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The Science of Betrayal

Zetsubou's clothes had reverted back to their original form and his new Duel Disk had vanished. All that remained was the ring on his left hand. As the group progressed across Karheim, the sky seemed to be darkening even more than they thought possible.

"As we approach Caius' palace, light will continue to fade until none remains," Mahad explained, "We must be cautious for by the time we reach the palace gates, we will be shrouded in pitch blackness."

"Won't your illumination spells work?" Noah asked.

"No," Manna answered, "Caius' darkness absorbs all light. We'll be blind. And it doesn't help that there will be things trying to eat us too." Noah let out a squeak of fear.

"I fear we may have more than Caius to worry about," Sako said as he pointed in the distance, "Look." Everyone followed his hand and saw what he was looking at. An army of machines was marching upon Caius' palace just as they were. Countless ground troops moved in formation while above their heads flew a swarm of Cyberdark robots. There were also Hunter Dragons equipped with mind control devices on their heads. Flying over all the troops was a machine designed to look like Kozaky with Kozaky himself in the pilot's seat.

"Kozaky, is everything ready?" Jinzo asked as he appeared on a view screen on the demonic scientist's dash.

"Everything is ready to proceed, Jinzo," Kozaky reported.

"Excellent. Commence the final stage of the plan at once then."

"At once."

o o o

The approaching machine army did not go unnoticed. Caius saw it on the scrying orb and was fuming at the very thought that one of his own would dare attack him.

"Lord Caius," the mechanical filtered voice of Jinzo greeted.

"Where have you been?" the Shadow Monarch demanded as his Chief Scientist entered the throne room.

"Repairing myself," Jinzo confessed, "I was attacked and severely damaged. I've been attempting to repair myself ever since. Please forgive me for my absence, Lord Caius."

Caius said nothing as he returned to his orb. "Prepare the troops to defend the palace."

"What of the Terrans? They encroach upon us as well."

"Send some troops to slow them down," Caius ordered.

"At once, my Lord."

o o o

After having seen the machine army, Mahad had urged the group to move faster. Exactly as the Dark Magician had told them, everything did grow darker the closer they approached Caius' palace.

"This totally isn't creepy at all!" Noah told himself out loud.

"Keep a lookout anyway," Getsu said.

Mikomi patted Noah on the shoulder, which caused him to look over at her. "It'll be alright. We'll get through this, we'll bet Caius, and we'll go home."

"We may have a problem," Zetsubou stated.

"What's that?" Sammie inquired. From the shadows, a large troop of soldiers wielding swords appeared.

"What are they?" asked Sako. In his experience as the Duel Sniper, he had never seen monsters like these.

"Chthonian Soldiers," Mahad answered.

"Are they strong?" asked Sako.

"Not really," Manna replied.

"That would explain it."

Zetsubou and Getsu drew their weapons, Mahad and Manna readied their staves, Mikomi, Noah, and Sammie summoned their monsters, and the blonde also readied herself to fight head-on.

o o o

Meanwhile, not far from their location, Gorz crouched on a rock ledge watching the Terran team. He knew that these troops would prove completely ineffectual against his targets. However, if there were enough of them, they were bound to tire out, making his job significantly easier. Slinking back into the shadows, the mercenary bided his time. The opportunity to strike would come soon.

o o o

Caius' own forces marched to meet with the machine army. A multitude of demons, warriors, and other species from the realm of darkness set forth. The Blackwing clan flew overhead with Blackwing Armor Master at its head. From within the walls of the palace, Caius observed the movement of his forces while seated upon his throne.

"Are you certain it will be enough?" asked Jinzo.

"The swifter we can destroy those damned machines, the sooner I can focus on the Terrans," Caius answered.

The Terrans are the least of your worries, Jinzo thought as he laughed silently in his head.

o o o

The battle began without a hitch. Machines rolled forward opening fire while the forces of darkness rushed in weapons drawn and magical energies powering up.

"Attack! Attack!" ordered Caius' general in charge, Diabolos, King of the Abyss. A horde of Vorse Raiders roared and charged with Pandemonium Watchbears running alongside them. Overhead the Blackwings swooped down upon the mechanical army.

"Do not give in! Attack!" Kozaky yelled. Below him, Mechanicalchasers and Cannon Soldiers marched forward while Heavy Mech Support Platforms flew overhead dropping Black Salvos. Explosions dotted the forces of darkness as they pushed forward with Red-Eyes Black Dragons and Summoned Skulls while the machines were backed up by Fusilier Dragons and Fiendish Engine Omega.

"The battle has started," Mahad said as he could hear the explosions in the distance.

