Tentens woke up in the dimly lit room, trying to focus her eyes. She didn't recognize anything. Where the hell was she?

She sat up in the bed and carefully looked around. A dim, red light glowed softly in a window which was too small for her to climb out of. There was a desk in front of it, a cabinet opposite the bed, and a bedside table beside the huge bed. The room smelled slightly of disinfectant, and everything seemed painfully clean.

She looked down at her hands and rubbed them together, an old habit she had to keep them warm. But she realized there was no need: they were already warm, and it surprised her. Tenten slowly stood up, trying to locate her weapons but found that they were gone. Then she remembered: she had fallen asleep at home as usual, and she never wore weapons at night. Someone must have moved her in her sleep. Strange, she thought to herself. Who had gotten past all her traps? Why hadn't she woken up? To say she was disappointed with herself would be an understatement.

She walked over to the desk and opened the two unlocked drawers. Only normal things in them: paper, a few pens and rubbers, some ink and rulers. She opened the cabinet next, finding it filled with her both own clothes and some she could see would fit her, but they were definitely new. She was still in her pyjamas, and decided she would change before she tried to get out.

As she was getting dressed, she realized how calm she was being about the situation. She was locked in a room, no idea of how she had gotten there or who had put her here. But then, it was better this way. Freaking out never did any good. You simply had to work with the situation and what it had to offer. When she was done she tried to open the door. It clicked open easily, much to her surprise. She stopped dead as her eyes met the two of the man in front of her.

"So, sleep good, un?" The blonde man in front of her asked. Tenten just stared at him. Wasn't he supposed to be dead? Tenten mentally shrugged. No time to show weakness, stranger things had happened.

"Yes." She stated in a strangely calm voice. "I presume I am at the Akatsuki headquarters?" The man in front of her, whom she knew as Deidara, simply nodded and gave her a pleasant smile.

"Very good, Tenten-chan. Now, if you would be so kind, follow me. The dinner will be served any time now." He motioned for her to follow him and did just that. His smile widened a little. "It is nice that you don't act stupid like so many others would. I mean, this makes this easier for the both of us, un." He simply stated, and Tenten nodded. She walked beside him down the long corridor, lit the same way that her room had been. They took to a left, and she saw a yellow light slip out from a door standing a jar. The blue-eyed man opened the door completely and offered a friendly gesture. "After you, Tenten-chan." He said with a smile. The room which had just been full of conversation turned stone quiet as all the eyes were focused on her. Somebody cleared his throat.

"You will be sitting here." Tenten stared. She couldn't help it. She knew what the Akatsuki looked like, but to see them all at once was just too much. She wasn't afraid, because if they had wanted to kill her they'd have done the by now. She assumed she was some kind of hostage.

She recognized the man whom had spoken to her as Itachi, red eyes seemingly drilling their way into her soul. She felt another blow on her insides. Wasn't he supposed to be dead as well?! However, she once again knew better than to show her confusion, or at least tried her hardest not to look too terrified. Instead, she just walked around the round table and sat herself between him and Hidan, whom she presumed should by all laws still be in a pile somewhere.

She looked around the table. It was insane. How on earth had they all come back to life like that? What jutsu could have done this? Beside the simple fact that she was confused and a little scared about the whole situation, sitting down having dinner with the Akatsuki, she was immensely thrilled. She knew it was the wrong feeling, she knew she was supposed to try and develop a plan, but at the same time she knew it would be useless. They were too many, and frankly, too good. If they knew how to resurrect themselves, she didn't stand a chance.

That brought on the same question she'd been thinking about ever since she had woken up: why on earth was she here? What could they possibly want with her? It didn't seem to make any sense. They could probably have killed all of Konoha if they had wanted to, and... She froze in her seat. What if they already had? And in that case, why was she still alive? Perhaps this was all just an illusion anyways; maybe none of this was real. She glanced at Deidara, who was sitting across her from the table, passing a basket of bread around. He caught her eyes and smiled at her.

"So, how do you like your room, un?" He asked in a friendly tone. She stared a little in disbelief at him. Was that a serious question?

"Uh, I guess I like it..." She smiled a small smile back at him. She had to. How else was she supposed to react to all of this?

"Good, un. I assume you saw the new clothing in your wardrobe?" Tenten nodded, noting the fact that he indeed had said her wardrobe.

"Did you like them?" Tobi asked in a restrained exited voice, and Tenten turned to smile at him as well.

