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Chapter 1 -- Ghost

There's a letter on the desktop
That I dug out of a drawer.
The last truce we ever came to
In our adolescent war.
And I start to feel the fever
From the warm air through the screen.
You come regular like seasons,
Shadowing my dreams.

And the Mississippi's mighty,
But it starts in Minnesota
At a place that you could walk across
With five steps down.
And I guess that's how you started,
Like a pinprick to my heart.
But at this point you rush right through me,
And I start to drown.

And there's not enough room
In this world for my pain,
Signals cross and love gets lost.
And time passed makes it plain,
Of all my demon spirits,
I need you the most.
I'm in love with your ghost.
I'm in love with your ghost.

Dark and dangerous like a secret
That gets whispered in a hush
(don't tell a soul).
When I wake the things I dreamt about you
Last night make me blush
(don't tell a soul).
And you kiss me like a lover,
Then you sting me like a viper.
I go follow to the river,
Play your memory like a piper.

And I feel it like a sickness,
How this love is killing me.
I'd walk into the fingers
Of your fire willingly,
And dance the edge of sanity.
I've never been this close.
I'm in love with your ghost.

Unknowing captor,
You never know how much you
Pierce my spirit.
But I can't touch you,
Can you hear it?
A cry to be free.
Oh I'm forever under lock and key.
As you pass through me.

Now I see your face before me.
I would launch a thousand ships
To bring your heart back to my island.
As the sand beneath me slips,
As I burn up in your presence.
And I know now how it feels
To be weakened like Achilles,
With you always at my heels.

This bitter pill I swallow
Is the silence that I keep.
It poisons me I can't swim free.
The river is too deep,
Though I'm baptized by your touch.
I am no worse than most.
In love with your ghost.

You are shadowing my dreams.
(In love with your ghost)
(In love with your ghost)
(In love with your ghost)


I pull into the garage in my silver Volvo, park it, and get my bag out of the trunk. My mom, busy with one of her design projects, greets me from the kitchen table as I come into the door.

"Don't eat too much before supper, I'm making your favorite: spaghetti," she tells me as I open the fridge.

"Okay, mom, I won't," rolling my eyes at her. I grab some pizza and eat it cold as I walk up to my room.

When I get up there, I toss my school bag on the bed and go over to my computer. It boots up quickly and I go to my MySpace. I have no new messages, no new blog posts, no new anything. For lack of anything better to do, I decide to just browse through the users, reading pages that catch my eye. On the fifth page of users, there's a pretty brunette with deep brown eyes and very pale skin named "Bells." I click on her page for a look, but it's private. All I know about her is that she is seventeen and lives in Forks, WA. Damn. Oh, what the hell. I send her a friend request and hope that she adds me. I go back to browsing users, soon getting bored with the lack of interesting people on MySpace. Groaning, I get up and decide to start on my homework. I turn on some Debussy for background music and take out my assignments.


I sit down at the computer and turn it on. As I wait for it to boot up, I run carefully down the stairs, careful not to trip, and grab a glass of water and bring it back upstairs. I type in my password and wait for my settings to load. Waiting for my settings to load and my computer to connect to the internet, I unpack my school bag. Not much homework tonight, just a little reading for English. Good. I need a break. I go back to the computer and read my new e-mails. There's one from my mom, Renee, asking how my day went and if I have any plans for the coming week. I reply to her, saying that my day was fine and that Alice and Rosalie, my best friends, are going to be dragging me shopping at the end of the week. After sending that, I delete all the advertisements and general e-spam and connect to MySpace.

I read my new comments, one from Mike asking what I'm doing the coming weekend. Ugh. He just can't take the hint that I don't like him and won't be going out with him any time soon. Or ever. That works for me. I check my friend requests, a strange occurrence, seeing as I live in the rinky-dink town of Forks and no one ever talked to me back in Arizona. Huh, someone named "Sir Bites A Lot." WTF? He's seventeen and he's from Chicago?? Why would he send me a friend request? Well, he is kind of cute; he has green eyes and disheveled bronze hair, pale skin and a gorgeous crooked smile. I write him a message asking if I know him, explaining that I don't add people I don't know. Charlie would flip if he heard that I was adding random people online, seeing as he's the police chief here and is overly protective because of potential stalkers. Good thing my profile is private.

I leave the computer on and internet connected as I go downstairs and start making supper for Charlie and myself. I dig out the ingredients to this awesome pasta dish that I found online a couple days ago. Butter, onions, canned tomatoes, cream, peas, tomato paste, cooked ham, and penne. After combining the ingredients for the sauce and starting the pasta, I turn everything down to simmer until Charlie gets home.


After getting my English assignment read and math done, I go back to the computer and hope someone is online. Nope, no such luck. I refresh my MySpace page. NEW MESSAGES. Huh. I click on it and it's from "Bells." Hi, do I know you? I don't add people I don't know, sorry. I chuckle to myself I wish. I reply Oh, sorry. No, I don't think we know each other. I was just browsing random pages and you looked cool.Would it be okay if we just talked? I click SEND.

There's a soft knock on my door and my mother peeks her head in, "Hey honey, supper's ready."

"Okay, mom." I turn off my computer and head downstairs for supper.


After setting the table, I go back upstairs to the computer. When I refresh the page, I see that "Sir Bites a Lot" has written back. Oh, sorry. No, I don't think we know each other. I was just browsing random pages and you looked cool.Would it be okay if we just talked?I let him know that it's okay if we just talk to get to know each other. I ask him about who he is, his favorite music, school subject, color, favorite TV shows, and what he does in his spare time. After sending it, I realize how strange I sound, like I'm interrogating him, and hope that he doesn't get offended. Just after sending it, I hear Charlie open the front door. I turn off the computer and go downstairs, hoping that he doesn't see that I left the food unattended, and finish preparing supper.


After supper, I go back upstairs and reboot my computer. I check MySpace first thing, hoping that "Bells" has replied. Thankfully, she has.

So, tell me about yourself. What's your name? What's your favorite (or least hated) school subject? What's your favorite color? What's your favorite TV show? What do you do in your spare time?

She made me laugh, interrogating me like that.

Well, my name is Edward. My favorite classes are math and biology. I want to be a doctor someday. My favorite color is brown. I don't watch TV very often. In my spare time, I play piano and go on camping trips with my family.

I click SEND and decide to go practice some piano.

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