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Chapter One

Detective Judy Hoffs smiled eagerly as she sorted through the stack of envelopes she had just retrieved from the mailbox. She was greeted by several cards addressed from her parents, her favorite aunt, Cecile, and one that was unmarked – no return address and no name as to indicate who the sender was. Judy chose to open that one first. After sliding a thumb nail through the seal of the envelope, she lifted a folded and feculent sheet of loose-leaf notebook paper from inside and began to read:

Happy Birthday, Love!

25 and still just as drop-dead gorgeous!

Judy smirked as she folded the paper and placed it back inside its envelope. Her guess was Doug had been too cheap to go to the local Hallmark and purchase a premade card, or at a sheet of stationary. He had obviously provided the notebook paper which seemingly was stained with what appeared to be mustard while Tom, being the romantic he was, provided the message. Of course the two imbeciles just had to forget to sign it! That or this was just another one of their silly secret-admirer pranks. Judy was almost disappointed if it was the latter. After all, a notebook paper greeting? They were loosing their touch – or maturing. Ha! Now that was a laugh. Judy placed the envelope in her purse and grabbed her jacket. When she got to work, she would definitely bring this up to Tom and Doug. They'd be impressed; she was finally catching on to their pranks. Last time – Valentine's Day – they had sent her a dozen roses and a sweet letter claiming it was from a secret admirer. Unfortunately for Tom, his washer broke and had to borrow hers. She was helping do the dark load and had discovered the receipt in his pant's pocket. Judy smiled giddily as she quickly threw her purse over her shoulder and headed out into the cold late-February wind.

Right when she walked through the door of the Jump Street Chapel, Judy was instantly disappointed. The heater had broken once again and the place was like an ice box. Shivering, Judy wrapped her coat more tightly around her and marched over to where Tom and Doug were. Tom was sitting on the corner of Doug's desk molding something out of pink claydough. Judy rolled her eyes as the two began to laugh over some joke she had missed.

"Hey, Jude!" Tom greeted as she strolled up to them. He had earmuffs and a flannel jacket over his black turtleneck.

"Hi, Tom. Hi, Doug!" Judy returned the smile, "I just wanted to thank you for the little…birthday greeting you left me this morning."

"What birthday greeting?" Tom asked.

"Oh don't play dumb, Tom."

"Whose birthday is it?" Doug asked causing Judy to inhale sharply.

"Mine and you two had the courtesy to send me a little birthday memo," and with that, she pulled the envelope from her purse and slapped it down on Doug's desk.

"Lemme see that," Tom scoffed, "Judy, I think it's time you leave the pranking to the masters."

"Pranking? Tom, this is no joke. You and Doug sent me this. Look, there's mustard on it and everything! Probably wrote it at Diggity Dog!"

"Diggity Dog!" Doug exclaimed enthusiastically, "Let's go!"

"We…we didn't write this, Jude," Tom said, his voice growing serious.

"If you didn't who did?" Judy asked, folding her arms across her chest, "Honestly, I expected more from the two of you. Like for Valentine's – the flowers, the sweet card splashed with perfume…"

"Look, Jude, we didn't write this," Tom's gaze hardened on the paper, "I promise."

"Judy?" Doug turned his attention to the woman standing a few feet away from him, glowering, "It's your birthday?"

"Yes it is. Now I want an explanation. Who sent me this letter?"

"Well I didn't," Tom scoffed, "I hate mustard."

"And the handwriting's too neat to be mine," Doug commented, glancing over Tom's shoulder.

"Alright well, I still think you two are somehow behind this," Judy's voice was threatening, "And if that weren't one strike against you, this sure is: you forgot my birthday?" She was shouting now – well, not exactly but her voice was going up and octave.

"No. No," Tom answered casually, "We didn't forget. In fact…we were going to take you out."

"Out?" Judy raided a suspicious eyebrow.

"Yes. Out."

"Out where?"

"Doug? Out where?" Tom grinned, putting the spotlight on his buddy.

"Out where…out where…to dinner!"

"Sounds fair enough," Judy nodded, "Pick me up around six and we can go to Chez Andre's. Your treat!"

"Our…our treat?" Tom nearly choked on his own saliva. That placed cost a fortune just to walk past, much less pay for a whole meal!

"Aw, thank you," Judy smiled at Tom and Doug before shuffling over towards her desk. She put her purse down and began sorting through a case file she had left there the night before.

Currently, she and Ioki were working on a drug bust in some name-less, face-less high school. It was the typical nerdy kids selling drugs to jocks to earn a few extra bucks and respect. Ioki was currently in on the cut and Judy was in the process of getting close to one of the buyers. It was practically an open and shut case. All she needed was one more week – one more week and they would be on to possibly a more interesting scenario. Hopefully.

