Master Splinter sighed as he continued nibbling at the cheese he was eating, he watched his grandchildren play together, he remembered years ago when his own children were that age- they used to play and fight together like none other, as he thought of those days he remembered two imperticuler: a little girl (Gabriele) with an amber colored bandana with bright hazel eyes, and a little boy with a red bandana and a tough guy attitude (Raphael) (it had been amusing when he was five but not so much when he was fifteen), oh, how he missed them, they had gotten married when they were seventeen, and welcomed three healthy eggs into the world- but later that very day she had died from complications and several days later, his red banded son took the eggs and left never to be seen again, they had looked and looked for several months but never found anything.

As he reached for another piece of cheese a familiar figure stumbled into the pavilion quickly followed by Leonardo and Yoshi (Leonardo had gone looking for Yoshi when they had noticed he had wandered off) staring around at all the children (even he admitted that there were quite a few- six were Leonardo and Lucia's and the other twenty were Michelangelo and Maria's, Michelangelo was a bit too much of a 'party dude' but at least he -and she both- loved kids) the familiar stranger said in an almost awed and deep voice

"what the shell!?!" quite loudly, staring harder at the familiar emerald green stranger- he thought of another deep voiced emerald skinned individual, but no, it couldn't be, could it? With renewed hope he looked at the stranger again- was it? Could it be Raphael?

"Father" called out Leonardo in a very pleased voice "Look what Yoshi found" he said as he pushed the man, no turtle further into the room, in sudden recognition he sprang up and hugged his once thought dead son, Raphael,

"My son" he began "there has never been, nor will there ever be, a life free from problems. It is not the presence of problems but how we tackle them that determines the quality of our lives." He finished as he was once again able to hold his son in his arms.

After they had talked for a while (and after Master Splinter had given him some more wise words of wisdom) he finally asked the question that he (Raphael) had been wondering about ever since Leonardo had shoved him into the inside of the pavilion

"Where did all of these children come from? Leo they all aren't yours are they?" he asked in a cautious manner

"NO!" said Leonardo so fast he couldn't help but wonder who else had asked, then in a calmer voice he went on to say

"the majority of them are Maria's and Mike's they got married a couple of years after you left –something about life being too short- anyway" he continued

"shortly afterwards they started having kids, oldest to youngest is: Mist and Ike they're ten years old, after them came Daisy, Peach, Mario, and Luigi they're eight years old, Zelda, Wario, and Toad –yes he actually did name his daughter Toad- are all six years old, Sam-us, Lin, Sorin, Mia, and Jill are four years old, while Sheena, Una, and little Colette are two years old, and Sheick, Lulu, and last but not least is Deekay who are actually only ten months old- all in all Mari and Mikey have about twenty children" he finished

"Oh, ya" he added in an afterthought "they're naming them all after video game characters" he looked at his older brother in surprise his little brother (and sister) seemed very busy

"Well" he said wondering if anyone else was as busy

"What about you and Don?" he asked

"Oh," said Leo smiling "with us you don't have too much to catch up on, Lucia and I got married about six years ago then we had a few kids: Minomoto, Tokoyo, and Yoshi over there, they're about five years old, then after them are: Kesa, Gozen, and Tomoe who are three years old now, and as for Don" Leo continued

"Well, you just missed his wedding three months ago –both he and Andy (Andrea) are on their honeymoon" Leo finished with a grin on his face.

"Hey" said Leo suddenly "speaking of children, where are yours?"

"Oh" he (Raph) replied "they're in the tournament" then noticing the looks he was receiving he realized they wanted more information than that, also an explanation

"Well" he continued "they're good and I thought I would leave it up to them, whether or not to enter."

"So, tell me my son" said Master Splinter "what are their names?"

"oh, ya sorry Master" he said in an apology then added "as you probably know they're thirteen years old, there's two boys 'Dusk' and 'Skie' then the last one is a girl and her name is 'Raine'" he finished proudly.

After the second round Maria got eliminated by Dusk, then Skie got eliminated by some stick looking type guy with a three piece bo staff, then at the semi final round Lucia and Dusk both got eliminated- then all that was left was Michelangelo and Raine…

The final match was the best anyone had seen in years, Michelangelo was obviously very surprised to end up fighting a fellow turtle that he did not know, and as for Raine she didn't seem to understand why the surprise or why he kept taunting her- whoever (though he did look like her uncle and her father had said he was plenty weird) this guy was he was weird.

"How did such a small little girl get so far in the tournament as to go against the great, legendary, magnificent" but he (Michelangelo) stopped speaking as he got kicked in the face by said little girl, recovering quickly he immediately went into a fighting stance and attempted to defend himself by throwing a punch at her, which she blocked and broke his arm (he now has a broken arm) she then sweeps him, he struggling to get up tries to get up with his good arm which has his other nunchukus in it he then hits her in the beak and as it starts to bleed and then he started to say "ha, ha now you have felt the great Michelangelo at work"throwing his Nunchukus at her, she managed to catch it with her sai and throw him over her where he landed flat on his shell behind her and then she jumped at him but he managed to get out of the way at the last second then he started to run away from her and while looking behind himself he began to scream like a little girl when he saw that she had begun to chase him (little did he know that she was his her father's daughter) but he wasn't watching where he was going and so ran full force into a wall and lost.

Within just a few minutes the match was over and the crowd went wild –cheering louder than ever before for the new champion –Raine.

Later that day inside of the pavilion everyone gathered together for the very first time –Lucia had contacted Donatello and Andrea so really the whole family was there.