Hello all you Naruto fans

Hello all you Naruto fans! Glad to be back. My computer's virus is gone. I have access to fanfiction once again.

Life is good.

And so I'm bringing you another story.

Now, for everyone who got past the title and the summary, this is not your average crossover.

No characters or names of places are transferred so if you have never played Baiten Kaitos my story will NOT force you to either play it or read a wikipedia article. My story is basically going to contain similar themes and the world in general will be similar. Not really a crossover if you think of it.

It is a crossover for people who know Baiten Kaitos and an AU for those who haven't. I won't confuse you, and if I do you can call me on it and I will fix it.

Unless you are incorrect in which case I will laugh and point at you with much mirth.


So here it is, the next big story from Tazaki4…

The Legend of Earth: The Wings of Light


The was once a time when men roamed the earth freely

When water joined the land and the earth was one

In that time, nine demons ruled the world

Each as powerful and fearsome as hundreds of the strongest men

But none more so than the lord of the demons

The Kyuubi no Kitsune

With one lash of one of its nine tails the mountains fell and the oceans boiled

Yet even under their fearful rule

There was peace

But one day that all changed

A single man joined the nations of the earth together

As one they fought the demons

The man sealed each demon into holy shrines across the earth

With his eyes he took their place as leader of the world

Bringing the race of men into a golden age

But he missed one demon

The Great Kyuubi no Kitsune had remained free

With his anger and malice and power he cursed mankind

His tails lashed and broke the earth into pieces

Devastation poured out on the humans who had defied him

"No longer will man walk the earth"
Said the demon

"It belongs to them no longer"

And as the demon cursed mankind, Kami changed it to a blessing

The curse was given not to men

But the earth

In his grace the Kami lifted the land and the remains of mankind

Into the sky

The earth was left barren and poison seeped from its crust

No human could live there again

Even as the great demon lord destroyed the earth

Mankind had risen above it

The Kami granted mankind the ability to live in sky

And that, my child, is why we have wings.

What happened next, you ask?

The demon himself

And the great man who fought him

Both disappeared into legend and myth

Never to be seen or heard of again…

The day began just like any other day in the forest. The mist filled the trees as the birds sang their songs. Peace and quiet. It was the way it should be. The sun shined through some sections of the dense foliage to send beams of light through the mist creating singular spots of beauty throughout the forest.

It was just an ordinary day.

Except for the three humans sprinting through the forest at top speed.

The first was a young woman, eighteen at the most, with hair of dark indigo coming down to below her shoulder blades. She was closely followed by two men, each much older than her and arrayed for battle. Thy followed her as fast as they could.

For what was chasing them all was right on their heels. They could hear the crashing of trees against trees as the monstrosity hunting them ran after them plowing through the forest like it was a road.

The young woman ran faster, sweat glistening on her brow. She was breathing hard. Too hard to continue like this for much longer.

She cringed as she ran by a branch that whipped by her cheek, giving her a small cut.

It was just her rotten luck. First she chose a camping spot in that damned cave. Then it turned out to be the home to that… thing. Then she ran through a spider web. And now the trees seem to be ganging up on her.

Maybe I should have just stayed home…

Before she noticed she had run into a large clearing and her two pursuers followed. They all stopped.

"Hinata-sama, run! We will hold it off!"

"Please, go…"

Hinata, for that was the girl's name, turned to see the two men behind her. The crashing was getting louder and she thought she saw the trees near the edge of the clearing shake.

"I can't just leave you…"

"You mu…"
But the word never left his mouth. Time seemed to slow down as a massive horn pierced through his body. The man had just enough life in him to notice the gaping hole in his stomach filled with the sharp horn of he monster they had been trying to evade.

And scream.

The monster was out in the open now and Hinata got her first complete look at it. It had to stand ten meters high on its enormous front legs and shorter back legs. Its scaled chest looked as tough as any armor she had ever seen. The rest of its body was covered in grey short fur. Its massive head had two large horns coming out of the sides of it and curling around before coming to points over a meter in front of its massive mouth. Its legs were hoofed and muddy from tearing up the forest floor.

Her first guard hung suspended on its horn ten meters in the air, blood pouring down the horn and staining the fur on the monster's face.

It roared.

Her second guard charged, but was unprepared for the massive creature to move as quick as it did. Instead of cutting the beast's leg, the man found himself crushed to a bloody pulp under the massive hoof of the creature.