"That's great, but how about focusing on the here and now?" asked Sammie and she pummeled another Chthonian Soldier in the face. Her opponent went down and she turned on another, throwing it into one that was about to hit Noah from behind.

"These guys are a lot easier to fight off than I thought," Mikomi commented as two soldiers tripped over each other trying to reach her.

"I'm actually almost disappointed," Zetsubou replied.

"Maybe Caius is slipping?" asked Noah.

"Not likely. He must have something planned," Getsu answered.

o o o

"How goes the battle?" asked Caius.

"Against the machines, we seem to be at a stalemate," Jinzo reported.

"And what of the Terrans?"

"As you requested, we're throwing wave after wave of the easily-defeatable Chthonian Soldiers at them."

"And how is that going?"


"Excellent." Caius opened his hand and an orb of darkness rose up from it, revealing a dim image of Gorz. "My mercenary shall deal with them in due time."

"I am quite certain all will be dealt with in due time," the Chief Scientist replied.

o o o

"You know we can't just stay here and fight these guys," Sammie pointed out.

"Oh I know they're just a distraction," Sako answered as he shot one in the head with his pistol, "But we can't move if they don't let up."

"Can't you and Zetsu just do your thing?" Noah asked.

Sako and Zetsubou stopped and looked at each other. The latter pressed his ring and transformed his clothes into his bodysuit. The Duel Sniper then signaled and Mahad blinked him up to a stone ledge where he went prong and began sniping. Chthonian Soldiers started dropping like flies. The ones that stayed alive looked about in confusion as the darkness above had completely cloaked the sniper. However, their worries were quickly laid to rest as Zetsubou dashed through them while delivering a series of kicks and punches, pausing only after he arrived at the end of a large mass of them only to pose before the soldiers exploded behind him.

"Leave this to us!" the transformed assassin yelled.

"Good luck, Zetsu!" Mikomi called out as she and the others took off.

"Think you got this," asked Sako as the others left.

"Well might be trouble if one more shows up," Zetsubou answered facetiously.

"Then that'll be the one I kill."

"What? You're fighting too?"

Sako smirked and opened fire. As more Chthonian Soldiers fell, Zetsubou weaved through them, delivering a series of devastating strikes and slashes with his knives. As the Duel Sniper continued his attack, he suddenly noticed a darker shadow appear from overhead. He looked up in time to see Gorz coming down on him with his sword drawn. Sako moved fast and jumped for the ledge just before the mercenary's blade came down on the spot he had been crouching on mere seconds ago. Sako pulled his SMG out from Heward's Handy Haversack and as he landed, he rolled on the ground and pumped bullets into a Chthonian Soldier as he stood back up before slamming it on the head with his rifle.

"I need another weapon!" Zetsubou yelled, having had to throw his knives to kill two enemies in the distance.

Sako quickly reached into his haversack and pulled out the first thing he could get his hands on, which was a shotgun. "Catch!" He threw the weapon across the battlefield and Zetsubou caught it and fired it into the face of an oncoming Chthonian Soldier.

"Not my preferred choice of weapon, but it'll do." He cocked the gun and fired again. With the transformed assassin taking care of the footsoldiers, Sako turned all his attention on the Emissary of Darkness.

"We shall settle this here and now," declared Gorz.

"I couldn't agree more," Sako replied.

o o o

Unfortunately for the group, the shortest route to the palace took them right through the ongoing battle. With none of the members actually being active combatants Getsu, Mahad, and Manna were being relied upon to keep the combatting forces at bay as they moved toward the castle. Machinery and wiring erupted in a storm of shrapnel before them. Flesh was torn through by artillery fire as fiends let out a death knell. This was war. And they knew it.

"We have to stop the fighting if we want to make it through alive," Getsu muttered as she cut through another fiend, disintegrating it with the magical power of her blade.

"That means taking out their leaders," Sammie pointed out.

"I can deal with Kozaky," Mikomi offered.

"Mikomi, are you sure?" Noah asked.

"He's got the command over every machine in Karheim," Manna said.

Mikomi nodded. "If my big brother can handle himself, I have to too. I don't want to be one of those defenseless little sisters who's always a burden."

Noah nodded with understanding. "Alright then. But we need to get up there."

"Our biggest problem is that," Sammie said pointing up to Diabolos.

"Leave that to us. We just need to get close enough," Mahad replied.

"Then hop on." Mikomi summoned Scrap Dragon and everybody got onto its back. The mechanical dragon took flight and flew toward the sky. Diabolos was in the air breathing fire on the battlefield, paying no attention to what was happening overhead. When Scrap Dragon was in position, Mahad, Manna, and Getsu jumped off and landed on his back.

