"Wonder Woman, Meet Catwoman"

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"So…am I in?" The leather clad woman crossed her legs and leaned back in her chair. She pushed her lips towards the Flash and blew the younger man a kiss, sending Wally West into a love struck tizzy.

It made Diana want to throw up. She still didn't understand why the rest of the League was interviewing this, well, tramp for League membership. She was a convicted felon, a known associate of several supervillains, a liar, and a thief. She had at least six aliases; she had an outstanding arrest warrant in at least four different countries. This Catwoman (Zesus knows why she thought that name would be appropriate) was the least qualified candidate this League had ever interviewed.

Naturally the men liked her. Wally was practically drooling and John was flashing his best frat boy smile. Even Kal was starting to blush a little every time those dangerous brown eyes flashed underneath that leather mask. That wasn't bothering her. Selina Kyle was a very beautiful, alluring woman and it would be perfectly natural for any man to be drawn to her, at least superficially. The real problem that made Diana so uncomfortable was Bruce. He was smirking, nearly smiling every time Selina deflected a criticism or dodged a question with a joke. It was beyond belief that the great Batman was falling for this woman's act.

Diana knew how he felt about her. Bruce was sponsoring her for membership and everyone knew they had a history together. He claimed that they'd never been intimate but the long gazes of pure lust and the shared body language implied something a lot more physical. Whatever it was, Diana refused to believe that all of Bruce's feelings for Selina were dead and gone.

'He never smirks like that around me.' She thought while absently stirring sugar into the contents of her League issue coffee mug.

That thought left her cold. Amazons aren't supposed to get jealous, that was a Man's World emotion. It was an aberration the women of Diana's island rarely experienced. There were no men among the Amazons, so there was no competition for male attention. Even the Sapphic relationships she'd experienced in the past rarely inspired such intense negative emotions. This was unfamiliar territory for Diana and it left a sour taste in her mouth. Selina Kyle was her fellow sister, another thread in the grand tapestry of womanhood. She should be happy that Bruce made a connection with this woman, not angry. And yet…

Flash told a joke that sent Catwoman into a fit of laughter. Every little giggle was like a knife in Diana's heart. Suddenly Wonder Woman wanted to beat that stupid grin right off Selina's face. This League was her family, these were her friends and she was twisting them around her clawed little finger.

More anger, more unfamiliar feelings for Wonder Woman as she watched Selina shamelessly flirt with her fellow League members. This was Bruce's fault really. He was causing this in her.

She thought the problems between them were long over. They were together; they realized it would never work; now it was over. It simply wasn't meant to be and they wanted to remain friends. But seeing him…with her brought back all the old feelings. The ones she thought she buried weeks ago.

Diana was so consumed by her own thoughts; she didn't even feel the coffee cup break in half.

The End