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Punch Out

Winter break was finally over and everybody was returning to school. After the events that had taken place at Duel Academy earlier that year, a lot of students were very apprehensive about coming back. They had not forgotten about the invasion that had attacked the island and they certainly had not forgotten the lives it had claimed. Yet miraculously, those who had been lost during that attack had somehow been brought back to life. And then immediately after the invading force retreated, the island had been somehow transported to a strange land. Everything before the break had been one series of strange events after another.

And yet, despite their apprehension, students were coming back to school in high spirits, whether they were just fronts they put forth or they genuinely felt as such. As soon as the ship landed, the students disembarked and made their way quickly to their dorms. Gabe ran as quickly as he could to the Osiris Red dorm with his old roommate Spencer not far behind. Mikey, Max, and Sammie made a straight beeline from the docks to the Obelisk Blue dorm. Saito disembarked in the company of Wes, Nellie, and Hayley. He snapped his fingers and the four of them split to return to their respective dorms. Noah, Cassie, and Gio had spent the entire voyage together and when they got off the ship the three of them split up to head to their respective destinations.

"So any word from Sako and the others?" Mikey asked as he, Max, and Sammie approached the Obelisk Blue building.

"He and the other mercs are out searching for the bad guys," Sammie answered, "If they hear anything, they'll contact Chancellor Rhodes and Rena right away."

"Last semester was SUCH a disaster," Max muttered.

"I agree.", a young voice said. Wearing an old Watapon backpack was Mikomi. Her black hair was made into two pigtails, with gorgeous pink ribbon binding each. A Scrap Dragon hung at the end of each tail, and her Ra Yellow outfit shone in the light. The backpack, as befitting her was stuffed with books. New to her appearance was a pair of small brass glasses with thin halved lenses.

The small Tejinashi looked ahead towards the massive academy, "I can only hope there are no mishaps this time. So, anyone update their decks?"

"I heard that Saito's been working hard over the break, but apart from him I don't know who else," answered Mikey.

"Nellie said she upgraded," Sammie added.

As the group walked past the school, a window several stories up erupted and Mr. Thulin and Hassleberry fell out and landed in a bush. Chancelor Rhodes popped her head out the window and yelled, "Were you two wrestling again!? I told you that I am still undecided on who the wrestling coach will be this year! Gah! Now who is going to pay for this damn window?!"

"I hope we can say the same about our school," said Mikey.

"Well at least some things haven't changed," Max said pointing forward. The others looked and they saw some older Osiris Red students with a first year of the same dorm color pressed against a wall.

"Hey Denny. You have my money, right?" the tallest one asked.

"Just give me five minutes," the small one pleaded.

"Five minutes?" The tall one stepped back. "I haven't got five fucking minutes!" He grabbed the one called Denny and slammed him against the wall. "Where's my money, Denny? Where's my fucking money?"

"I don't have it!"

"WHERE'S MY FUCKING MONEY?!" Behind the tall one, the others were starting to punch their fists as they got closer.

"You guys really shouldn't do that," a calm suave voice said. Everyone turned their heads to see a tall third year student approaching with white hair and a dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up showing off the wraps he had around his hands. He had an Obelisk Blue coat slung over his shoulder.

"Stay outta this," one of the other ones warned.

"You're picking on some defenseless little kid. I have to get involved."

The tall one gestured with his head and two of his friends broke off from the group and made their way over. The white-haired teen remained calm as they approached. The one on the left swung his fist, but he stepped out of the way and sent him falling onto the concrete. The other one tried to attack, but befell the same fate.

"You guys can't fucking do anything right." The tall one dropped Denny and cracked his knuckles as he walked over. He cocked back his arm and swung his fist, but missed and suddenly crumpled to the ground.

"What just happened?" asked Mikey.

"Now you guys better go and leave this poor kid alone."

"Fuck this. I'm outta here." The three bullies picked themselves up from the ground and ran away.

"Hey, you okay?"

"Yeah, thanks." The third-year helped the younger boy up. "You gotta be careful. But remember, if you ever find yourself in trouble, I can be there for you."

"Thank you. I gotta go." The young boy ran off quickly, leaving the white-haired teen with Mikey, Sammie, and Max still in the spot where they had witnessed everything.

"Who is that?" asked Mikey.

"That's Jack Foreman from class 3-B. He's also the captain of the boxing team," Sammie answered.

