September 4, 2008

4:08 p.m.

Mood: Embarrassed

Music: Dark Blue- Jacks Mannequin

Today was the first day of my Junior year in High School. And I have decided I can never go back.


Im going to have to run away to Mexico and change my name to Rosa.

Why you ask?

This morning I was running late. So, I decided to jump a fence, that lead straight to the back door.

I don't know why I thought that was a good idea. I never do well in panic mode.

Unfortunately, then, I didn't know that people inside the building could see me from there first hour Spanish class.

So, I get a running start and try to do a clean jump over the fence. Just like in the Sandlot, when he's running away from that dog. Anyways, in mid jump, my foot gets caught on top of the fence and I land right on my ass.

I swear I wanted to cry. It hurt so bad. Then I whip my head around to see if anyone saw that embarrassing fall.

The first group who saw me fall: A group of annoying little freshman. But I just gave them the death glare and they ran off.

The second group who saw me fall: A group of faculty members who didn't even CHECK IF I WAS OKAY! I could've broken a femur! I should report those assholes, you know they were just outside smoking.

The third (and most tragic) group who saw me fall: The first hour spanish class full of Seniors!! I swear half of them were crying they were laughing so hard. God, and half of the hot guy population was in that class.

My life is like death!!

So after that, I get up and wipe off my uniform(Yes, we wear uniforms. One of the suckiest things about going to a Catholic school) and limp off.

And yes, I am having to wear an ankle brace to school tomorrow.

Why does this type of shit happen to me? Its like God targets me or something.

I hate my life.


P.S. I forgot to tell you, as I was walking away, I noticed that the fence had a gate!! I didnt even have to jump the fence!!


September 5, 2008

8:34 p.m.

Mood: The usual...pissed.

Music: Ruby- Kaiser Cheifs

Ugh! This morning I had a run in with Will Darcy. I hate him with a passion. He's a senior, and best friend of my sisters boyfriend, Charlie. So, I see a lot of him. I don't really know why I don't like him. I think he's just so damn cocky that it bugs the shit out of me. But, I will admit he's very sexy and I have had a few fantasies...woah! Cant believe I just admitted that!

"Hey sexy lady." I heard someone say behind me.

Now for a few seconds I thought it was George Wickham, who I happen to have a big crush on. Then I realized it was him.

I turned around. "Hey ugly ass." I said mocking his voice.

"Lizzy, are you ever going to fall for my clever wit and sexy charm?" He asked.

"Clever wit? Sexy charm? I didn't know I could fall for something that didn't exist!"


"Ah," he said putting a hand over his chest, "Im hurt by that!"

"Seriously, what do you need?"

"Jeez, okay! I know you want to get rid of me."

"Well talking to you could ruin my reputation." Ha! He's the captain of the basketball team. Nothing is going to ruin this reputation.

He smiled. "Right, of course, well I was just wondering if you were going to that party tonight?"

"Ugh! Yes, Jane is making me go."

"Oh really? Well I was wondering if we could tag team."

What that really means is, "Charlie and Jane are going to be making out all night long and I need a wing man".

"Darcy, you realize every time we tag team I am the one stuck with them while you go off and have sex with some random girl?" I said crossing my arms.

"I dont have sex with them Lizzy." He said. And he sounded...upset?

"Oookay. Im sorry, you dont have sex with them." I said, trying to make him feel better. But I couldn't boost his confidence to much. "They just give you blow jobs in the back of your car."

He smiled, thank God. I was actually worried there for a second.

"Listen, I wont run off this time. I swear."

"Fine, whatever."

So thats were Im headed. Will and Charlie are going to pick me and Jane up for this damn party.

Kill me.



September 5, 2008

12:01 p.m.

Mood: Weirded out?

Music: Middle of Nowhere- Hot Hot Heat


Where should I even start with this night??

So Will and Charlie pick us up for this party. To start out the night, on the way out to Will's car, I trip and my heel gets caught in a crack in the cement. It could've been tragic, but luckily my heel didn't break.

After Will got a kick out of that, we had to deal with Jane and Charlie in the back. They have been going out for at least a year but they still act like they've been going out for a week so they need to make-out-every-second-of-every-day.

"Will," I whispered. "Do something!"

"I cant, I think Im going to throw up."

"Be a man you ass!"

"No, you be a man!"




"Okay! I'll take care of it." He said.

So he slammed on the brakes suddenly and gave me whip flash!! I mean it got Jane and Charlie to stop kissing but really, was that necessary?

"OH MY GOD!! Guys, I have major whip flash." I said whining and rubbing my neck. "Will, stop laughing its not funny." I was dead serious.

"Oh," I think he realized I was serious. "Okay listen where is it?"

"Where Im rubbing my neck you dumbass."

Now here's when things got awkward.

He moved my hand and started rubbing my neck while he used his other hand to drive. I mean what the fuck right? Now, just as I was about to slap his damn hand away, that massage started to feel really good. So I just let him. But he's lucky my neck was in pain or I would've killed him.

"Jesus, that feels good." I said. It's obvious I wasn't in my right mind when I said it.

"Yea, I give good massages, its a gift."

After that awkward scene, we arrived at the party, which was already in full swing.