"Yes, I did, very much. Thank you." She really didn't know what to think of all of this, and wouldn't be surprised if she'd wake up any moment soon. Tobi gave a little shriek of joy.

"See, Deidara-Sempai, I told you she would! She liked it!" And for once, Deidara smiled at his orange-masked friend, startling a few people around the table.

"Un, you were right Tobi, thanks for all the help, un." Tenten nearly jumped as she heard a voice on her left side mutter, completely forgetting he was there.

"Watch it Deidara, I think you just said something fucking nice for once." The silver-haired man beside gave a smirk before he passed the bread on to Tenten, keeping his smirk as he reached the basked over to her. She took it with a polite nod, grabbed a piece of bread, and reached the basket over to Itachi who didn't say anything.

"So..." Tenten said, getting everyone to aim their attention on her. "Can someone please explain why I'm having dinner with you?" She asked simply. "Oh, Kisame-san, please pass the soy?" And Kisame did with a curious smile on his face. Tenten filled a small bowl, dipped an onigiri, and looked up expectantly at the group. "So?" She asked again.

Pein nodded to Deidara, who once again smiled a warm smile at her. It confused her to no end, but she figured it was better than what could have been.

"We need a Kunoichi for our next mission to accompany Konan. You are to disguise yourselves as Geiko and Maiko, un. We chose you because you have the most advantages of all female ninja we could think of." He started to count on his fingers. "You are not shy or timid; you are a fast learner and one of the best Kunoichi of Konoha, un. Also, you are extremely intelligent and collected. Just the fact that you could sit down and start to eat like this, and not freak out because there are, well..." He glanced around. "A few people you must have assumed to be dead here, un. Including myself, un. Well it just proves the fact that we chose right. Also, your long hair was a plus, no doubt, un." He smiled at her, expecting an answer of some sort.

"Uh, okay." She'd never imagined this. "So..." She tried to think of something to say. "Where is it? What am I supposed to do?" Her excitement shushed her other feelings and questions. What would her team and all her other friends do? Would Neji miss her? Would they come for her? But right now she didn't care. She had never gotten assigned to a mission like this before.

She hadn't been in many missions where she hadn't been put in the shadow of somebody else, and she wanted so badly to prove, to at least herself, that she were better than everyone else seemed to think she was. It stung her insides to know that Neji just considered her an accessory to himself. Because though she knew he cared for her, his ego wouldn't let him really care for anyone but himself. And she understood that he had a lot on his mind, the man was trying to change decades, if not centuries, of tradition and laws within his clan. She felt another sting inside of her chest as she realized how selfish she sounded.

She looked up at Deidara again, who had a surprised but all the same glad look on his face.

"So, you want details then?" He asked Tenten, who just nodded. "Alright, un!" He cleared his throat and started explaining. "Here't goes then. Do you know of the country of Iron?" Tenten gave him a questioning look, but he just continued. "Well, Iron lies past Suna, you know, where the mountains start, yeah?" Tenten nodded, remembering Irukas geography lessons all those years ago. Deidara continued again. "See, if you climb the mountains for a few days, there's this village right outside of the mines of Triple-peak. That's where all the Iron for our armour and stuff comes from." Tenten nodded in response. "So, there's a legend that there's a fifteen-tailed daemon there, one of the ancestors of Narutos Kyuubi. It's said that their Techi-Kage1 is the one sealing it for now. His clan is supposed to have immense strength because of it. It's also said that the reason to why nobody attacked them during the wars was because they simply didn't dare. You know, because of the kyuubi, un." Tenten stared at Deidara. How come people didn't know about this?

"Uh, no offence Deidara-san, but what are Konan and I going to there? It sounds like its taking water over our heads." The blond nodded.

"Well, you see, un, the defence around the village is incredible, so there's no way we could just storm in and kidnap the guy. One, we are not used to the terrain, two, we are too few, even if we are all very brilliant at what we do, might I add." He smirked at Tenten. "We simply need you and Konan to infiltrate the place for us. I will go along, as will Hidan, Tobi and Itachi. We will act like your dressers and hairdressers." Tenten shot a disbelieving glance at him.

"Are you serious? Won't he recognize you guys? And how on earth are a Geiko and a Maiko going to infiltrate the place?" Deidara gave a patient sight.

