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Chapter 17 (Day 05, Part 3) - Coduke, the Super Cool Ninja


The campers were sleeping and resting their heads. Seventeen campers, one intern, a host and a cook were in bed. They were asleep and dreaming, some happy and some perturbing. We'll be visiting them all, except for Chris's dream, because that'd be disturbing.

(Katie, 10 years ago.)

Twig Harbour was a small town, so when someone got a new neighbor, it was custom to great them at their door. Katie was with her parents when they said hi to their new neighbors.

As her parents exchanged hellos with the new adults, Katie felt pretty small between them. When her parents introduced her, she offered a little "hello" to them.

"You know, we have a daughter about your age," the gentleman said. He leaned back in the house, and called out, "Sadie, come here, hon. We're meeting our new neighbors."
Katie was scrunching up with fear. Meeting new kids was always daunting to her, no one ever seemed to get along with her or like the things she did.

Yet when she saw the pudgy girl standing there, smiling just as shyly, something in her heart told her this would be different.

"I'm Sadie," the girl said, waving then stepping forward. "We just moved here, and it's such a nice town. But I heard it's really small!"

"It is, kind of," Katie said. Then her eyes almost bulged out when she looked hard at Sadie's hair, shaped in two little pigtails. "Oh wow! I love your hair, it looks so cute in pigtails!"

"Awwww, you think so?" Sadie replied, touching her hair. "I do it myself. Want me to do it for you?"

"Eeeeeeee," Katie squealed, her ultimate sign of happiness. Sadie squealed too, and they darted into Sadie's new house. As they did, Katie heard her mom say, "Well, I think they're going to get along just fine."

Katie never wore her hair different since that day.

(Eva, after Total Drama Island.)


"Don't start, mom," the fitness buff started as she almost ripped off the refrigerator door. "I don't want to talk about it, at all."

"I think we should," her mom insisted. "You cannot just keep brooding over it?"

"Oh, and why not?!"

"Because I really don't want to have your bedroom door repaired a third time."

Eva sighed as she poured herself some milk. "Well, fine. What do you want to talk about? My backstabbing teammates? How they made up a new rule specifically to make sure I couldn't get immunity?"

"Hon, you cannot call them backstabbing," her mom said, patiently sitting down at the kitchen table. She watched her daughter stab the knife into the mayonnaise jar as she violently smeared it on the bread.

"They voted me off! Twice!"

"Can't you see why they did it?"

"Yes, because they're idiots," Eva shouted as she slammed the fridge door shut.

"No, Eva, you cannot blame them. You left them little choice."

Eva snorted as she sat down at the table, chewing on her sandwich as she talked. "Oh please, I was their best competitor."

"No one doubts how strong and tough you are, Eva. But when you threatened them with it, they didn't want to risk that you'd lose your temper again."

The muscular girl simply chewed, fuming and glaring. Her mother sighed, and deep down, Eva felt bad about lashing out at her mom. She was one of the few people who could talk to, and it felt like whenever she talked to her, she was always yelling.

"I just don't see why you hated Bridgette so much, Eva hon."

"Because she's-"

"A traitor? What did Bridgette promise you that she didn't give you?"

"She was my teammate! That's a promise in itself!"

Her mom drummed her fingers against her arm. "That may be true in many cases, but not on that show, hon. They made people vote off their teammates, they didn't have a choice."

"They could have picked someone else, someone who wasn't good at the game! Like that whiny CIT, or that dickweed criminal, or one of those dimbulb twins! Or Bridgette!"

"Hon, please. You have to see it from their perspective. Why would they vote for, say, Bridgette? Why, in their opinion, would she deserve it then?"

When Eva didn't answer, her mom continued. "You had your opinion of why that first boy should be voted off. Did you owe him anything, because he was your teammate?"

Eva swallowed her food, then leaned back in her chair. "What, that sexist twerp? He pissed off everyone."

"And you scared everyone. Hon, why can't you see that the others had opinions and views of their own?"

