-New Father- #1

Splinter smiled as he watched his young sons sleep, Leonardo rested with his arms around Michelangelo to keep him safe from the monsters, Raphael rested contentedly while sucking his thumb, Donatello smiled happily while dreaming leading him to believe he was having good dreams, and last of all was his youngest – Michelangelo who was drooling on his favorite toy, the toy that helped him sleep every night- it scared the bad dreams away it was an old stuffed panda bear, and Leonardo's arm rested over the both of them to keep both safe.

His sons meant the world to him, he wanted them to be happy –always, and that was when he started to really think about their futures. He wanted them to be happy like he was, but how could they ever know the joys of parenthood if they would never get the chance to have children; after all they couldn't mate with humans they were too different and they couldn't mate with other turtles they also were too different. If only there was more of their kind. And that is when his idea struck him. What if there were more mutant turtles? Or to be more precise female mutant turtles, he did still have some of the ooze left in the canister that he had kept, now all that he needed was the little turtles.

One night, sometime later while out scavenging for food and any other supplies he might find, he saw a pet store (it was closed) having a sale on turtles. Sometimes while out scavenging he even found money and he had kept it, and it was surprising how much money some people lost. Taking the supplies he had back home he quickly made sure his sons were sleeping soundly, as he gathered some of the money he had found (a five dollar bill) and snuck back up the surface, going to the pet store he had seen earlier, he stealthily picked the lock, after getting inside he quietly and quickly found where the female turtles were kept, he silently pulled out four baby turtles, leaving the money at the counter, he quickly left the store locking the door behind him almost as if he were never there, moving quickly he traveled back to his home were his young sons slept, after checking to see if they (his sons) still slept he quickly administered the last of the ooze to the four turtles. As he waited he searched out four names from the old renaissance art book he had found shortly after finding his sons, he chose names for them: Andrea, Lucia, Maria and Gabriele – they, like the names his sons had, were artists of the renaissance period.

The next day brought new surprises for his sons who had never played with anyone but him and each other, so to overnight have four new playmates was very new to them.

Splinter watched his children play with one another, Maria and Michelangelo were hitting it right off, Leonardo seemed indifferent, Lucia seemed to enjoy poking Donatello, Donatello looked ready to cry, Andrea was playing with Gabriele and Raphael, who seemed like kindred spirits the way they both made towers with blocks (he had found) then proceeded to knock them over (including Andrea's whether she liked it or not, and they seemed to almost enjoy knocking hers over the most). As time went by the children matured – some faster than others, and it would be a mistake to say that they grew up because although they were bigger and a little more mature they still acted like children (some much more than others). He taught all of them the way of the shadow warrior, the way of the ninja, Leonardo seemed to have a natural talent for it, Michelangelo was also a natural athlete (now if only he could keep still and quiet), Raphael was very determined to do well and he was possibly the strongest one; but he was also 

one of the most angry, Donatello was good when he tried but was uninterested, Andrea seemed to like the exercise; but she did seem to also enjoy competing especially with Donatello, Lucia was naturally graceful and active but like Leonardo could stay still and be quiet- however she seemed to enjoy dancing more than she did fighting, Maria, like Michelangelo was a bouncing ball of energy- but she was also a ray of sunshine, she was always happy, and then there was Gabriele – she was tough much like Raphael but she had a much better temper then he did, she also seemed to enjoy sparring- the harder the better. Each of his children wore a differently colored bandana and had a different weapon: Leonardo had a blue bandana with twin katana's, Lucia had a yellow bandana with the naginata as her choice of weapon, Raphael had a red bandana with twin sai's, Andrea had a violet bandana with the eku as her weapon, Michelangelo wore an orange bandana with twin nunchukus, Gabriele wore a amber colored bandana with a tinbe-rochin, Donatello liked to wear a purple bandana with the bostaff as his weapon of choice, and Maria wore a pink bandana with a war fan for her weapon.

Raphael watched her as she sparred with Leo. There was just no denying it, she was good, after all not just anybody could make Leo lose in a fair fight, like she was currently doing. He couldn't help but admire her; she was beautiful inside and out, she was fun to hang around with (maybe because she enjoyed many of the same activities that he himself enjoyed), but she was also pretty, her forest green skin went perfectly with her amber colored bandana. When he was nine years old he remembered telling her that she looked like a tree, her response had been 'at least I don't look like a Christmas tree' Mikey and Maria had laughed themselves silly when they had heard that; he smiled at the memory, tonight they were going to hang out together; just the two of them, just him and Gabriele. Strange though they grew up together and for some reason he was a little nervous- but they had already agreed this was not a date, even though by all standards it was; oh well.

