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"Daddy! Daddy!"

"Miss, we must leave!"

"Where's my daddy!"

"Sir, Nero's forces are pressing on the castle! Where is the king?"

"The king is dead. We've been had. That bastard was working for Nero the whole time!"


Alida snapped awake. She stretched, shaking off the old memories. And before I went into hysterics, I saw the cutter blade, she thought idly.

She wandered the castle. She knew where Sword and Blade's rooms were, so logically, Mennen's should be nearby.


"You called my warp star."


"They told me I didn't have one."

"Well… I think it was because they didn't want you to call it. Maybe they wanted you to realize that people out there actually care about you."

"That's ridiculous."

"Is it? Cut the whole loner act out, Metty. It's obnoxious."

"You're the obnoxious one, Jecra."


"I was just saying you seem like a very lonesome creature." Sylvan repeated.

Meta Knight blinked. He stared at Sylvan.

"You know, the resemblance is striking. Are you his father?" Sylvan asked.

Meta Knight had to catch up to the conversation. "Just because we live in the same village and we are the same race does not mean he is my son."

Sylvan laughed. "Yeah, real convincing argument there."

"We were both Nightmare-spawned. We don't have parents."

"Oh." Sylvan muttered. "Well, I wouldn't expect the fearsome Mennen to have a kid, anyway."

"My name is Meta Knight."

Sylvan looked at his watch. "I… it's time to test which copy abilities you can use. I'm sorry about this."


"I bring a message from Emperor Nero, your Highness." Marcus stated, bowing. "He wishes to discuss politics with you, over a feast, of course."

Dedede laughed. "You had me at 'feast'."


Alida looked over the quarters. She noted the jar of candy on a shelf. "Go figure." She muttered.

She wandered over to a bookshelf. A small, leather-bound, tattered book caught her eye. She picked it up and sat in the chair.

The book was not quite a journal. There were the occasional journal entries, but it was mainly filled with sketches, leaf pressings and writings on various cultures.

Alida flipped through some of those pages. Some photos fluttered out. She picked them up.

One of them was particularly interesting. It was a group photo of Mennen, a purple-skinned blond man, two pale tan women and an infant. One seemed to be the wife of the purple skinned man; she held a baby that carried a lot of resemblance to him. The other seemed to be the sister of the wife.

Alida noted something else of interest; both Mennen and the mystery man were wearing star shaped badges.

Alida sighed. In the picture, they seemed to be having a celebration of some sort. There was snow, and the house was covered in lights. She missed the solstice celebrations she had when she was a child.

She absentmindedly pocketed the picture, and then continued to flip through the pages.

One page had a sketch of a serene-looking woman. She also had a star-shaped badge. She read over the journal entry:

I should have done something more. I can't help but feeling I could have saved her, that it didn't have to be like this. I should have stopped her from rushing to Galaxia like that. But I didn't. And now Garlude is dead.

It's so strange, to write the words 'Garlude' and 'dead' in the same sentence. Jecra says that there was nothing else I could do, but I know that's just a white lie. He puts on a brave act, but I know that her death has affected him badly. I've seen this act of his too many times.

I'm guessing right now, he's calling his family. Any moment could be his last, and he knows it. Yamikage seems to have, more or less, withdrawn from society. Jecra and I haven't seen him since her funeral. As far as I know, his brother is his only family.

I really don't know what else to write. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that she's dead.

Alida looked at the page. In a few of the places, the ink had smeared and bled. Had he been crying when he wrote this?


"Poyo…" Kirby muttered sadly. He walked over to the table and picked the remains of Meta Knight's mask.

"Mask." He said, testing out the word. Fumu and the others had told him it was just a mask, not Meta Knight's face. They had said that a mask was like a hat for the face. They had said that Meta Knight was all right, and that they would find him.

Kirby wandered out to the balcony. He climbed on the wall and sat down. "Meta!" he called out, thinking the knight would come if he yelled. "Meta-poyoo!"

Kirby stopped. He heard a strange humming noise.


Meta Knight collapsed back into his cell. He shivered. He hadn't realized that he was that much out of practice with his copy abilities.

There had been a time, many of hundreds of years ago, when he could have killed a man with a parasol. Now he couldn't even use the Tornado ability.

He coughed a bit. He ached all over.

"Are you okay?" Sylvan asked. Meta Knight glared at him.

"You forced me to eat fire, and blew gale-force winds in my direction, and you're asking me if I'm okay."

"Right. Stupid question." Sylvan muttered. "You know, in a contest of copy abilities, I'm sure Kirby could mop the floor with you."

"Thanks." Meta Knight muttered. "As if I didn't feel bad enough already."

"You knew this would happen." Sylvan stated. "You planned on being captured."

"I didn't plan on being captured. I simply knew it was likely."

"Why?" Sylvan asked.

"Because he is the one who can defeat Nightmare."

Sylvan thought that over. "That's not it." He stated. "You care for him. Are you sure you aren't his father."

Meta Knight glared. "For the last time, we are not related."