"Because...," Eva looked strained, torn between what wanted to say and what she could say to cover it; the former won. "Because I don't want to look at myself like if I'm the loser. I'm not the loser, I refuse to be... the loser."

Her harsh glare was gone as she sank into her chair, staring at her feet. "I just wanted to play the game and win, but they kicked me off before I could really do anything. It felt like I was cheated... it felt like... just that. I was cheated, it wasn't fair."

"They didn't cheat, though, honey," her mom replied. "Most of them lost too, I'm sure they all felt just as bad as you did. But sometimes, that's how the game rolls. There was a saying from the tribe you were born in...

" 'Without strife, victory would not be appreciated'. And that's what we have here. You may have lost this fight, but there will be others; you'll appreciate those when you win them."

Eva let out a long sigh. She took a drink of her milk before she smiled at mom and said, "Thanks. Thanks... for everything, mom."

(Cody, shortly after TDI.)

Cody drummed his fingers against his desk, letting out a long sigh. He avoided looking up, he didn't want to see their faces.

He rubbed the back of his head, and felt something sticky there. "Gum," he thought, sighing mentally. Reaching into his bag, he pulled out a pair of scissors and cut away at his hair. Cody heard snickering and stifled giggling, but he calmly ignored it.

"Wonder why I didn't feel this one. Maybe this person had better aim or something."

The teacher came in after Cody threw the hairy gum away in the class. Looking through his thin glasses, the educator began the daily lesson.

Halfway through the class, one of the students spoke up. "I don't really understand why we need to add fractions, sir. What good is it going to do us in real life?"

The teacher had answered this question for almost every math lesson by the smart-aleck student, so he looked prepared. "It will help you if you've divided something into sections, so that a fair amount will be given to each member. Like say, apple pie cut into pieces, or a bonus for employees that must be delivered fairly."

"Oh like...," the guy looked over at Cody, then grinned, "if a bear mauled someone to pieces, he'd have to find out how much of the corpse to give to the cubs and his mate?"

The class howled with laughter. Cody felt himself turning red, but he took a deep breath and focused on his math book.

"You know, Frank, you've been making remarks about bears and everyone's been laughing," the teacher said. "Is there a joke I'm missing?"

"Didn't you want Total Drama Island?" Frank asked. He pointed at Cody, who buried his nose into his math book. "Cody got mauled by a bear on that show!"

The teacher looked at Cody, who dared to make eye contact over the book. "Oh," was what his teacher said, then he looked up at the ceiling. "Must have missed that episode."

"Oh, I guess that's another good thing about fractions," Frank continued. "You could find out the fraction of episodes that Cody wasn't it after they sent him off in a body cast!"

"Or a fraction of how much of his body was uninjured," another student shouted.

"Or a fraction of the times he tried to talk to Gwen without being struck," a girl suggested with a giggle.

"Now you're going off-topic," the teacher scolded his students. "We're adding fractions here, not just finding out them. Cody, can you think of how adding fractions will help you in real life?"

The Codester was now quite red in the face, long and heavy. His heart felt like it was resting deep in his stomach, and he was concentrating so hard to ignore what was being said that he didn't hear his teacher.


The brunette geek cried in surprise when his teacher hit his desk with his hand. The class burst out laughing again, making bear growls and roars.

"This really, really sucks," he was thinking as his teacher glared at him over all the fake bear noises. "I thought being mauled by a bear was the painful thing to ever happen to me, I didn't know my 'return' back into society afterwards would be more painful. How could it be any worse?"

(Harold, some time after TDI.)

"Drink some milk, you cheater!"

The little carton of milk hit Harold's temple, then splashed all over the paper he had been writing on. He let out a long sigh, then shouted, "Idiot," at the guy who had thrown it.

The lanky nerd stared down at the paper, now ruined with milk. The ink was starting to run, and he struggled to read what he had written before he forgot."