Gabriele smiled nothing (well maybe something) could ruin her happy mood today; after almost a week of hanging out, she and Raphael had decided to start calling their outings dates instead of "hanging out" besides this way Maria and Michelangelo would have to stop asking if they could come too, they got teased- yes, but they also got privacy.

Master Splinter smiled as he watched his children spare, they had grown up so quickly, and the years had flown by just as quickly if not quicker. They were all able bodied fighters now, but none of them seemed interested in a real relationship; except maybe Raphael and Gabriele, those two seemed to get closer every day, he Hamato Raphael had never been happier, then he had these last few months just spending time with her. Later they would go out on their usual date, he would buy her favorite pizza (the Chicago pizza, with no anchovies, with cheese in the crust), and they would eat it together on top of a high rooftop overlooking the beautiful lights of the city, the roof they would be on was going to have a wedding that night; ensuring the music, and then he asked her; to marry him.

He asked her to marry him and she (Gabriele) had accepted, she just couldn't imagine life without him, and soon she and Raphael would marry. As they talked about the upcoming wedding they both agreed that early June would be a wonderful time to get married (after all if you marry in June you're a bride your whole life, and the groom that marries in June will get a sweetheart for a wife), it was now the middle of April giving plenty of time (it's not like they had to worry about a guest list or anything like that).

Later the next day as everyone gathered around the table for breakfast, they walked in hand in hand and announced their engagement; that in early June (both) she, Gabriele and Raphael would marry, congratulations' literally bounced off the walls ( and no one looked quite so pleased except for themselves as Splinter did).

The day of the wedding dawned with excitement in the air, along with the chaos of the last minute preparations. As the day progressed to the wedding ceremony, the guests began to arrive (a few triceratons, Leatherhead, and a few other friends from the battle nexus- plus the Daimyo who was going to marry them).

When the ceremony was over the party (reception) began. There was a lot of food, and it was no surprise to see Mikey pigging out, it was also no surprise when he ate too much, as he stood in front of Don claiming he felt like he was going to puke, but Donatello having had seen the signs had ducked lucky for him he didn't get any on him, however the couple in back of him were not so lucky, in fact Gabriele and Raphael had never looked angrier. That night everyone returned home, except for Gab and Raph (Gabriele and Raphael) who stayed out at Casey's grandmother's house for their honeymoon.

A few months had passed since the wedding and Michelangelo still walked around with a grimace he had hoped that they would forget while on their honeymoon – but they didn't, and it didn't help that Leonardo had gotten a picture of it- apparently it had been a mistake to trust him with the camera.

A year had passed and now they were eagerly awaiting the results of Donatello's test on Gabriele, she had not been feeling her best at times but it was also like she had never been happier, her appetite had changed a little and when she fought; she had become incredibly protective of her stomach –they had their suspicions why, but Don's test would either confirm or deny it.

As they waited for their results they talked about what they would do if it was positive; he (Raphael) wanted his children to grow up seeing the sky, to be free to walk around in broad daylight, while Gabriele wanted her children to know the countryside. And they both agreed that they would have to know the ways of the ninja- but they also knew that these wishes would never be.

"Hey, guys' said Donatello as he came out of his lab, test results in hand; he looked like he was going to cry,

"Don, what's wrong?" Raph asked beginning to worry,

"I am going to be an uncle" said Don with a huge grin on his face.

"Come again" he asked in surprise, the news not quiet sinking in yet.

"You guys" he said "are going to have a baby, congratulations" Don finished grinning like an idiot

"Wow" said Gabriele smiling at Raph.

A few days later Mikey came up to him and Gab with a piece of paper, on it was a list of names appropriate to name a child, the list read as follows: Michelangelo, Michelle, Mike, Mickey, Michel, Mikey, Michael, Mika, Angelo, and McKee looking up at him from where he sat he informed his little brother as calmly as he could with his temper rising 'we' he began 'will not name our kid after you, none of our children's names will begin with 'M' and or end with 'O', do you understand?' , 'Mikey' said Gab 'can you get me some peanut butter and bacon? - 

I'm having another craving, and since you're already standing' she trailed off with a tired smile, with a shudder at her strange cravings Mikey left to go get the food she had asked for.