baby a bottle, which they happily started to suckle, as she waited for Daniel to arrive with their grown up food. Daniel walked over placing two takeaway carton containers on the table, along with two medium sized fountain drinks.

" I got you the orange chicken and white rice." Daniel said sitting down next to her .

"Thanks sweetie." Betty said giving him a quick kiss on the lips.

They dug into their food ,and as they ate, Betty and Daniel talked casually about their plans for the rest of the day as the babies happily sucked on their bottles. They finished eating then made their way over to the baby shoe store,the twins were growing so fast and had started to outgrow their shoes , so it was time for a new set of shoes. After they left the shoe store they went to a baby clothing store and bought some fall clothes for the twins. The summer was coming to an end and they had outgrown their old fall clothes awhile ago.

" I think we're done, we should go home and set up for the dinner tonight." Betty said referring to the end of the summer family get together they were throwing.

"Yeah, and I think the twins are ready for their nap...well Lex is." Daniel said seeing their son fast asleep and their daughter wide awake taking in her surroundings.

They walked over to their blue SUV and after making sure the twins were secured in their car seats,Daniel climbed into the drivers seat and Betty into the front passenger seat. They left the mall and after fifteen minutes they arrived at their home. After the twins were born,Betty and Daniel went back to Leore and they moved into the mansion Bradford had left Daniel in his will. Betty was only comfortable with leaving her childhood home because she knew it would be left in Henry and his girlfriend Melanie,now fiancee, capable care.

When they got into the house, Daniel carried a sleeping Lex upstairs to the nursery, while Betty placed, a still awake Marina, into the play pen in the living room, near the kitchen where her and Daniel would be cooking. She grabbed a baby monitor and placed it on the kitchen counter,while Daniel entered the kitchen, also with a baby monitor which he placed on the kitchen counter next to the one Betty had placed on the counter.

After the twins were born, they both agreed that they wanted the twins to grow up without wanting for anything,but that they also wanted them to grow up without having everything handed to them, which is why they didn't have a round the clock nanny and why Daniel had gotten a regular car. They also didn't have maids, when the kids were old enough , Daniel and Betty planned to make sure that they picked up after themselves and that they would have chores.

Daniel walked over to Betty,who had her back to him, and placed his arms around her waist as he gently kissed her neck, she turned around and faced him putting her hand around his waist and pulling him closer to her, they then shared a sweet, but steamy kiss. They may have had young children,but they still were as romantic as ever, maybe even more then before the twins were born.

"Ok, Mr. Meade, I think we better cut it out and get to work, or there wont be anything to eat,but salad, when our families and friends come over." Betty said pulling away from her husband.

" I think the food can wait a few minutes." Daniel said in a seductive voice.

"Cool it mister, they'll be plenty of time for that later." Betty said smiling seductively at her husband.

"Ok,but I'll hold you to it, Mrs . Meade ." Daniel said giving her a quick kiss on the lips before walking over to the cabinets and pulling out the pots and pans they would need.

He placed them on the table, while Betty retrieved the ingredients they would need from the refrigerator, other cabinets and their spice racks. They stayed busy cooking up what would be their second annual, end of the summer, extended family dinner. They took turns stopping to check in on the twins,Lex had woken up within an hour,while Marina had fallen asleep,so the twins were switched, Marina being moved upstairs to the nursery while an awake Lex was moved downstairs to the play pen, after a diaper change.

Betty closed the oven after checking on the casseroles baking in there, they were just about ready, so she turned the fire down to warm . Daniel was stirring a vegetable sauce on the stove, their families and friends would be arriving soon. Hilda had come to vacation in Leore with Santos and the kids , they had taken Justin to see one of his favorite plays, in LA, the day before and would be arriving shortly back in Leore for the dinner, today was also their last day in Leore , before they flew back to Miami the next morning.