"Dear Courtney,

I hope you will read this letter, rather than tear it up. But if you got this far, I just want to say something. Something I should have said before we all parted ways on Total Drama Island.

I want to say that I am sorry for what I did. I cannot imagine how bad you must have felt, and, well, karma has been beating me real bad for it. School has been pretty mean, and it seems most people here are fans of you..."

The letter was a milky mess after that. He sighed as he crumpled it up and threw it away. Maybe during study hall, he could write that letter to Courtney. And also the one to Leshawna, he had fallen behind and hadn't written her in two days.

At study hall, he was hit by a book. He would have complained to his teacher, but he had learned quite early on in the year that the teachers had all placed bets on the contestants of Total Drama Island, and this particular teacher had bet on Courtney. A lot.

"Dang," he thought to himself as he felt the bump on his head. "Will this karma retribution ever stop?"

(Bridgette, shortly after TDI.)

"Come on, Bridge! Tell us more about Geoff!"

Her friends were all around her, and she couldn't help but laugh. They had gathered at the beach, as per usual, but today, the focus was on her and not on the ocean.

"You all saw quite a bit on TV, didn't you?" she asked, giggling.

"You mean like you and him making out in the hot tub?" Bugsy, one of her guy friends, asked. Bridgette turned bright red, and giggled more.

"I... guess I got a little carried away at the resort," she admitted.

"You looked wild in that cowboy hat," her friend Dawn said to her. "Did he let you keep it?"

"One of them, yes!"

"Rockin', Bridge," Bugsy shouted, pumping his fists into the air. "You gotta invite Geoff over here, we could have a massive beach party with him!"

"Enough about Geoff for now, though, he's taken," said Gardenia, her most boy-crazy friend. "What were the other boys like? I would've been all over Trent if I had been there!"

"I liked Cody," Dawn said, giggling. "He was so cute!"

"I liked Ezekiel," Sabrina, another of her girl friends, said. When some of them looked at her funny, she shrugged. "He had a cute accent."

"Most of them were pretty cool, except for Heather," Bridgette said. "Oh, and Eva."

"Did you find out why she wanted you dead, personally?" Norm, the biggest guy of the group, asked.

"Naw, but it doesn't matter, I guess," Bridgette said, throwing her ponytail behind her. "Hey, guys, mind if we do a little surfing now? I've been dying to catch up, the waves at Wawanakwa were terrible at that time of year."

"Sure thing, but Bridgette, one thing," Gardenia asked, seizing Bridgette's arm. "Did you get any of the boys' numbers besides Geoff?"

"Maybe she got Duncan's cell number," Bugsy laughed, slapping his knee.

Before Bridgette could reply, her phone, which she had stored in her bag, started to ring. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw who it was. "Hi, Geoff!"

"Hey, Bridge," Geoff cried into the phone, loud and happy as always. "How you doing, babe? I miss you loads!"

"I miss you a lot too, even though we spent two hours talking together yesterday," she said, trying to ignore her friends' whispering and giggling. "How are things with you today?"

"Not bad, Bridge! It's just I wanted to ask you-"

"HI, GEOFF," her friends shouted in unison behind her, startling the surfer girl.

"Whoa, Bridge, who was that?" Geoff asked.

"My annoying friends," she replied, smirking back at them as they snickered.

"Whoa, Bridge, put me on speaker phone."

Knowing there was no way to talk Geoff out of this, she pressed the button. "What's happening, Bridgette's friends?" her boyfriend shouted to them.

"Hi, Geoff," Gardenia called out the loudest. "Some of the girls here are wondering if you have any brothers!"

Bridgette turned red again, while Geoff chuckled nervously. "Well, uh, two, actually-"

"Bring 'em down here when you come visit," Gardenia continued before Sabrina tried to cover her mouth.

"Hey dudes, do me a favor," the party animal said. "One of you use your video camera and film Bridgette surfing! I never got to see that, and I know she's the best!"

