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Epilogue (Last Day, Only Part) - The New Enemy Seen On VHS and DVD

Playa de Losers was quite busy. The campers, soon to no longer be called campers, were busy chatting and enjoying each others' company. In about a week, they would all be going home.

About six months later, they would be reunited again. Most, however, wanted to spend as much time with their friends as possible.

Noah was doing Shakespeare for Katie and Sadie. Though the two girls could barely understand him, they were listening with rapt attention. Katie swooned a few times, even to know-it-all rehearsing Brutes' decision to betray Julius Caesar.

Duncan and Courtney had elbowed Bridgette and Geoff out of the hot tub, and now the two were making out heatedly in the heated water. The party guy was now hanging with DJ, trying to get more information about his girlfriend at home, while Bridgette was hanging out with Gwen and Trent.

Harold and Leshawna were chatting up a storm, the lanky nerd happily sitting on her lap. Cody sat nearby them, studying Harold's methods; he figured Harold would be the closest thing to him, except that the taller nerd was successful in getting a girlfriend.

Owen was pigging out on the buffet. Izzy was chowing down too, but she disappeared after a few minutes; he didn't notice, since there were more raspberry donuts.

Beth was sitting on Justin's lap, exchanging little kisses on the lips and sharing stories about home. Justin felt embarrassed that he didn't have a lot of interesting stories, since most of his stories about modeling. Beth had loads of stories, about school and her farm and some crazy things that happened at her family gatherings.

Tyler was trying to show off to Lindsay how he had improved in hackey-sack. The blond beauty was impressed, even though Tyler had to chase after the little ball after the majority of his juggles.

Eva was lifting barbells, occasionally glancing at the others. Whenever she glanced at Cody, she looked away and frowned as if accused of liking him despite no one noticing.

Chef Hatchet was cooking (or, to be more specific, burning) some hamburgers. Joel was assisting him, trying to point out most people wanted theirs medium-rare or well done, not immolated. Chris was not anywhere around the pool.

Ezekiel was leaning back in a pool chair, smiling happily. Most people would think he'd be upset after losing out on ten thousand dollars; however, there was something that was cheering her up. A ravenhaired girl was curled up on his lap, nuzzling his shoulder.

"So Zeke," Heather purred, "you will text me when you get home, won't you?"

"I will, eh. But there are a coo'ple things I need to do first."


"To get a cell phone, and then send you the number, eh."

"You don't have a cell phone?"

She started to laugh. Ezekiel rolled his eyes and said, "What, did you forget that I doo'nt need one?"

"Everyone needs a cell phone. People cannot live without one."

"I've managed, eh."

"Well, you live at home, you're home schooled, so I guess there's a reason. Not like weird goth girl or the fitness gorilla."

Ezekiel sighed. "Heather, we have to work on your niceness, eh."

"Zeke, I'm never going to be friends with the rest of these people. Especially not Gwen. I'm sure she'll try to break us up... since I tried to do that to her."

"You could apologize."

Heather sighed. "I don't think I'm ready to try that yet, Zeke. I know things are changing, but the goth girl and I will always be at odds. And I'm sure next season will not make it any better."

The prairie boy pulled her close to him. "Heather, um, babe, you never knoo'. I mean, look at the changes you and I undertook."

"That's a little different, home school. You changed me, but I doubt you could make Gwen like me, or me like her, eh."

Ezekiel started to chuckle. "You said 'eh'! How much time have you bin spending with me a'geen?"

He pulled her close and started to kiss her. She swooned, loving the affection that she never thought possible. The queen bee managed to pull herself away, and smiled at him.

"Let me go get you a drink, my prairie boy," she said with a sly smile, getting help. He smiled right back, and rather enjoyed the view of her in her bikini as she strutted away.

"She's not allowed to say that!"

Ezekiel yelped as Izzy popped up behind him. The redhead looked furious. "How dare she call you, 'my prairie boy'! I've been calling you 'my Zeke' for much longer!"

"Izzy, doo'nt sneak up on me like that, eh."
"But I like to surprise people! It's fun!"

Ezekiel sighed, then leaned back in his chair. "You knoo', I never have asked you what you're doing with your prize money, eh."

"Fifteen Mystery Science Theater 3000 box sets, Total Drama Island and Comeback on DVD, some candy, a puppy, Wii video game console, games, props and costumes for when I want to dress up, another tranquilizer gun, a kaleidoscope, a jar of macadamia nuts, maybe a cheap car, college funds and books, and then I'm gonna go to Disney World!"

She leaned up close to Ezekiel and whispered into his ear, "And I might take you with me."