Sylvan laughed. "If you say so."


"Where are you?" Nero yelled. "Ninja! Get in here!"

A purple clad ninja emerged from the shadows. "You bellowed?" He asked mockingly.

Nero growled. "I don't have time for your attitude, Bio Spark. I need you to eliminate someone."

Bio Spark stared at him evenly. "Really. I never would have guessed. Who is it this time?"

"A woman named Alida. I want her out of the way, immediately."

"And you're paying me how much?"

"We will discuss the matter of price afterwards.
"Of course." Just like always, Bio Spark thought bitterly. He bowed and left. "Jackass." He hissed when he was out of hearing range. He glared at the Kutharian soldier passing by. "Well?"

"Nothing, nothing…" Marcus muttered. He continued to the Emperor's quarters as Bio Spark continued away.


Alida picked up another picture. This one had more members of the GSA in it. There was Mennen, Garlude, the purple-skinned man, a pale orange puffball, and two ninja, one in black and one in purple.

Alida shook her head. Could it really be true that Mennen had reformed?

She flipped through some more journal pages. Another page had caught her interest. There was nothing written on it.

Mennen had tried to write something, but instead there were ink blotches everywhere, the page had torn in some areas. Something had happened here that words could not express.

She flipped through more entries, finally getting to one of the last ones. She struggled to read the handwriting. Apparently, he had been very agitated when he had written it:

I can't take it anymore. I just can't. Everything has gone so horribly wrong. I'm all alone now. Garlude is dead, Jecra's dead, Bio Spark is gone, Yamikage, that bastard, had been a mole, Ami hates me. Everything is wrong.

Ami won't look me in the eye. I don't blame her. She's terrified of me now. It started a couple of days ago, I was drunk, I don't remember what happened. Then she started accusing me of toying with her feelings. She was so mad. I endured the yelling and screaming, and left her on her own. On the most recent attack, I had found the Demon Beast that had taken Jecra, and I killed it. Slowly. I don't know what came over me. But Ami saw. She probably thinks I'm a Demon Beast now, and is waiting for me to turn traitor like Yamikage. I don't want to be that person again! I don't want to be like that! I'm not a Demon Beast!

This isn't the worst part, though. The worst part is that the entire GSA is looking up to me. They think I'm the one who's going to kill Nightmare, because I wield Galaxia. But I'm not. I know I'm not the Star Warrior destined to do that. Galaxia knows it. Sir Arthur knows it. But everyone thinks I'm going to save them. And I can't. I'm destined to fail. I just-

Alida closed the book. She thought about the names she had read. Garlude, Jecra, Bio Spark, Yamikage, Ami. Who were they?

She opened the book to the last entry.

The war is over. We lost. Many of the GSA members are dead. I'm one of the few, if not the only one left. Any survivors were scattered.

I managed to get to Ami before she died. She gave me her forgiveness, and told me to never let the darkness back into my heart.

I promise to never let the darkness back into my heart.

Alida blinked. "You've turned out to be a very strange person, Mennen."


Kirby skidded to a halt. The strange noise was gone. Instead he saw movement up ahead. It took a while for the information to process.

"Ninja!" Kirby chirped, remembering the word. The ninja turned around and walked up to him.

"Well, aren't you the most disgustingly cute thing this side of Halfmoon." The ninja whispered, patting Kirby on the head.


"You know, you remind me of someone." The ninja stated.

"Poyoyo!" Kirby exclaimed, tilting his head.

The ninja nudged him in the other direction. "Run along now. I have work to do."


"He won't succeed."

Nero turned around. "Ah, Yamaikage, you're here."

"You have done my master a great favor telling us where Bio Spark is, but I can't help but think that having him go after Alida is a bit… ill-planned."

Nero shrugged. "It was just to get him away from here. The longer he is in the base, the more likely he is to find out about my deal with Holy Nightmare. I'm sure that wouldn't go over well with an ex-GSA member. He's at the castle if you want to finish him off."

Yamikage nodded, slipping back into the shadows.

Nero proceeded out of his quarters; he had business at the castle anyway.


Alida set the book back. She went to leave the room, and then stopped. She had the feeling she was being watched. She cautiously exited.

"Miss Alida!" Sword exclaimed, preparing to lecture her for going through Meta Knight's personal belongings. Alida turned and stepped forward in time for the kunai to hit the wall instead of her.

Sword and Blade drew their swords. "Show yourself!" Blade shouted.

Sword swung, and another kunai dropped out of the air.

Alida went back towards the room. This was not something she was used to. Her enemies had always been straight-forward; they didn't hide in the shadows.

Suddenly she tripped. When she looked up a kunai was being held at her throat.

"Did Nero send you, ninja?" Blade asked.

"Frankly, that's none of your concern. And my name is Bio Spark, not ninja."

"Bio Spark…" Alida muttered. "I've heard that name… it was in Mennen's journal."

Blade glared at her. "You went through Sir Meta Knight's personal belongings!"