The surfer girl held back a swoon. She would ride a tidal wave as hard and high as she could to make a great phone movie for him now.

(Owen, ??)

Owen ran through the donuts, scarfing up several of them and catching those that came down from the sky. "This is the best dream ever! Donuts all over! Who could ask for more?"

"Oh, I know what you could ask for."
Izzy's purring voice came from behind him. He turned around to see her there, her red hair fluttering in the breeze. The only thing covering her body were a couple donuts, one around her chest and one around her waist and hips.

"Care to help me get these rather uncomfortable donuts off?" she purred.

Owen, drooling and wide-eyed, bolted over to Izzy in a flash.

(Noah, halfway between TDI and TDC.)

"The next person to bring up that stupid show or any of the lamebrained contestants gets a book upside the head," Noah shouted as he stormed into his room. "And you'll get one in my face if you dare bother me any more today!"

He slammed the door as hard as he could (which wasn't really hard, he wasn't that strong), and sat down on his bed. His room, smallest of all the rooms, mainly consisted of his bed, a desk, and a large bookshelf. Still fuming, he lay down on his bed and continued to read his book.

Noah was sick of being teased by his siblings about Total Drama Island. Though only three of his eight siblings still lived at the house, it seemed all eight of them, and his parents, were hell-bent on reminding him about it.

"You should have played dodge ball at least once," he thought, doing an unflattering impression of his sister. Then he remembered what his dad said, "I cannot believe you didn't see it coming when they voted you off; you pissed them all off right after you lost the challenge."

Noah had enough of that crap at school, where everyone, even his teachers, had some smart-aleck insult or a condescending lecture up their sleeve. The egghead wanted to throw something, he wanted to wear earplugs to school. That would be nice, but then he'd have trouble hearing the teachers.

He heard panting outside his door, interrupting his train of thought. A small whimper got the egghead up off of bed and to the door, opening it to let Fortune in.

"Hey buddy," he said as he went back to bed, his golden labrador jumping up on it with him. "Sorry about the door, it wasn't meant to keep you out." With a soft grunt, the dog lay down next to him, looking at Noah with those misty eyes.

He stroked the dog's fur, then scratched him behind the ears. He couldn't help but smile at him. Dogs truly were man's best friend, because when all humans around you were determined to make your life hell, a dog would still be your friend.

That's why Noah loved Fortune so much. He never talked back, he loved unconditionally, and all he asked in return was food, and a massage every now and then.

(Izzy, ??)

"I, Izzy, have conquered the last of the evil dragon-samurai beasts," the redhead screamed, as she stood on top of the dead dragonkin. She slid down his scaly neck, leapt off the head, and somersaulted over to the surviving campers.

"How tragic it was that we lost so many to the beast before I finally was able to defeat it! Including my love! Oh, my Owen," she shouted, dramatically placing the back of her hand on her forehead. The only survivors, who were Tyler, Harold, Duncan, Beth, and Lindsay, nodded in sorrow.

"But I know who brought him here," she snapped, looking fierce again. Her metal brassiere strained, barely covering her breasts (which were somehow much bigger now). "I know who it is, who the Jellybean Smuggler is! And it's one of you!"

The five gasped. "And...," Izzy shouted, sounding a little like Chris Maclean, "it is..."
She held them in suspense until the redhead woke up.

(Beth, shortly before TDC.)

Beth ripped open the letter in front of her parents. She slowly began to read it, her eyes and smile getting wider by the sentence.

"Oh! Mom! Dad! They're doing a theathon before Total Drama Action, and it's going to feature all of the contestants from Total Drama Island! And that means me!"

She hugged her parents in joy, then jumped up and down. "I might make it to the final ten thith time! And no evil witch named Heather is going to thlow me down!"

"Maybe you'll get to meet that nice boy Cody again," her mom suggested, smiling.

Beth blushed a little. "Naw, we're just friends. I mean, we got along at the rethort while he was healing, but there'th not much elthe to it."

