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Viruses of the Past

Unknown Synchrons continued to keep watch over the team as they resumed their trek across Karheim. Kozaky watched from his laboratory, the light of the monitors glaring off the lenses of his glasses. "I think it's time to lure them into our special trap. Wouldn't you agree, Albert?" The Magical Scientist on the other end of the line slowly curled his lips back, revealing his stained yellow smile.

"That would be absolutely delightful."

"I will leave you to it then." And with that, Kozaky signed off. Elsewhere in Karheim, Albert stepped away from his computer and walked through his laboratory to a machine covered by a large sheet.

"Time to put you in the spotlight."

o o o

It was essentially night again in Karheim. Time of day was generally impossible to tell in this land of darkness. Sako had first watch so everyone got a chance to sleep. He checked his ammunition and knew that he was still low. He needed to resupply soon. He looked back at everyone and watched them briefly as they slept before returning to his watch.

However there was one who had still not yet gone to sleep. Noah was lying down, but he was most definitely not sleeping. This happened to the boy every so often. Usually he slept peacefully, but on some nights he would stay up for hours for no known reason.

Sammie had yet to fall asleep herself and noticed the young boy fidgeting and turning. She crawled over and sat next to him. "You okay?"

"Hmm?" Noah looked up. "I guess..."

"You don't seem so sure."

Noah remained silent for several minutes, but finally let out a sigh. "It's just... Sometimes, I think about the awful things I did in the past."

"That stuff again?" Sammie reached out and pulled Noah close. "I told you already. I forgive you for what you did."

"Yeah, you did. But what about everyone else? I did a lot of horrible things to a lot of people."

"Beating yourself up won't fix things," Sammie said to him gently.

"Well maybe it should." And with that, Noah pulled his hood over his head and turned the other way, holding his plushie close to his body. He closed his eyes and snuggled up with his stuffed toy, trying to put things out of his mind so he could finally fall asleep.

o o o

Albert watched via the monitors. The group had stopped and most were asleep. Now would be the perfect time to strike. He grinned and activated his machine.

"Welcome to the new world," he cackled.

o o o

"Dawn" came and everyone got up and proceeded onward. Something seemed odd, but nobody really noticed. Noah's mood hadn't changed since the previous night and kept mostly to himself throughout the morning. Nobody really said anything throughout the day's journey and he preferred it that way. He wasn't comfortable with talking to anyone when his mind was on those thoughts.

"How long have we been walking?" asked Mikomi.

"It is quite peculiar," Mahad noted, "Twould not take this long to reach our next destination."

"Something must be wrong then," Manna thought aloud.

"Thank you, Captain Obvious," Noah uttered in response.

"Noah, are you sure you don't want to talk about it?" asked Sammie.

"I'll be fine. Just leave me alone," Noah growled.

"What's with this attitude all of a sudden?" questioned Zetsubou.

"Yeah, it's not like you," Mikomi added.

"Will you lot just bugger off already?" the boy snapped, "I don't want to talk about it!"

"Does it have to do with your past?" Sako questioned. Noah said nothing. "Hmmm. I thought as much."

"How can you tell?" asked Sammie.

"It's not something I'm unfamiliar with," answered the Duel Sniper, "In my line of work, you meet many who wish not to discuss their past." Noah opened his mouth to say something, but no words came out. "I'm not wrong, am I?"

Noah stepped away from the group and turned around so he could face them all. "I said I didn't want to talk about it. So the lot of you, sod off!" And with that, he held up two fingers at them.

"What's he doing?" asked Manna.

"I think he's flipping us off," Zetsubou guessed, "Never seen it done like that before."

"It's the British way," Sako pointed out.

Suddenly, a multitude of black cables shot out from the darkness and wrapped themselves around the group except for Noah. "You are not wrong, but it would be unwise to question Master Noah further," a raspy voice said. Three figures stepped out from the blackness. One was a beautiful young woman floating in the air wearing dark purple clothing and dark violet boots with long green hair that floated in the air as though she were underwater and adorning her head was a crown-shaped halo.

Another was a large bodied behemoth who stood on two sleek agile legs, which made everyone wonder how they could support his enormous body. Large biceped arms tapering off into smaller forearms protruded from his shoulders and ended with small hands with enormous curved claws. His head was but a small dome dwarfed by his shoulders with white war paint covering his face to resemble a demonic skull.

The third, the one who had spoken, who stood in between the other two had the Terrans tied up in cables that extended from the backs of his hands, which were made of up long silver claws segmented with joints into fingers. His body was covered in a black leather bodysuit with silver shoulder guards, silver belt, and black boots and gloves with silver trims. His face was obscured by a black mask that covered his entire head with black visored slits for his eyes and breathing tubes running along the bottom from the mouth and nose area to the back.

