It was about midnight in the Village Hidden in the Sand, the stars were out and a slight breeze traveled through the desert air. Not one sound could be heard from the village, seeing as all of its residents were in a deep, unnatural sleep.

The person who had sabotaged Sunagakure was calmly walking down a path that exited her former home, a confident smile decorating her lips. Blonde hair that was tucked behind her ears were blown out of place by the wind and ended curtly above her shoulders. She was wearing a pitch-black tank top that stopped just above her exposed stomach matched with ankle-length cargo pants. The kunoichi also wore finger-less black gloves that had the village insignia emblazoned on the front, a fresh scratch going through both of them. Her green eyes were sparkling as she stepped over the Wind Country's border.

Ha! No one can make me go back now! I, Kawasaki Azami, am a free woman, well, teen, but still!

Azami felt a little guilty about drugging the entire village, but only a little. After all, it was the only sure way that no one would interfere with her escape.

Despite her efforts to keep quiet, the blonde couldn't help letting a laugh of victory escape her pink lips. She had done it, she had escaped! Now all that was left on her agenda was to-

"Who's there?" Azami drew her kunai and spun around 360 degrees, surveying the area; she was sure that she had heard someone else's footsteps. "Kazekage-sama? Baki-sensei?" Another noise, another spin. I'm not going back, you can't make me!"

A dark chuckle came from the darkness. "Oh, we're not taking you to Sunagakure. No, we are going to take you to a different place entirely, un."

Azami glared into the black of the night, but didn't see anyone. The next thing she remembered was a sharp pang as something struck her head, and then everything went dark as she fell to the floor.


Hah! When I first wrote this I had no idea where Amegakure was in relation to Suna, but I looked up the map and now my story is perfectly logical, location wise! Oh, and the name 'Azami' means 'thistle flower' or 'the flower of a thistle.' I think why I chose that name should be clear in the next few chapters, and if not, oh well.

Oh! And I'm going to do something I've never done before; I'm gonna have a preview for the next chapter!! Yay!!

Azami raised an eyebrow. "And what are you planning to do with me, exactly?"

The leader made eye contact and Azami noticed that he had an odd ring-like pattern in his eyes. "We were just going to keep you locked up in here and keep you as our prisoner." Then, as an afterthought he added, "The last one we had was eaten by Zetsu…"

"Hell no." Azami quickly rose to her feet. "I just got free of Sunagakure, no way in hell am I going to be imprisoned again! Especially not by you, you stuck up mother-fucking bastard!"