Her dad clapped her on the shoulder. "Beth hon, Cody or not, you are going to do far better this time. You should tell all your friends now."

"I'm gonna go tell Big Bertha," she shouted as she ran out to the barn, to her favorite pig in the whole wide world.

Though the big pig didn't understand Beth or look too excited, her loving nuzzle with her snout said enough to the farm girl.

(Heather, shortly after TDI.)

"Your hair is looking really good now," one of Heather's drone friends said to her at lunch.

"It's a freaking wig," the queen bee spat. "I'm so sick of wearing it, it itches my scalp."

"Have you gone through to sue them?" another of her minions asked. "They should so be punished for cheating you like that!"

As the Heather-clones agreed in full unison, the real Heather shook her head. "No, I can't. Damn contract says I am not allowed to sue them in retaliation for what happens on the show."

They protested, they shouted how unfair it was. It was music to Heather's ears.

"Oh, hi, Hair-ther!"

An unpopular boy called Falco shouted at her as he passed by the rich girl table. "How's the wig holding? Still unable to hide the shame, eh?"

"You shut up, you nobody," Heather roared at him while her minions pitched in with insults of their own. Falco merely waved his hand as he continued on.

"Buh-bye for now, reality TV has-been!"

"Ooo, he's such a little nerd," one of Heather's clones spat. "Let's text everyone some horrible things about him!"

"Yeah, like he doesn't change his underwear!"

"Or that he sneaks into the girls' locker room! What do you think, Heather?"

"Hmm?" the queen bee was lost in thought. "Oh, yeah, that sounds good, go ahead."

She kept thinking about "reality TV has-been," something that had been haunting her ever since she had come back from Total Drama Island. She was furious at being insulted like that, over something that she couldn't retaliate against.

If only they would invite her back to the show next season or something just as good, she would prove them all wrong. And not Lindsay or Beth or Gwen could do anything about it if she trumped them this time.

If only... if only...

(Trent, the first day of TDI.)

After arriving and saying hello to Chris, Trent was looking a little let down as he quickly scanned the island. The campgrounds looked really pitiful, the beach was filthy, even the dock he was standing on now looked like a slapdash job.

Not to mention the campers, his fellow contestants, looked a little less than inviting. There was a soaking-wet girl, furious and wringing water from her black hair; a bare-chested guy wearing an open pink shirt; and then there was some guy wearing glasses, picking his nose and really digging.

"Alrighty then," he said with a sigh. He walked over to the group, and when he did, his eyes came upon one of the interesting and beautiful girls he had seen.

The green and black hair, the pale skin contrasting her dark clothes, her green lipstick and slim figure, she was a work of art if Trent had ever seen one. When he approached them, her eyes went wide. He grinned at her, and she looked away frowning, clenching her hands together behind her back.

"Hello to you too," he thought, still smiling. He could tell when a girl was trying to hide it that she liked him, he had seen it before. But this felt very special, something that could make this crappy campground the adventure he wished it to be.

Though he didn't know it, she was looking at him the moment he turned away, and smiling. It was the first time she had smiled since she arrived on the island.

(Gwen, some time after TDI.)

"Don't be silly, Trent," Gwen said, taking to her boyfriend on her cellphone. "If I take a picture of it, it won't look the same. You're getting the real deal."

"Are you sure, Gwen?" he asked. "I mean, I could always mail it back to you if you ever need it-"

"Don't you dare," she snapped, though she was smiling. As she talked, she was putting a sketch of hers in a vanilla envelope. "I want you to keep this. Put it on the fridge, pin it to the wall. I want you to keep it forever."

"Okay, Gwen, if you insist. I'm just thinking about your future career. You get any calls yet from any sponsors or something?"

"If I had, you would have been one of the first to know," Gwen replied. "Most of Canada would, I'd be screaming in joy."

"I doubt that. No matter how happy you could get, I cannot see you squealing like, oh, Lindsay from TDI did."

