Kagome: Storyteller, Miko, Wife or Mate?

One-Shot #1

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"Kagome, can you tell me a story?" the small kit asked, laying in Kagome's lap. The young woman-child looked down at her adoptive kit, and smiled. "Sure Shippou, what do you want to hear?," she asked.

The small kit cuddled closer to her side, thinking. Kagome pulled the sleeping bag closer to both of them, putting an arm across her belly and another around her kit. She kept staring up at the clear, star dusted sky. The trees made a soft circle above their heads, adding soft shadows to cast across the campsite. The soft rustling of leaves above head the only sound, along with the warm glow from the now dying fire.

Shippou finally opened his eyes and looked up at Kagome, a soft smile in place. "How about a triumph and happiness?" Shippou said. Kagome glanced down at him with tenderness, and nodded.

"I'll tell you the story of Ariadne and Dionysus. Its a story about betrayal and love," cuddling Shippou, Kagome started her story. Taking a deep sigh, and unknowing of the hidden audience, she started.

"In a far away land there lived a princess, her name was Ariadne. Her father was the mighty King Minos, king of Crete. She had a half-brother, whom her father had locked away in a great big labyrinth. He did this because he was not fully human. They said he had the face of a great bull, while his legs too were that of a bull. They called him, Minotaur, half beast, half man. The king would throw any one who did not hail to him into this labyrinth for his son to destroy," Kagome looked down to see Shippou huge doe eyes staring up at her, completely entranced with the story. So, she continued after seeing no fear in her kit's eyes.

Deep within the surrounding forest, cold honey eyes closed to better imagine the images described by the unsuspecting miko.

"One day, the king decided to throw a young man called Theseus into the labyrinth. That was a mistake. Ariadne, having fallen in love when she had seen him earlier, decided to defy those she loved and help Theseus. She told him to use golden thread to create a path within the labyrinth. Deep within the dark maze Theseus went, and found the Minotaur he did. Theseus killed the Minotaur, then followed the thread back out, to his freedom," once again, the miko glanced down, only to find Shippou with a broad smile in his face. Impatiently he patted her arm, signaling to continue. Chucking, she continued.

"When he emerged victoriously from the maze, Theseus claimed Ariadne as his own. He agreed to take her with him and leave Crete on a ship. As they sailed the world, Ariadne was certain that Theseus had finally fallen in love with her. After all, she'd betrayed those who were closest to her to save him. She'd proven her brilliance, her love and her loyalty. But, she was only headed for heartbreak," sighing at how this story was sounding a bit familiar with her situation, Kagome stared up at the heavens with sad eyes. But continued nonetheless.

"When Theseus finally brought their ship to an island called Naxos, Ariadne thought they would live there forever in pure happiness. How wrong she was. Instead, he abandoned her upon the island, sailing off without an apology, as she slept. That was his thank you for saving him. When she awoke to find herself abandoned and alone, she kept crying at her foolishness and naivety. She'd loved him with her all, done everything for him, and still he hadn't cared. Just left her there without a second glance. Her sorrow was so great she'd consider taking her own life out of shame," Kagome paused when she felt a small tug at her side. Looking down, she saw a sniffling Shippou.

"How could that jerk do that to her," he sniffled.

Out in the forest, cold calculating eyes opened, taking an involuntary step towards the camp. Sesshomaru wanted to hear more of the story, he wanted to glide in there and force the young miko to continue, or else...

Kagome looked around after hearing a small growl, but decided it must have been Inuyasha dreaming. On with her story,

"Aphrodite, goddess of love took pity upon Ariadne. They hovered around the poor girl as soft as winds, and whispered into her ear of a worthier love. This made no sense to the girl, for she could not see beyond her abandonment by Theseus. So heartbroken she was. Then one of those days, she saw a

bronze chariot appear on the horizon. The goddess of love whispered to her to not let this opportunity go. That it held her destiny within it—the man she was fated to love," both Shippou and Kagome looked at each other as they heard a low gentle growl. Both stared at Inuyasha and shrugged it off.

"As the chariot drew closer, Ariadne saw it was draped in vines and clusters of ripe grapes—for this chariot was driven by Dionysus, god of divine wine. As soon as he saw Ariadne, he fell in love with her. He'd heard her tale from non other than Aphrodite. He loved Ariadne for her passionate bravery and unwavering loyalty. Ariadne's heart was immediately healed by Dionysus's admiration and loving embrace," Kagome smiled at seeing Shippou's teary eyes and small smile. He hugged her and rubbed his face against her side, smiling softly.

Sesshomaru snorted softly, so typical of humans to give everything a happy ending. Deep within him though, something shifted. He could smell the miko's salty tears, and made the connection instantly.

"She soon forgot about Theseus and accepted her happy fate. Dionysus and Ariadne were wed soon after. Because she was mortal, Aphrodite granted her immortality. Ariadne lived forever with her immortal husband in ecstatic triumph and love," Kagome finished, a small sad smile gracing her lips.

Shippou looked up to see Kagome's sad smile and teary eyes. He knew what she was thinking. The story, too, had reminded him of their current situation. His poor adoptive mother had—and still does, give up so much for Inuyasha, and yet he still does not love her fully—not while he still held on to the idea of Kikyo. Kagome had ignored school, often skipped out on important family events, and even endangered her own life for him, and he never even thanked her. Many times he'd abandoned her to run off to Kikyo, just like Theseus had abandoned Ariadne.

