"Two Immortals, One Bride"

A Labyrinth/Underworld Evolution Crossover Fanfic

Disclaimer:Sadly still, I do not own Jareth or his labyrinth, nor do I own any of the Characters in Underworld Evolution (although I wish I had Selene's outfit...).

Summary: Jareth did not think that his competition for Sarah would be another Immortal, much less a woman...

Chapter 1

Tap, tap, tap...smack!

The Goblin King grew impatient, not knowing why. His throne room was as noisy as usual, just a little cleaner, and there had had an unusual surge of wish-aways now, going from one or two a month to two or three every week. It was not as if he wasn't busy enough as it is, trying to run his kingdom , yet for all the runners of his Labyrinth, not one was ever able to solve it, not since Sarah...

"Sarah,' he whispered with a sigh to himself, thought a couple of goblins with keener hearing heard their king. Even though he wasn't kicking them around as much anymore, neither did he do much of anything else with them either, unless there was a wish-away. They missed the pretty lady, the-girl-that-ate-the-peach-and-forgot-everything, and they missed playing with her little brother, Toby. They started up a conversation about it, if a conversation is what you would call it...

"What happened to the pretty lady?"

"Dunno, she beat king and left."

"She beat king?"


"Why doesn't she visit king...? King lonely without the-girl-that-ate-the-peach-and-forgot-everything..."

"Don't say that! King will kick you out window."


"Cause she beat king and broke his thump-thump."

"King has thump-thump?"

At this, Jareth jumped up and bellowed.

"You all have 10 seconds to clear this room or every one of you will be thrown into the bog!" he yelled.

It only took five.

He sat back in his throne, summoning a crystal and willing it to show him Sarah. It grew cloudy for a moment, and then its crystal depth cleared, showing him an older brick building with a line of people outside it...


Out side of the brick building that barely looked big enough to house the people in the line, much less even half of them, Sarah stood in a long dark coat that came to her ankles, loosely fitting her slender frame. It was a bit warm for the trench coat, but she also did not feel like revealing her new dress in front of her friend who had been dying to see it...

"Come on, Sarah, let me get a peek," her friend said, trying to get her to loosen her hold on the coat.

"No, Jak, you can wait," She said, swatting his hand, "Besides, you already know what it looks like anyway...you picked it out."

"But it is different seeing it on a movie screen and in real life...what, you afraid of showing a little skin?"

Sarah glared at Jak for the comment and the challenge, pointing at his own outfit.

"And what do you call what you are wearing? A long kilt? You are not even Irish..." she retorted.

"It's the Scottish that wear kilts, for your information, and my boyfriend likes it," replied Jak.

"Speaking of which, where is said boyfriend?

Jak nodded towards the club, whose dimly lit sign glowed off the fishnet shirt he wore and the multiple spikes on the chocker around his neck and writs.

"And why didn't he meet you outside here?"

"I don't know, he probably had to work tonight, and I didn't want to come here alone...," he said as they neared the door. The bouncer held out his hand and Jak placed a small wad of money in it. After telling the bouncer that Sarah was with him, he admitted them in.

The inside of the club looked cavernous compared to the way it looked outside, and something soundproof stooped the music from reaching outside. As Sarah took in all the sights, someone offered her a hand. She looked to the hand's owner, whose beautiful blue eyes almost hypnotized her on the spot.

"May I relieve you of your jacket, miss? It can be put with the rest until you leave," he said.

"Uh, sure," she said tearing her eyes away in embarrassment. She undid the clasps to the jacket, a slid it off. She smoothed out her dress; a strapless, plaid corset-style dress hugged her form, coming 2 or three inches above the knees in the front and about three inches below the knees in the back. There was a fringe of black lace around the edges, and the fishnet stockings accented her legs gracefully, her metal plated boots coming only half way up her legs. She did not don the spikes Jak had, but did smear some dark kohl eye shadow around her eyes and some blood red lipstick that matched the red of her dress. She, with her ebony hair and her hunter green eyes, was a Gothic beauty. The one holding her jacket looked her up and down, nodding in approval.

"If you do not object to me saying so, you are a very beautiful woman, my lady," he said with a short bow.

She wondered at his elegant manner, before saying, "Thank you."

He handed her a ticket for her jacket, along with a card that had a picture of a single blood drop in a circle.

"If you will, hand this to the bartender when you go to get a drink," he said.

"Uh...okay," and made her way to the bar, where Jak was making lovey-dovey eyes at one of the bartenders.

"Oh, there you are Sarah," he said, "I want you to meet my boyfriend, Drake. Drake, this is my college friend, Sarah."

"Good Evening, it is a pleasure to meet you, Sarah," he said, taking her hand and kissing the back of it. Once again, she thought of the polite manners of which the employees here talked in. He also had blue eyes, though a bit darker than those of the other man. Remembering him, Sarah handed Drake the card.

"The man that took my jacket told me to give you this, I don't know why..."

Drake looked at it, as if he was reading a message.

"Oh, this is just his way of offering to pay for your drinks tonight. Not many people get his attention in such a way," he said, stashing in the register, "No worries, he isn't trying to hook up with you, just being a gentleman. Unlike some one..." pointedly rolling his eyes at Jak, who swatted his arm playfully.

They turned their attention back to each other, which gave Sarah a chance to look around the place. For being a popular Gothic club, it was quite unlike what she thought it would be. Besides the bar, there were scattered tables and bar-stools all round, as well as an area in the far back that had several large, soft-looking chairs and tables around it. there was a dance floor off to the left of the bar, where several couples were dancing slowly with each other to the alternative music of the band playing, The music was rock, yet didn't have the crazed fury of it. She turned back to the bar, looking to see Jak and Drake had disappeared. A female bartender came over, smiling at Sarah with ripe red lips that beckoned anyone daring enough to kiss them.

"Hey there, my name is Tsarina. Is there anything I can get you, beautiful?" she said with a wink, her mischievous green eyes looking at Sarah with curiosity and something else that she couldn't name.

"I'm not sure..." Sarah said, looking at the bottles behind the bewitching bartender.

"How about a glass of Sanguinarian wine to start you off for the evening?" she said, pulling out the tall wine glass from under the counter and filling it with some dark red wine. She passed the glass to Sarah, who took a sip.

"Hey this is pretty good," she said. The wine was red, and thicker than it looked when it was poured from the bottle. It had a unique, sweet taste to it, almost like drinking life itself.

Tsarina smiled, "Glad you like it. Let me know when you need a refill, hun." She placed the bottle back to its place, and went to take care of another customer.


Mean while, Jareth watched all of this, or mainly, watched Sarah as she sipped her drink. She had truly grown to be an amazingly beautiful young woman, tall and slender, yet unmistakably a woman. He watched as she sipped her drink, wishing he were there beside her, having been relived that her companion was not a suitor. He debated going to her, not knowing what she felt about him after what occoured between them nearly nine mortal years ago, only 3 years in the Underground. As he debated and watched as another woman sat next to her. If he had not been distracted so much by Sarah, he would have noticed a different air about the newcomer...if he had known the competition that this woman was to him regaining Sarah's heart, he would have made a move right then...

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