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Madness of the Beast

The whole of Permafrost shook as Gogiga Gagagigo's roar ripped through the air. With the revelation of the monstrosity as the true Regent Lord, all hope seemed lost. "How can we beat that thing?" asked Umi.

"The same way we beat everything else!" answered Tsunami. He picked up his harpoon and threw it. It struck Gogiga Gagagigo's breastplate and bounced right off.

"All at once!" Mobius declared. He formed an ice lance and threw it. At the same time, Victoria's Gishkis, Milena's Ice Barrier creatures, and Miss Marina's deep sea denizens unleashed their attacks on the Beast at once. Simultaneously, Victoria had given the order to her crew to fires as many of their remaining missiles as possible. Many of the attacks hit and several explosions erupted all over and around Gogiga Gagagigo, creating a dense cloud of smoke. After several rounds, they ceased fire and held their ground.

"Did we get him?" asked Miss Marina.

"Doubtful," answered Milena.

"No, he's still alive," answered Ariel.

The smoke started to clear and everybody's jaws dropped as Gogiga Gagagigo stood completely unscathed surrounded by blast marks and destroyed ice. "You cannot defeat the Beast by such means, kero," Ronintoadin announced as he hopped onto the giant creature's shoulder and sat down. "There is only one way, kero."

"And what would that be?" asked Victoria. Her answer came when Gogiga Gagagigo's left forearm opened up and a Duel Disk slid out and expanded. "A duel?"

"Correct, kero," answered Ronintoadin, "Will you accept, kero?"

"I will accept!" Victoria stepped forward and activated her Duel Disk.

"Then prepare to face a Regent Lord of the UnGod, kero!"

Both opponents loaded their decks and their cards were automatically shuffled.


Victoria: 8000

Gogiga Gagagigo: 8000


"I draw." Victoria drew her first card. "I summon Gishki Shellfish in attack mode!" She played her move and brought out a dark-skinned man with tattoos armed with a pair of scimitars with a clam shell for a head (ATK/1700 DEF/900). "I'll set a facedown and end my turn."

"It is the lord's turn now, kero," Ronintoadin said as Gogiga Gagagigo drew his card. "And he begins with Gigobyte, kero." A small reptilian creature appeared making curious little noises (ATK/350 DEF/300). "Next he will activate Triangle Power, kero. Until the End Phase, all face-up level one Normal Monsters on this side will have their original attack boosted by two thousand attack points, kero. Then at the End Phase, all level one Normal Monsters shall be destroyed, kero." A pyramid appeared in Gogiga Gagagigo's backfield and triangles of light pulsed out of it and into Gigobyte. The tiny little thing roared as its attack points rose to twenty-three fifty.

"And now the master sends his former self to attack, kero." Gigobyte charged and bit down on Gishki Shellfish's neck.


Victoria: 7350

Gogiga Gagagigo: 8000


"The master will now place down two cards, kero." As Ronintoadin narrated, Gogiga Gagagigo placed two cards facedown and they appeared at his feet. "And his turn now ends, kero." At that moment, Gigobyte screamed in agony as the Triangle Power he absorbed destroyed him.

"I draw." Victoria drew her card. "I'll begin by summoning Gishki Abyss in attack position." There was a splash of water and a man with an entire shark for a head appeared (ATK/800 DEF/500). "When Gishki Abyss is summoned, his effect allows me to add one Gishki monster with one thousand or less defense from my deck to my hand. So I will call forth Gishki Noellia." Her Duel Disk spat out her card into her hand before shuffling her deck. "Now I play Gishki Aquamirror." A shiny golden mirror appeared in front of Victoria. "For this ritual, I will use Gishki Abyss and Gishki Noellia as my tributes." The two monsters were absorbed into the mirror. For a brief moment, nothing happened. Then the mark of the Gishki appeared on the mirror's reflective surface.

"Come forth, Evigishki Gustkrake!" A red beam of light shined out from the mirror and deposited a creature with the upper body of a red-haired sorceress armed with a magical mirror, but her entire lower half was that of a giant blue squid (ATK/2400 DEF/1000). "When Evigishki Gustkrake is Ritual Summoned, her effect allows me to look at up to two cards in my opponent's hand and shuffle one back into the deck." Evigishki Gustkrake looked in her mirror and revealed the two cards in Gogiga Gagagigo's hand. To her surprise, there wasn't much. The Beast held Altar for Tribute and Absolute End.

"I send Altar for Tribute back to your hand," said Victoria. In response, Evigishki Gustkrake shot a beam of light from her mirror at Gogiga Gagagigo's hand and placed it into the deck which was instantly shuffled afterwards. "Now Evigishki Gustkrake, attack!" Lowering her mirror to her side, Evigishki Gustkrake turned on her master's opponent and lashed out with her tentacles.

"The master activates a trap, kero," announced Ronintoadin as one of the facedowns came up. "Dimensional Prison." A tear in space opened up and Evigishki's tentacles went in. She tried to pull them back, but they were caught. Suddenly she felt an invisible force pulling her in. She tried to save herself, but the other dimension was too strong and she was pulled in.

"It is now the master's turn," announced Ronintoadin prior to Gogiga Gagagigo drawing. "He shall now summon another of his previous forms: Gagagigo!" A snarl echoed across Permafrost as an adult form of Gigobyte appeared, standing at over six feet in height wearing scraps of clothing on its legs and arm held up by the spikes on his knees and elbow (ATK/1850 DEF/1000). "Now the master will strike, kero." Gagagigo ran toward Victoria at top speed and spun around upon reaching her, striking her with his tail.


Victoria: 5500

Gogiga Gagagigo: 8000


"He is fast!" exclaimed Tsunami.