"Did anybody else think that was weird just now?" Max asked.

"Yeah, usually the one with all the answers is…" Mikey's words trailed off and he slowly fell silent.

"Well he seems real nice," Max said as they watched Jack walk away.

"He is. I got to talk to him a few times back in first year," Sammie said.

"What exactly did he do to that guy, though?" Mikey wondered.

Jack suddenly stopped walking. "Nothing much. I just did a quick jab."

Mikey's jaw dropped. "You heard me?"

"I wasn't that far away." Jack turned around and smiled. "Hey Sammie. I haven't seen you since first year."

"Well, I've been busy," Sammie replied, "And I see you've been training hard. I remember when you first joined the boxing club."

"Yeah. And now I'm it's captain. We're looking to go all the way to nationals this year," Jack said.

"That's awesome! You have to tell me what that'll be like."

"Why don't you come by the gym after class today?" Jack suggested, "It'd be nice to catch up."

"I think that'd be great."

"Cool. Then I'll see you later." Jack waved his hand and resumed walking away.

"I retract my earlier statement, "said Max, "He's definitely real nice."

"He's one of the best guys here at the school," Sammie answered.

"We could use more people like him," Mikey added.

"Anyway," Sammie turned to the two boys, "shall we get going?" Max and Mikey nodded in agreement.

o o o

"Okay. Okay, so mom, pops and nana are out of the picture. Okay. Okay.", Reko was pacing back and forth in an empty Dual Rose. Recca told him everything, he knew how to run it.

Kind of. He mostly was pacing back and forth. Biff was testing his deck against Reka who thought her next move. With a sigh he looked up at Reko, "Seriously bro? You were gung-ho a week ago, and -oh dammit Reka! That's my Giant Orc!"

Reka chuckled, "Now it's mecha fuel. Biff, are you going up a class?"

"Man, I haven't a clue. Classes make me like Reko over there. Engineering and hands on, like cooking? I'm good at. Math and Sciences? Forget it. My dueling? I love overpowering people, but lately..."

"Your deck gets stomped out."

"Uh...yeah. Yeah it does," Biff chuckled weakly.

A voice cleared it's throat, "You should revolve around something with a bit more control, if you just summon a big monster there is a high chance it'd get destroyed outright," sitting at their table was Zetsubou. His hair in a small ponytail, and his now trademark ring around his finger. Biff was still shaken by Zetsubou, ever since the incident in the island. The man looked at Biff with a calm stare behind thin lensed glasses, "You've changed, maybe your deck should reflect that."

Biff stared at his cards, maybe they all had a point, save Reko who was quietly fretting. Zetsubou pointed his thumb back to him, whereas Reka spoke, "Mom left us the store. We open soon, and it's just us three for the time being."

"Figured he'd take that better."

"He will after the first wave, what brings you down? Teaching?"

"Actually Amadis and I were waiting for your parents. I was surprised to see Rena, then when they said there was a change of plans."

"Plans? They were going back home, well...Reign did... I figured they we're keeping something."

Zetsubou nodded, "Originally they were just going to be at the White Wind for awhile. However, since that incursion Reign is going with the others to intercept Death. I take it you saw what he did?"

Biff nodded, "Yeah, the weapons were taken," Zetsubou shook his head, "I have a theory that further darkness lies ahead for us here on the academy. Hopefully not open conflict like Kel'aral had done. Now your parents and Rena are going to meet with Katasuo and Milena at the White Wind. They are both resourceful, loyal and strong in their own ways. Not sure what their plan is after that."

Reka agreed with a motion of her hand, "Oh I know about both of them, Katasuo's resourceful. Milena is a fighter born. Speaking of Katasuo."

"We spoke after the Argent incident. It wasn't too bad. Mikomi likes him obviously. He said I should go by Yukia. I disagreed. Now I was to go with them, but they said to stay here and monitor the island with Amadis."

"Where is she?", to Reka's question Zetsubou pointed towards the students walking towards the academy, "She's a Blue now, sniffing out trouble within the student body. As for me I spoke with Rhodes. I was going to teach chemistry, however we both decided it's be best for me to do-"

"Security?", Reko asked, finally calming down and sitting next to them. Cold sweat still beaded on his forehead, and with a gentle pat his twin reassured him.