"As we know it, it's his only weakness. Women. It's just as simple as that. Also, he does not handle his sake so well, un. He is not the least like the last Techikage, he is said to be the worst one in over a hundred years, very irresponsible and spoilt. And there is not a lot of, un, 'entertainment' in Iron, and so, I believe you, un, get my point."

Tenten stared at the blond man in front of her. Her first thought when he was finished was: 'what an offer, what a chance to prove myself.' The second was: 'what about Konoha and my team?' She looked down at her hands. What was she going to do? It sure was tempting... 

though, was it right? In a way, she'd be doing the people of Iron a favour, right? The kage was supposed to be a responsible and unselfish person, not spoilt and a pervert.

"Do I get to think about this for a while?" She asked quietly, still looking at her pale hands. She heard a dark voice she hadn't heard before that night speak.

"You get one day to make up your mind." She looked up to see a man with piercings look at her. She nodded.

"Hai. I understand." Tenten didn't dare to ask what would happen to her in case she answered 'no'. She had a few ideas, but had a gnawing feeling in her tummy that no matter what she thought of, the answer she would receive would be worse. So she didn't ask, only finished her dinner in silence with the others.

After the dinner, she offered to help Deidara with the dishes, much to everyone's surprise. She needed desperately to occupy herself with something, or she feared she would go insane.

"So, you are nothing like I thought you'd be, un." Deidara said with curiosity in his voice. "I mean, I knew you were different and all that, but I've never seen anyone with self-control like that, yeah." He handed her another plate to dry.

"I'm not surprised, people usually underestimate me. Where do I put this?" He pointed at a shelf to her right. "Thanks. Anyways, thanks for this chance." Deidara stared at her.

"Well, I guess that's one way of seeing it. You really do see the best in every situation, un." He stated. "We sure picked the best one." Tenten blushed at his last statement, and remained quiet. Though it sure was nice to have one friendly soul amongst the seemingly crazy people.

"Un, Tenten, would you like to see some of your kimonos if you were to stay?" He asked her happily when they were done. She stared at him. Kimonos? Seriously?


"I'd love to, thank you Deidara-san." He smiled back at her and led her through the hallway again, took a right and showed her into a brightly-lit room. Tobi was carefully folding an obi at the table in the centre of the room.

"Tobi is practicing!" Tobi stated as they walked in to the room. Deidara nodded approvingly at him.

"I'm glad, un. You're getting better too, yeah!" The blond man said enthusiastically. Tobi finished and then looked up at them.

"Tobi is a good boy!" He stated and looked at Tenten with his one, (kind of), visible eye. "Come and look at your kimonos Tenten-chan! They're really pretty, just like you!" This caused Tenten to blush again, but only a little.

"Thank you, Tobi-kun. I'd love to see them..." Tenten added this to one of the things she never thought would happen to her: Waking up in the Akatsuki-headquarters, having a peaceful dinner with the Akatsuki, and actually trying on what looked like super-expensive kimono. At the Akatsuki-base. And everything on the same day. Evening. Whatever. And being offered to go on a mission with them? Joining them? It seemed too much possible for one evening, but obviously, it was not. Strange. Then a hand pulled her carefully by her own towards a huge cabinet. Tobi opened it, and she thought she was going to cry. They were so beautiful.

Tenten had never really been one to care about clothes; she was too much of a tomboy. However, Tenten did appreciate art, and when she saw the kimonos, it was art she saw. All the colours, all the fabrics, the delicate embroideries and flowers and dragons and phoenixes and ribbons and sun-feathers. It was too much. Her jaw dropped as she simply stood there. She was to wear these? Seriously?

She stared from the kimonos to Deidara and Tobi then back again, not knowing what to say.

"Do you like them Tenten-chan?" Tobi asked carefully.

"Uh..." Was all Tenten got out for a start. "Uh... I can't wear those. They're far too nice for me." Tobi looked at Deidara.

"Sempai...?" He asked carefully. Deidara smiled at him.

"Don't be silly Tenten. Try one on, un." Tenten still stared at him, and then came a knock on slightly open door. It was Hidan.

"Uh, the light was on. What's up?" He looked at the three people in the room. "Why don't you let her try one on?" He said, pointing at the kimonos. "Damn stupid..." He muttered to himself. Tenten looked at him. "What?! Just try one on, for fuck sake!" She looked from Deidara to the kimonos.