"Time for us to bail," said Sammie. Noah nodded and called out Light and Darkness Dragon. He and Sammie hopped onto its back and flew toward the palace, leaving Mikomi to deal with Kozaky.

The demonic scientist was not oblivious to his surroundings and it was quite clear that he had a visitor approaching. "So, the Terrans think a little girl can stop me?" he asked mockingly.

"You're about to see what this little girl can do," Mikomi replied.

"Oh I wouldn't doubt that." Kozaky snapped his fingers and the Cyberdarks came around him. "I wouldn't doubt that at all."

o o o

Light and Darkness Dragon flew across the dark sky leaving everything behind it, but several Blackwings had picked up on them and gave pursuit. "Don't these guys know when to quit?" Noah sighed. He summoned Lightpulsar Dragon and Darkflare Dragon. "Keep them off our backs." As the two dragons fended off the dark Winged Beasts, Sammie couldn't help but wonder how the others were doing.

o o o

Zetsubou kicked a Chthonian Soldier off the ground before crouching down and firing a shotgun shell into his chest. He turned around and slammed the butt of the gun into another one and turned to fire again, but found he was out of ammunition. Instead of asking Sako for more shells, he used the weapon as a club and made his way across the battlefield to where his knives now lay embedded in two fallen soldiers. He threw the shotgun and hit another opponent before making a dive and grabbing his blades. He pulled them out of the eye sockets of his dead targets and began slashing again.

Meanwhile, Sako kept his distance from Gorz. He refrained from summoning any monsters to aid him should his opponent summon Kaien the Emissary of Darkness again. However, the mercenary's relentless attacks kept him using all of his efforts at a comfortable distance away. Gorz was a merciless attacker and Sako could barely get a shot in. He resorted to using his sidearm quite often, but his opponent would block his bullets with the flat of his blade. Reaching into his haversack once more, Sako pulled out two hand grenades and removed the pins with his teeth. He left them on the stone ledge he stood upon and jumped as Gorz came up. Just as the dark mercenary approached, the grenades exploded.

"How charming! You actually tried to trap me!" The Emissary of Darkness flew out of the cloud of smoke and thrust his sword toward Sako. The Duel Sniper avoided his attack and rolled away. He landed on the ground and pointed his sniper rifle at his enemy. He pulled the trigger and fired. Gorz swung his sword to block, but came in slightly too late and the impact knocked his weapon out of his hand. However, he was used to this. No sooner had the blade left his grip, the Emissary of Darkness threw a weapon akin to a bladed boomerang and knocked Sako's rifle away. The Duel Sniper watched where his weapon flew to and got up, but found himself face-to-face with his foe.

"It's going to be a shame to destroy such a worthy adversary," Gorz said.

"A job's a job," Sako replied.

The two combatants stood there for a moment in complete silence before rushing toward one another. Sako drew two more firearms while Gorz brandished his arm blades.

o o o

Mikomi had engaged Kozaky in a duel. The demonic scientist cackled as he drew his card while looking at the Scrap Twin Dragon his opponent had summoned and the Scrap Dragon that had destroyed his Five God Dragon.

"You'll regret having destroyed my five-headed beast. I activate Power Bond. Now I fuse from my hand Cyberdark Horn, Cyberdark Edge, and Cyberdark Keel to summon Cyberdark Dragon!" A large mechanical dragon with the three aforementioned creatures as its head, wings, and tail respectively rose up and roared. "And thanks to Power Bond's effect, its attack power is doubled. But that's not all! For now any dragon in my graveyard can be equipped to it and adds its power to my Cyberdark Dragon!" Five-God Dragon appeared and was grabbed in Cyberdark Dragon's claws, boosting its attack power to seven thousand.

"And now I'll activate Cyberdark Impact! Now by returning Cyberdark Horn, Cyberdark Edge, and Cyberdark Keel to my deck, I can summon another Cyberdark Dragon!" Another Cyberdark Dragon appeared on the field and roared, which Kozaky promptly equipped with Black Skull Dragon. "Destroy!" On Kozaky's command, his two monsters fired and destroyed Mikomi's Scrap Dragon and Scrap Twin Dragon.

Meanwhile, Mahad, Manna, and Getsu had come to the horrifying discovery that Diabolos' armor was riveted directly into his flesh. "The pain must have been unbearable," Getsu commented.

"How could anyone want something like that?" asked Manna.

"You can be horrified later. We must stop this mad beast!" Mahad said snapping his two comrades back to attention. With that, he, Manna, and Getsu started attacking the armor plates. It took a lot of firepower, but eventually they were able to loosen the first and Getsu placed her sword under and pried. Manna aided her while Mahad kept them shielded. Then with a sickening sound accompanied by a roar of pain, the rivets ripped out of Diabolos' flesh and the plate flew off.

