In Our Blood

Chapter One


Author's Note:

SignedSealedWritten and MintMilano here. This is our first ever co-written fanfiction. Yes, to clear things up, we are brother and sister. No, we're not twins like Cielo and Ray, though I (Written) wish we were. I think that would be pretty awesome. ANYWAY, we're finally writing this thing, even if it did take us the entire summer to come up with. Mint, is there anything you want to say? Hi, Percy Jackson fans! This is my first ever fan fiction! I'm helping out my sister here with this, so enjoy! And thanks to Written for teaching me what a Fan Fiction even is!! Aw, you're welcome Mint! I'm pretty sure everyone skips over this thing anyway, so I'm going to just go ahead and start this thing. Enjoy.

The clock struck twelve, ringing in the fourth of July. Fireworks boomed and cracked over the Long Island Sound, turning the living room of the Lightwood household different tints of purple, green, and blue.

"Happy birthday to us." Cielo Lightwood said to her twin brother Ray. Her face was cast in an odd shade of purple from the fireworks.

"Yeah, too bad our mother isn't here to see it." Ray said pessimistically.

"It's nothing new, Ray." Cielo said, sighing.

"Yes, you're right. She's forgotten other birthdays too."

"Ray, don't ruin this…" Cielo begged, even though she was mad at their mother as well for forgetting another birthday.

"I'm sorry." Ray said. "It's just… you know that she's on a date."

"So what?" Cielo said. She tugged on the end of her long dark brown braid. "I'm getting antsy. I have a present for you, but lets go watch the fireworks first."

Ray grinned, getting up off of the floor and going to the front lawn with his sister. She was two minutes and fifty three seconds his elder, and she liked to remind him of that fact constantly, even though Ray didn't really think those minutes could make a difference.

The siblings sat down on the front lawn, which was a sloping hill. Cielo hugged her knees to her chest and stared up at the sky, watching the fireworks boom over the Long Island Sound. That was one of the only good things about living in the very small house. The Sound was close by, and watching the fireworks over it had become a birthday tradition. Ray was laying on his back, his arms crossed behind 

his head. Whoever was putting on the fireworks had outdone themselves, he swore that he saw a purple firework in the shape of a smiley face.

The fireworks went on for quite some time, and eventually Cielo lay down on her back as well, her forearm touched Ray's.

They must have fallen asleep, for when a voice spoke out of the darkness, both of them jumped a mile in the air.

"Yo." The voice said, Cielo bolted to a sitting position as if she'd awoken from a bad dream. She squinted, in the darkness she could just make out the person who was talking. It was a boy, looking to be around seventeen or so, but she couldn't make out his face. It was sheathed in darkness.

Ray had sat up as well, they sat very close together, as if the two of them could make a bigger person together. "Can we help you?" They said at exactly the same time, something they did quite often.

The teenager grinned, but it wasn't a warm or happy smile, it was something sinister and ancient and evil. "Yes." He said. There was something very different, very wrong about his voice. It was hollow, metallic and tinny. "You could help me very greatly."

Cielo tapped her index finger twice on the pant leg closest to her brother, hardly moving at all, but Ray had caught the sign. Years ago, when their mother was still attentive, they used to put on shows for her that they'd made up. The sign she'd signaled had meant 'get ready, go', to start the show.

He immediately got his new meaning, get ready, and run. He signaled back, scratched his index finger against his thumb. It meant that he'd been ready to start the show.

"I'm sorry," Cielo said to the teenager, in what probably sounded sincere enough to anyone else, but Ray could hear the caution and apprehension lying just underneath. "We have to…"

At that moment, the teenager lunged at them, made a leap. In the same instant, they had both vaulted to their feet from the sitting position; the motion had been completely synchronized. They didn't have the time or attention to find it cool.

They ran towards the porch door, but the man was already in front of them, blocking their way. They spun on their heels, still moving in a completely synchronized pattern, in the opposite direction from the porch. They didn't have a clue where they were going. Their lungs screamed for oxygen and they seemed to have lost the ability to scream for help. There wouldn't have been anyone around to help them, anyway. Everyone was either away for the fourth of July, at the beach watching the fireworks, or sleeping in their beds, safe from the danger that was after the twins.

They ran past houses and down darker streets, where there were even fewer houses than on the street Cielo and Ray Lightwood lived on. Soon, there were no houses at all, just a forest on one side of a deserted gravel road, and a grassy lane, the Long Island Sound beyond it, on the other.

As they ran, they met each others eyes, speaking without words in the way that some twins seemed to be able to. Noticing for the first time that their movements were still synchronized, they smiled. It was, indeed, 'cool'. Time seemed to slow down. Each knew that they were going to die, but they were going to die together, so it was okay. They said goodbye with their eyes.

The thing chasing them (they'd long ago decided that it was not human. Nothing human ran with the funny, robotic steps of something, and nothing had the hollow red glow in his eyes that this man did,) never slowed down, but the Lightwoods did. Their steps became painful, they'd held out for longer then most kids would have already. The thing put two arrows on a bow, and pulled back.

Cielo faltered in her step, and an odd thing happened. Her falter caused Ray to falter as well, which caused Cielo to look in wonder at him as they tried to continue running. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the thing pulling back the arrows.

"Ray, duck!" She yelled, and they both ducked. The arrows sailed over their head, buzzing in an odd way that no arrows at camp ever had. They hummed and buzzed until they stuck in two trees.

They kept running through the night.

The thing, however, was prepared. He was used to dealing with pesky half-bloods like the Lightwoods, and he'd brought more than two arrows to accomplish his task. He pulled back two more arrows, this time he would not fail.

The arrows hit their mark, and they both realized that the odd buzz had been from an even stranger poison.

Twin screams pierced the air as the Lightwood twins fell. One arrow had struck Cielo, in the upper arm, and the other had hit Ray, in the shoulder. They hit the ground and did not move again.

The thing advanced on his prey.


Author's Note:

Alright, thanks for sticking with us through the first chapter! The next few chapters are written, and we'll get them up as soon as we can, I promise.

If you want to take guesses at a) which god/goddess is their parent, and b) who just screamed 'no!', then PM us and let us know your guesses. If you get b) we'll mention you when we reveal it. If you get a), we'll also mention you when we reveal their lineage.

Thanks for reading,

Cielo and Ray

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