Marina woke up from her nap and Betty went upstairs to get her placing her into the play pen next to her brother. It amazed her how close the twins were even at six months old, sometimes it seemed they could sense when the other was near ,even if one baby was in one room and the other in another room. They'd both start babbling at the same time as if trying to let the other know they were near each other.

When they were both in the playpen she'd sometimes find them asleep holding each others hand,Daniel had taken several pictures of them sleeping like that. In fact he took pictures of them any chance he got, video camera too, of every little thing they did. He adored his children so much, and though they weren't old enough to understand yet, he told them that he loved them, everyday, sometimes twice a day.

He had come to terms with his overall relationship with his dad and had promised himself and Betty that he would never deny his children his attention, he would strive to keep a strong relationship with them, even when they grew up and would become angst ridden teenagers,something he was not looking forward to, he was going to make sure they knew he would always be there for them ,no matter what.

They had finished setting up the table and placing the food on the table, when the doorbell rang . Daniel went to answer the door while Betty picked up the twins from their play pen. She smiled as Marina gurgled and smiled as her mother picked her up, they were both happy babies always laughing and smiling, they definitely had their fathers charm and their mother's warm attitude . Daniel opened the door to reveal his mother and Tara-Lynn.

"Hello Daniel." Claire said greeting her son.

"Hi Mom, Tare-bear." Daniel said kissing his mother on the cheek and hugging his little sister.

" Hey ,Danny-boy." Tara-Lynn said.

"So where are my beautiful grand children?" Claire said as they walked into the house.

"Right here." Betty said appearing with the twins. Claire greeted Betty then took Marina and Lex into her arms ,who cooed at their grandmother.

"Hey, Tare how was New York?" Betty asked after hugging her sister in law. Tara-Lynn had just gotten back from a two week trip to New York City.

"It was great,I love the city." Tara-Lynn said as her and Betty walked toward the living room; Claire was amusing the twins in the downstairs play room.

"I'm sure you enjoyed having a condo all to yourself too." Daniel said smiling at his sister, .

"Yeah, and in a way , it made me feel closer to Dad...you know,since it used to be his." Tara-Lynn said.

"Yeah, I know what you mean." Daniel said referring to the house his father had left him.

"I'm going to go check on the flan." Betty said seeing that they were having a sibling moment.

"I really miss him, he wasn't the best dad, but he was still our Dad, and I know now in his own way he loved us." Tare said blinking back tears from falling.

"I feel the same way, he might not have given us the best childhood,but he set me on the path to all that I have now,Mode,Betty and the twins." Daniel said.

"Yeah, you've definitely come a long way Danny-boy, you're really lucky to have Betty and the kids, fatherhood definitely becomes you." Tara-Lynn said.

"Thanks , little sis, I'll owe some of that credit to you, I think taking care of you when we were little, will give me the experience for when Marina and Lex are toddlers." Daniel said smiling at his younger sister.

"You were the best big brother a little girl could ever ask for.." Tara-Lynn said her tone changing from playful to serious.

"Is everything ok?" Daniel asked sensing a small shift in her mood. Then the doorbell started to ring again signaling the arrival of more guest.

"I have something I have to tell you,but,we can talk after dinner." Tara-Lynn said.

"Are you sure?" Daniel asked having a feeling whatever she had to tell him was something important.

"Yeah, you shouldn't keep who ever is at the door waiting." Tara-Lynn said.

"Ok,but we're going to talk right after dinner." Daniel said before exiting the room and heading for the front door.

Daniel went to answer the door and opened it to reveal, Christina and Jason, Henry and his fiancee Melanie, as well as Hilda, Santos, Justin and Lily, who had all arrived at the same time. Daniel greeted them all then led them into the dinning room, where Betty, Claire, Tara-Lynn and the twins were. They all sat down and enjoyed a wonderful dinner full of conversation about this and that.

