I found myself holding my little girl tighter to my chest as the storm rumbled on. Cold pelting rain and hail fell from the sky, soaking us to the very core. A crash of thunder boomed in the distance followed by a flash of lightning. The street was dark and deserted, which made the streets of Seattle even more gloomy and unwelcoming. The people that usually surrounded the area were probably home, nestled in with their families, maybe even surrounding a fire. It didn't matter, these streets are better off without the crude people that usually inhabited them. They just didn't understand, so of course they treat us like scum. I roar of thunder brought me out of my thoughts.

My daughter, Nessie, huddled closer to me, shielding her face of the storm. She hated thunderstorms, they always frightened her.

"Its all right sweetheart, we'll just ride it out like we do all the other ones." I told the crying five year old that clutched to my jacket. She was shivering brutally in only a thin pink shirt and whole filled jeans. I instinctively wrapped my light weight gray jacket around her tighter.

We were huddled inside a door way outside of a small store called, Jerry's. It was a tight fit for the two of use but it made the miserable weather outside slightly more bearable. I stared stroking Nessie's hair to distract me of our horrible condition, this was one of the worst storms yet. Her hair, like mine, was a dingy brownish red. It was long and slightly curly. I thought it was beautiful even with it drenched in rain and mud. I picked a small twig out of it.

"Daddy I'm hungry." Nessie said, her enticing brown eyes staring into my green ones. 'Her mother's eyes.' I thought with a grimace.

"We'll find something to eat as soon as the storm passes over." I told the ravishing girl. She nodded in response, burying her head back into my jacket. I started rocking her back and forth as best I could in the cramped space. It always calmed her down.

I swear it started to rain harder at that moment, just as a speeding truck sped down the street, splashing us with water.

Bella's POV

"I knew I should have listened to Alice." I said to myself as I blindly drove through the flooded streets in my old Ford pickup.

"Oh Bella please stay," She had said "I think there's going to be a storm, a bad one."

Of course I had to argue. Oh but how right she had been, this storm was horrible.

Never bet against Alice.

I turned a sharp turn onto the older part of town. The streets were clear of cars, making it slightly easier to drive. I relaxed slightly, sighing in relief. Just two more blocks and I would be home.

I lived in the nicer part of downtown Seattle in a comfortable apartment. After I finished collage I had bought it with my best friend Alice. We shared the rent for a year until she moved in with her brother Emmett a few months ago. Now, I'm sharing with my best guy friend Jasper Hale.

I turned another corner. "Almost home... Almost home..." I chanted to myself repeatedly. This particular street frightened me. It was known for its criminal history and made me shake in my seat. I sped up a little, my foot hitting the gas pedal. Though the street alarmed me, I knew it was the fastest way home.

My headlights fell upon the small drug store called Jerry's. Fit into the small little cover over the door was a little family of two. I drove a little closer wanting to get a better look at the couple.

It seemed to be a father and a daughter, both soaked from the rain. I leaned in to get a better look. I lost my footing and my wet shoe slipped on the brakes. My old truck suddenly jumped forward causing the water near the curb to further soak the small little family in the door.

I quickly slammed my foot on the breaks and turned off my car. I felt sorry for the little family, they were all ready wet and I just made it worse. I had to help them somehow.

I turned around in my seat and rummaged for something to use in the rain. My hand quickly found my umbrella. I opened the door with caution and quickly stepped out opening the umbrella at the same time, trying my hardest not to get to wet.

It was a lost cause. The rain and hail were falling down so violently that I was surprised it didn't make a hole in the umbrella. I sighed in defeat and started over to the father and daughter.

The father was holding the little girl tightly, not daring to let go as I approached them. He wore a thick gray coat and a simple pair of jeans along with a pair of brown worn out loafers. His hair was a dirty brownish red soiled with mud and soaked with rain. I couldn't see his face however, it was tucked underneath his arm along with the little girls. The girl was so tiny, she was probably no older then five or six. She wore only a long sleeve pink shirt and a pair of jeans. On her feet she wore a pair of beat up keds. I coughed to make my presence none.

Obviously frightened the father snapped his head up squinting in the dark and rain to see who was there. He saw me and held onto the sleeping little girl tighter with one arm, the other over his eyes to see me.

"Who's there?" He asked alarmed. His words were ruff but his voice sounded like music.

I took a slow step closer, not wanting to alarm him any further.

" I am sorry about getting you wet." I said taking a few more steps closer.

He beckoned with his hand for me to move closer. I was now hesitant to move towards him and the girl. He smiled a dazzling smile. I shamefully noticed that his smile was oddly clean for a homeless person.

"Its alright I wont bite." He said motioning me towards him again. I did so this time waking faster.

"Hi, I'm sorry about getting you and your daughter wet, I didn't mean to, I lost control of the car for awhile." I said blushing slightly. He smiled again in return.

"Its alright we were already wet, it didn't make much of a difference." He said. He looked sadly down at his little girl. He started to stroke her hair. She stirred in his lap but didn't wake up. He frowned down at her.

"Is she alright?" I asked. I chanced a glance at the father. He had imposing emerald eyes that seemed to glow brilliantly in the dark. I studied the rest of his face and noted his sharp bone structure. He looked more like a model then a desolate. He smiled at me sadly.

"No, she not. I think she may have caught a cold in the rain." He said looking up at the sky with a frown. I did the same. I noticed that the rain had let up a little. I looked back at the family. The father was rocking his girl slightly in his arms, humming a unrecognizable tune. The girl slowly woke up, opening one eyes at a time.

"Daddy," She said in a small little whisper, it was ruff and sick sounding. "I'm cold." She looked up at her father asking for help. The man nodded and started to take off his coat. He handed it to the little girl who quickly shoved her arms into it. She smiled up at her father.

"Thanks." She said snuggling up closer to her father's warm body. He smiled down at her.

"Nessie we have company." He said egging the little girl to look up again. She did so.

"This is..." He stopped and looked at me. "I'm sorry I didn't quite catch your name." He apologized.

"Bella." I answered him He turned back to his daughter he had called Nessie.

"Nessie this is Bella."

Nessie looked up and smiled at me.

"You have any food with you?" She asked pointedly. The man looked surprise and shot a disapproving look at his daughter.

"Nessie that isn't very nice, you know better then to talk to people like that. Now say your sorry and welcome Bella."

Nessie looked back up at me. "Hi, I'm Nessie and this is my father Edward. I was wondering if you had any food with you, please." She said stressing the word please.

The man, Edward frowned at his daughter then laughed.

"I'm sorry she hasn't eaten today." He said standing up. He stepped out of the door way, Nessie in hand she sniffled. Edward thrust his spare hand out.

"Edward Mason." He said smiling at me. I smiled back and stuck out my own hand.

"Bella Swan." I said. We shook hands and smiled at each other.

All of a sudden Nessie collapsed in her father's arms. Edward looked at her shocked.

"Nessie?" He said shaking her slightly. "Nessie!?" He said more forcedly. He placed his hand on her forehead. I watched them worried.

"What's wrong?" I asked concerned for the little girl.

"I'm not sure, she has a fever, it might just be the cold." He said sitting back down on the stoop. I squatted down in front of them.

"She's most likely hungry," I said stroking the little girl's hair. "Bring her to my house and we'll get some food for her, clothes too." I said looking back up at his eyes. He smiled a crooked smile.

"That would be wonderful."