"That was Gagagigo for you," replied Milena. Meanwhile, Ariel continued to remain silent. She didn't want to watch the duel, but she had no real choice. Meanwhile, Gogiga Gagagigo placed a card facedown and ended his turn.

Now it was Victoria's turn and she drew her card. "I summon Gishki Beast." She played her card and a green monster with golden horns and a mane of watery blue hair appeared wearing a mirror around its neck (ATK/1500 DEF/1300). "When Gishki Beast is Normal Summoned, his effect can resurrect one level four or lower Gishki monster in defense position. Gishki Beast, resurrect Gishki Shellfish!" Gishki Beast's horns began to glow and there was a splash of water beside it before Gishki Shellfish returned to the field and crouched down defensively using its scimitars as shields.

"Now I will overlay Gishki Shellfish and Gishki Beast." Both monsters were transformed into shimmering beams of blue light and shot skyward. At the same time, a portal into space opened up in the ground and the two lights spiralled into it. "I construct an Overlay Network with my two monsters. Exceed Summon! Come out, Evigishki Merrowgeist!" A geyser erupted from the vortex and a mermaid-style creature emerged with a red tail decked out in green armor with four fins. Her long red hair flowed down past her waist as she held her staff topped with the Aquamirror. Two blue orbs of light slowly orbited around her body (ATK/2100 DEF/1600).

"The master activates Spirit Barrier, kero. With this, the master takes no battle damage when he controls a monster, kero," announced Ronintoadin.

"No matter. I can still have your monster destroyed," said Victoria, "Evigishki Merrowgeist, attack!" Evigishki Merrowgeist spun her staff and unleashed a beam of blue light.

"The master activates his other Trap, Absolute End, kero. For this turn, all your attacks become direct attacks, kero," Ronintoadin explained, "And with Spirit Barrier active, you shall not damage my master, kero." The beam shot past Gagagigo and struck a magical shield surrounding Gogiga Gagagigo.

"For something possessed by the power of the Archfiends and lost its mind, it's dueling surprisingly well," Milena commented.

"My master's turn, kero." Gogiga Gagagigo drew his card. "And now he sacrifices his fleshy previous form for his enhanced form, kero. Giga Gagagigo!" Gagagigo suddenly bulked up immensely and cybernetic limbs replaced its arms and legs and several more installations appeared on its shoulders, chest, tail, and jaws (ATK/2450 DEF/1500). "Attack, kero." Giga Gagagigo held out its hands and its fingers opened up to reveal several missiles as they were locked and loaded. They were fired at once and struck down Evigishki Merrowgeist.


Victoria: 5150

Gogiga Gagagigo: 8000


"Master ends his turn, kero," declared Ronintoadin.

Victoria drew her card. It could definitely destroy Giga Gagagigo, but she couldn't summon it to attack. She found herself with but one options. With a heavy sigh, she ended her turn. Hopefully, her facedown would save her.

Now it was back to Gogiga Gagagigo. He drew and then pointed forward. Giga Gagagigo opened his mouth and a concentrated laser beam shot out and flew straight toward Victoria. "I activate my Trap Card, Ceremonial Mirror of Illusion. I can summon one Gishki Ritual Monster from my hand ignoring the summoning conditions. But it cannot attack and it returns to the hand on my End Phase. So now I'll Special Summon Evigishki Tetrogre." A mirror appeared briefly and it seemed to shimmer away as a big blue monster with red hair wearing two enormous swords on its back appeared (ATK/2600 DEF/2100).

"My lord, cancel your attack quickly, kero!" Ronintoadin pleaded. Gogiga Gagagigo snarled and the laser narrowly missed Evigishki Tetrogre. "You win this round, kero. The master ends his turn." At that moment, Evigishki Tetrogre disappeared.

Victoria drew her card. "I play Gishki's Duplicate Soul Mirror. With this I can Ritual Summon a Ritual Monster. But instead of sacrificing monsters, I sacrifice Life Points; five hundred Life Points for every level of the monster. And the monster I'm summoning is the level six Evigishki Tetrogre." A mirror appeared in front of the sea captain, but it wasn't the Aquamirror. This one resembled some sort of creature with its mouth wide open clutching the mirror in its teeth. Victoria sacrificed three thousand Life Points to it.


Victoria: 2150

Gogiga Gagagigo: 8000


Once her Life Points had been absorbed, the mark of the Gishki appeared and red light shined out to summon Evigishki Tetrogre.

"Now I Normal Summon Gishki Beast in attack mode." A second Gishki Beast appeared on the field and roared. "With his effect, I resurrect my other Gishki Beast." The beast's horns began to glow and it pulled its twin out of the grave. "Now I overlay my two Gishi Beasts and construct an Overlay Network with my two monsters." The two Gishki Beasts sprang up into blue streams of light and spiraled into the vortex that appeared in the ground. "Exceed Summon! Rise, Evigishki Merrowgeist!" A second Evigishki Merrowgeist appeared and cried out as two spheres of blue light orbited her body.

"Now Gishki Tetrogre, attack Giga Gagagigo!" Gishki Tetrogre drew her swords and leapt up. She raised her weapons over her head and brought them down on Giga Gagagigo, crushing him beneath the weight of her weapons. Once the beast was gone, Gogiga Gagagigo was left wide open for an attack. Evigishki Merrowgeist cast her wand and blasted him with a spell.


Victoria: 2150

Gogiga Gagagigo: 5900


"I end my turn."

Gogiga Gagagigo drew a card. He gazed at it with Ronintoadin for a moment and then set it facedown before ending his turn.