"We're in bigger trouble now," said Manna. From the wounds left behind by the rivets, Giant Germs began to crawl out.

"I should have suspected Diabolos' internal defenses would try to kill us too," Mahad thought aloud as he, Getsu, and Manna took up battle stances.

o o o

"Sammie, look!" Noah yelled pointing. Sammie followed his finger and couldn't believe what she saw. It was Caius' palace, a fortress of blackest stone with towers jutting out like jagged spikes with a spiked ring surrounding its exterior. The entire castle was floating over a seemingly endless void. Noah couldn't help but peer into the chasm.

"Blackwings! Knock them down into the Abyss!" yelled Blackwing Armor Master.

"These guys just don't quit, do they?" Sammie yelled.

"I'm taking us to the castle!" Noah shouted as he turned his dragon and sent it straight toward the palace.

o o o

"How convenient that the Terrans would enter the battle," Caius mused as he resumed watching the scrying orb. "Wait a moment. What is that?" He took a closer look at a device on the machines side of the battlefield. "A Spell Canceller! Diabolos, get those infernal mages off your back and destroy that machine!"

"Don't worry about a thing, Lord Caius," Jinzo said reassuringly, "Everything is under control."

"They had better be," growled the Dark Emperor.

"Under. Control." Jinzo stepped back a few steps and several wires shot out from his back like tentacles and stuck against Caius' back, sending several thousand volts of electricity through his body. The Shadow Monarch cried out before collapsing off his throne onto the dais.

"Jinzo... You dare...betray me?"

"An intellect far superior to your own deserves to be the true ruler of Karheim," Jinzo said as he shocked the demonic king again, "But my ambitions surpass yours by far. At first I was not sure to what extent my influence could reach. However, with the arrival of the Terrans on Ardent, my hypothesis was confirmed. Lord Caius..." He stressed the title mockingly. "I have no intention of ruling merely this land of darkness. I intend to control Ardent. And once I have accomplished that, I will rule all worlds! I shall become a god and not even the UnGod will be able to surpass me."

"You dare compare yourself to the UnGod?" Caius demanded. In response, Jinzo shocked him again.

"In this universe, intellect is everything. There are none who can surpass mine. You had not even realized that I had upgraded since last you saw me. I am not merely Jinzo, the man who was once your Chief Scientist. I am Jinzo - Lord! A title befitting for the new ruler of this world."

"You will regret your decision, traitor." Black fog appeared around Caius' hand and vanished almost immediately, leaving behind a long wicked sword with a jagged-edged blade and a horned demon skull surrounding the crossguard. Jinzo sent more electricity through his wires, but the Dark Emperor withstood the pain and slowly rose to his feet.

"Now begone to the other dimension!" He stabbed his blade against the floor, but nothing happened.

"I have taken precautions against all of your magic," Jinzo boasted, "Though my most recent attempts to grant myself omnipotence was for naught I at least gained enough information to ensure my victory. You have no power here anymore, Caius." He shocked the Dark Emperor again and brought him down to his knees.

"I will destroy you, traitor!" Caius swore over the pain.

"I've already won."

There was suddenly a crash as Light and Darkness Dragon plowed through a window and crashed into the throne room, throwing its passengers off onto the floor.

"See? I told you I could get us in!" Noah yelled.

"Yeah, but you also said you knew how to fly your dragon," Sammie replied.

"And I do!"

"Then why'd we crash through a window?"

"I said I had figured out how to fly a dragon. I haven't quite done the same yet for landing one."

"Ah, uninvited guests," Jinzo noted. He turned to Caius. "I'll finish you later." He unplugged his wires from the Shadow Monarch and turned around to face the intruders.

"Okay, Caius! We're here to kick your ass and- WHAT THE HELL?!" Sammie looked at the scene before her.

"You're a little late for that, girl," Jinzo said, "Caius has already been...deposed."

"Bloody hell," was all Noah could say.

Jinzo kicked Caius off the dais and sat himself upon the throne as the Dark Emperor vanished into one of his corridors of darkness. "As ruler of Karheim, I now possess the power over all forces of darkness. With its armies at my command, I shall rule all of Ardent. And then, I shall rule all worlds, beginning with yours."

"You want to take over our world?" Sammie asked.

"How?" Noah added.

"Once I control all of Ardent, I shall access the Tower of Divinity. With its power, I can access any world."

"What's the Tower of Divinity?" asked Sammie.