"Izzy," he groaned. "We're both dating other people!"

"But I wanted to get you something since you didn't win because of that stinky octopus," she protested. "Okay then, I'll be mailing you a present then!"


"You heard me. I want to do something for my good friend!"

She leaned over and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Just remember, Zeke. If Owen pushes me towards something terrifying again, and if Heather doesn't treat you right, I'm coming after you."

And then she was gone. Ezekiel looked around, and sighed. "I doo'nt think I'll ever get that girl, eh."

Bridgette was walking nearby him just then. "Me?" she asked, pointing at herself. "Heather? Who you talking about?"


"Oh, well, that makes a lot of sense."

The surfer girl smiled. "No one will ever fully get that girl, Zeke."

She sat down next to him, smiling. "So, high hopes for the third season?"

"Did someone say third season?"

Chris Maclean walked out of the hotel towards the pool, holding a DVD in his hand. Heather had returned from the beverage cart as the host caught the attention of everyone. The queen bee stared at Chris angrily as she sat down on Ezekiel's lap again.

"Something wrong, Heather?" the prairie boy asked her.

"I don't trust him one bit. I really, really hope he's not planning anything."

The host heard this, and he laughed. "No, nothing this time, Heather."

Ezekiel put a protective arm around Heather's waist. They, along with Bridgette, watched Chris suspiciously.

"We had a great season," the handsome host declared. "We had all kinds of pain, excitement, action, terror, puking, talent, and two lovely winners! Izzy, Bridgette, congratulations!"

"Thanks, Chris," Izzy shouted, popping up right behind the host and scaring him badly. After patting his chest to comfort himself, Chris continued.

"You two enjoy your ten thousand dollars, you've earned it. But next season is going to make your prize look quite puny, though I won't say until it starts.

"And as you know, we have twenty-two contestants joining! That's right, we are going to have forty-four contestants!"

The campers chatted among each other as Chris twirled the DVD around his finger. "And we have here, the audition tapes of ten of your new rivals, friends, and possible mortal enemies for next season!"

Chef pushed an entertainment cabinet on wheels next to Chris, one with a large flat-screen and a DVD player on it. The host put the disc into a DVD player, and hit Play.

"I should let you all know," Chris said, "that our first audition is by our helpful fixer-upper, Joel!"

The twenty-two campers cheered and whooped, as Joel nervously scratched the back of his head.

(Audition Tape #1 - Joel.)

Joel stands in a garage that had been modified to look like a work area. Many tools and spare parts were littered about. He stood there, his brown jumpsuit and hair were terribly stained with oil and soot.

"Hi there," he said to the camera. "I'm Joel. I know that being an inventor isn't quite the stereotype you're looking for, but I can be quite useful. I can repair, I can fix, I can even create some things on the set! What's a reality show without a creative inventor?

"Here, look what I made a couple weeks ago!"

He lifted up something looked a lot like a leaf blower. "It's a leaf blower," he said. "But! It's quiet, and it doesn't pollute! Here, watch!"

The young inventor started it off, and instead of a very loud engine roar, it was a pleasant hum. Joel wiggled his eyes at the camera.

(Static cut.)

Same place, Joel is holding up a little device that looks like a calculator. "Here's a handy device for sports fans. It calculates all the players' skills, history, and stadium stats! It's good for any sport, from curling to hockey!

"Just don't ask it who'd win between the Red Sox and the Cubs-"

The little machine makes a lot of beeps, shakes, smokes, and then explodes. As the smoke clears, Joel, coated in soot, coughs out some smoke in his mouth.

"Man... wish I knew how to make it not do that."

(Audition Tape #2 - Jasmine.)

Jasmine, Leshawna's friend from the video message from home, is posing for the camera. She's popping her hips, giving come-hither looks, pursing her lips, and clicking her tongue.

"Will you get on with it?" the camera operator, who sounded a lot like Leshawna, snapped.

Jasmine jumped, nearly flipping off her rimmed buret. She straightened out her silver necklace, and said, "So, who should I be, Leshawna?"

"Say what now?"

"Well, should I be the preppy girl? The serious one? Oh! How about I be the flirty one?"

The brown-skinned girl winked at the camera and swayed her hips. "Hi, I'm Jasmine! I'm an actress from-"

"Jasmine, how many times do I have to tell you?" Leshawna called out. "Total Drama is a reality show! You play as yourself!"

"No no no, Leshawna, I am an actress! I," she said as she dusted off her shoulders, "am a performer! I must show off my skills as someone with a personality over the others."

"You saying no one on Total Drama had personality?"

"I'm gonna be the biggest personality on TD! Bigger than Chris, bigger than Heather, bigger than you, even!"

