Title: Getting Over It

Author: val solo

Genre: Romance/ Drama

Rating: PG-13

This story does contain some spoilers for the NJO series of novels, so be aware. I was dissatisfied with the lack of 'Kyp-action' in Star by Star, so this is my take on what 'might have' happened directly after REBIRTH. Turn back now if you don't like the idea of Kyp and Jaina.... or read on and be converted!!! ;) Underneath he's just a guy who needs love, too!

Disclaimer: I, of course, own none of this and am certainly making no money on it. Ultimately, George has it all. ;)

Chapter 1----


"What a jerk!" Jaina exclaimed for the hundredth time during her space flight to the Errant Venture. She couldn't wait to meet up with her family on board the old Dreadnaught. At least she could trust them not to lie to her. If she ever saw Kyp Durron again... well, she tried not to think dark, vengeful thoughts about the man, but couldn't help it.

"What a jerk!" she yelled again. Not only did he use her to convince Rogue Squadron to destroy the Vong worldship, but the idiot had the nerve to ask her to be his apprentice. His apprentice!! She snorted in disgust. Well, after their last meeting he should know her answer to that ridiculous request.

But what really stuck in her crawl was that she had actually --- if only for a brief moment--- considered the possibility, had even tried to imagine what it would be like to train with him and be around him constantly. He was a powerful Jedi, there was no doubt about that. She still remembered the story of how his mind had Force-thrown her Uncle Luke across a room when Kyp had first come to the academy. Add to that his leadership capabilities, which Jaina had witnessed firsthand over the past several days, and the eloquent speeches he had made about the "new" Jedi order and she had seriously been quite tempted to accept his offer.

Then there were his few words of flattery that had so easily put her in the palm of his hands. Was she really that naive? She had never thought herself so, but now she wasn't quite sure. Being an adult wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Things just weren't as cut and dry anymore. Her flight had given her lots of time to think, and she had reflected so much that she was just plain sick to death of thinking. She snickered at the idea that for just once she wished she were like Threepio and could simply shut down for a while.

It wasn't possible.

So her mind drifted back to Kyp Durron and how he had irrevocably changed her life whether she liked it or not. Despite her struggle against it, part of her was beginning to agree with Kyp's rightness in destroying the new Vong worldship. What she and the others knew about the Yuuzhan Vong probably wasn't even a scratch on their scaly surface. Perhaps Kyp was right in saying that the vessel would have proven more deadly than a superweapon in the long run. If it had reached completion, who knows what kind of destruction it might have birthed.

She had told Kyp that she didn't want to kill innocent Vong, but the more she thought about it, were any of them truly innocent? After all, they were out to completely take over the galaxy and the only purpose humans and others could have in a Vong-controlled universe was to be either slave or sacrifice. Not a very hopeful future. And not only were the invaders destroying whole races, but they had made it much more personal. Why, her own brothers were at the top of the Vong most-wanted list and her mother had nearly been butchered, for Force sake! Why was she trying to protect any of the savages?

"I've been in space too long if I'm starting to agree with anything Kyp said!"

Kyp.... there he was..... at the forefront of her thoughts once again. He made her blood boil! He had called her 'attractive" and made those innuendoes about 'other propositions'. His meaning, even to a fairly inexperienced girl like herself, had been quite clear to Jaina with that roguish smile and sly wink. He had made her blush too many times. Had his sudden interest in her as a woman been all manipulation too?

"Well, I don't care if it was! I have no interest whatsoever in ever laying eyes on him again!" she declared vehemently trying desperately to convince herself that she believed her own words. She was pretending that his betrayal hadn't hurt just a little too much.

"I know I don't have much experience with men, but how did I become such a loser so quickly?"

If anyone else had been watching her through her X-wing cockpit, they would have wondered whom she was talking to. Her hands were gesturing wildly, and her mouth was moving a mile a minute, but it was only herself she argued with.

After a few moments of further reflection, Jaina's jaw clenched and she pounded her fist on the cockpit canopy.

"What a jerk!!!"


Upon reaching the Errant Venture, some of Jaina's anger eased once in the company of family and friends. Ironically, the person who soothed her the most was one who was as yet incapable of speech.... her new baby cousin, Ben Skywalker.

"He's great, Aunt Mara," Jaina commented as she cradled the babe tenderly in her arms. He was in his usual state--- sleep-- and blissfully oblivious to anything going on around him.

"Yeah, he is, isn't he?" Mara replied. Even though the mysterious disease was gone, Mara was still recovering from the weakness it and childbirth had caused in her body. Resting in her bed, she watched her niece study her tiny son..... her son. It was hard to believe how this little person had so totally changed her life. And her views on those Force-forsaken Vong. More than ever she wanted to get rid of them so that her child would have a future to look forward to.

"Jaina, are you okay?" Mara asked after sensing Jaina's inner turmoil. She had heard about Kyp Durron's betrayal and knew it had to be weighing heavily on the girl's mind.... and heart. Mara had herself learned about deceit at a young age. Jaina was still a bit wet behind the ears. Jaina glanced up, meeting Mara's eyes only briefly before returning her gaze to baby Ben. No words were needed to answer Mara's question. "I heard about Sernpidal. Wedge contacted your uncle before you got here. He was ..... concerned about you."