Zetsubou shrugged, "Somewhat. I am going to eliminate any threats in my own way, follow leads. I expect you three will help me with that?"

They nodded, Which made Zetsubou chuckle, "Good, then I need a room," he placed a large envelope on the table, "I did bookkeeping for your mother, you will find in the back her ledger? I filed out everything you need for the next two months. This covers my personal expenses for the year."

In their stunned silence, Zetsubou walked upstairs, "I don't use that much space. Oh! Reko!"

Reko looked up from the envelope, Biff and Reka still agape at the amount of bills inside, "Zetsu?"

"Mika is doing well, she wanted to let you know, but she's still bedridden."

Reko smiled at Zetsubou, his gaze resting on the floor as he walked back towards Biff and his sister, "Biff! It's time that deck got supercharged. Lock them down, and hit them hard and fast! We got a load of cards downstairs! C'mon, we'll get it get looking to match the new you!"

The assassin shook his head, Reko's spirit was very strong still. He feared they would need that in the coming months.

o o o

Marsha was looking out of the window from the student council room down at the quad as students returned to school. "Look at them all. Every single one of them blissfully unaware of what's really going on."

"We got something good going, chief," said Stan as he sat at the meeting table with his feet up. He was holding a black box in his lap.

"Remember that we cannot stray from the plan," Issac reminded the stun duelist.

"Relax, Issac. We got this. The big boss got a plan and the chief's just doing her thing," Stan replied in a very relaxed tone.

"I still don't think this is a good idea," Tobias said nervously from his seat.

"Pull yourself together, man. There ain't nothing to fear." Stan opened the box and took out a handful of cards. "With these babies, we will rule this school."

"Put those down!" Marsha demanded.

"Okay, okay. Chill, chief." Stan put the cards back and closed the box.

"We have a job to do, everyone. Never forget that." Marsha moved from the window and stood behind her chair at the meeting table.

"So how do you plan to distribute these?" Issac asked as he pulled the box away from Stan.

"I'll leave that up to you guys," answered the student council president, "As for how to get them to use them, you leave that to me."

"I think I see a viable candidate," Issac said as he looked out the window. He opened the box and took out a card.

"You sure work fast," Stan commented.

Issac closed the box. "I see no point in wasting time." He opened the door and stepped out into the hallway. Tobias could only look on nervously wondering just what they had gotten themselves into.

o o o

Sammie arrived at the gym as promised and made her way to where the boxing club trained. Everybody was busy doing their own thing. Two students were sparring in the ring. One was holding a pair of focus mitts while another was punching them. Another member of the team was shadowboxing. Sammie looked around and saw Jack. He was busy hitting one of the punching bags in the corner. She greeted him and he looked up from his task and greeted her back.

"Looks like the boxing club is doing pretty great," she said.

"Yeah, everyone's pumped. None of them can wait to take on our competition," Jack said, "You know, Sammie, it would've been really great if you could've joined the boxing club."

"Believe me, I would've liked it too. But you know how it is," said Sammie. She looked at the punching bag and gave it a good hard punch, breaking it off its chain and sending it slamming into the wall.

"I've tried but the boxing committee won't allow girls to compete," Jack said. He suddenly lowered his voice and leaned closer to Sammie. "The truth is I don't think the club has a chance of even making it past sectionals, let alone nationals. The guys just aren't ready yet. A lot of our members this year are newbies from first year. The only experienced members we have are myself and Toviyyah. We can't hope to win with just two good boxers."

"Can these other guys do anything at all?" Sammie asked.

Jack shook his head. "They just don't have enough skill. That's kinda the reason I asked you to come. I was hoping maybe you could talk to them."

"You want me to pep talk these guys?" asked Sammie.


"Jack, I'm sorry but talk only boosts morale. It won't make them better boxers in a short time. It was good to see you again, though. Best of luck." And with that, Sammie left. Jack watched her go and he went to go put up a new punching bag.

o o o

Jack hated himself. Even after becoming captain of the boxing club, he still couldn't find himself able to inspire or train the other members properly. He felt like an utter failure. He looked up at the darkening sky as he left the gym. It was his dream to go to nationals by his third year, but that dream appeared to be slipping away.

"Do you seek power?" Jack turned at the sound of the voice. Somebody was approaching, but he kept mostly in the shadows. "Do you seek power?" the mysterious person repeated.