"No one has a bigger personality than Leshawna! I'm comin' over there!"

Leshawna steps into view, and the two start slap-fighting.

(Audition Tape #3 - Rodney.)

A boy no older than nine is sitting on a school's lunch bench, looking shy. He runs a hand through his brown hair, and tries to straighten out his school uniform.

"Okay, Rodney, we're ready," a teenaged girl's voice could be heard.

Encouraging words from other teenagers could be heard, and the young boy scratched the back of his head.

"All right. I... um," the boy stammered, "I am Rodney. I'm nine years old, and I'm a junior in high school. My mother calls me a prodigy child, but I just like to think of myself as just another student."

The teenagers, off-camera, all coo and say things like, "You're so cute," "So modest," and "Keep going, Rodney!"

The young boy giggled. "Well, I really want to be on the next season of Total Drama. I know I'm little and such, but I really think I could do well. I am president of my class, I run the animé club at high school here, and..."

He pulls out a green army helmet, and knocks on it. "My mother said it would be all right to join Total Drama if I wore this, because it'll keep me safe!"

Rodney puts the army helmet on, and snaps the strap as his friends giggle. He smiles at the camera and say, "Um, so I'm Rodney, and I really, really, really want to be on your show! I want to meet Duncan and Harold and Lindsay and-"


A basketball comes out of nowhere and hits Rodney on the head. One of his fellow students, a young lady, hugs the child prodigy as he wobbles unsteadily and then shakes it off.

"Whoa... helmet worked like a charm," he said, beaming at the camera. "See? I can take a hit! Please have me on!"

(Audition Tape #4 - Hannah.)

A young lady with long, flowing blond hair looks at the camera. She strokes a golden cross around her neck, and smiles at the camera. Straightening out her white blouse and blue dress, she makes a welcoming gesture towards the camera. She is being shot in front of a Christian school while she is holding the Holy Bible in her hands.

"Hello, my name is Hannah," the girl said. "I would like to join the next season of Total Drama. I have been admiring how teenagers on the show can get along, showing that human beings deep down, no matter what type or-"

"God sucks!"

Some guy dressed up in black and with an obscene saying on his shirt appeared behind her. "You religious freaks are so preachy and stupid!"

Hannah bats her eyes, then sighs as she tries to continue. "I truly believe that I could be a positive influence on your show. I'd love to meet some people, and I would like to-"

"You are nothing more than losers," the punk continues to yell. "You don't-"

A nun comes around with a yard stick and smacks the guy on the head. He cries out and runs off. Hannah smiles and crosses her arms.

"I also raised by tough women like Sister Ocean there," Hannah said, smiling confidently. "I'm sure I can handle whatever you throw at me, and I'll extend my blessings and assistance to my fellow contestants."

The nun pats Hannah on the shoulder, and the young lady smiles appreciatively. "So please, consider me for Total Drama. Good bye, and God bless."

Rude punk peeks in to blow a raspberry at the camera, and Sister Ocean gives him a smack to the face with the yardstick. Hannah cannot help but giggle as he runs away yelping.

(Audition Tape #5 - Alfred.)

The camera is filming the inside of a house, being bounced around as the wielding roams around the house. Loud music is coming from a room, and the camera holder heads towards it. Opening the door that the music comes from, the person calls out, "Alfred?"

A young man slides into view, and he obviously has no idea he's being filmed. He's lip-syncing with his eyes shut, dancing to the music. He's dressed in boxers and a loose-fitting t-shirt.

Doing a couple flips and spins, he continues to dance to the music. When he opens his eyes briefly, he sees that he is being filmed and freezes. After a couple seconds, he goes right back to dancing and lip-syncing again.

(Static cut.)

"So what's this all about, sis?" the boy asks, putting a blue cap on his unruly red hair.

"Alfred, I'm trying to get you on my favorite show, Total Drama Island!"

"That one of those reality TV shows?" he asked, blinking his light blue eyes a great many times.

"Yeah, but this one's different."
Alfred pulled at his red jacket, his hands clad in blue gloves. "Um, c'mon, Lucy."

"But you're perfect! You can do all kinds of stunts, like when you jumped from the second floor onto the trampoline! Or you kissed the head cheerleader on a dare!"

He twiddles his thumbs and bobbed his head, contemplating.

"Alfred, you're the most gonzo person ever! Please oh please oh please!"

The teenaged boy smiled and looked up at the ceiling. "Oh okay. I'll do it, because I know you'll want me to shout out to your friends."


"Now if you'll excuse me," he said, leaping to his feet, "I'm gonna go see if I can make it to the top of the neighborhood fountain again, and make a bigger splash when I jump off!"