"Noah, run!" Sammie yelled.

"What are these fiends?" asked Mahad.

The black one tightened the hold on his cables. "Silence, wizard!"

"Interface, stop!" Noah yelled. At once the cables loosened and the masked creature retracted them into his hands.

"Noah… You know these things?" asked Mikomi.

Noah nodded. "I created them years ago. Interface, Venus, and Terabyte. They're viruses."

"Glad you remember us, Master," Venus said charmingly.

"Why do you place faith in these humans?" asked Terabyte in a deep booming voice, holding out his hand, "They will just turn on you like all the others."

"I…" Noah began to speak, but then stopped.

"Noah has friends now!" Sammie called out.

"Friends? Do not insult our master!" Interface scoffed, "Many have pretended to be his friend and all have betrayed him. You shall be no different."

"We'll see about that! Scrap Dragon!" Mikomi called out her scrap metal dragon and it prepared to fire.

"I'll take that!" Interface fired three cables from his right arm and plugged them into Scrap Dragon. Mere moments after penetration, the mechanical beast's color changed to pitch black with silver highlights. If his face could be seen, he probably would have been grinning. He detached his cables and retracted them. "Scrap Dragon, attack." Scrap Dragon suddenly turned on Mikomi and opened fire. Luckily for her, Manna was able to erect a barrier to protect her.

"Black Luster Soldier, go!" Sammie called out her loyal knight. "Destroy them!"

"At your command, milady!" Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning charged brandishing his sword, Venus suddenly appeared in front of him. She placed her hand over his heart and waves of green light wash over him. His eyes changed color to match the radiance as it faded and he knelt before Venus. "What is your command, milady?"

"Attack our enemies," ordered the virus.

"As you command, milady." Black Luster Soldier got to his feet and charged at Sammie.

"Black Luster Soldier, stop!" the blonde shouted, but her monster did not heed. Zetsubou had to use a Trap Card to protect her.

"Barrel Dragon, Blowback Dragon, attack!" Sako called out his two signature monsters and sent them forward. They trudged across the field, but Terabyte was on them. He leapt over their heads and slammed their heads into the ground. Once his targets were down, he sank his claws into them. Sako could only watch as their power cells started dying out.

"What did they do to them?" asked Getsu in bewilderment.

"Terabyte can drain energy through his claws and Interface and Venus infected Scrap Dragon and Black Luster Soldier," Noah answered.

"You cannot hope to defeat us," declared Interface.

"Yes we can," Sammie responded, "We have Noah. If he created you, he can destroy you." She stepped forward and placed a hand on the boy's shoulder as she spoke, but he suddenly moved away from her and walked across the field. "Noah?"

Noah continued walking and stopped in front of Interface. He then turned around and faced the others. "Noah, what are you doing?" Sammie yelled.

"Maybe Interface is right," Noah said, "For as long as I can remember, I could never trust anybody. And lately I feel like I can never escape my past. I did a lot of horrible things and the fact that they're here just further proves it."

"I believe we have our answer," said Interface as he placed a hand on Noah's shoulder. "Now Scrap Dragon, destroy them!"

"Black Luster Soldier, do the same," ordered Venus.

"As you command, milady!" Black Luster Soldier jumped on top of Scrap Dragon and rode it into battle against the team.

"Back!" commanded Mahad. He cast his staff skyward and fired off a rain of one thousand knives. The blades cut through the air and impaled Scrap Dragon. Black Luster Soldier leapt from his mount and came down with his sword.

"Black Luster Soldier, return!" Sammie called out. But as she held her card, her loyal warrior did not heed and simply kept his attack on.

"Look out!" Sako dove and knocked Sammie out of the way of the sword and the two of them rolled along the ground several feet before stopping.

"What do we do?" asked Mikomi, "If we summon any monsters, they'll either take control of them or absorb their energy."

"Noah's the only one who can beat them," Sammie said as she looked at the boy, "He's so wrapped up in his own guilt and doubt that he can't see the good inside him."

"Any ideas on how to snap him out of it?" Getsu inquired.

"I have an idea." Sako set up his rifle and loaded in his last clip. He took aim at Interface's head and fired. The masked virus heard the sound of the gunshot and reacted quickly. He threw himself in front of Noah and swung his arm. His claws sliced the bullet in half and the two pieces fell harmlessly behind him.