"Who are you?" Jack demanded.

"I can give you power if you seek it." The person in the shadows held out an arm and presented what appeared to be a card. "Take this and you shall have the power to do what you desire."

Jack was tempted. Winning at nationals was his dream. But as he and the boxing club were now, it was a faraway dream. Slowly, he reached out and touched the card. The other person let go and he brought it closer to himself. He could instantly feel power surging through his body as darkness seemed to seep from the card and into him.

o o o

Sammie felt bad for Jack so the following day she went back to the gym. Words might not be able to help the boxers train, but at least she could give them pointers on their techniques. When she arrived, though, she could hear Jack yelling. She looked around and saw him punching one of the other boxers into submission in the ring.

"Keep your guard up!" he commanded as he pulled his opponent back up onto his feet. "Your opponent won't be this merciful! And hit harder, damnit! You're not gonna win if you keep punching like a little pussy!"

"Hey Jack," Sammie greeted. Jack turned around and looked at her.

"Oh, Sammie. What're you doing here?"

"I came back. I felt bad and I thought that maybe these guys could use a nice talk and even some pointers," Sammie answered.

Jack sneered. "Talk and cheap and what'll these losers learn from pointers? They need to be whipped into shape and I'm the only man who can do it."

"Jack, this totally isn't like you," Sammie said, "What's happened?"

"I'll tell you what. My dream. We are going to go to nationals and we will dominate!" Jack explained, "We'll train til our knuckles bleed. We don't need your help."

Sammie knew something was wrong. She wasn't sure how she knew, but it felt as though her chest was burning. She quickly suddenly remembered that that was where her Rose Mark was and realized what it was that she was feeling. Her Rose Mark was burning!

Before she could say anything, the school's PA system crackled to life and Marsha's voice could be heard all over the campus. "Good afternoon everyone and welcome back to Duel Academy! I trust you all had an amazing winter break. Which is good because you'll need that rest. We're continuing our lottery duels today beginning with Sammie Korangar versus Jack Foreman! Good luck to you both!"

Sammie looked across the gym at Jack. Her instincts told her that she'd never be able to convince him with words. There was only one other thing to do and it had just been issued. "Wrong, Jack. You DO need my help." She set her bag down and climbed into the boxing ring with her Duel Disk. "Something's come over you and I plan to free you from it."

"You're gonna duel me?" asked Jack.

Sammie strapped on her Duel Disk. "I am."

"You got guts, Sammie. Alright. I accept." Jack grabbed his Duel Disk and strapped it onto his arm. "Let's duel!"


Sammie: 8000

Jack: 8000


"I'll go first!" announced Sammie as she drew her first card. "And I'll start by summoning Sonic Bird in attack mode." A bald eagle wearing a jet pack and flight goggles appeared on the field (ATK/1400 DEF/1000). "And I'll use its effect to bring a Ritual Spell Card to my hand. I choose Advanced Ritual Art. And I'll play it right now. So now, by sending Normal Monsters to my graveyard whose levels total up to that of my monster's, I can now perform a Ritual Summon. I sacrifice my two Archfiend Soldiers in order to call out Reshef the Dark Being in attack mode!" A sacrificial altar appeared and the two Archfiend Soldiers from Sammie's deck appeared briefly before being swallowed up in flame and a large portal appeared to allow entry for an enormous stone mechanical construct with three power cores of yellow, blue, and red glowing in its center (ATK/2500 DEF/1500). "Your move."

"I draw!" Jack drew from his deck. "I summon Battlin' Boxer Headgeared!" A dark-colored boxer wearing bright pink gloves and headgear appeared and punched its fists together (ATK/1000 DEF/1800). "When Battlin' Boxer Headgeared is Normal Summoned, I can send one Battlin' Boxer from my deck to my graveyard and I choose Battlin' Boxer Glassjaw. But that's not all. I activate Solidarity. Now as long as only one monster type exists in my graveyard, all my monsters of that same type gain eight hundred attack points. And since my deck is filled with Warrior monsters, all my Warriors gain that boost." Battlin' Boxer Headgeared let out a battle cry as his attack points rose to eighteen hundred.

"Attack Sonic Bird! One-Two Punch!" Battlin' Boxer Headgeared rushed in and first dealt one punch to Sonic Bird and then another, destroying it quickly.


