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This chapter is meant to be read as a clip show with Mikey narrating as scenes from the past three seasons play.


It's been two and a half years since all this craziness started. I remember it all began when Sammie, my next-door neighbour and big time crush since eighth grade, got into Duel Academy and "persuaded" me to take the entrance exam and join her. I passed and got in. That's where I also met Coltyn, a guy I'd become friends with when I got to school. When I finally got there, I was put in the Red dorm, which is apparently the lowest rank at the school. That's where I met my first roommate, Max. He was a really weird guy, but he's got a good heart. That's how the four of us became friends.

School life at Duel Academy was pretty tough at first. I barely knew how to play the game and the other kids at school really liked to pick on me about that. But I slowly got better. But none were as adamant or ruthless as Saito, son of Seto Kaiba. It was like he went out of his way to prove that I was nowhere near as good as him. Things took a turn when the school tournament started up and I had a chance to prove myself. Sadly I didn't make it far, but Sammie won and that got us a trip to Industrial Illusions. Little did I know that that trip would be the start of all the chaos and madness.

Things really took a turn after we got back to school. Duel Academy had a big high school reunion with past students like Jaden Yuki and Syrus Truesdale! Axel Brodie got kidnapped and we met Sako Remington, the Duel Sniper. So we launched a rescue operation. But what started off as a simple in and out turned into something major as we came to realize that this was a plot set up by a resurrected Gozaburo Kaiba, who was using the body of Siegfried von Schroeder to host his mind while using five other bodies to hold those of the Big Five. With Saito's help we were able to beat them and after that I was able to pass my finals.

After summer vacation, we returned to Duel Academy. This time, my little brother Gabe enrolled as a Red while I got promoted to Ra Yellow along with Max. I guess my skills must've improved for them to move me up. Anyway, this year was super chaotic as we spent a good deal of it on Duelist Kingdom participating in a big tournament called Duel Royale. We made some great new friends like Reko, who was disguised as his twin sister Reka when we first met, and a priestess with an eye patch named Mika. But we also met a lot of scary new enemies there like Nicky, Terry, Judgement, and the Four Horsemen.

Turns out the tournament was organized by a little boy genius named Noah, whose history of being bullied consistently caused him to turn to the aid of a man named Roman. He was using the tournament as a means to gather Duel Energy for some big scheme to wipe bullies off the face of the Earth forever. But it turns out Roman was only using him for his own selfish purposes and betrayed him. After that, Noah joined Duel Academy.

That brings us to third year. Before school began, Sammie and I had an encounter with my uncle Kage. I didn't know he was my uncle then, but I found out later on. Once school started, I finally made it to Obelisk Blue. I was finally the same rank as Sammie and Saito! Not only that, but Reko and his family started living on the island too running a cafe called the Dual Rose. It was a really nice place and Mika started working there as a waitress. This served an ulterior purpose, though. Turns out Reko's grandmother, Rena, was seeking out the sixteen Rose Crusaders who would inherit the Rose Cards. According to her, the time of something called the UnGod was at hand and we needed to be ready.

And boy did we need to be ready! Before we knew it, our school was under attack! It was a massive invasion orchestrated by all of our enemies at once. A lot of lives were lost as we did our best to fight back. But it wasn't easy. Kage led the invasion with Roman giving the orders. They had also enlisted the other three Duel Mercenaries to help them along with a massive army of Gene Erics, Kage's own three henchmen, and the Four Horsemen. We would've been brutally overrun had it not been for Reko's family. And luckily for us, the Duel Mercenaries were able to revolt against their employers. As it turned out, the reason for the whole invasion was just for one person: Mika. It turns out the eye she kept under her patch was some kind of demon eye that harbored the powers and memories of the UnGod's hearald. Kage used his power to release it from her.

But we weren't out of trouble just yet. As soon as the invasion forces had been defeated, we realized that our whole island had somehow been transported to the magical world of Ardent. Here, the UnGod's influence had expanded across the entire land and each of its six regions, each ruled by a Monarch, had been taken over by a Regent Lord under His servitude. We split up into groups in order to repair the seals that had kept the UnGod sealed, which Reka and her party had unwittingly broken, not knowing their purpose. As we went about our quests to restore the seals and defeat the Regent Lords, one by one we discovered our destinies as the Rose Crusaders.

When the final seal had at last been restored, it was time for us to return home. We all converged upon the very center of Ardent, the Tower of Divinity, where we faced Prince Kel'aral on the top floor. He was a tough opponent but in the end we defeated him. That's when we got the biggest shock of our lives. Turns out that Coltyn was the UnGod's herald all along; releasing Mika's eye had unlocked his memories. He revealed that he and six others were in direct servitude of the UnGod, each one of them possessing an item called a Wicked Artifact. After explaining his master plan, he and his subordinates left. Though Ardent was saved and restored, the dead were all revived, and our school was returned to our world, nothing would ever be the same ever again. Now we prepare to face Coltyn and the UnGod Himself and whatever else they may throw our way.

The final battle is approaching and soon our enemies will reveal their hand.

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