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And I Knew

They say the first time you kiss someone, you know. Well, "know" what? The statement had never made any sense to me. "Know" is such an open word - You can "know" anything. And I seriously doubt that sharing a kiss with someone reveals the knowledge of all life to you. And if it did, I would probably be a whole hell of a lot happier.


Proverbs are stupid anyway - They never make any sense, and they always leave you behind, utterly confused.

Yet, for some reason, the whole thing bothered me.

I wanted to "know", whatever the hell "know" meant. I wanted to "know" why everyone had made such a huge freaking deal about kissing, back when I was at Duel Academy. I wanted to "know" what it felt kiss someone.

Yes, I admit that I had not shared a kiss with anyone until shortly after I turned 18. I hadn't really found much intrest in it as a teenager. Furthermore, it wasn't like anyone would actually kiss me in the first place. I am, a witch after all.

Still, I had to try it.

So I did.

I kissed Divine - the first person I ever trusted...And not a single damn thing happened.

No great epiphany. No sudden revelation. No new knowledge.

What's more, the kiss wasn't even all that great. There was no...feeling in it. No love. No passion. It just seemed like...simple lip contact. But not a kiss.

So, I completely disregarded the proverb, never casting it another thought.

That is, until I met Yusei Fudo.

He was a Signer like myself, which I truly despised at the time. (Can't say I still don't.) He was quiet, tall, and in truth - a good person. Something I certainly never was.

And I hated him at first. I didn't have a really good reason to, I just did.

He changed my mind on a lot of things though. Slowly, I started to like him more and more - more than I had ever liked anyone.

So, when the time came where we were both alone...It happened.

I was very upset, for reasons I can no longer remember. He turned to me and gave me sympathetic smile. (Something he rarely did.) He then tenderly brushed a loose strand of hair away from my face - and time stood still.

Tension hung heavily between us, and the room was so silent that you would be able to hear a pin drop in the floor. I was even worried that he would able to hear my heartbeat, which was going twice its normal rate.

Finally, he made the first move. He set his hand gently on my cheek and brought himself closer to me. I remember how nervous and flustered I felt at him doing this - but I returned his gesture, moving closer to him. And we were brought together - in a kiss.

His lips were warm and soft - unlike anything I had ever felt before. A new feeling stirred within me, making me want to shiver with excitement.

After a few moments, we pulled away from each other, our eyes still closed.

And I knew.

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