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The Emissary of Darkness

The train ride was fairly uneventful. After that horrendous ordeal in the Bone Circle, everybody was thankful for that. Noah was lying on the floor fast asleep, his awkward position the result of how tired he was. Sammie had leaned her back against a wall, but it wasn't long before she too had fallen asleep. Sako was loading his clips, having nearly depleted them all during the last battle. With time to rest now, Getsu took it to reflect back on what had happened before the fighting began. Zanki had been a proud and strong warrior and yet he had succumbed to a mere infection. She just could not wrap her head around it. Meanwhile, Mikomi sat on her own. She had neither spoken nor moved since they had boarded the train.

"You used up a lot of your ammunition back there," Getsu noted.

"I'm down to only a few clips," Sako replied as he kept loading, "I'll need to conserve my ammo until such time as I can restock."

"There might be someplace here in Karheim, but it will take some effort to find."

"Then we should go there as quickly as possible."

o o o

The train was chugging lazily on its track through Karheim. Dekoichi's whistle blew loudly as a trail of smoke was left behind by his smokestack. In the distance, several undead motorcyclists sat on their vehicles waiting atop a cliff. In front of them, the Emissary of Darkness, Gorz, stood watching the train through a pair of binoculars. His beast, Emissary from Pandemonium, shook its head causing its chains to rattle. "Right on schedule." He lowered his binoculars and walked back to his beast. He grabbed hold of its chains and climbed on. "I want some of you to intercept them. The rest will flank. Let's go." He pounded his boots against Emissary from Pandemonium's sides and the canine demon barked and ran down the side of the cliff.

o o o

An electric eye from outer space. A telescopic view down on the expansive land of darkness. Bits of data recorded every second and sent to the brain of a single man. Beaming at a rate of three hundred thousand kilometers per second straight to the humming electric brain of a man whose face was long obscured by a mask.

Jinzo stood beside the throne of his king with his arms clasped behind his back. Caius sat in the dimness of shadow with a goblet of wine in hand, sipping slowly the red elixir. "Sire?" Jinzo said with the staticy crackle of his electric voice, "Satellites have visual on the Terrans. They have gotten onto one of the Karheim rails."

"Good," Caius responded before sipping his drink once more. "Have you sent this information to Gorz?"

"He is already in pursuit, sire. It is actually quite impressive. How did you come across such an excellent tracker?"

"Come across? Ha! You do not simply come across a treasure like Gorz."

"Treasure, sire?" Jinzo asked.

"Oh yes. You think the Dokuroriders are something special? Bah! They are merely a pack of fiends on motorcycles. No. Gorz is more. He is violence incarnate."

"Oh? Go on sire."

"Heh, remember the insurgence of the Archfiends centuries ago?"

"The uprising of the grand fiends from Pandemonium? Yes, you dismantled them and sent them back to that wretched pit of theirs."

"Yes, but did you know the spoils of the war?" Caius sipped from his goblet once more and laughed lightly to himself."

"Spoils, sire?" Jinzo asked, drawn even more in curiosity.

"Yes. See, there was a single boy I found in an Archfiend fortification. He was apparently going to be a sacrifice in one of their blood rituals. You know about those, yes? It is their process of slowly peeling away the tendons and muscles off of a small child for days straight, letting the blood trickle into sacred collection cups at the feet of the children as they dangle from rusty hooks."

"I am well aware of the rituals, sire. What about this boy now?"

"Heh, yes. The boy I found was special. He was hung up and bled dry. His muscles ripped off and flayed. I could only imagine the torment he had gone through. For all accounts he should have been dead and yet he wasn't. In fact he wasn't only alive, but laughing. Do you comprehend that? A boy found in a sea of pain and he was laughing. Feeding on the very thing that was meant to use him." Caius laughed a bellowing laugh, booming through the halls of his castle as he sloshed the last of his bloody red wine down his gullet. With a crunch the goblet crinkled in his hand and he smiled inwardly to himself. A beast fueled on pain and destruction. Caius drank in every lascivious bit of that thought and Jinzo stood stalwart as the same thoughts crossed his mind.

Meanwhile, out in space, a singular telescopic eye had shifted its gaze from the moving train with the Terran passengers to the bounty hunter who lived for pain. And Jinzo smiled too.

