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I'm still not Tamora Pierce

He sat up against a tree in a small flat of grass. The wind blew gently over the bright green blades of grass, making them sway slightly with it. She leaned her head back against his chest as his fingers slowly stroked her hair.

It seemed like forever ago when they were first here: two different people, in more ways than one. His blunt questions were always looking for answers while her curiosity often caught others off guard.

She held his hand with hers, lacing their fingers together, and looked up into his eyes.

She loved this man, for so much more than what people thought. She was known for no one being able to hold her attention for very long. She had once used them as play toys; only good for her own amusement. But she found him and he was like no other, he was different, he was unique, he was captivating.

He could have his freedom and choice of girls anywhere he wanted, but he was one that believed in forever, once he was serious. And to him, she was his forever. She intrigued him, astonished him, captivated him.

He noticed her looking up at him and he smiled down at her before leaning in and kissing her sweetly.

There was no way around it, they were in love, when so many others just passed by their curiosity. They somehow managed to hold the other's attention and heart, unlike others. They were just different.

They were always changing, always different, always unique but almost never found anything intriguing, until they found each other.

"You know, life would be a bore without you," she told him.

He smiled down at her. "Why would that be?"

"Because no matter what I find you captivating."

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