"It makes sense that you have never heard of it," Jinzo answered before he started to explain, "As you know, Ardent is divided into six realms: Paslie, the Realm of Wind; Aeagnaap, the Realm of Earth; Vazrana, the Realm of Water; Orstrem, the Realm of Fire; Hieratine, the Realm of Light; and Karheim, the Realm of Darkness. While vast and expansive, all the realms share one single border. And it is at this shared border the Tower of Divinity was erected."

"I see. So the Tower of Divinity represents the seventh attribute, Divine," Noah thought out loud.

"Correct. The Tower of Divinity draws power from all six realms and keeps them in balance. As a result, it is the single location in Ardent to possess immeasurable power. And those who wield this power will be able to accomplish anything that they desire. It was my Plan B in the event to attain godhood, had my Infinite Probability Engine failed. It is always good to have a back up, after all."

"So that's your plan." Noah stepped forward. "You intend to use the Tower of Divinity as a means of interdimensional transportation to travel across the multiverse and take control of each world one at a time thereby immortalizing yourself and as a result becoming the newfound god of all that exists."

"You are surprisingly intelligent for a child," Jinzo said, obviously impressed, "Naive, but intelligent. Perhaps you would consider allying yourself with me. A great intellect like your own must not be wasted among the rabble. Join the ranks of other great minds and rule the multiverse with us."

"Your offer is tempting, but I'm going to refuse," Noah answered, "I'm quite happy with my friends and I'd never abandon them."

"A pity. Then I'm afraid I must terminate you." Jinzo readied his wires.

"Settle with me the old fashioned way then." Noah put on and activated his Duel Disk.

"I suppose there is no harm in indulging one final request." Jinzo held out his left arm and a Duel Disk unfolded from it.


Noah: 8000

Jinzo: 8000


"I will permit you to go first," Jinzo offered.

"With pleasure." Noah drew his first card. "I set two cards. Then I play the Field Spell, Chaos Zone." He placed his card inside his field tray and watched as the throne room transformed into a space between dimensions. "Now whenever a monster gets banished, my Field Spell gains a Chaos Counter. So now I'll play Gold Sarcophagus and I'll banish Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon from my deck. Then it comes to my hand in two turns." A golden box appeared on the field and his selected card was sealed within it, causing a portal to open up in the space between dimensions.

"Now I summon Eclipse Wyvern." A black and white dragon with red runes tattooed all over its body appeared and roared (ATK/1600 DEF/1000). "That ends my turn."

"I draw." Jinzo drew his card. "I will begin with Pot of Duality." A large porcelain jug appeared bearing the face of Pot of Greed. "First I reveal three cards from the top of my deck." He drew three cards and the third lens of his goggles suddenly lit up like a projector to display them. They were Battle Fader, Enemy Controller, and Call of the Haunted. "I shall place Enemy Controller into my hand."

Suddenly, Pot of Duality turned around, showing Noah a calm white face with a serene expression. "Now I return the other two cards to my deck and shuffle." Jinzo placed his cards back on top of his deck and his Duel Disk automatically shuffled it. "Now I shall conclude my turn."

Noah looked at the field. Jinzo had placed nothing out. But he kept himself on his toes. This man was not Caius' Chief Scientist for nothing. He slowly drew his next card. "Eclipse Wyvern, attack directly!"

"I negate your attack by summoning Battle Fader in defense position." A demon resembling a mix between a bell and a clock pendulum appeared in front of Jinzo and swung its arm from one side to the other to block the attack (ATK/0 DEF/0).

"I thought so," Noah thought out loud, "I end my turn."

"My turn now." Jinzo drew his card. "First I activate Enemy Controller from my hand." He played the Spell Card he had brought to his hand with the effect of his Pot of Duality from earlier, which summoned a large game controller before him. Now I input my code: Left, Right, A, B." The buttons moved as commanded and the cord shot out and grabbed Eclipse Wyvern. Battle Fader was destroyed and banished by its own effect, which gave Noah's Chaos Zone another Chaos Counter as the dragon was placed on Jinzo's side of the field.

"Now I sacrifice Eclipse Wyvern and summon forth Jinzo!" Eclipse Wyvern vanished and in its place arose Jinzo's previous form (ATK/2400 DEF/1500).

"When Eclipse Wyvern goes to the graveyard, his effect lets me banish one level seven or higher Light or Dark Dragon from my deck. Then when he gets banished in turn, that Dragon comes to my hand." Noah searched his deck. "And I'm choosing my Light and Darkness Dragon." He placed it in his pocket and allowed his deck to reshuffle as his Chaos Zone gained another counter.

"So it would seem. However as I am certain you are aware, all my forms are equipped with trap cancellation drivers. Now feel my wrath!" Jinzo on the field charged up a sparking black ball of energy and fired it at Noah.