"Great. So now everyone knows what a fool I was. Just wonderful." The young woman heaved a defeated sigh.

"No one thinks you're a fool, Jaina. It was wrong of Kyp to use you that way. In case you didn't know, I've never cared much for him anyway."

"Yeah," Jaina smiled weakly, "I knew. He was just so convincing and sincere.... or so I thought. Instead he turned out to be a big jerk!"

Mara chuckled. "I really wish I'd have been there to see you smack him. I doubt the great Kyp Durron has ever experienced anything that comes close to a woman's scorn before!"

Jaina laughed, too, and it felt as if a load had been lifted from her shoulders, if only for a moment.

"Laughter is medicine for the soul, my dear." Mara rolled her eyes in disgust with herself. "I can't believe I just said that. This marriage and family stuff is domesticating me beyond redemption!"

Jaina rose and gently placed her sleeping cousin back into Mara's arms. "Somehow, Aunt Mara, I don't think you mind all that much."

"Well, just don't let your Uncle Luke know. He'll expect me to stay barefoot and pregnant." Then she winked conspiratorially at her niece before Jaina finally turned to leave. "Jaina," Mara called. Jaina halted and glanced back over her shoulder. "Despite how I or anyone else feel about Kyp as a person, the destruction of that thing was quite a blow to the Vong." Mara moved her gaze to her newborn son. "I want Ben to have a future beyond being a slave for those scum bags."

Jaina gave a faint nod and then left the room. Somehow, Mara's words had left her comforted and unnerved at the same time.


Jaina was getting ready for bed when the buzzer of her door sounded.

"Come in." When the door opened, she wasn't a bit surprised to see who entered. She had felt them coming before they had even turned down her corridor. "Hey, guys," she offered as she plopped back onto her bed. Her brothers, Anakin and Jacen Solo, made themselves at home in her quarters. Anakin flung himself belly-down across the foot of her bed while Jacen settled into the chair at her small desk. Her twin was the first to speak.

"Well, what a time we've all had lately, eh?" he began. "Here I've been off doing some 'male-bonding' with Dad. Anakin's been gallivanting around the galaxy with Tahiri." He paused and leaned up in his seat propping his elbows on his knees. "You know, sis, I think our little brother here has a crush on his cute, blonde friend."

Jaina looked at Anakin who was beginning to blossom red from the neck up. "You seem to have hit the nail on the head, Jacen," she chuckled as she nudged her younger brother with her toe.

"Whatever," he mumbled as he shrugged it off and scooted up on his elbows. "What about you, Jaina? You okay? You want us to find Kyp and give him the once over for you?" He was trying to sound lighthearted for he knew his sister was struggling with not only Kyp's actions but her own as well. It was a struggle he was all too familiar with.

"That's not very Jedi-like of you, Anakin," she chided playfully, not ready to spill her guts to her siblings.

"We're not just Jedi, you know," Jacen interjected. "We're also your protective, macho brothers."

"Macho?" she questioned with a raise of an eyebrow. "I'm gone for a while and you both get delusions of grandeur!" She emphasized her disbelief with a roll of her eyes. "Please! Spare me!"

She picked up a pillow and smacked it on Anakin's rump and then flung it to bop Jacen on the head. The boys stopped with a surprised look on their faces, but before Jaina knew what was happening, they had her pinned down on the bed tackling her ribs until she begged for mercy. Finally, they stopped and all three sighed in an effort to catch their breath.

"That's not fair!" Jaina protested. "I was outnumbered." She flopped back against the headboard and found herself in between the two boys. A few minutes of contemplative silence passed before she spoke again. "We're not always going to be together like this, are we?"

No one answered her for a while. Eventually, Jacen replied softly, "No, I don't suppose we are." The trio instinctively snuggled in close and lay there in silence until they all fell asleep.


An hour or so later, Leia Organa Solo quietly opened the door to wish Jaina good night and stopped dead in her tracks. A huge smile spread from ear to ear.

"Han, you've got to see this," she called softly down the hall. In just a few seconds, her husband was at her side.

"Well, what d'ya know? They haven't all cuddled up like that since they were just toddling around." He leaned against the doorjamb. "Where has the time gone, Leia? Seems like just yesterday we met and you yelled at me for the first time. Now here we are with three grown kids." He reached over and gently tucked a strand of her now chin-length hair back behind her ear.

"You're such a sentimental old fool, dear," she teased before turning back to the scene on the bed. "It's hard to believe Jaina and Jacen are already eighteen. Soon they'll be totally independent of us and be off starting their own families."

"Hey, sweetheart," Han interrupted, "I ain't ready to be called 'grandpa', so let's not get 'em married off just yet." She looked up into his strong, but aging face and realized just how much she had missed that lopsided grin and cocky attitude. Finally, her 'scoundrel' was back.

She shot him a sexy look, and he stood up straight with a look of anticipation gleaming in hazel eyes. "Do you want to---?" she asked, but before she could even finish her question, Han had swept her up into his arms and headed for their room.

"Yeah, " he said. "I want to."