Disclaimer- I do not own any of the Twilight charcaters hey all belong to the wonderful Stephenie Meyer.

Getting Out Of the Woods.

Chapter one. The wind in the meadow.

The pain had still not subsided. Not even a little. But then again I hadn't expected it to. The hole that had taken shape in his absence felt like a permanent fixture now. I'd been stupid enough to think he really loved me. I'd had my doubts but he'd always told me those were wrong. But now I knew they were all right.

I was torturing myself by visiting our meadow. It caused the hole in my side to ache all over again and I had to grip it to keep myself from falling apart. I doubled over in pain and was debating sitting down when I heard a faint rustling behind me. My whole body went rigid and I slowly stood up straight to look behind me. The wind was blowing pretty roughly tonight, a big storm was coming. As usual. I didn't see anything so I assumed it had just been the wind blowing through some bushes. I kept ahold of my side and looked over our meadow. The tall grass was blowing in the wind and I was able to pinpoint the exact spot where he had shown me what happens to vampires in the sunlight. I remembered the way he sparkled, his face like an angel's. I took a few slow steps into the middle of an especially tall patch of grass, letting it graze my hands which I had dropped to my side. Closing my eyes I took a huge gulp of the cool night air. The pain was too intense here, I turned to leave and saw a bright flash of red.

"Hello Bella." I knew the babylike voice right away, I'd known who was here from the moment I'd seen the bright flash of red. Victoria.

"Hello Victoria." I was surprisingly calm. There was no sound of stress in my voice and I was pretty shocked to find that I wasn't stressed. Or even scared. It was like I'd already resigned myself to death, without him what other choice was there?

"Where's your dear Edward?" she asked in a sarcastic tone.

"He left." I told her simply. I didn't see the point in lying, she would see right through it anyway. She raised her eyebrows and seemed to think to herself for a moment.

"Well. In that case I won't kill you." she stated matter of factly. I almost didn't even know how to react. Shock seemed to win over the other emotions and I felt my jaw drop slighty.

"I'll turn you." she said with a smirk. Oh. The shock disappeared, this was more like Victoria.

"But why?" I asked. I was confused, what could she possibly get out of turning me?

"You're fairly remarkable for a human. Why is it that Edward could never read your mind?" she cocked her head to the side, waiting for an answer.

"I don't know." I told her, keeping all my responses brief.

"Well, I'm curious just how good of a vampire you would make." she said coming closer. She took a few more steps until she was right by my face and then she ran her hand through my hair. I flinched back a little, getting a little scared now. I'd always wanted to be a vampire, but that was when I had him. Now it would just be hell, forever existing without him. I shuddered at that thought and Victoria laughed, probably assuming it was her that had caused me to shudder.

"Whatever you're going to do, just do it." I said through gritted teeth. Victoria laughed even harder at that but granted me my request. She ran her icy hand down my spine and brought her mouth to my neck. I felt the venom enter my veins and then my knees buckled.