Oh how perfectly his plans were going.

o o o

The train car suddenly jerked violently. "What's going on?" Noah asked sleepily, the movement having woken him. Sammie too had been jarred awoke.

Sako locked and loaded his rifle. "We're under attack." He got up and pressed his back against the wall. "All of you hide."

"We can fight too," said Sammie.

"Not after that last one," Sako replied.

"But neither can you then," Noah pointed out.

"I'm a soldier."

"I shall aid you." Getsu grabbed her sword and crouched by the opposite side of the door. Sako nodded and the two of them stood ready. The Duel Sniper gave the signal and he and the samurai opened the doors. Zombies on motorcycles were flanking the train.

"More zombies..." Sako set up his Barret's stand and laid down. Noah and Sammie hid behind a large crate and watched. The Duel Sniper released the safety and waited. The first Dokurorider came into his sights and he pulled the trigger. His first bullet was fired and shot off the front wheel, causing the motorcycle and its Dokurorider to crash into another one. He shifted his sights on another one and fired, hitting another Dokurorider's chest and shattering everything above its waist. The topless rider's bike lost control and crashed into another Dokurorider, causing their vehicles to explode in flames.

"Cover me!" With sword in hand, Getsu ran out the door and grabbed onto the frame above. She pulled herself onto the roof of the car and drew her blade and waited. Some of the Dokuroriders were coming in from the other side of the train and had jumped their bikes to begin climbing on. She ran over to them and swung her enchanted sword at them, reducing them to dust on contact.

With the Dokuroriders keeping them distracted, Emissary from Pandemonium ran up toward the last car of the train as fast as it could. Gorz kept his eye on his target as he neared. Once his mount had closed enough distance, he jumped and grabbed onto the roof of the last car. With powerful strength and incredible agility, he flipped himself onto the roof of the train. His prey was close but he did not smile. There would be time for smiling after he completed his task.

As Getsu fought off the undead motorcyclists, she noticed something in the darkness. Obscured by the smoke coming out of the locomotive, she could just barely make out a tall demonic man with a visor approaching. Her heart stopped as she recognized who he was. Without a moment's hesitation, she grabbed her sword tight and charged. "You shall not pass, demon!" She leapt up and swung her weapon downward.

All of a sudden, Gorz flash stepped out of the way and her blade passed through an afterimage. But she did not strike nothing. Her blade had instead hit the blade of a large one-handed sword belonging to a tall woman with dark purple armor, a long crimson skirt, and long red hair styled like straight bars going down her back. "Keep her busy," ordered Gorz.

"It will be my pleasure." The woman spun around and pushed Getsu away, knocking her toward the back of the train. With the samurai woman occupied, Gorz continued on his way. Getsu fought hard to try to stop him, but her opponent was a very skilled warrior.

"How is it that you do not fall?" she demanded, "My blade has been enchanted to destroy demons like yourself."

"Your answer is that I am no Fiend." The woman delivered a low sweep and knocked Getsu off her feet. She then planted her foot on her chest and pointed her sword down at her. "I am a Fairy."

Meanwhile, Sako released an empty clip and loaded a new one into his gun. After doing so he got up and slung his gun over his shoulder. "Where are you going?" asked Sammie.

"To get a better vantage point." And with that, the Duel Sniper flipped himself onto the roof.

"What about us?" Noah asked hugging his plush.

Up on the roof, Sako unslung his Barret and started firing. He shot out more tires, pierced fuel tanks, and completely blew heads off. As he continued his work, he suddenly felt a dark presence approaching. He turned and saw Gorz approaching him, walking slowly up the length of the train. He wasted no time and turned his rifle on the newcomer. He fired his first shot, but Gorz raised his arm and deflected the bullet with his arm blade. Sako looked up from his scope in surprise and fired again. Once again, Gorz simply deflected the armor-piercing fifty-caliber bullet that had been fired from the M107 Barret sniper rifle. The Duel Sniper set his weapon aside and pulled out his combat knight. He waited until Gorz was close enough and then engaged him. He swung, but was blocked. Before he could make another move, the Emissary of Darkness kicked him under the chin and knocked him back. Sako was quick to spring back to his feet, but Gorz left him no opportunity to attack. He swung his arm blades at him and all his opponent could do was dodge.

"There are still motorcycles out there," Noah pointed out as he watched the action outside the door.

