Title: Precision Nirvana Disclaimer: Look, I don't even own the pants I'm wearing, much less the characters in this story. If I did, I'd have a better lookin pair of socks. This story involves male on male situations. No, I'm not talkin the Terminator movies. There will also be some very violent scenes in here. Don't read this to your kids. :P Rating: R Pairing: Undecided. (It's only the first chapter.)

"If life were a sandwich, it would be runny and brown..." Duo muttered under his breath as he shifted the controls of the ancient junk that they were calling a ship to slide it into the docking port. Quatre snorted softly in the co-pilots chair as he powed down their engines. "All set, Duo. We're ready to go," the petite blonde said from his chair as he stretched his slender body.

Duo sighed loudly as the gravity cut out as the passengers were trying to escape the ship. Women begain screaming as one particuarly colorful passenger yelled something about Duo's parentage.

"Why me? Why couldn't I have done something respectable with my life? I'm telling you Quat," he said, as he took a wrench the size of his leg and begain hammering on the wall unit. "I woulda made a great hooker. I could be chaufered around all day and pampered." He gave it one final smash with the wrench before the gravity kicked back on and their load of passengers hit the floor with curses of lawsuits.

"Aww... It's okay, Duo, you'll always be a bit whorish in my book," Quatre said, with a teasing smile.

"Thanks... I think..." Duo said, pushing out of his chair. "Come on, I'll buy you a root beer. Meet me at our usual? I'll go see the boss," He pushed his way out of the cockpit and towards the back of the ship, ignoring the hostile stares and the threatening hand jestures. "You're such a sweetie. You just want to irritate Wufei. Honetsly Duo, I don't see why you mess with him so much. If you'd just leave him alone, we'd get better missions," Quatre said, slapping the hand of one man who tried to pinch his butt.

Duo led the way away from the hustle and bustle of the landing pad, stepping on toes and shoving his way through the crowds. "Yeah, but it wouldn't be half as fun if I left him alone. Besides, we'd get crap missions and ships anyways. Wufei's never liked me. Ever since the little prude found out that I don't lust after his secretary. Hypocrit," he mumbled, shaking his head and shouldering one rather large ape like man out of his way. "See you in a bit." He waved and darted through the crowd, weaving his way towards the lair of the dragon himself.

The station was full of travelers, cargo, and crews from every corner of the galaxy and beyond. The noise was almost overwhelming. Curses, greetings, and any other number of things were being shouted in every known language. Duo pushed into a quiet, shabby looking office where a small brunette was filing her nails behind a beige metal desk. "Hilde, darling, we've got to stop meeting like this," Duo said, leaning his hip against the desk and crossing his arms over his chest. He leered comically down at the receptionist. Hilde rose an eyebrow and handed Duo an envelope. "I just got off the phone with the Mainland. Do you want me to tell him, or do you want to tell him yourself that you got your licence suspended last month because you broke that guy's nose? You know we're not allowed to let you fly with assault charges, Duo," she said, trying her best to keep a straight face. Duo winked and sighed dramatically. "You know that wasn't my fault. He deserved it. What with hitting on my Quatre and all. That little blonde is the only thing that I've got to warm up with during those deep space flights." He grinned openly when he heard a crash and a squeak from inside the interior office.

Laughing, Duo pocketed the envelope and mock saluted Hilde. "I'll tell Quat that you said hi," he said, sauntering out of the office as a very disgruntled Chang Wufei peeked out of his office. Feeling much better about life in general, Duo pushed, shoved, and cursed his way to the Starlight Lounge. It was a bar mainly for tired and bored spacers like himself, and it looked it. All of the mugs and bottles were plastic or metal, dented from repeated blows to various heads over the decades of use. The bar was run by a craggy, cranky old man named G. No one knew more about him than that, and because of the large lazer pistol that he frequently carried around, no one asked. Duo sighed when he saw Quatre surrounded by a group of four men, all tall, all dressed in matching expensive looking flight suits. Quatre was a trouble magnet. Whenever they went anywhere, Quatre always seemed to find the worst of the worst and flash a big neon sign that said, 'TROUBLE WELCOME'. Duo usually bailed him out of whatever he got into, mostly for kicks, and that's what made them such a good team. Quatre found the trouble, Duo chased it away.

"... just want to talk to you for a little while. She's got a proposition for you," the tallest of the men said, his Russian thickly accented.