Victoria drew now and her first order was to send Gishki Tetrogre to attack. However, she did not expect her opponent to have a Compulsory Evacuation Device set. Gishki Tetrogre was thrown into a large ejector cannon which blasted it off the field. "It's fine. I still have Gishki Merrowgeist. Attack directly!" Gishki Merrowgeist cast a spell and struck Gogiga Gagagigo with it.


Victoria: 2150

Gogiga Gagagigo: 3800


"I now set one card. This ends my turn," announced Victoria.

Gogiga Gagagigo drew his card. "Choose carefully, my lord, kero," Ronintoadin warned. Gogiga Gagagigo selected a card and placed it on the field. A young woman with long blue hair appeared wearing a loose brown robe. Standing at her side was Gigobyte (ATK/500 DEF/1500).

"That's Eria the Water Charmer!" exclaimed Umi.

Ariel looked up at the mention of her former name. She saw her past self standing on the field and gasped. She looked at Gogiga Gagagigo and wondered if maybe, despite all that had happened, if maybe he still held a special place in his heart for her. The giant monster then activated another card, a Spell known as Monster Gate.

"Tribute 1 monster; reveal cards from the top of your Deck until you reveal a monster that can be Normal Summoned, kero. Special Summon it, also send the remaining cards to the Graveyard, kero," Ronintoadin read. One by one,Gogiga Gagagigo picked up a card from his deck. The Law of the Normal: graveyard. Stumbling: graveyard. Two-Man Cell Battle: graveyard. D.D. Borderline: graveyard. Level Conversion Lab: graveyard. Draining Shield: graveyard. Des Counterblow: graveyard. Ambush Fangs: graveyard. Eisbahn: graveyard. Finally, he drew a monster and as it turned out, it could be Normal Summoned.

Gogiga Gagagigo vanished and everyone looked around. "Where did he go?" asked Tsunami.

"Up there!" Milena said pointing. All eyes turned as a Monster Gate portal appeared overhead and from it a giant reptilian best emerged. It tore its way from the portal and came crashing down on the field, letting out an earth-shattering roar (ATK/2950 DEF/2800).

"It's Gogiga Gagagigo!" exclaimed Miss Marina.

"He's finally stepped onto the battlefield himself," Victoria noted.

"Master, be careful, kero!" Ronintoadin warned, "If you should be defeated on the battlefield, you shall lose the duel, kero."

Before anyone could do anything, Gogiga Gagagigo launched himself forward and plunged his arm through Evigishki Merowgeist's chest. His hand came out her back covered in blood and he lifted her off the ground. Using his free hand to restrain her wand arm, he bit down hard on her head and ripped it from her shoulders.


Victoria: 1300

Gogiga Gagagigo: 3800


Gogiga Gagagigo withdrew his arm from the chest cavity and dropped the body onto the ground.

"He is faster and stronger than all of his other forms!" exclaimed Tsunami.

Gogiga Gagagigo snarled and snapped his jaws. "He is saying it is your move, kero," Ronintoadin translated.

Victoria drew her card. It was true that Gogiga Gagagigo was much more powerful and much faster than his previous forms, but as Ronintoadin had warned, if he were to fall in the duel, he would lose the game regardless of his Life Point count. Her objective was clear: destroy Gogiga Gagagigo by any means necessary. Looking at her hand, she had the perfect way to do it. All she needed now was some extra help. "I play Preparation of Rites!" she announced, "This card lets me bring one level seven or lower Ritual Monster from my deck to my hand and one Ritual Spell Card from my graveyard to my hand. So from my deck I choose Evigishki Mind Angus and from my graveyard I choose Gishki Aquamirror." She brought the cards to her hand and prepared to execute the remainder of her plan.

"I play Gishki Aquamirror and I'll sacrifice Evigishki Mind Angus." She sent the monster she had brought from her deck into her graveyard and the Aquamirror in front of her absorbed it before shining a red light onto her field. "Welcome back, Evigishki Tetrogre." Evigishki Tetrogre appeared on the field and roared.

"Why is she using Tetrogre?" asked Tsunami, "It is not strong enough to defeat the Beast."

"I activate Tetrogre's effect," announced Victoria, "By declaring one card type, we both must send one card from our decks to the graveyard of that type. However, this effect can be negated if my opponent discards a card. I pick monster."

Gogiga Gagagigo thought for a moment and then sent his only card in his hand to the graveyard. It was My Body as a Shield. Victoria smiled. As she prepared to make her next move, a red light suddenly began to shine through her glove. She looked for a moment and pulled her glove off. Her right palm was glowing with a Red Rose Mark. The light seemed to catch Milena's eye.

"Finish your move, kero," Ronintoadin called.

I'll worry about this later, Victoria thought as she put her glove back on.

"I equip Evigishki Tetrogre with Ritual Weapon." A golden crossbow appeared on Evigishki Tetrogre's left arm. "This is a weapon that can only be equipped to a level six or lower Ritual Monster. In doing so, it raises their attack and defense points by fifteen hundred, enough to defeat Gogiga Gagagigo." Evigishki Tetrogre roared as her attack points rose to forty-one hundred and his defense points rose to thirty-six hundred.

"No, the master, kero!"

"Let fly the arrow of light, Evigishki Tetrogre!" ordered Victoria. Evigishki Tetrogre took aim and pulled the trigger. The bolt shot out of the crossbow and struck Gogiga Gagagigo. It exploded on impact and the Beast was thrown backward. Victoria's field faded away as the duel ended.

"You did it!" cheered everyone. They ran over to Victoria as she deactivated her Duel Disk.

"Captain Collins, you are one of the knights of the Red Rose, correct?" asked Milena as she made her way through everyone.

