Chapter 10: Demonstration Disrupted

All the intruders whom were locked up were immediately brought out from their prison cells. Shadow especially, was chained up quite well to ensure he wouldn't cause any trouble doing damage to the soldiers whom were holding him. While it was easier in escorting the rest of the intruding party.

"You'll never get away with this Calamitous!" cried Jimmy as he was being escorted by two of Darth Vegan's soldiers.

"Oh, but I already have Neutron, you and your friends are about to witness a demonstration of the power of the doomsday weapon" replied Calamitous as the small evil man led the way.

Dark Laser, and Darth Vegan led the way into a room in their flagship. As the group of intruders were being forced into the room, they could see a large laser gun of some sort being powered what seems like a single Chaos Emerald.

"Hey, that's my emerald you got there!" cried Shadow as he tried to escape from the soldiers whom pinned him down.

"But that's just one Chaos Emerald, how the heck are you powering it to make it seem like the combination of seven of those things?" asked Susan.

"A good question my dear" replied Calamitous as he walked up to the console and pressed the button on it.

Suddenly, the four captured fairies, Skizzle, Wanda, Cosmo and Poof appeared in special tubes that absorbed their powers.

"Molly!" cried Skizzle who was still trying to find a way out of it.

"That's your fairy program trapped in there?" asked Jimmy to Molly.

"Er, sure, I'll go with that" replied Molly.

"Forget it then" said Eggman as he joined Calamitous and Bling-Bling Boy, "we're going to show you what these floating creatures, and their powers can really do with even just one single Chaos Emerald. All we need to do is pick a good target to give the demonstration."

"What sort of target would anyone suggest?" asked Bling-Bling Boy.

"Oh, I know" said Darth Vegan as he noticed a large asteroid getting in the way of the view of the flagship, "how about test it on that asteroid, it's blocking my view of the Earth."

"A most excellent idea" said Calamitous, "we can show you how this new doomsday weapon will likely threaten planet Earth!"

While the team of three evil geniuses were about to set everything up, outside of the flagship, poor Scratch was still trying to regain control over his star fighter to which Coconuts and Grounder were also having trouble of their own.

"I can't control this thing?!" cried Scratch as he was trying to push any sort of button he could find.

"Oh I know we shouldn't have taken Eggman's word, it's like he knew we wouldn't come back" replied Grounder.

"Yeah, that also has me thinking as well" added Coconuts.

"Oh good, looks like I found the turbo booster again" said Scratch as he manage to take control, "come on, let's head back to the flagship, hurry!"

"You got it" said Grounder as he did the same.

"Same here" added Coconuts as he also directed his star fighter to head back.

Meanwhile back at the console where the three evil geniuses were about to show a demonstration to the intruding party, Calamitous was about ready to give that particular demonstration.

"Now watch" said Calamitous, "this mighty, new doomsday weapon shall show you what we'll threaten the Earth with!"

"You there" said Eggman to a technician on the flagship, "turn this laser gun to our target of choice."

"Will do sir" replied the technician.

As the laser gun turned toward the large asteroid blocking the view of the flagship, Bling-Bling Boy was given the signal by his two compatriots to press the green button which began to drain the powers of the four captured fairies whom were locked up in specially designed tubes. All four of them could feel their powers being literally drained, and inserted through a network of cords right into the single Chaos Emerald powering the laser gun. But as the Chaos Emerald was charging up, the three star fighters led by Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts had finallyy came into the scene. Poor Scratch didn't know where the heck the hangar bay was located and Eggman was quite surprised to see them alive.

"What, they're alive?!" cried Eggman as he noticed Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts flying right toward the area where they are about to fire the laser gun.

"No you fools!" cried Calamitous, "Say back, you're going to ruin the demonstration!"

But back where Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts were, Scratch thought the hangar bay was the small point of the flagship where the laser gun was shown.

"Say, that seems like a good place to land our star fighters" said Scratch.

"Yeah, look how happy Eggman and his two friends are" added Grounder as he noticed the three evil geniuses jumping up and down whom were really angry with their presence in general, "let's go land there."

"Good idea" added Coconuts.

"No you fools, they're going to crash into the flagship!" cried Dark Laser.

"And I just can't believe I didn't see this coming" added Darth Vegan to which he then turned to Eggman, "how can you let three idiots take some star fighters and crash them into the flagship of the armada!"

"Don't blame me on this, those three have been design flaws since the beginning!" replied Eggman.

The three star fighters kept on heading straight toward the area where the laser gun was about to fire. Scratch immediately then used the turbo boost, and then his star fighter went right out of control along with his two companions' star fighters as well. The three crashed their star fighters right on the laser gun itself destroying it completely, and also blowing away the soldiers whom were holding the intruding party. But aside from that, the crash also managed to let loose the single powered up Chaos Emerald from its position, and it fell just right toward where Sonic and Shadow were located.

"Let's show these folks why they shouldn't mess with us" said Sonic to which he along with Shadow transformed into their super modes.

"Okay, now that I didn't really see coming at all" said Bling-Bling Boy who was trying to get up from the explosion.

"You three idiots!" cried Eggman to Scratch Grounder, and Coconuts whom were nearly in pieces, "you three messed up the demonstration!"

"And now we're going to give you folks a demonstration" said Shadow to which he then turned to Sonic, "you get everybody out of here, I'll handle these people."

"Sounds like a deal to me" said Sonic as he spin dashed, and broke the four trapped fairies out of their tubes.

"Come on Turner" said Jimmy, "use your fairy programs to get us out of here, except Shadow who's going to give a number on these people."

"You got it, Cosmo, Wanda, Poof if you will?" asked Timmy.

"Gladly sport" replied Wanda.

"Everyone in our party except for the crazy black hedgehog who wants revenge are out of here!" added Cosmo with one wave of his wand.

As most members of the intruding party vanished, Dark Laser, and Darth Vegan then began to run for the escape pods, along with Eggman, taking the pieces of Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts with him, and also Bling-Bling Boy and Calamitous. While Shadow had an easy time taking down most of the crew whom didn't have time to flee. As the escape pods left the flagship, a large explosion could be seen, which also engulfed the other ships of the armada. Back on Earth, everyone was teleported back to Area 51.1 with the General being quite pleased with the results of the mission.

"Wow, now that's what I call a successful mission" said the General, "if only that lone black hedgehog whom stayed behind was here, I would give him a medal like I'm going to do with the rest of you."

"Ah, I didn't know you really cared" said a familiar voice as everyone turned they noticed Shadow safe and sound with his Chaos Emerald back in his inventory again.

"But how the heck did you escape?" asked Johnny.

"Duh, with my Chaos Control powers" replied Shadow.

"It just so happens that I have plenty of medals for everybody here" said the General as he got out a briefcase.

Meanwhile, somewhere floating in the asteroid field, the escape pod which Dark Laser, and Darth Vegan got on was pretty cramped being stuck with the three evil geniuses and also the parts of Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts.

"Get your foot off Flipsie!" cried Dark Laser.

"It's not mine foot!" cried Darth Vegan.

"Keep your parts to yourself!" cried Calamitous to Eggman as he threw some pieces of Scratch at Eggman.

"When we get the heck out of here, we're going to have our revenge on everyone who did this to us!" cried Darth Vegan.

"Oh, I think I'm going to be sick" said Calamitous as the escape pod was turning about.

The scene then promptly ends with Calamitous turning quite green and everyone in the escape pod screaming to try to get out of the situation.