After the main course was eaten, the twins were taken upstairs,because it was there bedtime and Lily was also sent to bed otherwise the toddler would be crabby, when they caught their flight back to Miami. Jason,Christina,Henry and Melanie stayed for awhile talking,but they soon left. Hilda, Santos, and Justin went to bed soon after ,having to wake up early for their flight. Which left Claire, Tara-Lynn, Daniel and Betty in the living room chatting.

"I have something to tell all of you." Tara-Lynn said,when there was a break in the conversation.

"Is it what you wanted to tell me earlier?" Daniel asked.

"Yeah..." Tara-Lynn said nervously.

"Is everything alright?" Claire said noticing how nervous her daughter was.

"Yeah...well you all know that I haven't felt challenged in school for a long time, and while I was in New York, I looked up this private school in Manhattan,the Constance Billard school for girls, its an all girl school,but the classes they offer are just what I need plus, Dad and I talked about colleges in New York, if I spend my senior year at Constance, I'll have greater access to the colleges out there." Tara-Lynn said in a rushed sentence.

"So...so you're saying you want to move to New York City?" Claire asked shocked.

"Yeah...I do." Tara-Lynn said.

"Alone?" Daniel asked immediately thinking about his sister being alone in a big city like New York.

"Yeah." Tara-Lynn said not knowing what to else to say.

"Why, why would you want to leave Leore, you can finish school here, then go off to college." Claire said not wanting to lose her daughter.

" I need a change of scenery, and you two don't need me anymore, Mom, you've been great these past few years,but you're a busy lawyer and Daniel, you've got Betty and the twins, I can get a better education in that school and being in New York, it's like I'm closer to Dad, he spent so much time there, and I love the city, Leore's great,but I'm ready to move on, to find myself, get on the path to my future." Tara-Lynn said.

"And you can't find that here?" Claire asked trying to understand her daughter's reasoning.

"I love you guys,but that's where I want to be right now, didn't you ever feel like that?" Tara-Lynn asked.

"No,but if that's what you want, if that's what will make you happy, then I have no choice,but to let you go." Claire said knowing her daughter, Tara-Lynn had always been a rebel and a free spirit, if she wanted to do something and she felt strongly, you just had to let her do it.

"Daniel..." Tara-Lynn said waiting for her brother's reaction.

"I'm always going to worry about you little sis,but, like Mom said, if this is what you want...then you've got my support." Daniel said.

"Thanks, it's what I really want." Tara-Lynn said hugging her brother and then her mother.

"I'm happy for you,but I'm gonna miss you." Betty said to her sister in law.

"I'm going to miss you too, and my niece and nephew." Tara-Lynn said as she hugged Betty.

Details were talked about and then Claire and Tara-Lynn headed home. Tara-Lynn would be leaving for New York the following week. Claire and Daniel were still worried about Tara-Lynn being three thousand miles away living in a big city, so Claire would be contacting a distant cousin of hers, that currently lived in Manhattan, someone who could look after her daughter.

Betty put away one last dish and turned to Daniel, who had just finished clearing off the last of the stuff left on the table.

"Are you ok?" Betty asked seeing he had something on his mind.

"Yeah, just remembering when she was younger,she's so grown up now, I'm her big brother I'm supposed to be around to protect her." Daniel said.

"You'll always be her big brother, distance will never change that." Betty said taking his hands in hers.

"How do you always know the right thing to say,to make me feel better?" Daniel asked as he brought his hand to cradle her face.

"Because, I know you...and I love you." Betty said.

"True..and I believe it's later, ." Daniel said looking at her seductively.

"Is that so." Betty said leaning in closer.

"Mmm...hmm.." Daniel said closing the distance and capturing her mouth with his.

It had been a long journey to get to where they were,but they had reached their shared destiny, from those now filled thoughts,ideas and dreams, seen in his representation of sommeille,and though his memory loss had made things complicated,he'd found himself again , faced the loss of his destiny,but in the end he'd gained it all back and gained something even greater, the love of his life and a family of his own.

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