The monster gave another roar, ready to charge.

Hinata was still partially in shock from her trusted guards and her friends being so brutally slaughtered. She didn't even comprehend the monster closing the gap between them, ready to gore her on its other horn.

Is it the end?

And then, for some reason, she found herself being pulled out of the way. Her body cleared the horns of the monster by mere inches as it was tackled forcibly to the side.

"Foolish girl! What are you doing here?"
The words shot into her shock and pulled her out of it. The monster was turning around for another charge, roaring at the person who had gotten in its way.

Hinata only then seemed to notice that she was being shaking rather roughly by a young man who appeared about her age. Blonde hair spiked about his head without order and blue eyes peered at her with a mixture of worry and anger.

Mostly anger.


"What the hell did you do to get that thing mad at you? Oh, never mind. Just stay out of my way."

"Who are you?"

Her question went unanswered as the monster once again charged. But this time the young man picked her up in his arms and jumped into a tree near the edge of the clearing, just out of the path of the monster.

"Just stay here."

She wasn't able to say anything else as the boy flickered away in a display of speed shouldn't have been possible without chakra.

But… I don't see his..

Her thoughts were interrupted by a small creature climbing up the tree she sat and taking a seat next to her. She could only stare at the small red fox kit as it peered intently at the clearing where the blonde haired boy stood. She couldn't think of any logical reason for it to be their, but she decided to leave it be as the blonde was approached by the monster.

The blonde in question was seriously pissed off.

Damn stupid tourists! In one day they ruined the efforts of a two week hunt. Now I have to fight the damn thing and hope I kill it cleanly before it kills me.

"Ruined a perfectly good day…"

The monster had lost the corpse on his horn and was now preparing to kill him. The boy only smiled.

At least I could use the practice. I haven't had a chance like this in months.

The blonde stuck his hands in his pockets before pulling them out with what appeared to be a claw on each finger.

The monster charged.


The boy was almost too started to act by the cry that had obviously come from the girl he had saved.

What? You'ld think she had some faith after I saved her ass twi…

He didn't have time to finish his thought. The monster was approaching at top speed and due to his distraction it was all he could do to just jump out of the way of the horns of the beast. Even then, though, he was neatly kicked across the clearing, hitting the ground a few times, and finally through a few trees.

In her place in her tree Hinata gasped with her hand to her mouth.

She had just killed her savior.

She had seen the moment of distraction that hr shout had caused. He had been fast an obviously capable if he had decided to fight instead of run. And she had ruined it all by getting him killed.

Tears were starting to drip from her eyes.

Is… is this all I do? Bring death to those around me who don't deserve it?

Before she was able to do anything else the little fox gave a small 'mew' before hopping into her lap.

And that was when she felt it.


A red burst of energy came from the forest where the blonde lay bloody and broken. He had nearly been killed by that attack and it was surprising that he wasn't, but besides every rib in his body being crushed and his arm nearly torn off he was fine.

And then the chakra had come pouring out.

The blonde watch in apathy as his body knitted itself back together mostly, leaving the superficial wounds the only thing wrong with him. He stood up flexed his muscles. He head swam from the pain.

He might be fixed, but the pain would stay for a while yet.

He cringed as he readied his 'claws'.

And then charged.

The monster didn't know what hit it.

It only took a second for the blonde to jump while spinning completely over the monster, landing in front of it.

His claws were no longer attached to his fingers.

In the light it only appeared as if his hands, spread out as far as they could go, and his arms, crossed over his chest as he knelt on one knee only feet in front of the beasts head, held nothing.

Only the man himself could feel the tight wrappings of the monofilament wire around his hands, one attached to each of the claws now imbedded in the beast's hide.

And then…

He pulled.

It was probably the most gruesome thing Hinata had ever seen in her life, and yet the most captivating.

Instantly as the hands closed to fists and the arms came to his sides the monster dissected itself before her. The head came cleanly off in a painless and instantaneous death. The limbs of the beast were cut in half and separated from the main body as the main body was cut into strange pieces where the wire cut through the flesh and bone of the monster.

Only five seconds after the chakra burst, the monster was a pile of blood and meat. The blond boy deftly pulled a scroll from his pocket and opened it before performing some sort of sealing technique and sealing the head of the monster into it.


It was all he could get out before the pain overwhelmed him and he passed out.

AN: I know this is a vague chapter in relation of the characters. But don't worry. It's the prologue for a reason.