"Your mother sent you here?"

The boy nodded, sullenly glaring at him with familiar looking eyes. He looked a lot like Achilles; blond hair, tall for his age, sharp blue eyes, but with his still growing body and thin chest he reminded Achilles more of Patrolocus. And didn't that sting.

He would have dismissed the boy had he just been a commoner, bastards were a granted problem for Kings and he had never been a saint. He probably had children all over the place. If he had accepted them all, his country would have been ravaged by wars, fought between son and son and eventually someone else would have sneaked in and taken over. Someone like Agamemnon who was just waiting for a chance to add more cities to his name. But this boy was a Prince, the grandson of King Lycomedes, the one his mother had sent him to as a boy himself. Princes couldn't be ignored, not unless he wanted a very powerful enemy knocking on his door.

"You do not … want to stay with her?"

The boy's glare deepened, "she has remarried. Has children of her own."

Ah. So that was the problem. They sent him here hoping that Achilles would either accept him as his heir or deal with him, they didn't want the boy growing up and demanding to be made King using his place as firstborn for an excuse.

"And how old are you?" If Achilles had died at Troy then this boy would have been noted as his heir, and then King Lycomedes would have acknowledged him then as his blood relative, encouraging him to become an ally and using him to his gain. If Patrolocus had come back he would have found a challenger to his throne and everyone would have agreed that a son had more right to rule then a cousin.

The boy huffed and cocked a blond brow upwards, "you do not know your own son's age, father?."

He knew he should have stuck to bedding slave girls and peasants.


The celebration had been horrible. Achilles had left with -his son- leaving her to attend his welcoming feast alone. The people had been really nice at first, his mother had asked her about the baby and urged her to eat just about everything on the table ... but then she asked where she was from. Whose daughter she was.

She told them.

No one had talked after that.

She had sat through the rest of the feast, nibbling on the same honey cake, and then had let a servant show her to Achilles' room.

He slid into bed a little after dawn and spooned her from behind.

"Is he your son?" she whispered, staring out the large breezy window at the rising sun.

He sighed and placed his forehead on her shoulder. "Yes."

"His mother-"

"Happened a long time ago," he said, cutting off her question. "I was a boy and she was there. I didn't know that she was pregnant. She's married with children of her own now. She meant nothing to me then … and means nothing to me now … Apollina …" he kissed her neck moistly, his breathing quickened making her heartbeat speed up as well, "lie on your back," he whispered as he grinded desperately into her bottom.

Apollina looked over her shoulder, "the baby?" even as she pressed back into him. She had missed him, missed this, missed the way he would touch her as if he would die if he didn't. Missed the way he would make her thrash and wish for death because it was just … too … much.

"I'll be gentle. I promise." The grinding suggested otherwise but she knew she could trust him, although all hard and sharp edges with other people he was nothing but careful with her.

She nodded her assent readily and rolled onto her back. He tugged her sea green peplos up her ankles, spent a little while kissing each of her toes, trying to calm the boiling in his blood so that he could think clearly with her in such a delicate condition. "That tickles." He licked the skin in-between her digits and she kicked him away. "Stop! That really tickles!" He laughed with her and threateningly lunged for her feet again which made her shriek and swat at him with her foot since she couldn't sit up. He conceded defeat and smiled as he continued his perusal.

Her ankles were bigger, swollen and he laved at them apologetically with the tip of his tongue before continuing up her legs which had also gotten thicker. Her stomach was hard and wide and his little Princess looked dwarfed under the size of it. She had stretch marks which looked like pale little branches that he kissed and followed to their roots. Her breasts were only slightly bigger, the nipples swollen, longer, but she hissed in pain when he closed his mouth over them so he let them be for now. All these changes ... and he hadn't been there to see them, to look after her and sit with her as she fretted.

"Achilles … please …" she moaned. Her eyes were clenched shut, he suddenly wanted to see them.

"Open your eyes," he breathed as he shifted into position. She was soaked, dripping. Apollina groaned as he slid in, her bloated fingers fisted the bedspread tightly. "I … want to see them." Her eyes slowly opened and those brilliant greys blinked up at him making her breathing hitch as he surged into her a little harder.

He knew what they looked like now, knew the exact colour they reminded him of. "They look-" he grunted as she arched and came around him, rippling and tightening in a way that nearly made him come, "-like swords."

Like a sword glinting in the sun - a powerful, vivid grey. A grey he was so intimate with he should have known immediately. It struck him as funny that he had swapped one grey for another.

She whispered his name delicately, looking up at him with soft eyes that shimmered with tears and he bucked and came hard, spilling into her endlessly, jaw clenching at the effort it took to stop from collapsing onto her. He pulled out and fell on the bed next to her. Drained.

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