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Ten eyes stared straight ahead in tense anticipation as they waited for the sound. Leather creaked and stained against taut muscle as the five riders crouched in absolute silence. Then-


The coin hit the ground and with a whoosh the riders took off in a cloud of dust and debris. Coughing slightly Yayoi bent and picked up the discarded coin. Carefully dusting it off, she placed it in her pocket in preparation for the next race. Straightening her dishevelled hair, she kept an eye on the now distant Stormriders .She mentally clocked up their start times.

"Everyone is in good form today. They're working really well together,"she thought proudly.

"Well nearly everyone," she amended ruefully to herself glancing over to the lone figure standing to one side.

The full moon shone brightly overhead illuminating the lithe figure of the Fang King as he slouched nonchalantly against the school wall. His dark blue hair gleamed like a raven's wing in the dark and Yayoi's heart beat faster as she gazed at him. Strolling over slowly she kept her mind firmly on the progress of Kogarasumaru.

"Don't think about him, think about the team," she ordered herself.

In truth, Kogarasumaru had improved. They were training everyday for the upcoming Gram Scale Tournament. Yayoi had to admit the secret base really helped them. The race track was perfect for speed racers like Kazu and the buildings provided hurdles and places to wall run. It was almost like the place was built for AT's. It had everything they needed.

"Except for him," she thought bemusedly looking over once more at Agito.

He wore his leather jacket open at the front as usual over his white t-shirt. Gazing at him she couldn't help being transported back to the battle with Orca and the feel of that jacket around her. She had thought it was all over, that they were really going to die, but he (alright Lind she corrected herself but it was still Agito's jacket) had placed that jacket around her and suddenly she had felt safe. It represented Agito to her-his strength, his courage, his-

"What the fuck are you doing?"

Yayoi jumped, startled out of her thoughts by the voice of the very person she had been fantasising over. His one eye glared at her demanding an answer.

"Oh, umm…there's a better view of the field over here," she said haltingly hoping he wouldn't catch her out on the lie.

Well she could hardly say it was because of him she came over. Although, she must have been staring for a long time for him to have used that tone with her. Usually he spoke more gently to her…well for him it was gentle anyway. Perhaps only one swear word every sentence instead of five…Why was she thinking about that? Blushing she reprimanded herself for standing there like a fool. Self-consciously she reached up to her hair, reassuring herself that her two ponytails were still in place. To cover her embarrassment she sat down close to him with her back against the wall and gazed over the field at the rest of the team, pretending to check their progress.

Unsurprisingly Kazu had already finished his first lap and was starting his second. Buccha and Ikki seemed to be involved in a disgusting snot throwing match with the targets being each others faces. Ikki was clearly losing, his face covered in green gunk. Quickly she looked away before the noodles that she had for dinner decided to make a return trip. She generally preferred her food to take a one-way ticket only.

Her gaze was caught by Emily and Onigiri, the last two in the race. She smiled however, as she rapidly calculated that Emily was running 4.5 seconds faster than last night's training session! Her smile changed to a resigned grin as she realised that the actual reason for Emily's sudden burst of speed was an attempt to avoid the perverted gaze of Onigiri. It was her own fault really Yayoi mused, for wearing such a short skirt. She had been hoping to impress Kazu.Yayoi sighed. She had warned her that this would happen, but she guessed love was blind. And stubborn. And foolish.

"Bunch of fucking idiots."

The mumbled words came from above her, more to himself than to anyone else, yet she detected the faint trace of warmth hidden beneath the acidic tone. She smiled softly to herself. She sneaked a glance up at him, hoping he wouldn't catch her looking again. The moonlight caressed his face, casting it half into shadow.

"Just like him," she thought, "half dark, half light. Yet now there's one more…"

She stopped that thought before it formed, shaking her head to dispel the image of Lind. She wouldn't think about that, about how it made her so worried. Instead she smiled brightly up at Agito.

"Are you sure you're not the tiniest bit tempted to join them Agito-kun?" she teased, already knowing what his reply would be. Typically, he snorted in disgust.

"Yeah right…waste of my time," he muttered.

"I don't know about that," she continued in the same teasing tone.

He looked at her in disbelief. Looking up at him she felt her heart do a funny little flip in her chest. He was like a coiled spring, ready to burst into a vicious explosion of energy at any time, yet…it didn't scare her. Coughing to cover her momentary lapse she continued more seriously. Gazing across the playing field she missed the quick flash of disappointment in Agito's eyes, so swift was it, it barely even registered on its owner.

"Look how much everyone has improved," she said. Raising her voice she shouted across to her companions.

"Kazu, well done! That's seven seconds faster than your usual."

The blond haired boy gave a massive grin and shared a high-five with a sweat soaked Emily.

"Brilliant, Kazu-sama!" she cried excitedly, "Hey Yayoi, what about me?"

"You too Emily! You've improved!" she informed her friend.

Emily's face lit up with joy.

"Alright Adachi!" Kazu grabbed her around the waist and swung her around in a circle before setting her on her feet again. Emily promptly fell down on her ass, her face bright red. Kazu stared at her in bewilderment.