"You are either very brave or very foolish if you think you can stand up against a virus!" Interface fired off the cables from his right arm, but Sako rolled out of the way, the long black tendrils stabbing the ground he had been lying upon only moments before. He retracted his cables and Terabyte ran forward, the ground trembling beneath his footsteps. The massive virus swung his arm and attempted to impale the Duel Sniper with his claws, but Sako avoided his attack and fired a shot at the enormous creature's hand. The bullet shot through his arm and detached his clawed appendage from his body.

"Did you honestly believe that would stop me?" Terabyte swung his other arm and Sako moved to dodge as well. However, the move proved to be a feint as the massive virus swept his arm off the ground and reattached it to his stump. Once his limb was firmly back in place, his claws began to glow. "Cross Reaver!" He swung his arms down diagonally and fired off a large X-shaped energy wave from his razor-sharp appendages.

"Steelswarm Gatekeeper, defend!" Zetsubou called out his defensive demon, but instead of doing as commanded it retreated, refusing to heed its master's orders.

"Stay back!" yelled Mahad. He slammed the end of his staff against the ground and projected a barrier that blocked the attack. "That should hold."

"Do you really believe so?" asked Interface. Terabyte jumped and landed in front of the barrier. He drew back his arm, thrust his claws against it, and began to absorb the magical energy that made up the shield.

"Son of the Christ!" Sammie yelled.

"I'm losing mana!" Mahad shouted.

"Then drop it," said Zetsubou as he drew his knives, "We just won't use energy attacks."

The Dark Magician nodded and disengaged his shield. At once, Zetsubou ran forward and slid between Terabyte's legs. Once he was behind the enormous virus he flipped himself onto his back and thrust his blades down, only to have them glance off. He was about to aim for a joint when several cables came shooting toward him and he jumped off just in time to avoid them.

"You are well versed in combat for a human," Interface noted as he retracted his cables, "I shall enjoy deleting you myself." And with those words he charged. Zetsubou leapt back to his feet and dashed. He met Interface midway and his knives clashed with his claws.

Meanwhile, Terabyte turned on the rest of the group once again. "Bah! I'll erase you all myself!" He was about to strike when another bullet struck him in the back. He roared and turned around to see Sako readying his next shot. Without hesitation he ran toward the Duel Sniper.

"I'll finish the rest of you myself then," said Venus, "Black Luster Soldier, destroy them!"

"At once, milady!" Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning charged and swung his sword.

"Demise!" Sammie called her demonic king and watched as he blocked her signature creature's blade with his axe.

"I'll take him." Venus moved in while the two monsters were locked and touched the heart of Demise, King of Armageddon. Waves of green light washed over him and his eyes changed to a radiant green color. He and Black Luster Soldier disengaged and turned toward Sammie.

"What are you doing?" asked the blonde. Mikomi quickly sent Scrap Archfiend to intercept and was able to stop the two monsters' attacks on their own master.

"It is hopeless," Venus declared, "No man can resist the power of my infection."

"No man you say?" Sammie asked, suddenly changed in her mood, "Ruin, attack!" She called out Ruin, Queen of Oblivion and her queen of the apocalypse cast a spell from her staff at Venus. Black Luster Soldier quickly stepped in the way and blocked with his shield. Behind him, Demise raised his axe and swung down in front of him, splitting the ground. Sammie and Ruin dodged the attack while Mikomi, Manna, and Mahad escaped with the aid of one of the Dark Magician Girl's spells.

"You're improving," her teacher complimented, "Leave this to me. Go help her."

"Got it, master!" And with that, Manna joined Sammie and Ruin.

"Destroy them!" ordered Venus. Black Luster Soldier and Demise readied their weapons and prepared to charge.

"What's wrong? Scared to fight a bunch of girls yourself?" Sammie mocked.

"Your taunts will have no effect on me. Attack them, my servants!"

Meanwhile, the battle between Zetsubou and Interface had escalated. The latter had called forth a katana and was holding it in a reverse grip as he dueled with the assassin. Blades clashed as the two flew through the air and they quickly disengaged one another briefly before rushing in and locking blades. "For a human, you have superb combat skills," Interface noted.

"As do you," Zetsubou replied, "It's too bad you fight on the side of evil." The two combatants disengaged and Interface fired his cables again. Zetsubou dodged them and stuck one of his blades through all three cables before stabbing it into the ground. Interface tried to retract them, but found himself unable to do so. Zetsubou took the opportunity to attack, but had his knife deflected by Interface's blade.

Elsewhere on the battlefield, Sako fired off the revolvers he had taken from Don Zaloog until he had run out of ammunition. He threw them aside and used his service pistol while also maintaining his sniper rifle with his other hand and its shoulder strap. His smaller bullets only succeeded in ricocheting off Terabyte's body, but his fifty calibre rounds caused the large virus to move aside to avoid getting shot.