Judy flipped through the pages with the case info. As she was about to make a note of something, Harry Ioki slid on to her desk, barely giving her time to move the file.

"Harry!" Judy glared at her partner.

"Hmm?" He raised an innocent eyebrow, "Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday, partner!"

"Oh," her eyes lit up as Harry presented her with a small box

"Happy birthday, Jude," Harry smiled as she unwrapped the box and lifted a pressed pink rose from its box.


"Remember when you found that rose lying on the sidewalk about two weeks ago? You said it was a shame that such beauty was ruined?"

"Yes," Judy nodded, remembering, "You…you pressed it for me?"

"Yup. No big deal really. So what did the McGoon's get you?" Harry asked in reference to Tom and Doug.

"Oh, they're taking me out to Chez Andre."

"Oh," Harry looked a little hurt.

"Only because I'm forcing them. It's payback for this."

"For what?" Harry watched as Judy lifted an envelope from her purse.

"One of their ridiculous secret-admirer pranks."

"And here I was thinking they had actually matured!"

"I have to admit, it isn't really their…style, you know? For Valentine's I got a dozen roses and a love letter that had been doused in cheap perfume."

"Are you sure it came from them?" Harry asked, doubting that the dynamic-duo were the ones responsible for the birthday greeting.

"If not them, who?" Judy asked impatiently, "I don't have time to worry with this right now. We have a case we need to work on."


"I guess I should be thankful for the teacher's in-service day today but we're still working this case – even off of school."

"At least we have time to review a few facts before tomorrow."

"True," Judy nodded.

Their conversation was cut short by the slamming of Captain Fuller's office door as it crashed into the wall. To say that he was upset at someone – or rather someones would be the official understatement of the year. He marched over to the front of the office, a scowl creasing his face and the vein in his forehead pulsing madly.

"Hanson! Penhall!" Fuller shouted. It was no surprise it was those two he was angry at. Who else could it be? Judy glanced over at Tom's desk. Doug had hopped off and Top was currently flipping through the pages of the nearest case file attempting to look busy. It failed miserable.

"Yes sir?" Tom asked, putting down the file.

"You rang?" Doug raised an eyebrow.

"I am not in the mood for your smart-aleck remarks, boys. My office – now!"

Tom bit his bottom lip and followed Doug into Fuller's office. The door slammed shut behind them.

"Wow," was all Harry could manage to say.

"What did they do now?" Judy asked.

"No idea. Let's just hope they come out of the office alive."


"Do you know why I called you boys in here this morning?"

"Because you wanted someone to critique you on your choice of fashion?" Tom guessed, looking at Fuller's brightly colored sweater, "Seriously, did a knitting factory barf and that's what came up?"

"Hanson!" Fuller's voice was sharp and even Tom knew it was in his best interest to shut up; "I am not in the mood today! Do you know why I'm not in the mood? It's because I got a rather interesting phone call from a Mr. McCormick. The name ring a bell?"

"He's the principal at the school we're covering," Doug answered.

"Yes, he is. Very good, Doug!" Fuller's voice was soggy with sarcasm, "And you know what he told me? He told me that he came into his office to find the whole entire room toilet-papered!"

"Heh," Tom smirked.

"Hanson!" Fuller glared at the young man sitting before him, "He told me that there is no doubt that you two are responsible for it."

"Can he prove that?"

"Actually, he can. He found three rolls of toilet paper in your lockers this morning."

"Is that legal?" Tom demanded.

"Yes, Hanson, it is. On school property, searches are perfectly legal. Let's just say he is a little less than pleased with you at the moment and requests your presence at the school to clean it up. Also, he said you two would be obliged to stay the rest of the day for a little educational experience."

"But it's an in-service day!" Tom complained.

"Hanson, how old are you, son?" Fuller asked.


"And here I was thinking you were fourteen! Careful with that maturity level, son. Someone might just mistake it for your age."

"I thought we were supposed to be young," Doug commented, earning a death glare from his captain.

"Out. Both of you. You have ten minutes to report to the school. Enjoy your in-service day!"

Doug rolled his eyes and followed Tom out of the captain's office. Tom pulled his coat tighter around him. This was just great! Their day off from school and they had to spend it cleaning up someone else's mess!

"I can't believe him!" Tom roared, "Forcing us to clean up after someone else! I mean, we didn't even do this!"


"Actually what, Doug? There is no 'actually' in this situation. Nope. None. Zip. Nada. We didn't do it plain and simple."

