Title: The smiling Buchou and the Frowning Tensai Chapter 1
Pairing: TezukaxFuji
Rating: NC-17 at the beginning
Genre: Fluff and Crack (Lemon at beginning)
Disclaimer: All I own is the cpu.
Warnings: I must be the poorest smut writer ever. (It's my 1st time...)  Also unbeta-read, please spare my life.
Summary: What does a smiling buchou and a frowning tensai result? the beginning of a horror story!

A Sudden change of... personality

Fuji never protested as Tezuka slowly undressed him, uncovering every last corner of his pale skin. They shared a kiss, trying to ease the atmosphere; it was their first time after all. Fuji couldn't help a gasp as Tezuka suddenly pushed him down on the bed, covering the lithe boy with his own skin. The bespectacled youth admired one last time the beautiful scenery in front of him before removing his glasses to once again capture his partner's mouth. Licking Fuji's lips shamelessly, he sought for an entrance and took the freedom to invade the lower boy's mouth with his tongue when he felt no response from the latter.

Hands stroking, lips crushing, hearts thumping… and already they had started sweating. Fuji noted that Tezuka's room wasn't the best place for love-making in the hot summer since it possessed no AC… not that he didn't like the view of Tezuka sweating on him. Said man gave him a sideway glance, and Fuji knew he was asking for his permission. Carefully nodding, he slowly spread out his legs to ease Tezuka's maneuver. The latter licked, sucked, did everything to stimulate Fuji's excitement, and before long, the lithe boy's come filled his mouth. Fuji finally let out a soft moan as he couldn't contain his emotions anymore and Tezuka smirked in victory.

Unlike what most people would have thought, Tezuka was the one who proposed sharing this private experience and Fuji was the one who never cooperated, saying that he would be unable to get into the mood. Fuji may be a genius, but just like any other teenager he also had hormones. This theory was confirmed just now.

Fuji sighed in defeat, completely and utterly captured in the mood. He sat up and decided to take revenge for what Tezuka did. This time, he was on top and stared infinitely at those passionate hazel orbs underneath him. The sight of a panting Tezuka between him and the bed was surely the most valuable view he ever saw in his life. Brushing away some strand of hair from Tezuka's flushed face, he pecked his lover's forehead before curling his jaw upward to form a grin. "My turn."

So Fuji wasn't as aggressive as his partner, but his every touch made Tezuka shiver. Just the thought of having the dangerously graceful tensai on his cock could make him heat all over so having the real thing on it felt unimaginably good. In tennis Fuji would start the game slowly, push his rival –or Tezuka, in this case– to his limits and enjoy the thrill. It seems like the same procedure occurs when having sex. Reaching his border line, Tezuka covered his mouth with his hand to quiet a groan and a soft chuckle resonated. "You came" had Fuji said, licking off his lips the glutinous liquid.

Huffs, pants and moans followed as Tezuka penetrated Fuji. Never will they be able to describe their sentiment at that time. The pleasure, the over-excitement, the wanting-for-more…

Finally the taller boy gathered his mate within his strong arms as both of them fell asleep, exhausted.

Tonight was most definitely one of their best nights.


The next morning, Fuji found out that his eyesight had concededly dropped. Normally, he could see clearly even with his eyelids half closed but today they were fully open and it seemed like just about everything was shapeless. He looked down to see Tezuka snuggled against his chest, sound asleep.

Wait. Tezuka snuggled against his chest? Wasn't Fuji the one who was glued on Tezuka's chest?

Fuji unconsciously picked up Tezuka's glasses from the drawer, where he had left it yesterday night and hung it on his nose bridge. That's when it stroke him. Yes, Fuji was definitely the one slumbering on Tezuka's chest… but said Fuji wasn't him! He gasped as he saw Tezuka's face reflecting in the mirror instead of his own. Now that he thought about it, his arms... no Tezuka's arms were so much longer…

Sensing a commotion, Tezuka woke up and was surprised that his vision seemed clearer… he could see his face so clearly… wait. His own face?!


"And so, for some reason, I have become you, and you have become me" Fuji facted, his voice resounding exactly as deep and monotone as Tezuka's original one. "This is interesting."

"What part of it?!" despite his anger, it seems like Tezuka's voice just found a way to come out melodically.

"For now, we should just calm down and think of a way out." Fuji smirked.

"Don't smirk! It looks bad on my image!" Tezuka shouted, as he saw himself SMIRK.

"You're no fun, Tezuka" Fuji faked a pout that sent Tezuka's stomach flying. It was purely disgusting that The. Tezuka. Kunimitsu. POUTED. "And you make me look old if you keep frowning like that. To be me, you will have to smile more often" the tensai continued.

"No chance" Tezuka almost immediately answered.

"Well… if you won't cooperate… I guess we will have to ruin each other's reputation" Fuji grinned.

Yes, today was definitely going to be the worst hell, Tezuka thought.

-To be continued-

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