"Are you talking about that red light?" asked Victoria.

"Yes. I have something for you. Use it to restore the seal." Milena opened up her Duel Disk and produced something from within it, which she handed to Victoria. It was a Red Rose Card.

"Where did you get this?" the submarine captain asked.

"My family has had light affiliations from centuries past with the Telaris family," Milena explained, "They were given a Rose Card to spirit away to Mother Russia. It stayed in a cathedral until recently.

"I was trained by my grandfather, the only living relative I had. He was a former soldier for the USSR and was true to its spirit of camaraderie and how everyone should have equal power in all things. The motherland knew best, including knowing to unite us with those Telarises..

"I, as the last living member swore to keep the card safe, and trained in the exact same way as Grandfather did. I trained as a Spetsnaz soldier and operative. Able to kill...period. Such was my mission in life.

"Then one day Kage and the servants of the UnGod came...and...I didn't have a chance. I took my old disk and the cards entrusted with my care, the Red Rose Card you now hold too. I swore that no matter what, I would keep the card safe. But then I was found by a man robed in white before I could reach the main roads into the city. He dueled me in a way reminiscent of an old ally of mine from times past. I cannot remember the results of that duel, but somehow afterward I found myself here in Ardent.

"I fought against every creature I could find here...it was strange. I lived here, in Permafrost, with nothing but the howling wind and snarling creatures to greet me. I wore their furs, became a hunter to survive. I lost myself in that time, I became little more than a savage of the arctic wastes until one fateful day I chanced across a young woman lying unconscious in the wastes, unharmed and alive. Despite the madness and the rage that had overtaken me, I knew she was human and somehow knew she was from my world. I offered her whatever help I could...", Milena walked out to the edge of Permafrost, looking out towards the seas of Vazrana as if slowly letting all her thoughts flow out at once.

"Reka, that was her name, barely survived the wastes and was honestly a burden. Yet I was astonished that she knew who I was from my last name alone."

"What's your last name?" Tsunami interrupted.

"Solokov." Milena then continued. "Amazing still was that though Reka was stranded on Ardent she wanted to find a way back home. Even if was impossible, she needed to find out if there was a way. I had given up hope and was content to live here and die with my rose card in this strange land. However the Telaris woman? No, she couldn't be stopped even when I told here there was nothing but death in this land...", she then turned to face her companions and gave a genuine smile, a stark contrast to the constant stoic demeanor she normally gave, slapping a hand upon her bicep.

"I became her companion at that point. Since then, I have helped in any way I could to restore the seals with the combat skills I have inherited. It shames me to say this, but I was the one who broke all of them. I took great pleasure in it, thinking that I was killing the force responsible for Grandfather's demise and leaving me as the last of the Sokolov line. All the while keeping her Rose Card safe within my Duel Disk," Milena looked down with regret, giving a sigh while running a finger through her blonde locks in thought.

"Well, perhaps not always as safe as one would assume I had kept it. The servants of the UnGod and other foul things were drawn to the Rose Card while I retained possession over it. They never obtained it because I would always manage to kill them outright, even by myself alone in Permafrost. I even used the card as bait to lure them into my traps, and yes...I did take great pleasure in killing every last one of them for this."

"And just like that my respect for you as a guardian dropped slightly," Mobius muttered inaudibly.

"I will also confess that for a time I desired to slay Zetsubou and his sister Mikomi for being related to such a foul man," Milena admitted.

"What changed your mind?" Victoria asked curiously.

"I followed Zetsubou into Pandemonium where I watched him bravely fight off the Terrorking against all odds for his sister. We were prisoners upon that island, and yet he goes out of his way to do this? That was not the behavior of a savage killer of the UnGod," was the answer.

"That's fine and all, but don't you have a seal to fix?" asked Miss Marina.

"Roger that." Victoria turned and started to leave, but then she stopped. "How can I find the seal?"

"Trust yourself. Reka always believed that if you trusted in yourself, your body would drift towards the seals like a moth to a flame," said Milena.

And so she did. Victoria walked around the area for a bit, but nothing yet. Shortly after, however, her mark seemed to grow brighter the closer she approached the crater that had once been White Night Dragon's resting place. She looked in and saw shards of black crystal strewn about the bottom. With Tsunami's help she made her way down and approached the shattered seal. She stood before it and held out the card. It began to glow and the pieces started to resonate in sync with it. Slowly they levitated and circled around each other. One by one they came together. The cracks disappeared and the pieces fused until finally the stone was restored, now shining rose red as opposed to its former black sheen.

Victoria returned to the surface with Tsunami's assistance. "It seems our task is done," she said, "The Regent Lord is dead. Let us return to the island."

"It is not over yet, kero!" Ronintoadin was standing on Gogiga Gagagigo's chest hopping up on down on it. "My master will not be defeated so easily, kero! The UnGod's chosen one shall stand one more, kero! He shall...!" He never finished his last sentence as Gogiga Gagagigo grabbed him. He sat up and held the tattooed frog in his hand. Then without warning, he threw Ronintoadin into the air and ate him. Gogiga Gagagigo stood up and clutched something in his hand. Something black with horns and teeth.

"It's the Ice Wizard's Soul Gate!" exclaimed Ariel.

"No, it never belonged to Neo Aqua Madoor," corrected Mobius, "It is now in the hands of the one it was made for."

