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Chapter 1


I was sitting on a plane flying to Vermont. I could hear fellow students talking among themselves, but I sat by myself, reading Wuthering Heights. I could hear the excited buzz in the air. A school trip to Bolton Valley Resort, a ski resort. Now most people would love to go and ski, but not me. Over the years, the ground and I have become very good friends, but not by choice. The thought of me on skis was scary, I thought of the bruises that I would obtain and shivered.

The only reason I was going on this vacation was to give Renee some peace of mind. She is going on her honeymoon and was worried about my being alone for the first part of winter break. Not only that but when, I tried to go with the Florida trip, it was filled, so it was off to Vermont.

Another negative, Madison Miller was here and with her clone friends. That girl made it her life's mission to my life miserable. She left me without friends and personally I did not really care, I can live without friends. But she would spread rumors about me that were not true and that was something I could not tolerate.

"Aww, look at little Swan, sitting all alone, what? No friends to play with," Madison's sickly sweet voice was hurting my ears.

I did not have to turn around to see the beautiful platinum blonde was sitting behind me with one of her clones. When I did not respond she continued.

"You know your last name should not be Swan. Swans are graceful and gorgeous. Your last name should be ugly duckling!" She and her clones started laughing at the stupid joke.

I rolled my eyes. She used that one at least once a week. You would think she would get more material, but no.

The rest of the plane ride was filled with Madison's voice and my reading. Over the years though, I learned to tune out Madison's voice, so I heard nothing.

The plane landed and we gathered our stuff. Teachers were trying to get every one's attention, but they failed. The excitement in the air was almost tangible. I could almost feel excited too…almost. I dragged my feet as I walked off the plane.

We were lead to luggage claim and every one crowded around trying to grab their bags. When I spotted mine, I grabbed it and hauled it to the ground, which caused me to be hauled to the ground as well. I closed my eyes waiting for the impact, but two hands grabbed my waist.

I opened my eyes to see stunning green ones.

"Hey, are you okay? He asked. He was gorgeous beyond belief.

I nodded and he let go of my waist. I missed the warmth from his hands.

"Thank you," I said shyly turning a little pink.

"No problem," He smiled a crooked smile that nearly stopped my heart.

"Hey, Edward, we got to go!" We looked over to see a huge teenage boy with some other people waving my savior over.

"I have to go. Bye…." He seemed to realize he did not have my name.

"Bella," I smiled a tiny smile.

"Bye Bella," He slowly walked backwards watching me with a crooked smile. He turned around and ran into the huge guy.

I giggled when Edward's face turned bright red.

"Phoenix High Students! Line up!" One of the male teachers shouted.

We boarded a charter bus and made our way to Bolton Valley Resort.

Oh joy.


I saw a brunette start falling and my hands grabbed her waist to stop the fall. She rested in my arms for a second and I observed her. She was gorgeous and I could not help myself from looking at her lips, wanting to kiss her. When she opened her eyes, I felt like I had fallen into brown pools, her eyes trapped me.

"Hey, are you okay?" I asked.

She nodded, sending the smell of strawberries to me and I dropped my hands to my side. If I didn't, I was going to attack her with kisses, but I missed the warmth of her waist.

"Thank you," Her voice was like soft bells.

"No problem," I smiled at the pink on her cheeks. Somehow she looked even more gorgeous.

"Hey, Edward, we got to go," I looked to see Emmett waving me over.

"I have to go. Bye…." I realized I did not know her name.

"Bella," She smiled a tiny smile.

"Bye Bella," I slowly walked backwards watching her with a smile. When I turned around, I ran into Emmett.

My face turned bright red and I could hear Bella's enchanting giggle.

"Edward, who is the girl?" Emmett asked with a smile. It was uncommon to see me willingly talk to a girl.

"Her name is Bella." I said as I grabbed my suitcase.

"Will we be seeing Bella in the future?" Jasper asked who was listening along with the other people in my family including my parents.

I opened my mouth to answer, but Alice cut me off.

"We will be seeing Bella in the future," We all went quiet.

No one ever bets against Alice.

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