Sammie: 7600

Jack: 8000


"I'll end with a facedown card." Jack set one card from his hand. "Your turn."

"Draw." Sammie drew her card. "I'll summon Djinn Presider of Rituals." A fat green demon wielding a rapier and a buckler appeared on the field and flexed (ATK/1800 DEF/1400). "Now Reshef, attack!" Reshef the Dark Being charged up an energy ball between its hands and fired it at Battlin' Boxer Headgeared.


Sammie: 7600

Jack: 7300


When the smoke cleared, Sammie was shocked to see her opponent's monster still standing. "Once per turn, my attack position Battlin' Boxer Headgeared can't be destroyed in battle," Jack explained, "Additionally, when I take Battle Damage, I can Special Summon from my hand Battlin' Boxer Bailout and I will summon him in defense mode." He played his card and brought out a boxer with two halves of a large shield on each arm (ATK/0 DEF/1800). With the power of Solidarity, its attack power rose to eight hundred. "But that's not all. I also gain Life Points equal to the damage I just took."

"So what you're saying is you lost no Life Points whatsoever," Sammie summarized.

"Bingo!" replied Jack.


Sammie: 7600

Jack: 8000


"You're planning something with those two monsters," said Sammie, "I won't let you do it. Djinn Presider of Rituals, attack Battlin' Boxer Headgeared!" Djinn Presider of Rituals charged and thrust his weapon at his target. At the same time, Battlin' Boxer Headgeared thrust his arm forward. The sword and the fist made contact with each other's owner at the same time, resulting in the simultaneous destruction of both monsters.

"I'll set one card. That ends my turn," she announced.

"My move now." Jack drew his next card. "And I Normal Summon Battlin' Boxer Switchitter!" A boxer with a white hood and red boxing gloves appeared and punched his fists together (ATK/1500 DEF/1400). "When this card is Normal Summoned, I can Special Summon a Battlin' Boxer from my graveyard. In exchange, I can't Special Summon any other monsters unless it's a Battlin' Boxer. So I'm bringing out Battlin' Boxer Glassjaw!" A big green boxer in white shorts and black gloves appeared on the field and flexed his muscles (ATK/2000 DEF/0). Sammie could feel her Rose Mark burning even more now. She knew that it was coming.

"I Overlay level four Battlin' Boxer Bailout and level four Battlin' Boxer Switchitter. I build the Overlay Network and use it to Xyz Summon Battlin' Boxer Lead Yoke!" A vortex appeared and swallowed up the two monsters and from it emerged an enormous warrior wearing a large yoke around his neck with the other end attached to his back (ATK/2200 DEF/2000). Two red orbs of light orbited around his body. With the power of Solidarity his monster's attack points rose to three thousand. "Batlin' Boxer Lead Yoke, attack Reshef the Dark Being!"

"Then I'll have to use Negate Attack!" Sammie declared as she activated her Trap Card.

"I'm afraid not!" Jack shot back. "I activate Jolt Counter! This lets me negate a Spell, Trap, or monster effect during the Battle Phase and destroy it." Sammie's card shattered as Jack's monster continued. "Go! Destroy her monster! Flurry of Blows!" Battlin' Boxer Lead Yoke unleashed a torrent of punches and destroyed Sammie's colossus of a monster.


Sammie: 7100

Jack: 8000


"Now, Battlin' Boxer Glassjaw, attack!" Battlin' Boxer Glassjaw rushed forward and delivered a powerful uppercut to Sammie's chin.


Sammie: 4300

Jack: 8000


"Give up," said Jack," You have no chance of winning."

"I'm not giving up," Sammie replied as she got up, her chest continuing to burn, "I know what's causing you to act like this." She pointed up at Battlin' Boxer Lead Yoke. "It's that damn monster card! But you know what? All I gotta do is destroy it."

"Just try," Jack challenged.

"I will!" Sammie drew her card. "Perfect! I play Contract with the Abyss! I sacrifice Ritual Raven in order to summon Demise, King of Armageddon!" A sacrificial circle appeared and the black bird was burned in black flames before bringing forth the axe-wielding king of destruction (ATK/2400 DEF/2000).

"I activate Demise's effect! By paying two thousand Life Points, I can destroy everything except for him!"