(Audition Tape #6 - Mandy.)

The room is badly lit, since only candles (all blue flame) light it up. There is a pentagram drawn in red paint on the ground, and hanging on the wall is a poster of an unsightly monster with many tentacles and gargoyle wings.

Sitting in front of the pentagram is a short girl with platinum-dyed hair, tied up in a terra twist. She looks up, and her bright red eyes sparkle with impish mischief.

"Hello, mortals," she says. She props her knee up, her legs clad in aoi cache pants. Pulling on her gloves with frayed edges, she grins at the camera.

"Look upon my face, for I am going to be on your show no matter what.

"I am Mandy," she states as she stands up, crossing her arms under her ample breasts. "As you can see, I am a mistress of the arcane, a servant to the dark gods that you would be too terrified to mention by name."

She plays around with her skull-studded choker, her black skull earrings, and brushes her black star tattoo on his right arm. "See these? They are my little trinkets. Made 'em myself, not the tattoo, but the other things, I'm good at crafts. I'm also good at..."

The strange girl pulls out a sacrificial dagger from a small scabbard, and twirls it in her hand. "... Rituals.

"It is no different than your contest. The weak shall be my offerings to the Great Old Gods, like C'thulhu up on the wall."

"So have me, Mandy the Loyal One, and I won't do this..."

She reveals a little voodoo doll that looks a little like Chris Maclean, tapping its hair with the dagger. "I'll cut his hair off on this here doll, and it'll fall off in real life.

"Don't think I won't do it. This competition... is mine."

(Audition Tape #7 - Colin.)

A camera is being held up by a very short being. The guy standing in front is wearing a sleeveless gray shirt that's wrinkled and torn, and he is fiddling with his spiked bracelets.

"Got that camera running, twerp?" the teenaged punk asked as he licks his fingers and slicks up the spikes on his head.


"Good. Keep it running if you know what's good for you.

"Hello, Total Drama. My name is Colin," he said, tracing a small scar under his right eye. "I'm the toughest guy in my neighborhood, much tougher than those wimps you have on the show.

"So have me. I have the skills, strength, and the ability to dominate this show. And... hey!"

Colin stops and grabs a passing, six year old kid by his shirt collar. "Don't you owe me your lunch money this time, kid?"


"Don't lie to me! You want to taste death? So... hey!"

He turns back to the camera. "Don't film this, or I'll beat you too! Hey! Careful with that camera! HEY!"

There is a clatter as the camera drops. The two six year olds run for their lives, with Colin (much slower) chasing after them, shouting, "You broke my camera! You little twerps! If I don't get on that show, I'm gonna get you so bad!"

(Audition Tape #8 - Sandra.)

In the hallway of a high school, a young lady has her back to the camera as she fiddles with her locker. She fiddles with her red hair, which is done up in a short ponytail, before turning around.

"Oh hi," she says as she leans against the lockers, posing sexily. She's wearing a bubble-spotted tank top and hot red pants. "My name is Sandra."

She blows a bubble from her gum, and snaps it loudly. "I'm, like, the most popular girl in school. I am ahead in all the fashions, slang, and trends.

"There's, like, no one who could be better than me in that. So, like, you should have me on your show."

She pops another bubble. She fiddles with her golden bracelets as she continues to speak. "So, like, I will crush the opposition. Speaking of crushing..."

The redhead pulls out a cell phone and starts texting. "I'm, like, texting several dozen people that Sherry likes Brock, and he's the smelliest kid in school.

"People believe me, because I'm the most popular girl. So try me, I promise I won't, like," she snaps her gum a third time, "disappoint."

Sandra snaps her gum one more time, and the gum sticks all over her face. She groans and starts to peel it off.

(Audition Tape #9 - Yoshi.)

Oriental music plays as the camera pans around a dojo. A Japanese teenager stands in the middle of the room, completely still. His hair, long and done in a topknot, whispers from a slight breeze.

With a sharp cry, he pulls out a katana blade from its scabbard, slicing a carpet tube in the middle. As the halves down to the ground, the young man looks over at the camera.

"Hello, Total Drama and its associates. I am Yoshi."
His red vest exposes his chest, as he takes deep breaths. He also wears a Samurai-like kilt, and laced-up sandals. Turning completely towards the camera, he clicks his tongue.

"I am a warrior, and I will conquer your show. I am trained my whole life to find a real challenge, some real rivals. No one offers that anymore.

"But I have seen your meddle on the show, I have seen the competitors. And I am impressed. Bring me on, and I'll be sure to truly challenge them.