Bio Spark blinked. "Wait a minute. Meta Knight is here? As in the short, antisocial Star Warrior Meta Knight."

"He was here." Sword said grudgingly. "Nero has captured him."

"Nero…" Bio Spark whispered. "That bastard!" He threw the kunai to the floor, where it stuck. "When I get my hands on him…"

Sword stopped Bio Spark's rant. "Perhaps you would be of more use if you focus your efforts on rescuing Sir Meta Knight."

Bio Spark nodded. "Right, right…"

Then they heard Kirby scream.


Kirby ran. There was that noise again! As he turned the corner, Fumu caught him.

"Kirby, what's wrong?" She paused. "What's that noise?"

"Poypoy." Kirby muttered. Suddenly, her jerked her to the side. There was a scorch mark where the two used to be.

Fumu gazed up. There was a Kutharian soldier on some sort of hover board device. He aimed his gun at the duo again. "Stay still." He hissed. Suddenly he dropped.

"I'm afraid you're out-classed." A purple clad ninja said.

"Bio Spark, look out!" Blade shouted. The ninja sidestepped as a swarm of shuriken hit the floor.

"And I'm afraid that you're still out of your league." Yamikage said.

Bio Spark didn't bother with a retort. He instead released a flurry of kunai in a vain attempt to hit the Nightmare-aligned ninja.

Sword and Blade were about ready to join in the fight, but Waddle Doo skidded past them. "The king is in danger!" He shouted on his way to the throne room.

Sword turned to Blade. "I will go help His Majesty. You protect Kirby."

Blade nodded. He turned to the Kutharian soldier.

"I will assist you." Alida told Sword, following the knight.

There was a muffled groan as Bio Spark hit the ground hard. He struggled to his feet. Blade turned from the Kutharian to Yamikage. The ninja was too fast for the knight. Blade went down quickly.

The Kutharian picked up the struggling Kirby. Fumu tried to get him, but was pistol-whipped into submission.

"Bring the girl. She will cause problems otherwise." Yamikage stated. He turned to finish off Bio Spark, but the other ninja was gone. Yamikage shrugged. He would probably die soon anyway. He turned to leave.

As soon as the two foes were gone, Bio Spark let himself drop from the ceiling. He lay there, dazed.


"Escargon!" Dedede shouted. "Escargon, where are you!"

Sword hit a hidden switch, revealing a secret area. "Your Highness, Miss Alida, please stay here. I will go find Escargon."

They nodded weakly, and went into the darkness.


Fumu blinked dully. She rubbed her head. "Where…" she started. She looked around. She was in some sort of cell.

"I brought you some food." A mousy looking Kutharian said. He set the food down inside the cell.

"Where is Kirby?"

The Kutharian sighed. "In another cell. He's a test subject, you're a prisoner. I with things didn't have to be like this."

"Then why don't you stop it?" Fumu shouted. "Are you really going to just sit back and let this happen?"

"But what could I do."


"You can't do this, Bio Spark. It wasn't your fault."

"I should have known. By the stars, Jecra, he was my brother! What else can I do?"

"You don't have to leave. This was Yamikage's doing, not yours!"

"My mind is made up, and you can't change it."

"You're being selfish! What about us! Are you really just going to abandon me, Ami and Meta Knight? We need you, Bio Spark. Especially Meta Knight. You know he hasn't been quite right since Garlude's death."

"I'm sorry, Jecra, but I can't stay here any longer."

"…Are you at least going to say goodbye to them?"

"I'm sorry."

Bio Spark wearily opened his eyes. He looked at the family that occupied the room. Were they that girl's family? They were all crying. He sat up. He had to rescue them: the girl, the pink 'poyo poyo' thing, Meta Knight.

But first, he needed a plan.

Bah, screw the plan. Running in with no thought whatsoever was what he did best!


Kirby tilted his head. Right now he was very confused. There was a blue him in front of him.

Kirby leaned in close. "Kaabii!" He chirped, poking the blue Kirby-thing. There was a movement. Kirby laughed. "Kaabii! Kaabii!" He leaned in closer.

Suddenly, the blue one woke up. "Gah!"

It was silent enough to hear the thoughts click through Kirby's head. "Meta?" he asked. Suddenly, he hugged the unmasked knight. "Meta! Meta!"


The secret door opened. Alida and Dedede blinked, having to adjust to the light. On the other side, there was a sobbing Escargon, surrounded by Kutharian soldiers.

"I'm sorry, Your Majesty, b-but Nero said h-he'd… he'd kill my mother if I didn't!"


Coo flew. Threatening someone's mother, that was a low blow. And Coo knew just what mama bird would also believe so…


"Marcus, report." Nero demanded.

"Both Star Warriors are in our custody, the king and the exile have been captured, and Bio Spark is injured, but in hiding."

Nero laughed. "Well, two out of three is good. Let's make the execution of Dedede and Alida public. That way we can show these oafs what happens if they decide to defy me."

"Yes sir." Marcus said. He already knew what happened if you defied the Emperor.


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