Noah: 5600

Jinzo: 8000


"I'll set one card and end my turn," announced Jinzo.

"Well, it's my turn now." Noah drew his card. "And as per my Gold Sarcophagus' effect, Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon comes to my hand." The golden box opened and Noah's dragon was placed in his hand. "Okay, now here's what I'm going to do. First, I'm going to Special Summon Vice Dragon in defense mode. By doing so, his stats will get halved." A purple dragon with green wings appeared crouching defensively (ATK/2000 DEF/2400). However, its body seemed to weaken as its attack and defense stats became one thousand and twelve hundred points respectively. "Next I banish Eclipse Wyvern from my graveyard, bringing Light and Darkness Dragon to my hand and gaining another Chaos Counter in the process, to Special Summon Ghost Ship in attack mode." As a fourth portal appeared in the space between dimensions, a haunting sea vessel brought back from its watery grave arose, its tatters sails flapping in the non-existent wind as spirits floated about it (ATK/1900 DEF/1000).

"You may have a Trap negater, Jinzo, but I also know that you've got the means to protect it," Noah continued, "Your facedown is a Quickplay Spell, isn't it? It can't be a Trap otherwise your monster would negate it, thus rendering it useless. But I have news. I'm not going to let you use it. I sacrifice Vice Dragon and Ghost Ship to summon Light and Darkness Dragon!" The two creatures vanished and in their place rose Noah's signature black and white dragon (ATK/2800 DEF/2400).

"That ends my turn," announced the young prodigy.

"Playing defensively?" Jinzo drew his card. "Admirable, but foolish. Your creature will lose power regardless of what I activate. In the end, my monster is far superior and I shall prove it. I reveal my facedown, Shrink!"

"And Light and Darkness Dragon negates that!" Noah countered. His monster released a pulse of darkness that cancelled out Shrink and reduced its stats by five hundred down to twenty-three hundred attack points and nineteen hundred defense points.

"Now attack!" ordered Jinzo. His lesser form charged up an attack and fired, blasting Light and Darkness Dragon into oblivion.


Noah: 5500

Jinzo: 8000


"I end my turn," announced the Chief Scientist.

Noah drew his card. "I summon Divine Dragon Apocralyph!" A long-necked dragon made entirely of flames soared onto the field and landed with a roar (ATK/1000 DEF/1500). "Now I banish it to Special Summon Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon!" The creature was thrown into another dimension, giving Noah a fifth Chaos Counter and he summoned out his enormous black metallic dragon (ATK/2800 DEF/2400).

"Attack!" Noah's order echoed through the throne room as Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon powered up its Darkness Metal Flare and fired a bright red burst of energy from its mouth at Jinzo.


Noah: 5500

Jinzo: 7600


"Now I activate Fiend Comedian!" A golden coin appeared in Noah's hand. "If I call it right, I can banish every card in your graveyard. If I call it wrong, I must send cards from my deck to my graveyard equal to the number of cards in your graveyard. I call Tails!" He tossed the coin skyward and reached out to catch it. He missed it entirely and it landed on the black stone floor on Heads.

"You suck at coin tosses, Noah!" Sammie yelled.

"I have four cards in my graveyard," Jinzo announced.

"And four cards I shall send to my graveyard." Noah dug through his deck and sent Divine Dragon Apocralyph, Dimensional Alchemist, Lightpulsar Dragon, and Darkflare Dragon to his graveyard before putting his cards back in place and letting his Duel Disk shuffle his deck. "Now I'll use my Red-Eyes' effect to resurrect Lightpulsar Dragon!"

"I discard Effect Veiler to negate your creature's effect this turn." Jinzo dropped his card into his graveyard and Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon was stopped dead.

"I'm done then," announced Noah.

Jinzo drew his card. "I activate Allure of Darkness. I begin by drawing two cards." He drew two more. "Then I must banish one Dark monster in my hand. Elsewise, I must discard my entire hand."

"Do you banish?" asked Noah.

"I banish a Jinzo - Returner." Jinzo placed his card off to the side and Noah's Field Spell Card gained a sixth counter. "I now conclude my turn."

Noah was iffy again. His opponent had a clear field. Why again? He drew his card and weighed his options. "I summon Dimensional Alchemist." An angelic knight appeared in front of him (ATK/1300 DEF/200). "Now I use his effect and banish the top card of my deck to raise his attack power by five hundred." His card turned out to be Delta Flyer and his Field Spell Card gained its seventh counter while Dimensional Alchemist's attack power rose to eighteen hundred. "Now with Red-Eyes effect, I summon Lightpulsar Dragon!" A white shining dragon of light rose up and roared from the grave (ATK/2500 DEF/1500).