"Ya never know," the goth girl said as she sealed the envelope.

"So what is it of, anyway?"

"It's a surprise, handsome," she cooed, giggling mischievously.

"Aww, c'mon!"

"Nope! Surprise for you, my music man!"

The drawing, in charcoal pencil and colored in with pastels, was the first day of TDI. It was pictured just like Gwen remembered it, right after Trent joined the other campers on the dock. He was staring forward, waiting for the next boat to come, while she looked at him from behind. Her shy smile, that she had had to hide quickly before anyone else saw, was what every artist wanted to capture: love at first sight.

(DJ, shortly after Total Drama Island.)

DJ was the big celebrity of his school when he got back, all the positives and some of the negatives. While there was sometimes one person pretending to rev up a chainsaw, cluck like a chicken, or hiss like a snake, there were ten times as many people who were telling DJ how great he was.

They talked to him all the time, asking him questions about the show and the other campers, telling him how sad it was that he had been voted off by Chris's judgment rather than by vote, and/or asking him to autograph something.

One day, he met up with his friend Ryan, who was talking to a young lady. After saying hi to Ryan, his friend introduced the young lady.

"This is Alexandra," Ryan said. "Her friends call her Alexa for short."

Alexandra looked DJ over. "You're DJ? The guy everyone's talking about?"

"Yeah," he said, smiling back. "What's up?"

"Wow. I heard so much about you, I didn't know what to expect when I met you," she said, shrugging her shoulders and smiling. "I've heard a lot about you."

"What do you mean, 'heard'?" Ryan asked. "Didn't you see him?"

Alexandra looked confused. "Should I have?"

"He was on Total Drama Island, the most popular show there was!"

"Oh. I don't watch much TV, especially not reality TV."

"But he's also on the football team!"

"I... don't watch a lot of sports, either," she admitted, rubbing the back of her neck, embarrassed.

"What do you like then?" DJ asked politely.

"Well, I am the head of the animal club here at school."

"There's an animal club here now?" the big guy exclaimed, clapping his hands together. "Oh wow, I was hoping they'd have one this year!"

"Interested in joining, hon?"

"Would I ever!"

Alexandra smiled, a most charming one. "Come to the study hall during lunch break, hon. I hope I see you there."

If someone had told DJ he would be dating this fellow animal-lover in a couple weeks, he would still have been surprised. But just as happy and excited, of course.

(Duncan, shortly after TDI.)

The punk stared at the photo he had, the only one he had. It was of Courtney, her winning smile seemed to be just for him. He had stared at it for so long, he knew how many freckles she had exactly.

"Cannot wait to see you again, princess," he said to the photo. "Just let me finish up here first, then I'll see you without all those cameras or people watching us."

Someone walked by his cell. He hid the photo from sight as the guard peered through the bars. Although the photo wasn't against the rules, he didn't want anyone knowing about it.

"Hey, Mr. Celebrity," the guard said, "stay good, alright? Just two more weeks, and you'll be free again."

Duncan shrugged his shoulders. "Yeah, whatev', man. This place is still nicer than the worst of that show."

After the guard left, the criminal took out the photo again. "I made a promise to her, after all. If I stay clean for a month after finishing up the sentence that was delayed for Total Drama Island, she'd reward me!

"And though I love that frustrated scowl of hers, her smile is still more charming."

(Ezekiel, the resort stay episode of TDI.)

He was starting to drift off, the hot tub had felt so good and relaxing. It had made him lightheaded whenever he stayed in too long, and twice he had fallen asleep in it. A third time wouldn't be bad, maybe this time he wouldn't be woken up by one of Lindsay's happy squeals. She had squealed a lot ever since she arrived at the resort, and Katie and Sadie squealed a lot too.

Ezekiel couldn't really blame her. The resort was incredible in every respect, far more grand than his life on the prairie. Though deep down he still missed that, this place was incredible.