"Listen, you guys go on in with out us. We'll be in later." Jane said.

"Ummm...okay. Thats really sick! Jane!"

"Lizzy, come on. Use protection you guys!" Will said smiling. He came around the car and pulled me away.

"Thats so wrong! Will! What if he gets my sister pregnant! I dont trust him."

"Lizzy, its not that big of a deal, and you dont trust anybody."

I rolled my eyes, "They're about to have sex in your car...on your upholstery!"

"Oh God, I guess I didn't piece that all together. Im going to have to get the inside cleaned now."

"God, they're love." I said, disgusted. Its not that I don't believe in love. Its just that, I've had bad relationships. And every guy I have ever dated has cheated on me. Okay, so I have only had one boyfriend sophomore year, but still.

"Or they're just horny," Will pointed out.

"You're disgusting."

"Come on Lizzy, we've all done it." Will said, looking over at me.

I guess my face said it all.

"Lizzy! You're a virgin?"

"What? No! I mean, no! Well, technically, yea I guess. But...well Im only seventeen Will! Sorry if we aren't all players like you!" I said storming off.

"Wait Lizzy, Im sorry," he said grabbing my arm, "it's not a big deal." he said looking down at me.

"Wow, my life is like death." I said turning around walking into the party.

How embarrassing is that!! Will Darcy knows that Im a virgin. He probably thinks Im some kind of freaky prude now...which I'm not!!

Right when I walked into the party I looked around for someone I knew, luckily I saw Janice.

"Janice hey!"

But then she threw up all over my shoes. So, I had to rush to the bathroom to clean off my new patent leather peep toe pumps!!

I stuck my head out of the bathroom door to see if the coast was clear. A.K.A to see if Will wasn't there. He wasn't, so I walked outside. I grabbed a drink and mingled a bit. But then, just as I was walking by the pool to get back inside, I lost my balance, and almost fell in the pool, but someone caught me.


Or at least thats who I thought it was. I was about to kick him for saving me when I was mad at him. But, when I turned around, it wasn't Will. It was George Wickham. The guy I've liked since forever!!

"Hey, you okay?" He asked. His hand was still on my HIP!!

"Oh, yea, just a bit klutzy." I did a nervous laugh.

"You're Lizzy right?"


"Jane's sister?"

"Yep, thats me."

Then, before I knew it, he asked me inside to talk. And I guess by talk he meant make out.

Because then, he had pushed me up against the wall in dark hallway and started kissing me.

GEORGE WICKAM WAS KISSING ME. Im talking his tongue was in my mouth! Then, I guess I was getting really into it, so he put his hand up my shirt and started feeling me up! And I let him! I enjoyed it, I wont lie! Then, of course, Will had to mess it up!!

So, me and George are making out in the hallway. Im talking his-hand-up-my-shirt-my-bra-undone making out. And I start to hear these voices. Its obviously some couple trying to find a bedroom, but then they bump into us and my elbow just happened to hit the light switch!!

Thats when I see Will with Stacy!

"Oh sorry," Will started but then he noticed it was me. "Lizzy?"

"Uh..." I said trying to re-clasp my bra.

"Oh my God! Lizzy? What are you doing?" He demanded. God! He is so controlling!!

"What does it look like I'm doing dumbass?"

"I mean what are you doing here with him?" He said eyeing George like he was the scum of the earth.

"Will! Shut up, and go away!"

"We are leaving," Will said noticing I was still struggling with my bra. "Oh my God, you can just do that in the car!" He said grabbing my hand.

"Hey! What's the deal Will?" George spoke up.

"Hey! The deal is if you ever lay one had on her again I'll beat you to death got it?"

"Will!" God!! He was ruining everything! Do you see why I hate him??

"Why don't you prove it?" George said.

"Why don't you back your ass up?" Will said to George, dragging me out of the hallway.

"Will! What was that all about? God! You're such an idiot! I hate you! That was George fricken Wickam I was making out with back there!"

"Listen," he said dragging me to a corner of the party.

"He's a really bad guy Lizzy, I dont want you getting involved with him."

"God Will," I said still trying to re-clasp my bra.

Damn this bra!!

"Your not my dad okay? I can take care of myself. Screw this!" I said, pulling my bra out from underneath my shirt. "Just hide this in your jacket okay?" I handed him the bra.

"Uh...okay." He took it and hid it in his jacket.

"Well, since you've officially ruined my night, lets go!" I said, walking at a fast pace.

"Lizzy!" he said trying to catch up with me. "Dont be mad at me okay? I just...I know George okay? He's not a good guy. Im serious."

"Well I think thats for me to decide!" I said, throwing open the car door.

He got in the car and sighed. Then he looked over at me, and I looked over at him. "I just dont want you to get hurt."

He said it so sweetly I swear I could've kissed him. We sat there just like that for at least ten minutes before Jane and Charlie slammed there doors.

"What are you to doing?" Charlie asked.

"What?" I said snapping out of my trance.

Will quickly started backing out of the driveway.

"Oookay..." Charlie said, quickly putting on his seatbelt.

Seriously, I don't even know what happened with me and Will tonight. And I don't even know what happened with me and George tonight.