Feel- during KotOR 2 Atton, neutral female Exile

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A/N: Just a head's up - there's going to sexual content and some swearing in this story.

As Cat entered the detention room, she was met with two holding cells. The far one held a dark-haired spacer-type. He was tall, with dark hair and teasing eyes. "Niiiiiiiice..." he said as she approached. She hadn't worried too much about her lack of clothing before, but suddenly, she felt as if she were stark naked, instead of nearly so.

The place was deserted, aside from the strange old woman who wouldn't leave the morgue, and suddenly, she felt every inch alone with the stranger, even with the force cage that separated them.

She fumbled a bit with her vibro blade, "Who are you?" she asked.

"I'm Atton... Atton Rand."

She tried desperately to recall if she'd ever heard that name before. But no, she felt certain she hadn't.

There was something about him... something exciting and interesting. But that was probably just wishful thinking on her part. After all, he was rather handsome. But she wasn't able to read people as well as she used to.

"I'm Cat. Care to explain why you're locked up?" She couldn't seem to help the snappish tone that entered her voice. This was silly. The place was clearly empty, like a scene straight out of a survival horror holo vid, but instead of feeling grateful for the first bit of company she'd found, she was mystified and irritated by the fact that she found this mysterious new stranger so attractive. She'd never really felt this way about someone she'd just met before. Ever. She could remember, back when she was a member of the Jedi order, deciding that certain men of her acquaintance were "handsome". Kavar came to mind. But at that point in her life, she'd been committed to the Jedi lifestyle completely. So although she could acknowledge a nice looking man to herself, it was always in the very back of her mind, like noticing that your brother, or cousin had grown into a fine looking man. Because Jedi weren't allowed to love.

What a crock.

After her exile, she'd actually found herself trying to feel anything. She'd trolled cantinas, and places that probably should have been off limits to her, now that she seemed to be at a very low point in her training and abilities. But nothing. Nobody had so much as turned her head, or garnered any kind of second look. Not that she'd been trying to find companionship. Far from it. She just figured that now would be a good time to test her new freedom, and maybe escape the pain. If even for just an hour or two. Finding someone that wouldn't mind a little mutual "use each other" session sounded pretty damn good.

"Security claimed I violated some trumped up regulation or another - take it up with them if you want." Ah, great. Yet another person on this rock that didn't seem to know how to answer simple questions. But the old woman unnerved her in an entirely different way. Obviously there'd be no "security" to take anything up with. So his answer was just the same as no answer at all.

Then it occurred to her that she was only stalling for time. Like there was a chance in hell that this ridiculous attraction she felt was going to abate if she just kept him locked up for a little while longer. The poor man was clearly exhausted from standing so long, and who knows when he'd been able to eat last. This far out, it was doubtful that what passed for miner security followed any type of Republic guidelines regarding their prisoners.

"Hey, wait a minute - you're the Jedi that the miners have been talking about, aren't you?" She noticed that his nostrils seemed to flair a bit with the question, and wondered if it was disgust or excitement that caused it.

"I'm no longer a member of the Jedi order," she found herself explaining. Why did she feel the need to tell this man everything? He clearly had no such problem.

"Look - hey, let me out, and I can help you. I can. I've gotten out of trouble countless times."

"Count yourself lucky. If you hadn't been in this force cage, you'd probably be dead, just like everyone else around here," she said as she deactivated it. He looked somewhat surprised for a brief moment, then cocked an absolutely to-die-for lopsided grin at her.

"Alright, then. Let's get the hell off this rock."

Typical problems arose.

They arrived at the station's main contol pannel. "Let's reroute the emergency systems. Then we can make our way to the hangers, grab a ship, and fly out of here." His dark brows drew together in a frown. "What the hell...?"

"What's wrong?"

"I can't reroute the system. It's been cut clean from the main hub."

"What? During an emergency lock down?" Cat asked.

"Uh-huh. Looks like it was done on purpose. It's like someone tried to lock down this whole level tight, and leave us here. Trapped."

A cold chill ran up her spine. "We need to leave. Now."

"Well, there's really not a whole helluva lot we can do but maybe try to contact someone using the comm. We have communications back, at least, for all the good trying to shout into a vacuum will do us," he must have noticed her shiver, for as he spoke, he began to shrug out of his jacket.

He held it out in such a way as to help her slide it on. She wanted to decline his offer, but she figured it would, at the least, protect her from the eerie chill of this place, and at the most, stop Atton's not-so-subtle glances. His eyes had continued to slide from her cleavage down to her legs from the moment he'd laid eyes on her.

She allowed him to help her put it on, then clutched it around herself. Bad move. Now she could smell him. All around herself, and damn, did he smell yummy.

Cat shook herself and stepped up to the console.

The Hanger Bay's comm system bleeped to life, "Dwoooooooo... deet? Beep."

"Sounds like one of those worthless utility droids," Atton griped.

"We're trapped on the administration level. Can you unlock the turbo lifts?" Cat asked expectantly.

"Dooooooo-reep. Bee-whoop."

"Sounds like he's going to see what he can find on his level. He wants us to sit tight until he's had a chance to run a search," she explained.

"Well, that's something, at least," Atton sighed.