His head swam as he started to feel sleepy. His Z medallion floated around his chin as he bowed his head and fell asleep.

When the water splashed his face, he merely stirred. What really woke the prairie boy up was the sound of something really wet, slurping sound. He raised his head to see Geoff and Bridgette kissing rather heavily in the hot tub.

"Uh-oh," he accidentally blurted out.

The two looked over at him, greatly startled. "Zeke?" Geoff asked, his face flushed and his eyes wide. "What are you doing in here?"

"Buh... I was... eh...," he stammered.

"Ewww," Izzy shouted, staring at them from the main pool. "Are you guys letting Ezekiel watch you make out?"

"No," Bridgette shouted, looking annoyed.

"You should really let the couple make out in the hot tub alone, Ezekiel," Izzy said, shaking a dead fish impaled on a harpoon at him.

"But I was here first, eh," he complained. Then, with a heavy sigh, he shook his head. "Alright, alright, I'll go."

"Hold on a second, Zeke!"

Chris Maclean was standing in front of the hot tub, a cameraman standing next to them. "This'll make you look more pimp, ya know?" the host shouted, excitedly.

Ezekiel stared. They couldn't see his wide-eyed stare behind his sunglasses, so they couldn't tell how disturbed he was. He began to feel his face to see if any pimples had formed on his face without his knowledge.

"No no, pimp! Like rappers," Chris continued. "It fits your anti-women attitude!"

"I'm not antee'-wome-"

"No no, this won't do," Chris shouted, slapping his forehead. "Use some of that slang we taught you and act cool. Bridgette, Geoff, continue to make out nearby him. Now, Zeke, be as hip as you can be, pimp and hip."

This was going to make him look ridiculous, especially if he was breaking out on his hips. Ezekiel wanted to go home right now.

(Lindsay, at the resort during TDI, sometime before the end)

Brushing, brushing, brushing...

Brushing, brushing, brushing...

Brushing, brushing, brushing...

Brushing, brushing, brushing...

Brushing, brushing, brushing...

Brushing, brushing, brushing...

Brushing, brushing, brushing... done!

Lindsay had perfected her hair with only twenty-one strokes, not twenty-five like it regularly took.

This was a monumental day, a glorious feat. She ran around the resort, squealing and shouting out the news to everyone. Tyler was cheering for her, being a supportive boyfriend. Katie and Sadie also cheered, while Noah, as per normal, rolled his eyes.

She ran over to tell Geoff and Bridgette, who had been kissing next to the hot tub. As she let out another shriek of joy, there was a gurgling cry from the hot tub.

"Dad, the wood chipper started up on its own again," Ezekiel shouted, panting in terror. Realizing where he was, he looked around and let out a sigh of relief.

Lindsay looked at him, then she turned to Bridgette and Geoff. "Who is that guy?" she asked. "I don't remember him even being on the show."

The prairie boy sunk underwater, grumbling to himself. When Lindsay saw his toque bobbing in the hot tub, she squealed happily and snatched it up. "This is kind of fetch," she shouted. "It's blue, just like mine," she pointed to her hair piece.

"Can I have my toque back, please?" Ezekiel asked.

"Who is he, by the way, guys?" Lindsay called out to all the other campers, pointing at Ezekiel. "I don't think he was on the show at all... oh!"

Lindsay was suddenly bending over the edge of the hot tub, smiling sweetly at Ezekiel. "Are you Tyler?"

Ezekiel's face flushed, and he sunk underwater quickly.

(Courtney, a little while after TDI.)

The CIT was not looking very professional right now. She was panting hard, her face was flushed, and her lips were a little swollen from all the kissing. Duncan looked the exact same.

"I...," she managed to pant, "cannot... believe you convinced me to do this. What... what if someone sees us like this?"

"C'mon, Courtney," he said, batting one of her sweat-soaked bangs. "You're the one who insisted I close the drapes after I came in through the window."

