Sugar: I

Sugar: I.AM.BACK and Now I'm dealing with the hardest-and hottest-new cast member.

Deidara: I can friggin here you-un!

Sugar: Yup definitely the hottest!

Deidara: (blushes) What-Ever un

Sugar: Anyways, I read thee funniest DeiSaku fanfic…and I though, hmmm…is it legal to make a fanfic…of a fanfic.

Deidara: You need permission first un!

Sugar: Yeah yeah, shut it Shemale! I asked the author and I haven't a reply, but I'm gonna start 'cause new ideas are BURNING my mind! If the author says "no" I'm gonna take this story down.

Deidara: Wasted affort!

Sugar: Who said the answer was 'no'!?

Deidara: No one un!

Sugar: Oh yeah, before I forget, DEIDARA SAYS "UN"! Not "hmmm" or "yeah" it really bugs me when people do that!

Deidara: Yeah un!

Sugar: AW that's my little schoolgirl!

Deidara: Huff…okay so, Sugar DOES NOT own Naruto un, or this story outline.

Sugar: HAI! Story outline credit goes to lovegirl123!

Deidara/Sugar: ENJOY (un)




"Sakura!" twitch, "SAKUUURA!" Twitch, twitch. "SAKU…."

"YEAH I HEARD YOU!" A tired, worn out pink haired teenager yelled from under her comforter. "Jeez, it's so early, damn you school!" she cursed, rubbing away the little sleep bubbles that formed in her eyes.

Sakura fumbled out of bed, and stretched her back muscles, giving a small moan of pleasure, as she felt them loosen.

"Old hag better stop screaming, or she'll lose her voice," Sakura muffled, pulling off her pajama top and replacing it with a white school blouse. "Actually on second thought, scream away!" she laughed, buttoning up the white blouse.

After finishing with the small little buttons, Sakura stepped into her new black school skirt, that had white plaid lines running across the fabric, and pulled it up to her stomach, before readjusting the location, and zippered it up around her waist.

"They're really making the students wear this!?" she exclaimed, holding up a black knit school vest-shirt that had KH printed on the hem. "My god."

When she was finished with getting dressed, Sakura hurried down the steps, and grabbed a slice off the plate that was sitting on the kitchen table. Not bothering to sit and eat, said girl put the piece of toasted bread in her mouth, and ran for the door.

"Sakura, where are you going?" Her mother called after her daughter, whom was about to turn the doorknob, "sit and eat!"

"Sorry mom, I can't be late! It's my first day at a new school, and I have to make a good impression on being on time!" Sakura called back, opening the door and stepping out into the sunshine. "Bye!"

She rushed out the door, ignoring her mother's shouts claiming that that piece of toast was hers, and headed for the her new school, Konoha High.

Sakura raced down the paved sidewalk, tripping here and there at the most un-wanted times, scrapping her knee, and ripping the hem of her uniform.


As she neared the school gates, Sakura tumbled onto the cement, and hissed in pain. "Shit"

"Oh.My.God! Are you Okay?" A high soprano voice asked from above her. She looked up to see shining sea blue eyes, and light blonde hair tied into a ponytail, hanging over her, one arm was extended outward.

Sakura winced, but accepted the hand, and was pulled from the ground. She dusted off her skirt, and smiled at the girl in front of her.

"Thanks ummm…."

"Ino, Yamanaka Ino. Call me Ino-chan." Ino answered her un-asked question, "Are you by any chance, new here?"

"Ah. Yes, how'd you know?' Sakura asked a little embarrassed.

"Well, I think I'd remember a girl with pink hair, and I don't remember anyone who falls over air, so I just assumed…." The blonde replied, tapping her chin thoughtfully.

Heat rushed to Sakura's face as she replayed the scene over again, "Ah, well…ano"

Ino put a small hand on her shoulder and smiled sweetly, "Don't worry everyone trips on their first day." And oddly enough, it made Sakura feel a lot better.

"Um, thanks."

"No problem." Ino said, "AH! You have to meet everyone, well everyone who is anyone. Here, come" she demanded, and grabbed Sakura by the hand, leading her over to a group of students bunched in a little mush.

"Ahem" Ino clapped her hands together, as if to get everyone's attention. When all eyes were on her, Ino continued, "This is Sakura-Chan, if I can call you that..?"

Sakura nodded her head in approval.

"Right, this is Sakura-Chan, and Sakura…this is…"













"…and Lee" Ino finished, gasping for breath.

"Nice to meet you." Lee grinned striking his "nice "Gai" pose."

"Ah, right, sorry and Sasuke-kun"


Sakura waved to everybody, and gripped her skirt, muffling a shy smile. There was one person that caught her attention, the Sasuke guy, his onyx black eyes looked cooled and hard, but they had a special charm to them. His crazy hair was another charm, giving him the bad-boy look.

'He's really hot!' Inner Sakura drooled.