"Uh, alright." Tobi held out a silver-gray and white kimono with black and darker silver flowers. She started undressing, used to men being in the same room as she did so. After all, most ninja she worked with were male, and some situations required that you were not so very, well, shy about yourself. However, the Akatsuki-members were not used to a woman undressing in the same room as them. Tobi gave a small squeal before he turned around quickly, Deidara blushed ferociously and Hidan dropped his jaw, both males unable to avert their gazes. But as soon as the red base-kimono was on, as well as the gray-white one, they seemed to wake up.

"Un, Tobi, hand her the obi and stuff." Deidara said with a strained voice. Tenten received the fabric but soon realized that she didn't quite know what to do with it. She looked up at the men in the room with a questioning face.

"Uh, Deidara?" She asked carefully. But it was Hidan that spoke.

"Nah, that shithead still hasn't learnt how to tie an obi properly. I get to dress you." He said with a smirk, starting to wrap the first obi around her, folding it behind her. Though he was smirking, he worked very professionally, not touching her inappropriately or saying anything suggestive. This caused both Deidara and Tobi to lift their eyebrows, but before Tenten had time to think about that there was another knock on the door. A blue-faced man stepped inside the room, followed by a quiet Uchiha. Kisame stared at her, but didn't say anything.

"All done." Hidan finally stated, after what felt like a small eternity. She looked in the mirror that hung beside the cabinet and simply stared at herself. She looked like a girl.

"Good job, un." Deidara told Hidan.

"Fuck yeah." Hidan answered.

"You look really pretty!" Tobi squeaked happily. Tenten looked at the men in the room. It felt like they were all messing with her.

"Uh..." She said again. "I... look like..." She sighed. "A girl." Deidara glanced curiously at her.

"Tenten, you are a girl." He stated. She shook her head.

"Not this kind of girl. Not a furisode kind of girl." Hidan smirked.

"Well, you know, Deidara here isn't exactly 'that' kind of guy, but hell, we don't care." Tentens and Deidara blushed at the same time.

"No! That's not what I meant! I mean, I like guys, it's just I'm not all girly and that, you know what I mean." She looked at Deidara who was still blushing. "Deidara-san? Breath. It's good for you." Deidara turned away from her and stared at Hidan.

"You all know? How?" Kisame chuckled behind him.

"You know, you and Sasori are louder than you think." This caused Deidara to blush even more before he stormed out of the room, calling Sasoris name throughout the compound. When it finally stopped, Tenten looked at Hidan.

"I think you need to help me get this off you know." Hidan merely nodded, but the smirk was back one again, and the other men left the room. After they were done, Hidan showed her the way back to her room.

"I'm on guard-duty. No offence, but you know, no fucking risks. Akatsuki rules when it comes to... well, it somehow seems wrong to call you a damn hostage, but whatever. I guess it'll have to do." Tenten just nodded tiredly. Before she closed the door, she took a look at the strange man outside of her room. Her breath got caught in her throat, and when he smirked at her, she knew he'd noticed. In the dim, red light of the hallway, he looked undoubtedly gorgeous. His hair combed back, his Akatsuki-cloak open, showing pale, smooth skin, and his strange eyes fixed on her. He chuckled quietly.

"Want me to tuck you in?" He purred teasingly. Yes! Yes! Answer him yes! Her inner voice screamed inside her head.

"What was that?" He asked with a rather shocked expression on his face. Did she just answer me yes?

"Un..." She thought about it for a while. It wasn't like the day could get any stranger anyway. And she hadn't sparred today, which meant that she had a lot of extra energy, even if she was feeling momentarily tiered. And then there was the fact that he was gorgeous... Not that she just slept with randomly gorgeous people all the time, all the sex she'd ever had was with Neji to take down their stress-levels on missions. Or rather said, his stress-levels. Hers only ever rose after that, leaving her to feel rather cold and lonely. Neji was no cuddler, (or kisser either for that matter), but it hadn't surprised her. Hidan stared at her. Tenten stared back.

"Yes." She replied blankly, consciously this time. Hidan smirked at her.

"Alright... come on girl." Hidan walked in after her and closed the door behind him. She glanced at him and went to switch the light of, instantly being surrounded by compact darkness. She felt him move up close behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist, and she felt his breath against the skin of her neck. "Tenten..." He purred against her. "Come to bed with me..." She felt her knees grow weak, but somehow managed to lie down on the bed beneath him. She could consider staying just for this.


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