"Two Immortals, One Bride"

A Labyrinth/Underworld Evolution Crossover Fanfic

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Chapter 13

Sarah leaned against the balcony over viewing the dimly lit front drive, watching all the cars leaving to and from the mansion. She sighed, wondering of the location of Selene, who as if called by her thoughts put her arms around the pale woman's waist.

"Worried, love?" Selene asked.

"No..."Sarah replied, lying. Selene saw through it and just laughed, kissing Sarah on the cheek.

"He'll be here, don't worry. I talked to him earlier and he said he'd be running a little late. Elena and Giselle are coming too and they had to glamor themselves," Selene explained, "Lets finish getting Jay and Faye ready before he arrives."

"Alright, sweetheart," Sarah said, taking her mate's hand. They walked down the hall to the twins room, where there was a crowd outside the door, the reason why could be heard with their sensitive hearing....

"Give me my wings back, you pointy-eared fluff ball!"

"Not until I get my sword back, Fay-fay!"

"Quit calling me Fay-fay, stupid ass!"

"Gimme my sword back, Fay-Fay!"

"Oh, I'll give you your sword back...."

At this, Sarah flew the door open, right before her daughter could run her twin brother through with the sword.

"Alright, that's enough from both of you! Faye, drop the sword. Jareth, get off the ceiling," Sarah said with an authoritative voice. Faye dropped the sword... or at least it wasn't in her hands, being that it wasn't coming out of the wall either. Jareth the II dropped from the ceiling, landing perfectly on his feet.

"Jareth, give your sister back her wings or your not going to the Halloween dance tonight," Selene said.

He did so grumpily, tossing them at her and smacking Faye in the face. Faye went to go after him, but was luckily caught by her mother.

"That's enough, both of you. Now can you finish getting ready without trying to kill each other?" Sarah said, implying that they better do so.

"Yes, Mum," they chimmed together, glaring at each other. Sarah sighed, returning to her and Selene's room.

"so, ready to raise another child?" Selene asked, jokingly, wrapping her arms around slender frame of her bondmate.

"I don't know...those two are a handful as it is," Sarah said with a tired sigh. Selene laughed, and kissed her on the neck.

"Well, let's get ready for the party. my love. The wolves will be here soon, and Erika will be wanting to take pictures, too."

"Alright, hun," Sarah replied, kissing Selene lightly on the lips and turning to walk away. Selene pulled her back for a more passionate kiss, which Sarah had no problem returning.

"The party..." Sarah breathed after several minutes.

"Oh, I kinda forgot..."Selene said, winking, "We'll continue this later."

Sarah blushed as she walked over to the large walk-in closet and closing the door behind her. Once alone, she had the chance to freely remember what had been plaguing her thoughts all night; that night long ago when Sarah discovered and lost her mother....

She knew she was dying, nothing stopping the drain of blood from her weakened body. From somewhere in the darkness, she heard a soft whisper.

"Forgive me, my love," a voice said, but before she could register who's, there was a sharp pain in her neck, and nearly immediately her awareness came back to her full blast. Sarah's eyes flew open, noticing that there was someone leaning across her, and a few feet from her Jareth stood with a worried look on his face.

"She's awake," he said, and the person leaning across her raised their head, and Selene's familiar eye's looked into Sarah's with relief.

"Sarah, sweetheart, are you okay?" Selene asked, concerned.

"I..I think so...what happened?" Sarah asked, trying to get up but unable to raise herself up. Selene gently scooped Sarah up into her arms, holding her close.

"You...i...well, it was the only thing I could do to save you. I had to complete the transformation," she explained in a whisper, "I'm sorry...."

Sarah leaned her head into Selene's neck, closing her eyes, whispering back, "It's okay, my love. I love you. Let's go home."

Selene held her tighter, then carried Sarah out of the room, knowing that the one she loved was finally in her arms...

"Sarah, love, Jareth's here," Selene called through the door. Sarah snapped out of her thoughts and quickly pulled on the outfit she had chosen specifically for this night. After zipping up the boots, she oppened the door, her jaw dropping at the sight of her beautiful mate in a long strapless evening gown, a slit in the side revealing a pale, toned leg ending in a stiletto heel.

