Note: Had a flick through the rules and happy to know that this is in their guide lines. I wrote this about gazillion times. This is a side story from a main, just an idea I have been playing with for my own amusement and hopefully yours too. Read the warnings please, don't want anyone freaking out, enjoy.

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Fandom: Yugioh
Characters: Yami Bakura/Malik Ishtar
Prompt: # 85: She.

Word Count: 2,125
Rating: M

Warning(s): Yaoi. Sex. Language. MPreg - If that freaks anybody out just realize that the child is older, and no mentions of male pregnancy is made other than references to Ryou/Bakura having made the child together.

Summary: Bakura finds out that she is more like him then he realizes.

Chapters: 23/100

Chapter 23: She.

She growled angrily snapping her pencil in half as her hair was tugged on hard by the very boy she had hit and knocked his tooth out, a few days ago. Yes, she had been reprimanded for it by the principal and her teacher and suspended her for a few days. Her father had been livid on why she had been a victim of a bully for so long and punished for finally doing something that they had failed to do.

She sat up late that night listening to the heated arguments of sending her to a school with her own kind. That meant that they would all have to move. She would no longer see the extended people of her family whenever she wanted. Though the idea of being in a school with others just like her, sounded good, to not hold control over herself, to be careful of the other children for she could hurt them so easily.

"Hey ugly!" He hissed behind her, tugging her hair, while their teacher had her back turned. "Freak!" She was going to hit him again. A growl rumbled up from her chest. She felt the burning in her eye, swirls of brown and blood-red, churning together like clouds gathering before a storm. "I hear you have no mother," they giggled, not just the one tugging on her hair but the ones around him and her.

"Yeah," The boy beside him hissed, "I've never seen your mum, only those guys."

"Poor ugly Aki," the boy behind her taunted her again. "So ugly that her Mummy gave her away," they both laughed. The other boy started to kick her seat as the other pulled her hair.

Aki eyes turned dark crimson, fangs burned her gums as they grew to full length in her mouth, her grip on her desk was so tight that it creaked and cracked. Her white hair drifted across her face as if caught in a breeze. She understood that her family was different from everyone else she passed in the street or from the students who sat with her in this very classroom. She had fathers. No one ever came out bluntly and told her she was different. She saw that firsthand through everyday living, and therefore, it was overlooked as a natural part of her happy life. They didn't have to be mean and nasty... a chant grew in the room with all kinds of repugnant name-calling and despite the teacher's efforts to quieten them down, they didn't listen.

"Aki," her friend whispered trying to offer comfort ... it was about time she shut them up.

Screams suddenly erupted in the classroom. Aki rose from her chair and turned about looking up towards the ceiling; the students of her classroom were pinned to it. Aki would have been shocked if she wasn't so furious and they are so deserving. "You Taiji, have teased me for the last time," She growled up at him. Tendrils of shadows slinked out from under desks, reaching up to grab the boys, who teased her since attending the school.

Malik whimpered, arching into his lover while grinding his pelvis into the heat and hardness of the pale Demon's very accommodating body. He didn't know how all this started, knowing he had run into Bakura in the kitchen and somehow ended up partly naked on the living room floor under him. Gasping for breath, Malik managed to groan out. "I want… I want you… to fuck me…"

Those words uttered in that sexy, breathless whisper made Bakura want to crumble to his knees in worship, promising his devotion for all of eternity to the one who could make him go from flaccid to raging hard-on in seconds flat.

Bakura mouthed his way to Malik's lips, feasting on the offering of flesh presented to him until finally locating and paying homage to his lover's inner moistness that was as close to nirvana as he was ever going to get in any of his lifetimes. After a few moments more of molesting his half Demon's ass with eager hands and partaking of the joys of Malik's luscious mouth... every fucking phone in the house is ringing at the moment including cell phones. Why the gods insisted on fucking hating him. He was seconds away from pounding Malik into the living room floor.

Bakura was about to insist on ignoring the phones and continue with what they were doing, since time these days for such things were limited or for late at night, when a part in his subconscious raged forward almost overwhelmed him that it almost took his breath away, and if he hadn't been kneeling it would have knocked him off his feet, and he instantly knew what was happening, that he was needed.

Malik wriggled out from under him and snatched up the phone, "Hello?" Bakura could hear the screaming over the line from where he was and the shocked worried look as Malik's eyes widened with each work and uttered, fuck under his breath as he stared at Bakura.

Bakura did his pants up, pulled on his shirt and boots and vanished.

Bakura appeared at the park feet away from his little hellion, who had her back to him and stared out at the duck pond. "Aki," Bakura's tone had been harsher than what he intended and saw her flinch and made no other moves to face him or acknowledge him.

Bakura growled and ran a hand through his hair; tears were Ryou's department for the brat typically ran to his Mate when hurt or feeling sad. Hell, he'd fucking run to Ryou, too, if he had a choice between an understanding parent who immediately scooped you up in a warm embrace and spoke to you gently, kissing you to make you feel better as opposed to the parent who scowled at you, who stood stiffly with his arms crossed in front of his chest, and who growled at you, asking what the fuck your problem was now.

