Author's Note: A ficlet I wrote for Tyan. If I add to it, it will be Charlie/Harry.
Disclaimer: Ah, why bother.
Summary: "Even the nicest of days can be even nicer with nice encouragement."

Observations of an Oak Tree

'Hello, kiddo.'

Charlie grinned at him. Harry did not grin back; merely rested his head against the trunk of the huge oak tree behind him.

'I'm not a kid,' Harry said.

Charlie seemed to catch on to his mood; he put a hand on his shoulder, squeezed briefly, and sat down.

It was a wonderful day: the sun was shining, birds were doing whatever birds did and Charlie was being the eternal optimist.

Harry was obviously not. His magic, which usually gave him a neutral powerful aura (in the manner that powerful auras could be neutral), now reeked… black. Or perhaps a dark, dark blue. Ah; blue, that was the word.

'Care to tell me what's up, kiddo?'

The already oppressive air seemed to thicken.

'I'm not a kid.'

Charlie picked at the bark of the oak tree.

'I know.'

And all of a sudden, the day seemed so much brighter.