"Now Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, attack!" Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon fired off another Darkness Metal Flare at Jinzo.


Noah: 5500

Jinzo: 4800


"I Special Summon Gorz the Emissary of Darkness!" The blade-wielding mercenary appeared in front of Jinzo and swung his sword briefly before sliding it into its sheath behind his back (ATK/2700 DEF/2500). "And since he was summoned by Battle Damage, his effect lets me summon an Emissary of Darkness Token with attack and defense points equal to the damage I just took." Kaien the Emissary of Darkness appeared and stood beside her male counterpart as a level seven Light Fairy with twenty-eight hundred attack and defense points.

"Well played," Noah muttered.

"Anything else?" asked Jinzo.

"No..." And with that, Dimensional Alchemist's attack points lowered back down to thirteen hundred.

"I draw." Jinzo drew his card. "Excellent. Now it all comes together. I play D.D.R. - Different Dimension Reincarnation. I begin by discarding one card and then I will return Jinzo - Returner from banishment." He sent Unkown Synchron to his graveyard and a portal opened up to bring back the smaller equivalent of Jinzo (ATK/600 DEF/1400).

"I activate my facedown!" Noah quickly yelled, "Another Fiend Comedian. I call Heads!" He flipped the coin and failed to catch it once again, resulting it to land on the floor on Tails. With seven cards in his opponent's graveyard, he sent Delta Flyer, Lightray Diabolos, Lightpulsar Dragon, Darkflare Dragon, Dark Armed Dragon, Eclipse Wyvern, and Vice Dragon from his deck to his graveyard.

"Now I sacrifice Jinzo - Returner to resurrect Jinzo!" Jinzo - Returner vanished and the original Jinzo returned to the field. "Next I sacrifice him and bring out my current form, Jinzo - Lord!" A light appeared on the field and Jinzo stepped into it, causing it to rise up in a column and signalling his entry into battle (ATK/2600 DEF/1600).

"You're entering combat?" asked Noah.

"If you want something done, do it yourself," was Jinzo's answer. "And now I shall empower myself with the Amplifier!" A helmet with a massive array of dials, gauges, and knobs appeared and the Chief Scientist placed it upon his head. "This will further augment my powers and focus my trap cancellers only at you. Now Kaien, destroy Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon!" The Emissary of Darkness Token leapt forward and swung her sword at Noah's black dragon, which countered with its own attack. Both combatants were destroyed together. "Now Gorz, destroy Lightpulsar Dragon!" Gorz drew his sword and beheaded Lightpulsar Dragon with little effort.


Noah: 5300

Jinzo: 4800


"And I will deal with Dimensional Alchemist myself!" Jinzo's wires charged up with a powerful electric attack and fired it at his target.


Noah: 4000

Jinzo: 4800


"Feel free to do what you will, boy. Nothing can stop me now," Jinzo boasted.

"Your overconfidence is your weakness," Noah said.

"Your faith in your friends is yours," Jinzo replied.

Noah drew his card. The moment he saw it, he immediately re-checked his graveyard. "I think I'm about to win."

"And why do you say that?" asked Jinzo.

Noah revealed his card. "Because I just drew Dragon's Mirror. And in case you'd forgotten, my Chaos Zone is still active." He played his card. "I remove Lightray Diabolos, Dark Armed Dragon, Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, Vice Dragon, and Light and Darkness Dragon!" Five more portals opened up around them, totalling twelve. A different dragon appeared in front of each of the new ones and were pulled in before a fusion portal opened up and deposited an enormous dragon with five heads.

"Five God Dragon!" Noah's beast's roar rocked the entire palace (ATK/5000 DEF/5000).

"You expect me to fear this beast?" asked Jinzo.

"This beast is just the first step," Noah corrected, "Now I use the other effect of my Chaos Zone. By removing so many Chaos Counters, I can Special Summon one banished monster whose level is equal to that number of counters."

"And how many do you plan on removing?" Jinzo inquired.

Noah smiled. "Ten." Ten portals disappeared and merged into one enormous one to make way for a large black winged shadow. "Welcome back, Red-Eyes!" His Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon flew out and landed on the field before letting out a terrifying roar. "Then I'll top it off using Red-Eyes' effect to resurrect Lightpulsar Dragon." His white dragon reappeared and let out a roar.

"Red-Eyes, attack Gorz!" Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon released a powerful Darkness Metal Flare and blasted away Gorz the Emissary of Darkness.


Noah: 4000

Jinzo: 4700


"Five God Dragon, attack the token!" Noah's orders were heeded and Five God Dragon's five heads each released their respective breaths which spiraled together into a single entity and struck down the female Emissary of Darkness.