Gogiga Gagagigo held the Soul Gate in his hand and raised it above his head. Then, in a low growl, he almost inaudibly uttered two words quietly, "Chaos Exultation." The Soul Gate opened its mouth and streams of darkness poured out from its eye and spread all across Vazrana. From the deepest trenches of the sea to the sunny beaches across the ocean, the inhabitants of the Realm of Water were absorbed and pulled in. When the very last one had been brought in, the Soul Gate pulsed and the Beast's breastplate opened up, revealing a socket where his heart should have been. He placed the black device inside it and his breastplate closed. He then let out a roar as the darkness spread through his entire body and he grew immensely in size. Within seconds, Gogiga Gagagigo had transformed into a giant.

"Look at the size of that thing!" shouted Tsunami. Everyone who was able attacked, but Gogiga Gagagigo felt nothing as he turned around, smashing apart an ice mountain with his tail and stepped into the sea.

"He's totally ignoring us!" exclaimed Milena.

"Gogiga Gagagigo's power has increased exponentially, but that does not seem to be the reason," said Mobius, "He must have some goal in mind."

"But where would he be going?" asked Umi. At that moment, Mobius tapped his lance against the ground and his body shattered into a million shards of ice. Miss Marina suddenly gasped with horror, realizing where that monstrosity was headed.

"The school!"

o o o

It was most fortunate that nothing had come to attack Duel Academy since the exploration team had left. Alexis stood in her temporary office watching from the window. Patrols continued around the island keeping watch for anything that might try to approach the island. Sitting on her desk was a radio. It was given to her by Victoria prior to her departure. It was her direct line to the submarine.

As she continued to watch from her window, the radio suddenly crackled to life. "Marine One to Home. Marine One to Home. Come in." Alexis picked up the radio and clicked herself in. "Home to Marine One, reading you loud and clear. Go ahead."

"Emergency situation. Enemy inbound. Prepare for enemy attack on a massive scale," Victoria's voice came in.

"Captain Collins, slow down please," urged Alexis, "What is it?"

"The enemy is approaching the school. You all need to prepare for his arrival."

"Wait, his? As in just one?"

"He's very big."

"We'll prepare right away!"

"Roger. Over and out."

Alexis put down the radio. Just what were they in for? But she didn't have time to think. She had to act. Something big was coming.

o o o

The submarine was running at full speed, but even so they were unable to catch up to Gogiga Gagagigo. At their current speed they were only able to maintain distance from him. Everybody had imagined that the cybernetic enhancements of Dark World would have weighed him down, but the Beast seemed to be able to swim perfectly fine with no hindrances.

"We need to slow him down," said Victoria, "How many torpedoes do we have left?"

"Only six, captain," her crewman reported.

Victoria took a moment to contemplate her options. Six torpedoes would definitely not be enough to kill their target and depending on where they hit would determine how much damage they could deal. She thought carefully. Striking the mechanical limbs would prove useless as they were heavily armored. She could have them target the flesh, but that would most likely only serve to anger Gogiga Gagagigo. Every creature had a weak spot and this one would have no exception.

"Load all torpedoes into the bow tubes," she ordered, "Target the joints. Aim for where flesh meets machine."

"Roger! Load torpedoes!" Down below, the crew was loading the tubes while other members were moving the remaining torpedoes from the aft to the bow. Victoria stood over her crewman's shoulder watching the screen as he targetted Gogiga Gagagigo's knees. They would be the easiest to hit. The jaw would've dealt a great deal of damage, but they were much too far away and the rest of the creature's body was in the way.

"Watch that tail," warned Victoria. That was detrimental. Gogiga Gagagigo was propelling himself through the water with his tail like a snake. One wrongly-timed attack would result in the torpedo hitting it instead of its intended target, which would only serve to alert the creature. The helmsman was already repositioning the submarine to move at an angle from the target. They would be targetting the right knee.

Outside the submarine, Tsunami watched riding on his shark. He wanted to attack, but not even Sebastian could keep up with the UnGod's Regent Lord of Vazrana. He had surfaced several times during the chase for air, but for the most part he had been able to keep up with the massive lizard. And now he could see the submarine moving off to the side. He didn't like it. Any time they spent moving off in a different angle would only put more distance between them and the monster. He had to act. Without thinking for another moment, he kicked his shark's side and it swam ahead.

"Captain, we have something moving within firing range!" a crewman reported.

"Who the hell would swim within our line of fire?" demanded Victoria.

"It's Tsunami," Ariel thought out loud.

"What is he doing?" asked Milena.

"I think he's attacking," answered Umi.

"That fool! He'll alert the target!" Victoria clenched her fist. This was the last thing they needed. But there he was, the Legendary Fisherman, already trying to close the gap between him and Gogiga Gagagigo.

"Orders, captain?"

Victoria thought for a moment. If they didn't fire now, the Beast would retaliate to the attack from Tsunami for sure. But if they did fire, they risked hitting the Legendary Fisherman. For now, all they could do was watch as the man outside passed them and moved in closer. He had his harpoon ready. He was going to strike. He was close enough to hit when he threw it.

Just before he could throw his harpoon, Tsunami was struck by Gogiga Gagagigo's tail and sent flying to the side. Everyone just looked at the screen, but Victoria brought them back to attention. "Fire!"

"Fire torpedo one!" the crewman shouted into the microphone. Down below, the torpedo crew pulled the lever and torpedo one left the tube. It shot through the water and everyone crossed their fingers. Their angle gave them a clearer shot at the knee, but there was still the tail. The timing needed to be right.

But it seemed luck was on their side as the tail moved out of the way just in time and most of the passengers cheered. But suddenly the torpedo veered off on a different course. While the tail had missed, its movements had disturbed the ocean currents and those new currents had been powerful enough to interrupt the torpedo and change it course. It ended up flying to the side and then exploded. Fortunately, the explosion seemed to go unnoticed by Gogiga Gagagigo.