"I will get near you and I will destroy you!" he swore as he swung his claws.

"I actually find it rather unusual," said Sako as he continued fighting, "If you truly are viruses, then how are you able to exist outside of a digital environment, even in the world of Ardent?" His question had been overheard by the others and Interface laughed as he disengaged Zetsubou and kicked him away.

"So you've figured it out," the masked virus cackled.

"You mean we're not in Karheim?" asked Manna looking around.

"I had thought it was unusual that I could no longer detect the flow of magic from Endymion," Mahad thought aloud.

The viruses retreated to where Noah stood and almost instantly space broke apart. Now they stood in a shattered land with pieces separated by a large void that descended into a neverending digital grid. From the depths of digital nothingness, an enormous avatar of Noah rose up, except with its hood pulled up thus obscuring its face save for a pair of glowing red and blue eyes that peered out piercingly from the shadow as well as possessing Interface's right hand and having a larger version of Venus' halo behind its back while also wielding a grappling claw similar to Terabyte's hand attached to its left arm.

"Noah! We're your friends!" Sammie called out.

"Friends?" the avatar echoed, "I have no need for friends! I have never had a need for friends. All they ever did was abuse me and take advantage of me. I will never allow it to happen again. And I shall accomplish this by wiping out all of humanity!"

Suddenly Noah snapped out of his trance and turned to look up at his imposing avatar. "I never said I wanted to wipe out all of humanity! All I wanted was a world where bullying never existed. I wanted to remove the bullies and the tormentors, but I did NOT want to destroy the innocent!" He pointed up. "You're not me."

"Noah!" Sammie was suddenly happy, "You're back!"

Noah turned to Sammie. "I see the truth now." He pointed to the three viruses. "These are NOT my viruses!" He then looked back at his avatar. "Who are you?"

"I suppose my charade is at an end." The avatar faded and in its place an enormous projection of Albert the Magical Scientist appeared.

"It's him!" gasped Manna.

"Well, no use keeping these disguises up." Albert snapped his fingers and Interface, Venus, and Terabyte vanished, being replaced with creatures with shackles and live bombs for heads.

"Crashbugs?" Noah suddenly felt rage building up inside him, "You used Crashbugs to imitate my superviruses!?"

"Seems I've sparked a nerve," Albert cackled.

The back of Noah's left hand began to shine white as he strapped his Duel Disk to his right arm. "You. Me. NOW!" The light slowly began to form the shape of a rose as Albert continued to laugh.

"A child dares to challenge the great Magical Scientist? How amusing! Very well. I will entertain you for now."

From somewhere in his laboratory, Albert pulled a Duel Terminal out and looked at his screen.

"Let's duel!"


Noah: 8000

Magical Scientist: 8000


"Age before beauty," declared Albert as he drew. "I play Crashbug Road. This will let us both Special Summon one monster from our hands with a level equal to one level four or lower monster we have on the field. "Now I will Normal Summon Crashbug X!" A creature with a dual-fuse cherry bomb for a head appeared with an X on its shirt with a ball and chain on its ankle (ATK/0 DEF/2000). "And with Crashbug Road, I will Special Summon Crashbug Y." A larger creature with a live cherry bomb for a face appeared with a pair of handcuffs hanging of its right wrist (ATK/1400 DEF/1600).

"And since I control Crashbug X and Crashbug Y, Crashbug X's effect lets me Special Summon Crashbug Z from my hand!" A skinny creature with a cherry bomb for its head with a ball and chain on both ankles appeared (ATK/0 DEF/1500).

"I'll set a card and end my turn," announced Albert.

Noah tore his first card off the top of his deck. "I Special Summon Vice Dragon!" He slammed the card on top of his Duel Disk and summoned his purple dragon (ATK/2000 DEF/2400), whose stats were instantly halved into one thousand and twelve hundred attack and defense points respectively. "Normal Summon Delta Flyer." A winged armless dragon appeared and roared (ATK/1500 DEF/900). "Crashbug Road's effect. Special Summon another Delta Flyer." A second Delta Flyer appeared. "Banish one Delta Flyer to Special Summon Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon." The second Delta Flyer disappeared and in its place arose Noah's powerful dragon of darkness (ATK/2800 DEF/2400). "Vice Dragon and Delta Flyer, Synchro Summon! Dark End Dragon!" The boy didn't even bother with the summon chant as his two-faced black dragon appeared and roared (ATK/2600 DEF/2100). "Red-Eyes summons Lightpulsar Dragon!" A shining white dragon appeared and roared (ATK/2500 DEF/1500).