Sammie: 2300

Jack: 8000


"World Ender!" On Sammie's command, Demise slammed his axe into the ground and caused it to split and erupt in a fiery explosive display. "Your Lead Yoke is destroyed!"

"Think again! I activate his effect! By consuming one Overlay Unit, I can save him from destruction and then afterward he gains eight hundred attack points." The explosion destroyed Solidarity and Battlin' Boxer Glassjaw. When the smoke finally cleared, Battlin' Boxer Lead Yoke was still standing now with one less Overlay Unit and attack points standing at three thousand.

"Shit," Sammie swore.

"Anything else?" asked Jack.

"No. I end my turn," Sammie declared.

"I thought so." Jack drew his card. "Battlin' Boxer Lead Yoke, attack Demise! Flurry of Blows!" Once again, his monster charged in and unleashed a storm of punches that destroyed Sammie's monster.


Sammie: 1700

Jack: 8000


"Show me your next move."

Sammie took in a deep breath and drew her card. Her breath escaped her lips as soon as she saw it. "I banish Reshef the Dark Being and Archfiend Soldier from my graveyard to Special Summon Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning!" In a burst of light and darkness, her black knight appeared on the field.

"What is your command, milady?" Black Luster Soldier inquired.

"Banish his monster," Sammie ordered.

"As you wish, milady." Black Luster Soldier drew his sword and slashed the air, cutting open a gap in space that sucked in Battlin' Boxer Lead Yoke. "The fiend has been vanquished."

"Good work, Black Luster Soldier," Sammie responded.

"You are only delaying the inevitable." Jack drew his card. "I set a monster and end my turn."

Sammie drew. "First I summon Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands." A grotesque green creature bearing a resemblance to a one-headed hecatonchire rose up in front of Sammie and wavered (ATK/1400 DEF/1000). "And I'll use his effect to bring Advanced Ritual Art to my hand. Now Black Luster Soldier, attack his monster. Double-Destruction Slash of Creation!" Black Luster Soldier dashed ahead toward the card on the other side of the field and swung his sword down on it, destroying it with a single strike.

"You destroyed Battlin' Boxer Rabbit Puncher," said Jack.

"Oh I'm gonna destroy more than that," said Sammie, "Black Luster Solder's effect now kicks in. Because he destroyed a monster in battle, he can attack again. Go! Attack Jack directly!"

"As you command, milady!" Black Luster Soldier leapt forward from where Battlin' Boxer Rabbit Puncher had once been and swung his sword at Jack.


Sammie: 1700

Jack: 5000


"Manju, attack directly now!" Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands raised all of its arms up and summoned an orb of light in each which it proceeded to throw down on Jack all at once.


Sammie: 1700

Jack: 3600


"That's it for my turn," announced Sammie.

"I draw!" Jack drew his card. "And now I'll summon Battlin' Boxer Big Bandage." A bare-knuckle boxer showed up on the field with his body and legs wrapped in bandages (ATK/1100 DEF/1400). "Since I have a Battlin' Boxer on the field, I can Special Summon this from my hand: Battlin' Boxer Sparrer!" Another boxer appeared, this one with focus mats strapped to its arms (ATK/1200 DEF/1400). "When Battlin' Boxer Sparrer is Special Summoned like this, I can't conduct my Battle Phase for the rest of this turn. But that won't matter. Because now I summon two more Battlin' Boxer Sparrers to the field." Two more copies of the second monster appeared. "Now I activate the effect Battlin' Boxer Big Bandage. By targetting one Battlin' Boxer in my graveyard or banished, all Battlin' Boxer monsters on my field become that monster's level. And I choose my level three Battlin' Boxer Rabbit Puncher." Battlin' Boxer Big Bandage unwrapped his bandages and wrapped them instead around his allies' level stars, breaking one of each of the Battlin' Boxer Sparrers' and adding one to his own. Darkness started to seep out of Jack's Duel Disk as seemingly two more cards were added to his Extra Deck.

"I overlay my four level three monsters and build the Overlay Network! I Xyz Summon two copies of Battlin' Boxer Cheat Commissioner in defense mode!" The four monsters were pulled into a vortex and from it emerged two men in black suits with hats, canes, and megaphones with two orbs of red light orbiting each of them (ATK/0 DEF/1300). "As long as I have another Battlin' Boxer on the field, Cheat Commissioner can't be attacked. I've protected myself with this powerful wall."