"Prepare torpedo two quickly!" ordered Victoria.

"Torpedo two is ready!" the crew reported.

"Prepare torpedoes three and four for immediate firing. Fire on my mark."

"Roger, ma'am."

Victoria the currents disrupted by the tail, their window of opportunity was even narrower than it was before. Timing was everything. She knew her crew. She knew how long it would take her to give the order and how long it would take them to react to it. Everything else came down to measured distance and luck.

"Fire torpedo two." The order was given and her crew pulled the lever that launched torpedo two. It shot through the water and headed straight toward Gogiga Gagagigo. Everyone crossed their fingers. But Victoria's aim was true and the torpedo shot past the monster safely and struck its mark. Gogiga Gagagigo roared in pain and turned around suddenly aware of the submarine's presence.

"Aim for the jaw," ordered Victoria, "Fire torpedoes three and four!"

This time two torpedoes were launched. They sped through the water toward Gogiga Gagagigo who, by this time, had turned around completely. He saw the two projectiles approaching and reacted instantly. He opened his mouth and an energy beam shot out and blasted the torpedoes, destroying them long before they reached him.

"What was that?" asked Miss Marina.

"It must be a new power he got when he absorbed all those monsters with the UnGod's power," Milena surmised. The submarine suddenly shook violently as Gogiga Gagagigo crashed into it.

"He's attacking us!" Umi screamed. A metal claw wrapped itself around the submarine and pulled it down. Gogiga Gagagigo held his attackers and grabbed with both hands. They were truly at his mercy now. But before he could break the submarine with his jaws, a harpoon struck his neck that cause him much pain. He turned and saw Tsunami riding toward him. The Legendary Fisherman had recovered and was now attacking in full force. He pulled his harpoon out and grabbed onto the massive lizard's nearest spike. He held on tightly as he stabbed him repeatedly with his weapon. Gogiga Gagagigo scratched and clawed at him trying to get him off, but to no avail. The scent of the blood that poured out was quickly caught by the shark and he joined his master in his attack.

Meanwhile the submarine crew was able to stabilize the craft and Victoria immediately ordered a damage report. "We were lucky, ma'am. Minor damage was taken."

"Get everything under control. Then fire the remaining torpedoes at the creature. Aim for where flesh meets machine."

"Yes, ma'am!"

It took some time, but soon the last two torpedoes had been loaded into the bow tubes. Victoria gave the order and they were fired together. The first missed and struck Gogiga Gagagigo's thigh while the second struck the back of the right knee. The monster roared in pain and threw himself forward. The currents pushed Tsunami's shark away but the Legendary Fisherman held on. It was at that moment that Gogiga Gagagigo was able to grab him and pull him off. He stabbed at the hand with all his might to free him, but was failing as he struck nothing but hard reinforced metal. Gogiga Gagagigo looked at him for a moment, deciding whether or not he was worth it.

Tsunami glared up at the Regent Lord defiantly as if to challenge him. Gogiga Gagagigo looked at him for a moment and then opened his mouth. The last thing the Legendary Fisherman ever saw was the Beast's maw closing around him.

o o o

"He's gone too far ahead," one of the crew reported, "There's no way we can catch up with him now. We'll be at the island long after he's destroyed it."

"Then it's all over," muttered Victoria.

"Not yet!" Outside in the ocean, Mobius appeared from a vortex of water. He grabbed onto the submarine. "Hold on!" He then shattered into a myriad of ice shards, taking the ship with him.

o o o

Back at Duel Academy, everybody stood ready. "So I heard that it's just one guy coming," a Ra Yellow student said.

"Just one? Ha!" an Osiris Red scoffed, "We can take him!"

"Something's coming!" an Obelisk Blue shouted. She was standing on the lighthouse looking out and could make out the water rising as it approached the island.

"I got this." The overconfident Red stepped forward onto the dock and spread out his hands. "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" The water rose up and broke as Gogiga Gagagigo stood up and roared at he who stood to challenge him.

"...okay, maybe you will."

Gogiga Gagagigo stood waist-deep in the water and roared once more before stomping closer to the island. Most who stood there looking ran at the sight of him coming, but those who stood their ground summoned their monsters and attacked.

"Goblin Attack Force, go!" Biff shouted as his legion of goblins leapt forward and started banging on the giant's foot with their clubs.

"Gadget Hauler, fire!" Spike's truck transformed into a cannon and fired.

"Go Valkyrion!" Mags pointed and Valkyrion the Magna Warrior flew ahead and started swinging his sword.

"Tri-Horned Dragon, charge!" Norman's ace charged forward and slammed its head into Gogiga Gagagigo's leg.

"Phoenix Gearfried!" Pat was about to order his command, but then he switched over to Rick. "Show him no mercy! Attack!" The Gemini knight drew his sword and thrust it forward.

"Batteryman Industrial Strength, Thunderbolt!" Spencer pointed and his massive Batteryman monster unleashed countless volts of electricity through its cables and fired them in the form of two long bolts.

The students had their instructions. They were to hold off the enemy until the teachers showed up. Then they were to evacuate to the school building immediately. It didn't take long for them to finally show up.

"Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, attack!" Mr. Thulin called out his best monster and it flew up before starting to blast Gogiga Gagagigo with Darkness Metal Flare.

"Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV6! Armed Dragon LV7! And the Calculator!" Higsby called out his monsters and his small electric monster powered up immensely before shooting off a blast of electricity.

"Dark Eradicator Warlock, do not hold back," ordered Dr. Snappe. His dark wizard threw his cape back and held out his staff which began to glow before casting a ball of magical energy forward. Right beside him stood Mika, who had Arcanite Magician with her.