"Besides, I have a katana blade! Isn't that awesome enough?"

He turns the sword around, and, with one hand around the edge of the scabbard, he sheathes it...

...then he screams in pain as he waves around the hand that he had on the scabbard.

"Wow, that hurt, that was a deep cut!!" he shouted; and then he winked and started laughing. "Hehehe. Kidding."

He shows his hand to the camera, and blood drips from a real wound.

"Oh... I really cut myself. Hmmm."

Sighing in disappointment, he walks off, looking annoyed.

(Audition Tape #10 - Crystal.)

A young girl sits in her room, brushing away her golden bangs. She straightens out the cravat, and crosses her legs.

"Hello, gentlemen," she says, a British accent to her voice, "my name is Crystal. I am a romantic, and I love how your show has brought together so many couples.

"Leshawna and Harold, Duncan and Courtney, Gwen and Trent... and more!"

She swoons and clasps her hands. As she throws her head back and sighs blissfully, she loses her balance and falls off her chair.

"Oh bloody heck," she mutters as she pulls herself back up. "Anyway, I know you probably don't think I could be that interesting, and to tell the truth, I wasn't sure I wanted to join. But I have vowed to assist love in my career, as a marriage consoler or a matchmaker.

"So in the next season of Total Drama, I can help create more couples! I could even help those of TD still not paired up!

"Have me, Crystal, on your show, and I'll give you a corking good run for your money, because we all know the love between two souls is what really gets the show going!"

She swoons again, pitches her head back, and falls down again. Pulling herself up, she chuckles and scratches the back of her neck, blushing slightly.

"Ta-ta for now then, chaps. Keep your spirits up."

Chris Maclean grinned and looked over at the twenty-two campers. "Well, what do you think?"

Silence. Crickets chirped. Eyes blinked. Owen chewed on a raspberry donut and swallowed it.

"Are you insane? Are you trying to start a war?"

Courtney was the first person to speak. "Besides Joel, you got us..."

She began to list on her fingers. "A prima donna actress, a child, a religious girl, a cultist girl, a gonzo daredevil, a bully, a popular air head, a samurai nut, and a romantic."

"Do I pick 'em well or what?" the host said, grinning. "And that's only ten of them! You should see some of the other people we picked, they're really weird!"

"Weirder than them?" Heather declared. "Did you see that cultist girl? I think she has Izzy beat in craziness!"

Izzy shook her head. "Nah, she looks fine."

"I'm more worried about that guy threatening the kids," Harold said, tapping his glasses. "I mean, you actually chose someone who was bullying children?"

"Yeah, isn't it great?" Chris said, laughing. "You guys so have your work cut out for you!"

Eva scoffed. "I'd like to take on that samurai kid."

Leshawna groaned. "Oh God, you accepted Jasmine. Man, she'll talk about nothing but this for the six months I get off."

Ezekiel leaned back in his chair. "Well, there is one thing I'd love to say to all 'oor new contestants, the new challenges, and the long season ahead of us."

Bridgette looked over at him. "What's that?"

"Bring it on, eh."

"Wooooohoooooo," Owen bellowed. "It is gonna be awesome!"

"This is not gonna be easy for me," Lindsay whimpered. "So many more names... how am I going to keep up with it all? Oh... I might even forget my name! Lin... Lin... Len...

"Lindsay," Tyler told her.

"Lindsay, that's it! Okay, I think I'll be all right."

The End.




So those are some of the weird peeps I'm bringing in next season! Weird enough? I'm bringing a lot more villains into the net season (and as a fun fact, the freaky cultist girl is not a villain).

There you have it. Total Drama Comeback is done. After fifty-three chapters and over forty hundred thousand words (woohoo!), I have finally finished the story. It's taken a lot of time and effort, but I think it was well worth it.

Izzy and Bridgette have won, and though many of you may have wanted Ezekiel to win (I wanted him to too, but you cannot win them all), that's the way the story rolled. I planned every contest, and who would be voted off next, so it wasn't just me voting off characters from least favorite to most (if it had been, there's no way Geoff and Lindsay would have been voted off so soon).

The reason why I had the main two characters as Ezekiel and Bridgette was that the story mostly focuses around the two, their friends, and their experiences. I'm now changing it to Ezekiel and Izzy to match the summary I have, and because, I must admit, it does circle around those two AND Bridgette, but Izzy is the Humor, and Ezekiel is the Drama.

Now, I'd like to thank all of my readers, especially those that have been reading the whole way through as it progressed; I also thank anyone who just read through all fifty-three chapters, especially if you did it in one go! My goodness, that'd be an impressive feat.

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