'Not now, I don't wanna creep these people out, shut it!'

'Oh you know he's SUPER hot!'


"….right Sakura-Chan?" Ino asked, looking at her newly made friend, and her next makeover toy.

"hn? Oh sorry I wasn't listening." Sakura snapped out from her argument with inner Sakura, and rejoined the world.

"Nothing, I just cut off a sentence to see if you were listening." The blonde winked, and smiled brightly.

'Oh, she's good!'

"Ah, I see the new girl is getting along just fine" A tall beautiful lady, with long blonde hair said, walking over to the group of teens.

"Yes, she is! I can tell we're gonna be best friends!" Ino said, hugging Sakura's shoulders.

"That's good, well I'll see you kids around." The lady smiled, winked and walked pass in a swift motion.

Sakura's eyes were wide, that was one pretty woman, "Who was that?"

Ino let her hug fall, and danced around to face her friend, "Hm, that was Tsunade-sama, the principle. Don't let her looks deceive you, she's very old, and she drinks…a lot."


Before Sakura could ask anything else, the school bell sounded through the courtyard, and all the students began to pile into the halls. "Ah, we have to go."

The blonde grabbed Sakura's wrist, and dragged her to the front building, and all the way up the steps, the rest of the "group" following suit.



Ino showed Sakura all the class rooms on the way to their lockers, and pointed out which teachers are in which classroom, and certain classes you should try to get a back row seat in.

"Ah, and that's where 2nd year students have science and lab, usually taught by Orochimaru-sensei" Ino's smile fell to a dark frown, "In this class, make sure you get a back row seat, that's where pretty girls should sit."

Sakura's cheeks grew slightly pink at this complement, had she just been called pretty?

The blonde student lowered her face a little so her mouth was right next to Sakura's ear; she then cupped the outer edge of her mouth. "There's a rumor going on, that Orochimaru is gay, and wants to rape some of the boy students….that's why Sasuke-kun's mother had to call in and ask if Sasuke could take science and lab with the 3rd years." Ino whispered.

Sakura stopped short, as did Ino, and muffled a soft "yikes" and continued walking, taking in what Ino had just said.

"But it's just a silly rumor." The blonde laughed, waving her hand in front of her face, and if to dismiss the conversation. "He is pretty creepy though. Ah! Here we are."


Somewhere by the third year lockers

Three students were leaning against the wall, smug grins were plastered on their faces. One had sandy red hair, the second was "fishy" and the third had sea blue eyes.

"I'm surprised you haven't molested the newbie yet" the red head chimed.

"Yes, It's very unlike you." The second replied, a toothy grin spread wild across his blue face. "Don't tell me you turned soft."

"Shut up un, I'm loaded and ready, ne, let's pay our little newbie a visit un" The third smiled mischievously.

"Yes let's" the other two said together.

"This is the Deidara we know"


Ino looked at her silver blue watch, and gasped, "oh Sakura-Chan, I've got to go get ready for gym, I have it first, and it starts in like, fifteen, so catch you later!" the blonde turned, and headed in the opposite direction, waving from behind.

"Okay…" Sakura mumbled, waving weekly, and sighed, she had advanced algebra first, way to start the year. At least she had Kurunai-sensei. Ino had said she was tough, but very nice….odd how that works out.

Said girl reached in her locker, pulled out her text books, and a few pencils, then slammed the locker door shut.


"huh?" Sakura turned around to see three large balloon-like balls flying right at her, one aimed directly for her face, "Oh My Friggen God"



Sugar: UPA!-SU!!

Deidara: What are you so happy about un? (and what with the Misha dialog?)

Sugar: I feel like this is gonna be a GREAT story!

Deidara: Uh-huh un, and why's that un?"

Sugar: Donno."

Deidara: (falls anime style)

Sugar: ne Deidara-kun u okay? (pokes Dei with a stick)

Deidara: Ow!

Sugar: Good he's alright!

Deidara: Were you worried about me un?

Sugar: Duh! If you died then how would I proceed with the story.

Deidara: (Sweatdrops) Yeah, good to know you care un.

Sugar: Welps, hoped you all liked this, oh and remember full story outline is dedicated to lovegirl123, so Pwease check out her story too, the original and the better.

Deidara: Way better un.

Sugar: HEY don't rub it in!

Deidara: You're wired un.

Sugar: oh yeah, ur mom!

Deidara: You smell funny un

Sugar: Well, you look funny (who am I kidden, he's SO hot!)

Deidara: bitch un

Sugar: bastard

Deidara: Poop-face un

Sugar: Butt-head!

Deidara: anime freak un!


Deidara: …..that's low un!

Sugar: Well, read and review, and check out Konoha High, by lovegirl123! Thanks!

Deidara: She called me a shemale un. No ones ever called me that un!

Sugar: Not to your face.

Deidara: What was that un?

Sugar: nothing!

Deidara/Sugar: JA NE (UN)