Sadly, Ryou wasn't here; he was away in the Realm with Marik taking care of a matter so regularly brought up by Yami's new council, once again regarding Aki. Bakura didn't worry, the council from time to time were up in arms about an old law. It was against Demonic law for two different species to breed and usually the infant was put to death by the Healer who birthed it before it could draw its first breath. It was Demonic law, not Dragon law and Ryou being a pure blood, and the last of his kind fought fang and claw for the unexpected child he carried deeming her Dragon, not Demon and making her untouchable by the council.

Bakura simply didn't care; the council could do nothing anyway about Aki's birth six years ago unless they wanted to start a war that they could not win. Ryou maybe sweet and oh so caring but there was a side that so few saw, so much darker and frightening, that wasn't so hard these days to bring out of him, a rage that Ryou often flew into upon the council's threats upon their child, would burst from his Human form to the Beast within, breathing blue spark flames with a promise of burning everything and everyone to ash and leave the Realm in nothing but rubble. The council would bow and grovel and promise not to disrupt Ryou's happy life.

Marik naturally would do nothing but lean against the wall smirking to himself declaring his love to the Beast that could kill him in one breath if provoked, not that Bakura blamed him, Ryou was much more attractive and sexy when, he was in said rage and threatened to destroy Realms and set people on fire.

"Aki," the angel before him was a creation that was the result of a magnificent collaboration, a masterpiece that had taken the best of Ryou and the best of Bakura and merged them, blessing them both with a daughter to be proud of. Bakura moved standing behind her towering over her by feet.

She flinched and sobbed harder into her hands. "My sweet," Bakura crouched down. The point wasn't that Ryou or even Malik wasn't here. The point was that his only child was upset enough to have chosen tears as an outlet for her grief. It was completely unacceptable. "What's with all the waterworks?"

"What?" She turned slightly to face him peeking at him through her damp fingers and there so unexpected and surprising to see a crimson eye much like his own stared back at him, instead of the usual dark brown.

"Why are you crying, precious?" Bakura lightly gripped her arms and turned her to face him. The idea of being a father had never crossed Bakura's mind in his long years. He was a warrior, a champion for Ryou, absolutely, killing creatures, loved to... a father, not in a billion years, his life was happy and complete with no more room for anyone else, until he found out Ryou was carrying their child. He worried that despite his love for Ryou; he might have hated the brat's miserable, crying little guts from the moment it was born. So since he referred to it, as an it, Ryou gave him the task of naming it.

Ryou had worried when months turned into weeks and then into days and still no name. Truthfully, Bakura hadn't been inspired to name his little hellion. The moment he had held her in his arms for the first time, had never felt so complete or such an instant protective love for such a small thing. "I did something bad," She hiccupped holding her hands over her still baby chubby face, and a new fresh wave of tears followed.

"Surely it couldn't have been that bad," Bakura peaked up at her trying to move her hands from her face, oh gods were they fangs in her mouth! Every creature born in the Realm didn't show their heritage until maturity. Bakura's eyes had been the first to show what he really was when he was eighteen. She was only six, and her eyes and fangs had seemed to come in overnight.

"I stuck them all to the ceiling!" She cried looking mortified, that her father should just about now start yelling or growling at her, "I controlled the shadows just like you. I hurt them." She again broke down her voice cracking under the strain.

"My sweet, those bastard brats have been tormenting you from the 'get go'," and maybe what Bakura said next was a little to proudly but fuck, he was so damn proud of his little hellion for tapping into her powers at such an incredible young age and teaching those little bastards not to mess with her anymore. "And fuck whatever you did to those bastards. They surely deserved it. I'll even buy you an ice-cream." Bakura poked her, and a giggle erupted from her.

"Daddy, you said a bad word," thank whatever gods were out there that she finally lowered her hands and a smile graced her pretty face, oh yes she looked just like Ryou.

"Don't tell your father, I hate sleeping on that fucking couch," Bakura growled, and she giggled again.

"Stop saying bad words then," She wiped at her face with her hands, her eyes back to their dark brown. "So, you're not mad?"

Bakura snorted, "no my little hellion, I am not."

"You wanna know what?" She whispered and her eyes darkened going a murky red and Bakura watched as that hallo fell from her head and she looked more like a Demon. "You should have heard them all scream." She tilted her head back and closed her eyes, "it was like music." His child had a streak in her that was all Demon.

"Bakura," Malik appeared his eyes landing on Aki as he approached them, "You alright kid?" She nodded her head. "Seto's handling the Humans at the school." Malik's attention was still on Aki, "You are sure, you're alright, baby?" She moved and went right for the hug zone. Malik scooped her up and held her tightly; those kind words flowed from him like they were the most natural thing in the world to do, making her snuggle into him with a soft smile like he had just made everything in the world right for her again. "I'll make your favourite meal, and then you can call your Dad." Malik was already walking away.

"Hey, I have bragging rights to Ryou," Bakura got up following them, oh yes how pleased he was to find that she was, in fact, is just like him, powers and all.


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