"Red-Eyes, attack Crashbug X!" Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon reared back its head and fired off a burst of red energy at Crashbug X.


Noah: 8000

Magical Scientist: 5200


"Dark End Dragon, attack Crashbug Y!" Dark End Dragon's main head opened its mouth and a blast of darkness shot out and obliterated Crashbug Y.


Noah: 8000

Magical Scientist: 4000


"Lightpulsar Dragon, finish Crashbug Z!" Lightpulsar Dragon roared and erupted with a wave of light that engulfed Crashbug Z.


Noah: 8000

Magical Scientist: 1500


"Go," said Noah.

"You're a fiesty one, aren't you?" Albert laughed as he drew. "First, Dark Hole." A black hole appeared and swallowed up all of Noah's monsters. "Now I banish my Crashbugs to summon Super Crashbug in defense mode!" An enormous virus appeared on the field pitch black save for a few pink lights and lines all over its body (ATK/0 DEF/3000). "When it's on the field, it switches the attack and defense points of all face-up attack position monsters. And that's what I'm going to do. Reveal Trap Card, Zero Gravity! This switches..."

"I know what the bloody thing does!" Noah yelled as Super Crashbug stood up and its attack and defense stats switched.

"Then you know what's going to happen," said Albert, "Attack!" Super Crashbug thrust its arm down and crashed its fist on top of Noah.


Noah: 5000

Magical Scientist: 1500


"Try and defeat it!" laughed the Magical Scientist.

Noah drew his card. "Dark Armed Dragon." With Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, Vice Dragon, and Dark End Dragon in his graveyard, he brought out the black darkness-corrupted Armed Dragon (ATK/2800 DEF/1000). "I banish Vice Dragon to use his effect. Dark Genocide!" Dark Armed Dragon's abdominal blades started spinning and fired, shredding Super Crashbug to bits.

"Now end it!" ordered Noah, causing Dark Armed Dragon to fire off the drills from its body at Albert.


Noah: 5000

Magical Scientist: 0


"How could I have been defeated by a child?" Albert shouted as his image faded away.

"You picked the wrong child to mess with," Noah responded.

o o o

In some laboratory in an undisclosed location, a machine beeped and a beam shot out which brought Sammie, Noah, Mikomi, Zetsubou, Sako, Getsu, Mahad, and Manna out into the room. "What was that?" asked Mikomi.

"I think we really were inside the computer," Zetsubou guessed, "But how?"

"It must have happened while we were sleeping," Sako surmised.

Meanwhile Mahad was walking around the room with his staff aglow. He stopped beside the machine that had brought them to this place. "I've found something. Noah, come here." Noah did as instructed and looked. He saw something inside the device and pulled it out.

"It's a White Rose Card!" he exclaimed.

"Does that mean there's a seal nearby?" asked Sammie.

"Most probably," Mahad answered.

They searched the laboratory and while they found no sign of Albert, they did stumble upon the seal which Noah restored with the power of the Rose Card.

"At last, the five seals of the UnGod in Karheim are restored," the Dark Magician declared.

Upon finding the egress, the group headed outside and proceeded to continue their journey to Caius' palace. However, they had barely taken a step when the ground suddenly started shaking.

"Now what?" asked Getsu.

o o o

In his throne room, Caius laughed as he watched the group through his scrying orb. "Did they honestly believe I would be foolish enough to leave those seals unprotected somehow?"

"Is your plan coming to fruition, my lord?" asked Evilswarm Thanatos.

"Yes it is, Thanatos," Caius said before he started to explain, "As you know, five seals of thet UnGod exist within Karheim. In order to ensure the destruction of our foes, I've had them all linked to one of the five forbidden seals located throughout my kingdom. By the magical bonds I had placed, bu restoring the UnGod's seals they have broken seals."

"My king, does this mean what I think it means?"

"Yes it does," cackled Caius.

o o o

Across Karheim, five pillars of light shot skyward from five different locations. Then a circle of light connected them together followed by five lines intersecting each other to connect each pillar to the others, forming a massive pentagram across the realm of darkness.

"What's going on?" asked Getsu.

"Something I had anticipated, but had hoped would never come about," answered Mahad.

A loud roar echoed across Karheim and a massive stone-like giant rose up bound in chains.

o o o

Caius watched his scrying orb with great delight.

"Exodia, awaken!"

o o o

Exodia's eyes suddenly illuminated and he stood up, breaking free of his shackles.

"It is as I feared," said Mahad, "The Forbidden One."

"Exodia," whispered Noah.

The group watched as Exodia let out a loud bellow that shook Karheim to its very core.

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