"Well…you didn't."

"Doug," Tom turned his attention to his partner, "What the hell are you talking about?"

"I'm jus' sayin…you might not have done it but that don't mean I didn't…"

"Wait a sec, you did this?"

"And…put the toilet paper in my locker?"


"Do I even want to ask why?"

"Probably not."

"Good, then I won't. Just don't expect to live to see another day!"


"Don't 'Tommy' me Doug. I didn't do a damn thing and I have to clean up your mess – just as always. I can't believe you!"

The duo walked over to the door shouting and shoving. Harry eyed Judy. This wasn't good. It never was when Tom and Doug were fighting.

"Well that was…strange."

"Five bucks says one of them comes back with a black eye!" Judy grinned.

"Make it ten and we've got a deal."


"How's that eye, Hanson?" Judy asked, covering her mouth with her hand to keep from laughing. She, Tom, and Doug were seated at a table in Chez Andre's. They had just arrived and Judy was seated in between the two who kept glaring daggers into each other.

"Shut it, Jude," Tom barked.

Judy grinned and took a bite of bread. Just ten minutes prior, they had picked her up – Tom with a black eye and Doug with a split lip – glowering. She hadn't been surprised.

"I can ask the waitress to bring you an ice pack…"

"I'm warning you, Jude. I'll split your lip too!"

"That a threat, Hanson?" Judy glared at the man who had become one of her best friends. Tom gulped. He knew what Judy was capable of and had no intention of getting another black eye. One was enough for him.

"No," he grumbled.

"Good. Doug, why would you drag Hanson into your mess?"

"I didn't mean to…I panicked!"

"Why did you even do it in the first place?" Tom asked, speaking to Doug for the first time that evening.

"I dunno. This case is pissing me off. Too dull. I wanted to liven things up."

"Too dull? Doug, you and Tom are investigating a sex-offender…"

"We don't know that yet!" Tom was quick to correct, "And we've hit all the walls we can."

"You know what Fuller says," Judy smiled as she recited, "If you back yourself into a corner, you best get yourself a sledgehammer to pound through the walls."

"Whatever," Tom rolled his eyes, "This your birthday dinner. Let's not ruin it with work."

"Good idea, Tommy-boy!" Doug agreed.

"I still hate you."

"You do not."

"Do too."

"Do not."

"Do too infinity!"

"Do not infinity plus one!"

"You can't do that!"

"Can too!"

"Can not!"

"Um, excuse me!"

The little banter was interrupted by a girl dressed in white with a black neck tie on. She held in her hand a pencil and a piece of paper. She cleared her throat once more.

"I'm Julliann, you're waitress. Do you have your drink choices picked out yet?"

"Water with lemon."


"Mine too!"

"And I think we know what we'd like to order," Judy glanced down at the plasticed menu in her hands, "I'll have the Greek salad."

"Alright. And you?" The waitress nodded towards Tom.

"Chicken fettuccini alfredo."

"Excellent choice. And you?"

"The pepperoni pizza!" Doug exclaimed.

"What the hell, Doug?" Tom hissed once the waitress was out of earshot, "What is wrong with you? Haven't you ever heard of class? Who orders pepperoni pizza in a place like this?"
"I do, Mr. Fettuccini Pants!"

"Speaking of pants, did you check out the tail on that girl?"

"I know!" Doug's eyes widened, "I'd like to taste her tiramisu!"

"Pigs!" Judy made a disgusted face, "Do you even remember her name or just her 'tail?'"


"Yes Doug, she had a name."


"I dunno."

"My point exactly. All men are skirt-chasing cads!"

"You're face is a cad!"

"Oh that's real mature, Dougie-boy!" Tom rolled his eyes.

"Both of you are immature!" Judy sighed, "Why do I even put up with it?"
"Cuz you love us!" Tom grinned.

"Do not."

"Do too."

"Do not infinity plus one!" Judy countered, sending the table into a fit of laughter.


"Thanks for tonight, guys."

"No problem," Tom shrugged, "You owe me three-hundred bucks though."

"Ha!" Judy scoffed as she dug around her purse before pulling out her keys.

"Want a walk to the door?" Doug offered.

"Nah, I'll make it just fine. I am a cop you know," she smirked before clamoring out of the car and making her way up to the walk. When she reached the front door, she waved goodbye to the duo. Just as she was about to put her key into the lock, she noticed a box. Picking it up, she smiled to herself. A gift from her parents she assumed.

After entering her home, she put her purse down, locked the door, and lifted the top from the box. What she saw inside made the blood freeze within her veins. Inside the box were rose stems.

Their flowers had been cut off.

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