Kagome turned towards Shippou, who was trying to comfort her subtly, and kissed him on the cheek. She gently pulled Shippou out of her arms and set him where she'd lied.

"I'm going to the hot spring, it wont be long okay," Kagome assured her kit, rising with a towel and soap in her hand. Walking quietly towards the forest, she took one last glance at Shippou, who's wide shinning eyes was the only thing not covered by the sleeping bag.

Sesshomaru couldn't believe the naivety of the miko. Straying away from the group at this time of night? At this time of year? It was spring, didn't she know? With an annoyed growl, he followed the young girl. Over the course of time, he'd grown to respect the miko. She was strong—for a human, both physically and in will, loyal, caring, and she didn't seem to care what species you were, she was always the same.

He stopped himself when he was almost out of the forest. He couldn't risk her seeing him. For some reason he'd been so distracted he hadn't realized he was following her so closely now. She was already disrobing and stepping into the warm water. He just stood there, unable to move. Her lush curves tantalized his every nerve, her scent invading his senses. He couldn't lose control, not over this human female.

But, to one of the real reasons he'd also followed her. He had a question plaguing his mind, and he was going to get an answer. Moving closer, he stepped out of the trees and stood in front of her.

Feelings of both sadness and an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia swamped through Kagome as she eased herself into the warm awaiting water. She'd given up so much, and still continued to do so, yet she still felt a vast emptiness within her. She felt alone for some reason. The fact that Inuyasha had ran off to find Kikyo just a day ago hadn't helped at all. Letting a tear escape her eye, she dunk into the water.

The moment she resurfaced, she knew something wasn't right. Looking around, she saw her answer. Sitting in front of her, a scant few feet away, was Sesshomaru himself, sitting on a great log. His eyes reflected utter boredom, as did his demeanor. He had one leg crossed over the other lazily, while his arm rested on his knee.

Sinking deeper into the water, to cover her body, Kagome's anger flared. "What are you doing here?" she exploded in a hiss.

Sesshomaru continued to stare at her, only indicating he'd heard her by raising one perfect eyebrow.

"Miko, do you know what time of year it is?" his cool voice glided towards Kagome. She could almost feel the gentle words whispering ever so lightly over her body. She trembled, and it wasn't from the cool breeze passing through.

"Spring, right? But why are you asking?" Kagome responded, trying desperately to keep the soft tremble from her voice. She saw as Sesshomaru motioned towards her clothes and looked away, more for her sake than his. Quickly, Kagome jumped out of the water and dressed, watching Sesshomaru from her peripheral vision.

"Yes, it is spring. Do you know what spring means to demons, miko?" he asked again, his face a stoic mask.

Kagome just shook her head, her wide eyes never leaving his form.

"It's mating season," he responded, taking pleasure from her gawking response. He caught her gasp and suddenly wary look and took even more pleasure at that.

"Relax miko, this Sesshomaru has more control than a dog in heat," he said, mildly offended that she'd think him one so weak and pathetic as to lose control when around a female.

Kagome relaxed a bit, before turning her curious and questioning eyes at him.

"I heard your story, miko. And this Sesshomaru has a question for you to answer," Sesshomaru stated, never moving from his spot on the log.

Kagome's eyes widened at the revelation and nodded her head again. "Okay, what is it?" she asked, unknowingly taking a step closer towards him.

That's when Sesshomaru made his move. In one swift movement, he was in front of her, invading her personal space. All she could breath was his masculine scent, all she could feel was him, only him. His powerful aura, his great body heat radiating towards her, making Kagome aware of ever taunt muscle only a few inches away from her.

Sesshomaru dwelled in the pleasure of seeing her react to him. Slowly, he brought his lips to her ear and took a profound sniff of her scent deep within his lungs, engraving her scent onto his memory.

"Tell me, why do you stay with that half breed of a brother of mine? Surely you can see the similarities between your story and your situation. Do you not see that history might be repeating itself, miko?" he made it so his lips were brushing against her sensitized ear with every word he said.

Kagome couldn't move, couldn't speak. Until his words had shaken her out of her stupor. No. It was not foretelling her future. No way!

"No, it is not foretelling my future, and because it is history, one can learn from the past's mistakes. It was simply a fictional story, just for pleasure. Besides, nothing like that is happening to me, or my friends," she added the last defiantly.

Sesshomaru did something that both shocked and scared Kagome; he chuckled.

"Oh, then it was my mistake little miko. But if, theoretically, you are Ariadne and my baka half brother is Theseus, then you, my little miko, is your Dionysus?" he said the last in a whisper, brushing her ear with his lips.

In a flash, Kagome was standing alone by the hot spring, with nothing but cold air around her. The nerve of him! How dare he toy with her like that! But it was true, Inuyasha never seem to notice her that way, and probably never would.

Wait, what had he said?...Mating season? Off in the distance, she head a long howl and that pushed her into immediate action. She grabbed her things and rushed to her camp, where she'd be safe.

She didn't know what god awful bug had bitten Sesshomaru, but she didn't care. Perhaps it was the whole mating season getting to him, or it was probably just one of those nights, Either way, she was creeped out. He'd certainly acted strangely and out of character, but hey, he was Sesshomaru, lord of the West—he'd always been unpredictable.

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