"No! When I say no, I mean no!" Quatre responded in English, his blue eyes flashing and his pale cheeks begining to blush with ritious anger.

When the big man reached out to grab Quatre, Duo's hand shot out and wrapped around the man's wrist. "I'd listen to him, man. He doesn't want to be bothered. I suggest you leave before there's a real problem here," Duo said, his exotic violet eyes promising trouble.

The other men gathered closer to their leader. "This doesn't concern you, Cyka," the man's deep voice rumbled, his russian accent thickening his words.

Quatre's face flushed to a full scarlet at the insult. "How dare you!," he breathed in the beautiful, lyrical language as he stepped in between his partner and the large Russian man. "You tell her that she know's where I am. If she wants to talk to me that d-d-darn bad than she can come and see me for herself. Now get out." His cobalt eyes bored into the man, his normally calm and easygoing demeanor replaced by an unmistakable air of command.

With new respect for Quatre's temper, Duo watched the men all slowly shuffle out of the bar. "Wow, Quat, I didn't know that you spoke Russian. What was that all about?" he asked, sliding into an empty booth.

"It's nothing, just an old aquantance come back to haunt me," he said, staring at his hands. His shoulders slumped and all of the fight seemed to drain out of him as he looked up at Duo. "I don't feel like a root beer anymore, Duo. Can we just go back to the bunk house"

Duo's brows drew together in puzzlement, but he nodded. "Sure, Quat. Lemmie just get out bags from G and we'll head out." Reluctantly, Duo left Quatre at the table and walked over to the bar's owner. "Hey, G-man... How's it goin?" he asked, leaning on the bar and tossing his braid over his shoulder. "Life's peachy," the craggy old man said, pulling two duffels out from under the bar. "Anything I need to know about?" He shoved the heavy duffels across the battered and worn surface to Duo.

"Nope. Just Quat being Quat. Man of mystery and all that," he said, pulling the envelope out of his pocket. "Make sure the right little dudes get this." He handed G his half of the credits that were in the packet. "I'd hate to think that you're taking all of my hard earned money and using for internet pron or something like that." With a wicked grin at the craggy old man, he grabbed the bags, collected Quatre, and pushed his way out of the bar.

When the station had been built as a way point between colonies, it had been ment as somewhere to refuel, transfer ships, and trade cargoes. Over the decades, some of the cargo bays had been converted to crew quarters for those pilots that were on deep space missions or long runs. Most of the quarters were now perminant homes to those space jockies who hadn't set foot on anything other than deckplating for so long that they'd forgotten what it felt like to run on grass. Some of them, like Duo, hadn't even seen the world outside the hull of a metal ship.

Shuffling though the largest of the bags, Duo pulled a pass key out and inserted it into the lock. "Home sweet home," he teased, holding the door for his partner in crime. They lived in a room barely big enough to fit two beds, one foot locker, and one desk. "You know, Quat, I've always thought that it was a good thing you're not into large amounts of kinky sex. Otherwise I'd never be able to sleep through all that ruckus." When his teasing didn't get the usual response, he shut the door behind him and locked it. Puzzled, he set the bags down on the floor and watched Quat flop face down onto his bed. He wanted to ask what was wrong, but he didn't. He knew better. Quatre was the man of mystery, and if he wanted to tell Duo what was wrong, then he would. Until then, he'd just have to wait even if it killed him.

"Night, Quat," Duo said, unzipping his suit and shimmying out of the heavy airtight material.

"Night, Duo. I'm sorry I'm so much trouble to you," the blonde said softly, rolling to face the wall and pulling his pillow to his chest.

Softly, Duo chuckled and stripped down to his shorts and his socks. "Quat, without you, my life would be much more boring." Shaking his head, he grabbed some clean socks and shorts and headed for the showers.

Carefully, he pulled the tie out of his hair as he entered the long tiled room. Stripping out of his old shorts and his socks, he folded them neatly and laid them on the shelf near the stall. Sucking in a breath, he adjusted the water from freezing cold to barable. He turned his back to the spray, soaking his hair and just managing not to groan as the water ran over his body. "If this is what Heaven is like, god send me there now," he mumbled, rubbing his fingers through his scalp to saturate his hair.

The sound of a gun loading next to his head had Duo's eyes snapping open to stare at what his brain thought must be the angel of death. "Omae o Korosu..." a deep, intoxicating voice whispered, heating Duo's body in a way that the shower water never could.

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