"Wow, baby, you look...Wow...." Sarah trailed off. She walked over to her, pulling the beautiful woman close, kissing her on the neck.

"You know, we could skip the party all together...you know, stay in here all night and have our own party..." Sarah said suggestively, kissing her on the ear.

"As appealing as that sound, our guests are waiting," Selene replied, kissing Sarah softly on the lips. Sarah pulled back reluctantly, and then turned around slowly, letting Selene see the outfit she wore fully.

"I was wondering where my clothes went...looks like they fit you well," Selene said, appreciating the way her leather bodysuit and corset hugged Sarah's curves.

"Now, now, remember our guests, my darling wife," Sarah teased, then kissing Selene, took her hand and left the room.


Once downstairs, Selene and Sarah, were greeted by Jareth, who was talking to Erika. Jareth was dressed in the clothes he had on when Sarah first met him, while Erika was a gothic's wet dream; blood red leather corset, black leather mini skirt, fishnet stockings, and a pair of belted leather boots that came almost mid thigh. Sarah and Selene, knowing why she dressed like that, shook their heads. As they hugged Jareth, there was a squeal behind them.

"Uncle Jareth!" Faye squealed, and the young half-vampire nearly knocked him over in a hug.

"Aren't you the beautiful faerie princess tonight, Faye?" he said.

"Mum and Erika helped me with the wings, she said, twirling around.

"Still look like an idiot to me," a voice called from the stairs, and Jareth looked up to see Faye's twin brother look like an exact replica of him, save for his ebony hair and green eyes.

"Why you....."Faye started for her brother, but was held back by Selene.

"You two can kill each other later. The limo is waiting for you. Go have fun at the dance," Sarah said.

"Do I have to ride with him...?" Faye asked her closer mother, who understood her daughter's grief.

"There's two separate sections, i made sure of that for you," Selene said.

"Thanks, Mom," Faye said, giving Selene a hug, then heading for the door.

"Remember, back by midnight midnight, you two," Sarah called after her children's backs.

"They'll be fine, love, Giselle and Elena are going to be there. They'll make sure they're back on time." Selene said.

"Alright, sweet," Sarah said, turning back to Jareth, who was flirting with Erika.

"So," Sarah said, interupting them, "How's she doing?"

"Ophelia's actually doing pretty good. The memory wipe was a success; she doesn't remember any of what happened after she was turned, at her own request. There's a young Fey lord that came to me requesting permission to court her; I left it for her to decide," Jareth explained.

"When can I go see her?" Sarah asked carefully.

"Well, how about you ask her yourself..." he said, pointing out a beautiful vampire with a handsome Fey on her arm. The woman looked up, and Sarah ran to her, nearly crushing her in a hug.

"Sarah darling, how are you?" Ophelia asked, returning the hug, "I want you to meet someone..."

Ophelia turned to the Fey next to her, looping her arm through his.

"This is Darius," Ophelia said, "Darius, this is my daughter, Sarah."

As they started talking, Selene and Jareth watched from a distance.

"Thank you, Jareth," Selene said, " For everything."

Jareth, knowing she was not only talking about Ophelia, replied, "The feeling is mutual."

Selene nodded, and they started walked over to the three standing together, both happy with the way things turned out and the family they now had.

"By the way," Selene commented, "Sarah isn't sure about a third child."

"Guess it's too late for that....I take it you already drank the potion?" Jareth asked.

"Yes," she replied, then in a low whisper, "Two custom 9mm that she tries to rip you head off."

"A silver sword that Sarah doesn't," he whispered back, but not quiet enough.

"That I don't do what?" Sarah asked.

From outside the mansion, there was a loud shriek, then Jareth shouting and Selene laughing.

"I want them in chrome," she shouted laughing as she half-heartedly restrained her wife from chasing after the Goblin King. She dreamed she would take a chance on love, but the struggling woman in her arms proved that love was a chance worth taking.

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