"Walls are only as powerful as the ones who build them," said Sammie. "I draw. And I will now have Black Luster Soldier banish one of your monsters! Space-Time Breakthrough!" Black Luster Soldier cut open a rift in space and pulled in one of the Battlin' Boxer Cheat Commissioners into oblivion. "And without the other one to protect it, Battlin' Boxer Cheat Commissioner is open for an attack. Go Manju!" Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands unleashed its torrent of light balls and destroyed the remaining monster.

"Well played," said Jack, "But I'm afraid it isn't over yet." He drew his card. "I end my turn."

"It sounds over to me," Sammie answered as she drew. "Black Luster Soldier, attack!" Black Luster Soldier charged ahead and swung his blade at Jack.


Sammie: 1700

Jack: 600


"I received Battle Damage and that lets me Special Summon Battlin' Boxer Bailout from my hand." Another Battlin' Boxer Bailout appeared on the field in defense mode. In doing so, Jack recovered the Life Points he had just lost in Battle Damage.


Sammie: 1700

Jack: 3600


"I switch Manju into defense mode and end my turn," Sammie declared.

"I draw." Jack drew. "And now I summon Battlin' Boxer Shadow." A pitch-black boxer appeared next to Battlin' Boxer Bailout as darkness once more appeared to seep from Jack's Duel Disk and create yet another card in his Extra Deck (ATK/1800 DEF/1400). "Now I overlay my monsters and build the Overlay Network. I Xyz Summon Battlin' Boxer Lead Yoke!" The vortex pulled in the monsters and a second Battlin' Boxer Lead Yoke appeared on the field. "It's over now. I equip Lead Yoke with Magnum Shield. With this, my monster gains attack points equal to its defense points while it's in attack mode and defense points equal to its attack points while it's in defense mode." A purple and gold shield appeared on Battlin' Boxer Lead Yoke's arm and he let out a cry as his atttack power rose up to forty-two hundred points.

"Attack Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning!" Now armed with his new shield, Battlin' Boxer Lead Yoke charged and punched Black Luster Soldier hard. He let out a dying cry as his body shattered and disintegrated.

"Black Luster Soldier, NO!"


Sammie: 500

Jack: 3600


"NOW it's over!" Jack cackled.

"Not...yet...you bastard…" Sammie drew her next card. "I activate D.D.R. - Different Dimension Reincarnation. I discard one card to bring back from the banish zone Reshef the Dark Being!" The enormous colossus rose up behind Sammie and hovered over the field.

"You hope to defeat my Lead Yoke with that?" Jack scoffed.

"No, I'm going to use your Lead Yoke to destroy you. I discard Advanced Ritual Art to activate Reshef's effect. Now I can take control of one of your monsters. And I choose Battlin' Boxer Lead Yoke!" A sphere like a Spell Counter appeared in front of Reshef the Dark Being and it absorbed it into one of its cores before shooting out its arms and grabbing hold of Battlin' Boxer Lead Yoke, bringing it over to stand next to him.

"Battlin' Boxer Lead Yoke, attack directly!" ordered Sammie. The chained-up boxer let out a cry and thrust his shielded arm out at Jack, resulting in a large explosion.


Sammie: 500

Jack: 0


The smoke and the fire cleared and Jack collapsed onto the floor of the ring with clouds of darkness rising up from his body. Sammie took the card she had taken from him off her Duel Disk and gathered up the other Xyz cards that had scattered onto the floor. She looked at them for a moment before taking them in both hands and tearing them apart, releasing large clouds of darkness from them. The ones around Jack subsided and he started groaning.

"Ahhhhh. What happened?"

"Jack? You okay?" asked one of the boxing club members.

"What happened?" asked Jack.

"You don't remember?" Sammie inquired.

"I...kinda do…. But my head hurts real bad," Jack answered. Two of the club members helped Jack out of the ring and laid him down on the bench. Meanwhile, a figure who had been standing in the shadows watching decided to take his leave.

o o o

"So you saw it happen?" asked Marsha.

"There's no doubt about it," Issac answered, "I gave him one card and over the course of the duel he played four."

"Interesting. So they have the power to replicate as they grow in power," Marsha thought out loud, "This could go much better than I thought." Meanwhile, Tobias continued to sit in his chair looking nervously at the student council president.

"I have a very bad feeling about this," he muttered to himself.

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