"I still don't have enough energy to summon a spirit," Sammie replied, "And Black Luster Soldier can't do much at long range."

"He can't, but maybe I have someone who can." Noah took out his deck and sifted through his cards.

"Noah, you don't have a lot of energy either," said Sammie.

"That's why I'm going to use my guardian Duel Spirit."

"Your guardian Duel Spirit?"

"Yeah, just like Black Luster Soldier is yours." Noah pulled out a single card and put the rest of his deck away. "Light and Darkness Dragon, rise!" Beams of light and darkness spiraled out of his card and combined to form a large black and white dragon with two tails.

"That thing is yours?"

"What? You didn't know?"

"Well, I kinda had a hunch..."

Light and Darkness Dragon flew over the train and opened its mouth to gather energy and then released it in the form of a powerful beam that it swept across the land and blew up several Dokuroriders.

Meanwhile, Getsu continued her fight with the armored woman and as they continued their swords locked, placing them both close to one another. "Just...who are you?" she asked.

"I am Kaien, unseen partner of Gorz." She suddenly vanished and Getsu fell forward.

"Where did she go?" Her answer came as Kaien reappeared behind her and struck her from behind.

Sako ducked under Gorz's horizontal slash and thrust his knife forward. But as the blade went into his opponent, he found his weapon suddenly passing through air as an illusion of the Emissary of Darkness faded away. Gorz reappeared behind Sako and lashed out with a back kick, striking him with his heel and sending him flying.

As he laid on the roof of the train car, Sako slowly turned himself around so that he was facing his opponent. "Isn't this the part where you'd make me an offer in exchange for my life?"

"I was hired to track down you and your companions and kill you. Sparing you in exchange for something would not be in my best interests," answered Gorz.

"So you're a mercenary." Sako thought out loud. "Then we should both understand each other."

"I'm glad you see it that way. Now shall we finish this?"

"My thoughts exactly." Sako got up and went on the offensive. Gorz backed away while using his arm blades to block his opponent's knife. However the tide of the battle changed quickly and the Emissary of Darkness began pushing back.

Getsu's duel with Kaien was turning against the warrior's favor. With no other options, she quickly disengaged her and returned to the other car. Kaien was ready to follow, but was stopped by a knight in black armor. "Tis such a shame such beauty is wasted in the name of evil." Black Luster Soldier charged and began exchanging blows with Kaien. Getsu watched for a moment, but then heard her voice being called. She followed the sound and looked down to see Sammie calling her to come back in. Instead, Getsu turned her blade toward Gorz. He sensed her approaching and quickly pulled out a Sword of Dark Destruction and blocked her sword and kicking her away. He then deflected Sako's attacks again and threw him over onto Getsu.

"Now I'll destroy you all at once."

"I don't think so..." Sako made a grab for his sniper rifle and fired. But instead of aiming at Gorz or Kaien, he shot the coupling that held the cars together. As Dekoichi pulled them forward, Gorz and Kaien found themselves losing speed. Black Luster Soldier vanished from battle as the car pulled further away.

"You shall not escape that easily!" Gorz jumped over to the train, but a blast of light hit him in the chest and crashed him onto the roof next to Kaien. Light and Darkness Dragon roared and then disappeared as the train disappeared around a corner and the lone car came to a stop.

"The hunt is not over," swore Gorz.

o o o

Shifting shadows in the night. A dark heart beat in the cosmos. The space between things seethed wIth anger and grew louder. The absence of things, the void itself, scream in inaudible whispers "I will live!" and faded into shivering disparity.

The Terrans of six lands felt not the touch of this growing absence. This un-thing that wrapped itself around everything. Heaving. Breathing. Scheming. War drums beat on to the final movement and all the warriors of duel Academy could feel is the echos of its influence. The mere shadow of its touch.

The cosmos opened up in response and under the infinite shade of a tree of worlds a congregation of beings stood watching with somber eyes.

"You think they will be ready, All-father?" spoke one figure with lightning crackling off its reddened beard.

"Not yet, but they will have to be soon," replied a one eyed man clutching tightly to a spear.

"What shall we do?" said the spider upon the tree.

"We gather. We prepare. Avalon will save them or nothing will stop them," said the one eyed being.

"Nothing is what we are afraid of," spoke a fallen angel and somewhere in the void the UnGod laughed a phantom laugh.

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