In Our Blood

"This is better than I imagined summer camp would be." Cielo mentioned, blue eyes fixed on the face of Annabeth Chase. She and camper Percy Jackson were giving a tour of the grounds to the twins, who took the camp in with wide, identical eyes.

"It's not exactly a normal camp, though." Ray said, eyes sliding to his sister. "I mean, there's a dragon guarding a hill." He tilted his head back in the direction of Half Blood Hill.

"Not your everyday guard dog." Cielo quipped.

The sky over Long Island was deep blue, hardly a cloud in sight, and a light breeze brushed over the camp. Beyond, the Long Island Sound twinkled like a blue-green blue jewel.

"We'll introduce you to some of the campers here." Annabeth said. "Since most of them have been asking about you for nearly three days." She rolled her stormy gray eyes.

"You're a bit famous," Percy said as the group of four head towards the horse shoe area of cabins. "Twins don't come crashing through here at one in the morning every day."

"Oh, great, we always make an entrance, Ray."

"Or an exit." Percy said, referring to the school year he'd spent with them.

"Or that." Ray said, as they entered the horseshoe.

The day had already begun hours earlier – it was nearly noon. Campers swarmed from most cabins, heading in nearly every direction. To the twins, the twelve cabins seemed magnificent.

"The cabins," Annabeth said. "Each one is a shrine to one of the gods. You stay in the one of your parent." Her voice trailed off.

"For now," Percy continued for her. "You'll stay in the Hermes cabin." Neither half blood mentioned Luke. He quickly explained of why some of the cabins were empty, and of the upcoming prophecy most knew of. Their eyes widened considerably, but they were saved from answering by the appearance of a camper.

She was blonde, and probably about Percy's age, with a steady, stocky quality about her. If asked a single word to describe her, both twins would have answered war.

"Clarisse." She announced, sticking out her hand for them to shake, which they did, if not hesitantly. "Daughter of Ares, god of war. You're the wierdos that came crashing through here, yeah?"

"Clarisse." Percy said, angrily. The siblings met his eyes, perplexed at this bold camper.

"What? They are." She appraised them with a raised eyebrow. "You might be too tiny to be Ares kids, but you're young. I won't make any judgments yet."

"Good." Cielo said, trying to look bigger than she was. Blue eyes flashed. "Us either."

Ray set his jaw, leveling his eyes with her. Clarisse seemed slightly taken aback. Both siblings seemed to be standing defense o the other, not themselves – something Clarisse was barely used to. "I'm going to go train." She announced before heading off, orange shirt flashing in the sun.

"I don't have the best history with her." Percy said, watching her go.

"She's a daughter of war – how could anyone?" Ray asked, thoroughly confused.

"She's not so bad once you get to know her." Percy admitted, meeting Annabeth's eyes as they continued through the horseshoe. Percy reluctantly explained of the war taking place, and of the past years he'd been at camp.

"And we're thrown into the middle of it? That's not fair." Cielo said, thinking of the wars in history. "we didn't sign up for this."

"Nobody did." Percy said. "But you'll receive training."

"You can also leave, go back to the world, but it's not recommended." A camper said, carrying a large hammer over his right shoulder. "You're much safer here – besides, I've heard the two of you are naturals."

"Cielo, Ray, this is Charles Beckendorf, son of Hephaestus. Beckendorf, this is Ray and Cielo, our newest half bloods."

"It's nice to meet the both of you." Charles said. He seemed to be slightly older than Percy, with muscles around is arms thick enough to scare a heavyweight. He also seemed to be in a bit of a rush. "I'm working here instead of the forges this week." He explained, motioning with his head to the hammer. "I'll see you around." With a nod, he head off.

"If you want, you guys can get settled in the Hermes cabin now. Everyone'll be out at the moment. Your stuff is already on the bunk bed." Annabeth said, gray eyes looking towards the cabin, overactive mind on Luke, one of the many campers who were missing.

"I call top bunk!" Cielo said, racing for the cabin, eyes wide and mouth set in a grin.

"Oh, no fair!" Ray complained, already resigned but setting after his sister never the less.

"They're going to be a handful." Annabeth said, turning to Percy after the twins had disappeared into the cabin. "But they handled Clarisse well."

Author's Note:

Well, this was a quick update. They'll meet more of the campers as we move along- thank you for all reviewing!