Okay, I got a lot of reviews confused of who Palpy was addressing in the last scene so I corrected the chapter, if anyone who has read it wants to reread it, it is there.

I'm going to use this note to answer a question Jedi Master Misty Sman-Esay posed as to where General Grievous was. I had some research done on Grevious and it seems your estimation was wrong. Easy enough though. the first battle you have Grievous in is the Battle of Hypori which is in 21.66bby/13:9. The only thing on battle of Geonosis is 22 bby so it's at least 4 months before Grievous is "battle ready" But I am thinking of what I can do about him since you asked. I have no intention on making things easy for our time travelers. Grievous could be an asset for something I was playing around with in this story. I need to tweek some stuff. I hope this helps.

I hope that I have made things more clear with my corrections.

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