"Arcanite Magician, Arcane Magic Attack!" The white-robed wizard spun his staff and fired a blast of magic from it. It spiraled around Dark Eradicator Warlock's spell and fused together to create a single powerful magical blast.

"Black Arcana!" The fused spell shot up and struck Gogiga Gagagigo's jaw.

"Ultimate Tyranno, get 'im!" The ground quaked beneath the feet of Mr. Hassleberry's dinosaur as it charged.

Gogiga Gagagigo saw the monster attacking them and retaliated. He stooped down and swiped them all with his arm. His claws cut through them, but they persevered. He roared and spun around, striking them with his tail. That got them. Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon was still shooting him with its breath attacks, but he knocked it away and slammed it into the woods. Gogiga Gagagigo stepped out of the water completely and his feet landed on solid ground. Right around then, a cold mist formed on the outskirt of Duel Academy and Mobius appeared with the submarine.

"Hurry, we have to go!" Miss Marina urged as she got out first.

"Umi, let's go," urged Milena.

"Just go. I'll only be in the way," Umi muttered.

"Umi, what happened on Frog Island is in the past. Just because your previous opponents let you win doesn't mean you can't be a great Duelist. You can! But you have to put your heart into it!" Umi looked up at the Russian woman. "Really?"


"Okay then. I'll try my best."

"That's all we ask."

Outside, Gishki Soul Ogre, Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo-Daedalus, and Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier had joined the fight as dark clouds gathered. Umi pulled out her strongest card and summoned Sea Dragon Lord Gishilnodon to join in. Meanwhile, Monsieur Bonaparte held up five cards. "Rise, Exodia!" A massive glowing pentagram appeared overhead and from it emerged the enormous ancient Egyptian god so powerful that his power had to be sealed into five separate cards. He lumbered toward Gogiga Gagagigo and threw a punch. It slammed into the Beast's head and sent him sprawling. Gogiga Gagagigo rolled onto his front and felt his jaw. He placed his hand on it and cracked it back into place before standing back up. He roared and spun around, slamming his tail into Exodia.

As the ancient god battled with the Regent Lord, Alexis watched from her window praying that she wouldn't need to resort to the island's deep buried secret. That was when something flew past overhead; a dragon with feathers as white as snow and shining as bright as light itself. Johnathan Angel flew into battle on Judgment Dragon. Not far behind, Hyper Psychic Blaster followed on jets. Meanwhile, a squad consisting of Gem-Knight Ruby, Gem-Knight Aquamarine, and Gem-Knight Citrine led by Gem-Knight Pearl dashed across the island toward the heart of battle. As they neared the enemy, Judgment Dragon opened its mouth and fired a solid beam of white light. It arced around the Beast and carved its attack into it as it passed. Gogiga Gagagigo roared painfully as the light burned into his skin. As the beam went away, he turned to retaliate but was slammed into by Exodia. He fell, but his agile body wouldn't let him waste it. As he fell he dug his claws into Exodia's shoulders and as soon as he touched the ground, Gogiga Gagagigo planted his feet on his attacker's stomach and pushed up while pulling his arms back, sending Exodia flying over him and landing in the water. But it didn't stop there. While doing so, Gogiga Gagagigo had wrapped his tail around the bulky god's ankle and the momentum pulled him back onto his feet. Once he was up, the Regent Lord clenched his fist and began punching Exodia. Each punch broke off a piece of rock from the ancient god's body.

As Gogiga Gagagigo drew his arm back for another hit a triple ice beam hit his shoulder and froze it. He looked back and roared as Trishula flew away after landing an attack. He got up and swung his claws out at it, but in doing so turned his back on the sea allowing Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo-Daedalus to hit him with a powerful bone-breaking water blast. Sea Dragon Lord Gishilnodon flew in and blasted him afterwards, freezing the water. Hyper Psychic Blaster drew his guns and fired a volley of laserfire onto the massive lizard. Gogiga Gagagigo spun around, letting his tail drag, which was deflected upward by Gem-Knight Aquamarine's shield. Gem-Knight Topaz and Gem-Knight Ruby attacked simultaneously using their electric energy tonfas and cane sword respectively, cutting into the flesh just behind the knee. Gem-Knight Citrine leapt up and slashed with his molten sword while Gem-Knight Pearl unleashed a bombardment of pearl bombs upon the Beast. Judgment Dragon came back for another round and hit Gogiga Gagagigo squarely on the chest with enough power to force him back. Exodia took that moment to get up and punch the Beast again.

"Hit him again!" Milena called to her dragon as she rode upon its back. There was a savage look in her eyes as her dragon banked for another attack. It was as though the battle was bringing out a hidden beast inside her. Trishula flew in lower and shot more ice beams onto Gogiga Gagagigo. Mobius appeared on a cliff and threw another set of Ice Lances into the Beast's flesh before disappearing into a million ice shards and then reappearing elsewhere. He opened his mouth and let out another roar before swinging his tail. Exodia caught it and pulled hard. Gogiga Gagagigo was thrown off balance and the god started to spin. Eventually he had built up enough momentum to lift the enemy off his feet. He spun him around faster and faster and eventually released, sending Gogiga Gagagigo flying and landing in the woods.

"Let's finish him!" Milena shouted.

"Roger that!" Victoria responded.

Together, Trishula, Gishki Soul Ogre, Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo-Daedalus, Sea Dragon Lord Gishilnodon, Hyper Psychic Blaster, the Gem-Knight squad, and Judgment Dragon attacked the Beast as lightning flashed and thunder rolled. Gogiga Gagagigo braved their attacks and slowly got back to his feet only to be met with Exodia charging up a massive fireball in between his palms.