"I still cannot I asked you to do that," she said, squeezing his bare shoulders as that was where her hands were at the time. "You travel a great deal to see me, and the first time you do, it's while my parents are gone for the weekend and through my window."

He grinned at her, like the sly devil he was; it made her swoon inside, but now, she was swooning outside too. "Hey, babe, you asked me to. Guess you wanted to really ramp up the bad girl experience."

"Don't say that," she said in a pout. "I'm not a bad girl."

"Right, that's why you're on my lap, while our shirts are on the floor," Duncan wiggled his sexy unibrow. "Shame you still got that bra on, sweetheart, doesn't seem all that fair."

"Ewww, you're not getting to second base that quickly, ogre," she retorted, her blush increasing.

"You're too cute when you try to shoot me down, ya know? So when are you going to let me get to second base?"

"Duncan, quit being so... so typical teenage boy-like!"

"Well, I am just saying. We might not get another shot at this, what with your parents being gone and possibly coming back any minute...," his grin got wider as he spoke, "I'd have to slip out the window again!"

The thrill of danger, the temptation to break the rules, and that cute eyebrow wiggle he was doing tipped the scales on Courtney's behavior. She let out a defeated sigh.

"I hate it...," she said as she began to unhook her bra, "how you know me so well."

(Chef, ??)

The big man gasped in joy when he saw what was in front of him.

A pony!

A beautiful, dark brown pony! It was something he had wanted all his life, something he knew he would cherish and love and protect!

He ran over to it, the biggest, sappiest grin he had ever had on in his life. The pony whinnied happily when it saw Chef, and nuzzled his apron affectionally.

Tears of joy spilled from the large man's eyes. He was so happy, he didn't care who saw them.


In the Killer Bass cabin, on the boys' section, only one person wasn't sleeping well. The jock was twitching in his sleep.

"No... no, mom...," he whimpered. "Please don't... don't... stop... dad, mom... no... NO!!"

He woke up, sweaty and panting. His eyes were wet with tears, and he was trembling all over. It took Tyler a few seconds before he realized where he was, and he was still shaking then.

Tyler collected himself, breathing in and out repeatedly. He looked over at his teammates to make sure he hadn't riled them. Duncan and DJ looked quite calm, Harold was sucking his thumb, and Ezekiel was making little purring and grumbling sounds in his sleep.

Wide awake and soaked in sweat, Tyler snuck out of the cabin and headed over to the showers. Tossing his clothes to the side, he stepped in the shower.

The water was pleasingly warm and massaging on his body, which managed to feel cold and hot at the same time. He washed his face, scrapping the dried sweat off of it.

As he let himself soak in the hot water, he stood perfectly still. A couple tears ran down from his eyes, but he refused to let them be washed off.

"I gotta tell her some time," he said to himself, staring at the shower stall's wall. "It may cost us our relationship, it may get ugly... heck, I might get even voted off if they all know what a wimp I've become...

"But they deserve to know the truth."




Hope you all enjoyed these little stories. They were to make up for Day 05 being so short. Day 06 is actually going to be, if it's as long as I hope it to be, going to be much longer.

Oh, and you guys got a couple of Heather's garbled quotes right! You're good guessers!


"Blo froo shoo yin'ant! Du shidnant skray flee wunt ploo row teeeee...!"

"Oh no you didn't! You didn't pay me what you owe meeeee!"


"Ras, shue kanno defoot hooger!"

"Yes, you cannot defeat Hogger!"

(NOTE - Hogger is a gnoll in the game, World of Warcraft. Because he is a super-tough named monster in a character's starting location, he is jokingly referred to as the most difficult and dangerous creature in the entire game. But if that's too much for you, then she said, "Heather" and not "Hogger." Hehe.)


"Ul ur fahlace wur zepong du bus!"

"All your base are belong to us!"


The tragedy, humor, action, and many other fun things to come in Day 06! And CELEBRATION, I made it over one hundred thousand words! \with Owen gusto\ WOOHOO!