"Huh? Adachi? You okay?" he asked, offering her a hand up. Emily stared at it then slowly placed her hand in his letting him pull her to her feet. Both looked suddenly rather serious.

Yayoi looked away, allowing them to have their moment. She loved Emily but she couldn't help being the slightest bit jealous. At least Kazu returned Emily's feelings even if they were to dense to notice it themselves, but Agito…

Pushing herself off the ground with a sigh, she reached for the case of water bottles to her left. It wasn't fair to expect so much from him. He had spent his whole life in a cage. Trapped at the bottom of a well. Could she really ask him to give up his freedom by getting into a relationship with her? A leather clad hand reached out suddenly from behind her gripping her wrist, halting her in mid-motion.

"Where are you going?" Agito asked, staring hard at her.

She straightened up slowly and turned to face him. Her heart was hammering in her chest. This was the closest physical contact they had had since the time by the lake. She found she couldn't look him in the eye. His golden eye was too intense. It was like he could see right though her, right to her soul. She suddenly found herself remembering their kiss, how soft his lips had been, how silky his hair, how cold his cheeks from the water…She focused her eyes on his hand on her wrist instead. What elegant hands for a killer, was all she could think.

He seemed to realise too that his hand still held her. Slowly he released her wrist, fingers sliding away like silk. With the removal of his hand, Yayoi managed to gather her senses. Glancing up into his face she shivered involuntarily. So intense. Quickly she thrust her hands behind her back lest she grab him herself.

"I'm just going to bring the water to the team," she explained, hoping he wouldn't notice her blush.

"Those idiots can get it themselves. You're not their slave," he said looking away from her and shoving his hands deep into his pockets.

"Wow…he didn't swear," was all she could think, smiling gently to herself.

Fortunately, before Yayoi could think of any other appropriate reply, Ikki glided over.

"Hey, Nakayama! Did you forget our water? 'Course Agito I don't blame you for wanting to keep her busy over here, a hot girl like that!" Ikki crowed, successfully dodging Agito's kick, "Careful Nakayama, our lil' shark bites!"He rolled off with the water crate, laughing to himself.

"Fuckface," Agito stated simply, slouching back against the wall.

Yayoi stared after Ikki, unsure of how to react. Was that a compliment in a weird way? Dismissing Ikki, she slid down to the ground again. Drawing her knees up to her chest, she wrapped her arms securely around them. The night was getting chilly and the stars twinkled coldly overhead.

"So where do you practice now Agito-kun?" she asked him softly, not looking up. It surprised her when he spoke. She had assumed he would ignore her.

"There's an abandoned factory near the outskirts of town," he spoke quietly, the night muffling his words, "No one comes there so I can practice my fangs undisturbed."

"Oh…," she said, then very gently, "I worry about you, you know…when you disappear like that…thanks for telling me…"

Agito didn't reply but Yayoi smiled softly to herself anyway. Minutes passed in comfortable silence and she felt herself becoming drowsy. It was getting late. She yawned and rested her head on her drawn-up knees. A shiver trembled through her thin frame from the cold. The sound of a body lightly landing on the ground beside her caused her to open her eyes. Shocked she stared at Agito sitting beside her.

"Akito needs to rest," he explained without looking at her, "I can't tire this body out on him."

Yayoi knew some people found the idea of a split personality disturbing but she thought the way Agito cared for Akito was so…well cute! She viewed them as two totally different people. Akito was the sweet, lovable little brother while Agito…She looked at his profile as he tilted his head back against the wall. Well, Agito was something much more dangerous.

His eyes were closed as he rested. A dark blue strand of hair had fallen across his eyes and she had to resist the urge to lean across and brush it back into place. Her nerves were already going haywire with him so close; she didn't have to make it even more difficult on herself! Still though, she couldn't help shifting closer to him, being careful not to disturb him, until their shoulders almost touched.

"It's not just because I like him," she told herself, "I am cold."

She froze as he opened his golden eye and turned his head to look at her. He was so close now his breath blew across her face. Before he could hear her rapid heartbeat, she stretched deliberately, faked a yawn and gave him a sleepy smile. She tilted her head back and let it rest against the wall. Viciously she crushed her disappointment when she heard him begin to move. Of course he wouldn't want to be that close…Preparing to move away herself, she stiffened in shock when she felt something warm brush he shoulder. Opening her eyes slowly she stared at the leather arm resting against hers. She followed it up to the navy head mere inches from her own. He was leaning at an angle she realised suddenly. The deadly serrated edges of his AT's facing away from her.

"Was that why he moved…?" she thought sleepily. "To protect me…?"

Her eyes began to feel heavy and without thinking her head slid sideways to rest on his shoulder.

"Warm…" she thought to herself, "He's not cold at all…"

Her eyelids drifted slowly shut. Her last sight was of Emily soaking wet hiding behind Kazu while he gallantly tried to defend her from Onigiri's lecherous looks.

"Well, I did try to warn her…"


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