Noah: 4000

Jinzo: 2500


"That's it for now," Noah declared.

Jinzo drew his card. "I set one card. Your turn."

Noah looked at the field. His opponent had a facedown and that unnerved him. Jinzo had equipped himself with Amplifier, meaning that he would be able to activate Trap Cards.

Which meant that facedown had to be a Trap Card.

Jinzo almost smiled behind his respirator. As long as he wore his Amplifier, he could activate Mirror Force and obliterate his opponent.

Noah closed his eyes and brought his left hand to his deck. His Rose Mark started to glow as he placed his fingers on the top card and slowly pulled it out from his Duel Disk.

He opened and saw his draw. His eyes brightened. "I summon Mirage Dragon!" A translucent golden dragon with a mane of blue hair materialized from a mist that had suddenly entered the throne room and hissed (ATK/1600 DEF/600). "And Mirage Dragon's effect will take place during the Battle Phase."

"What does it do?" asked Jinzo.

"Oh I think you know this effect better than anyone else," Noah said with a smile of absolute delight, "He negates Trap Cards."

Jinzo's eyes widened behind his goggles.

Noah snapped his fingers. "Red-Eyes, please do the honours." Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon powered up its attack and fired off a flare that rammed into Jinzo - Lord.


Noah: 4000

Jinzo: 2300


The impact and resulting explosion threw Jinzo off the field and back behind his own front lines. Noah then pointed up at his strongest monster and turned his finger toward his opponent. "It's time to kiss your arse goodbye!" Five God Dragon opened its mouths and fired off streams of fire, water, sand, darkness, and wind which spiraled into a multi-elemental helix that completely engulfed Jinzo in its powerful blast.



Noah: 4000

Jinzo: 0


Jinzo fell to his knees upon the dais as Noah's monsters vanished and he shut off his Duel Disk. "Defeated by a child! Such degradation!" His communicator beeped and he answered it. "What, Kozaky?"

"Bad news, Jinzo," the demonic scientist reported, "We're withdrawing our forces."

"They were just a distraction anyway. Why does it matter right now?" Jinzo demanded.

o o o

"Because the Terrans defeated us," Kozaky answered. Back out on the battlefield, the twisted man of science was frantically trying to pull away with what few machines he had left. But overhead, Diabolos continued to pursue. On his back, Mahad, Manna, and Getsu had succeeded in removing several of his armor plates.

"Blast him!" yelled Mahad. The two mages fired spells and Getsu stabbed into the flesh, causing Diabolos to roar in pain. His flight staggered and he lost altitude. Kozaky could only scream in horror as the massive black dragon came crashing down on top of his flying machine.

o o o

"Incompetence!" Jinzo threw his communicator onto the floor and stood back up. "If you want something right, do it yourself." He was about to walk down the steps when a sharp agonizing pain suddenly penetrated through his back.

"I couldn't have agreed more." Caius stood behind his former Chief Scientist as his corridor of darkness vanished with his sword impaled through Jinzo's body.

"Caius! You're still..."

"I'm well, Jinzo. But I cannot say the same for you. You may be an intellect, but you are still no warrior. And one thing you lack is the warrior's mind."

"Warriors are brutes! They are incapable of anything but exercising their strength."

"Not so true. They have combat strategy." And with that Caius pulled his sword out. Jinzo stumbled for a moment, but something didn't feel right.

"What...did you...do?"

"Your technology could stop my powers, correct?" Caius asked, "No matter what I used to protect myself, you could still cancel my magic. But you're wrong. There is one thing that is shielded from that technology."

"And what would that be?" Jinzo demanded.

"Your own body."

Jinzo suddenly understood what had happened. He clutched his wound on his chest. "You..."

"I opened a portal inside your body," Caius said, "You are being banished from the inside out."

Jinzo collapsed onto his knees as he felt his insides slowly being removed. "So close! I was...SO...CLOSE!"

Caius stabbed his sword into the floor. "I want you to suffer, Jinzo. And just before the last of you is consumed, I will trap your soul within Blackmourne where you shall spend eternity enduring neverending torment." Bit by bit, Jinzo continued to be consumed. Slowly, parts of his armor began to get pulled inside as a black orb of energy expanded out from his core. Caius grabbed his head in that moment, pulled his sword out, and touched the tip to his remains, absorbing his soul into the dark blade. The orb continued to expand, taking the rest of Jinzo's body until nothing remained.

Caius stepped in front of his throne and looked down at Noah and Sammie. "Now that the traitor has been disposed of, I have some unfinished business to attend to." His tattered cape seemed to wave in a nonexistent breeze as the tension in the throne room rose.

The true final battle of Karheim had begun.

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