"Exodia!" Monsieur called out, "Oblitera-"

He never finished his order. As soon as Gogiga Gagagigo saw the titanic monster, he fired a beam of energy from his mouth and blew a hole through Exodia's midsection. The fireball faded and he fired again, this time blasting off Exodia's head. The god's body went limp and fell backward into the ocean. Gogiga Gagagigo stood up tall and roared before blasting Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo-Daedalus all the way out at sea. He proceeded then to blast the others.

"Fall back!" Johnathan called. Everybody retreated and fell back to the school, leaving Gogiga Gagagigo alone. "Such power..."

"Is this the power of the UnGod?" Umi asked horrified as rain slowly began to fall.

"He's gone mad with power," said Milena.

"Wait, we're missing someone," Victoria suddenly noticed, "Where is Ariel?"

"Oh no..." Miss Marina grabbed some binoculars and looked out. "Don't tell me she..." And there she was. Ariel was still on the battlefield near the berserker by the sea.


Gogiga Gagagigo looked down and saw the spellcaster. He approached her, the madness still locked in his eyes. "Gigobyte please..." Gogiga Gagagigo roared and opened his mouth, ready to fire again.

Suddenly, a sparking blast of energy struck his neck and caused him to misfire into the sea. He turned and looked to see a majestic white dragon with eyes like sapphires flying toward him. It slammed into him and knocked him back a few steps.

"That's a Blue-Eyes White Dragon!" exclaimed Umi. The rain had quickly intensified as Seto Kaiba suddenly stepped forward with a card active on his Duel Disk.

"This ends...right now!" he declared. He took two more cards out and slapped them onto his Duel Disk. Immediately, his other two Blue-Eyes White Dragons appeared and took off. They flew across the island and shot Gogiga Gagagigo each with a Burst Stream of Destruction. The Regent Lord roared and swung his claws at them, slashing one across the chest and clipping the wing of another.

"All of us couldn't beat him. What makes you think you can?" asked Milena.

Kaiba only said one thing. "Because I'm Seto Kaiba." He held up a Polymerization card and it flashed. His three dragons came together and fused into one single dragon three times the size of one with three heads. "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, attack!" Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon roared and stomped the ground. After the fusion, Kaiba's dragon was now almost the same size as Gogiga Gagagigo. The Beast slashed with his claws, but the massive dragon dodged and one of the heads bit down on his arm. The middle head then lashed out and bit his neck. Gogiga Gagagigo roared in pain and tried to fire off a beam, but the head tightened its jaws and he couldn't help but feel his attack stifled. The third head lowered itself down to Gogiga Gagagigo's abdomen and fired a Burst Stream at point blank. The other heads released their bites and allowed the monster to stumble back. Then they all fired at once, combining their Burst Streams into one single Ultimate Burst. The impact it made hit with such magnitude that pieces of Gogiga Gagagigo's armor were blown right off.

"He got him!" cheered Umi.

"It's not enough," said Kaiba. He turned to Alexis, who had joined them on the roof. "Do any of your students have a Black Luster Soldier?"

"I'll send for one right away," said Alexis.

Kaiba nodded and turned his attention back to the fight. Gogiga Gagagigo had gotten back up, but the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon refused to give him a chance to counterattack. Whenever it could, it blasted him with another Ultimate Burst. A few minutes passed and finally one student appeared with the desired Ritual Monster. Kaiba nodded and then held up another Polymerization. His dragon and the Black Luster Soldier resonated and suddenly the dark knight stood on the back of the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.

"I summon the Dragon Master Knight!" The Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon's roar shook all of Vazrana and caused the others on the island to look up at its majesty.

"Heh." Mr. Thulin smirked as he drew a card from his deck. "Here's a boost for ya." He summoned a Red-Eyes Black Dragon and it flew up to join the Dragon Master Knight's side. Mr. Higsby joined in and summoned his Armed Dragon LV7. All over the island, anyone with dragons in their decks summoned them. Before long, a whole flock of dragons had appeared behind Kaiba's monster.

"Dragon Master Knight, destroy Gogiga Gagagigo!" shouted Kaiba. "Galaxy Crusher!"

Gogiga Gagagigo roared and unleashed another blast from his mouth. At the same time, Black Luster Soldier gathered the energies from all the dragons into his sword and unleashed a purple beam of light from his blade. Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon reacted and each head fired a Burst Stream of Destruction. They spiraled around the Black Luster Soldier's purple light and fused into a single concentrated blast that collided with the other attack and overwhelmed it with ease. The Galaxy Crusher swallowed up Gogiga Gagagigo and his roar was drowned out by its massive power.

After what seemed like an eternity, the Galaxy Crusher subsided and Gogiga Gagagigo crashed to the ground. Ariel approached the fallen Beast. Her eyes were filled with sadness. As she looked up at him, one of his eyes seemed to turn to look down at her. The red aura of the Archfiends' power slowly faded away from his body. She could hear his heartbeat as she stood by him. And it was getting slower.

"Gigobyte..." Ariel fought back her tears. "I'm... I'm sorry..."

Gogiga Gagagigo growled quietly and his eye suddenly softened. A tear formed and it ran down the side of his face. He then closed his eye as it went dull and his heartbeat came to a stop. Ariel lowered her head as tears ran down her face, mixing with the rainwater as it ran off her hat and onto her robe.

"I'm sorry," she repeated, "I'm so sorry, Gigobyte..."

People started to gather around her. Though they had come to see the fallen Regent Lord of the UnGod, they saw the blue-haired woman kneeling before the dead creature clutching her staff tightly and muttering apologies.

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