Kagome: Storyteller, Miko, Wife and Mate

One-Shot #6

Final One-Shot!

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Dancing erotically, climbing towards the heavens the flames of the fire gamboled. They continued their erotic, hypnotizing play, trying to reach further up than the last one. Small tendrils of white smoke danced above them, caressing the sky with their feathery tips. Swaying to the wind, and circling above the ever reaching ardent flames.

Kagome's eyes reflected the magical dance before her, as she tucked her feet underneath her. She laid her head to the side, onto her Lord's shoulder and enjoyed the flame's dance. The large room, what she would call a family room back home, was dark and quiet, if not for the flames before her. Crackling and dancing; their game continued. She felt her mate's arm circle her shoulders as he brought her closer to the safety of his warm body. So tight and strong, always there for her to take refuge under from any harm. She looked to the right, and saw her little ally, Lord Kumiho, stretch himself on the divan next to the fire.

Lord Urufu and his mate had accompanied them shortly and now rested together on the divan to the left of Sesshomaru and Kagome. Kagome felt Sesshomaru's hand slid down her side and rest atop her swollen belly.

It'd been two months since the Lords had discussed the child's future, and hers. It had been a little over five months since Lord Ryuu had attacked her. Both fear and excitement pooled within her, causing a warmth to flood through her system. Kagome couldn't believe that in as little as two or three months, she'd finally have her child safely tucked in her arms. Happiness bubbled up within her and a small smile pulled at her lips. It seemed that was all she'd been doing lately, smiling and laughing with mirth.

Her Lord had been nothing if not complaisant. Whatever she wanted, he handed her. She'd never though pregnancy would be such a thrill, ignoring the first few weeks that is. Kagome cringed, remembering the first few weeks. Her poor mate had suffered most of all—specially when all she wanted was indulged herself in her favorite chocolate ice-cream. A small giggle spilled from her lips, remembering when she'd practically ordered her Western Lord to get her some ice-cream. He'd lifted a brow at her and folded his arms over his chest.

After she'd almost cried, Sesshomaru had had no choice but to travel to Kaede's village and force his hanyou brother to travel to Kagome's time and get her 'chocolate ice-cream'. Inuyasha had returned later telling Sesshomaru he could no longer travel back into her era. Inuyasha's ears had practically been nonexistent, plastered to his head as they were, as he told his brother the news.


"Please fuzzy-wuzzy, I want ice-cream," Kagome's huge watery puppy eyes stared up at Sesshomaru, "Plese...the baby needs ice-cream". They almost took over her entire face as they stared up at Sesshomaru.

Sesshomaru sighed and lifted a brow at his mate's antics. Was she really twenty summers old? He only hoped their child didn't inherit her irresistible puppy eyes—or else he was doomed. He sighed one last time before turning and over his shoulder, "Be sure to remain in bed Kagome." The things he did for his woman. He shook his head and walked outside, inhaling the fresh air. Instantly a cloud like substance circled his feet and carried him up.

He passed border around his lands and continued towards Inuyasha's Forest, there he dismounted his cloud and walked towards the village he knew his half brother resided in. He watched through cold emotionless eyes as villagers stopped their chores and scurried away into the protection of their huts. While walking towards the hut he was sure his brother resided in, he was struck with the sudden urge to invoke his white cloud and dash towards his woman. The sudden urge to be by her side in her state was unbearable, and as the seconds ticked by his beast's anxiety grounded against his mind even more. The natural instinct to be there by his mate and protecting their unborn child was almost his undoing. What stopped him was Inuyasha's sudden burst from the hut.

Inuyasha stared at his brother through suspicious eyes, crossing his arms in front of his chest. "Keh, what do you want Sesshomaru?" he asked sarcastically. Though he still didn't like the fact that one of his best friends was mated to his brother—of all people, he couldn't force himself for hating him either. He could never hate anything or anyone Kagome loved.

Sesshomaru stared into Inuyasha's honey eyes, and narrowed his eyes at the hanyou. Within his mind he hesitated and cringed at having to ask his half breed of a brother for a favor. But, it was for his mate...He took a step forwards and narrowed his eyes further.

"My mate has a favor to ask of you mutt," Sesshomaru's smooth voice drifted towards Inuyasha.

"Oh yeah? And why isn't she here herself? Don't tell me she's gotten so fat she can't move her fat ass off the bed," Inuyasha barely had time to finish his sentence before he was thrown a good ten feet into the woods, slamming into trees and bushes.

Sesshomaru flexed his knuckles, still tingling from the punch he'd given Inuyasha. He stood on top of Inuyasha, one boot clad foot on his chest and pinned him to the earth with an icy glare. "Do not dare and insult this Sesshomaru's mate," then as the sudden image of the last time he saw his mate on the bed begging for ice-cream, he consented, "no matter how much...rounder she's become."

Inuyasha made no move to confront his brother, instead he rolled his eyes, "Keh, whatever." He jumped up the moment the boot came off, and glared at his brother. "So, what does she want?" he asked. What ever she wanted, it had to be of great importance, or else his brother would not of agreed to come to him. Whatever Kagome needed—had to be vital and she had to be desperate...but what? If he had one thing to admit—it was that the ass of his half-brother was taking excellent care of her. He waited with the patient he could muster, and still did not ask his brother again.

Sesshomaru glared at Inuyasha, and took a long deep breath, "She needs something from her era, something she calls...ice-cream?"

Inuyasha's jaw dropped as his eyes rolled up, nearly tumbling backwards. Kagome needed what?! That was so vital to her! Inuyasha composed himself as best he could and stared at his brother in shock. He still couldn't believe he—Sesshomaru, the great Lord of the West, would come to him, Inuyasha and asked a favor: to get his mate...ice-cream? Inuyasha did the only thing he could do when faced with such thoughts...he lifted his head and roared in laughter.

Sesshomaru pinned him with another icy glare, and still Inuyasha did not stop laughing. Sesshomaru took a menacing step towards him, and still he did not stop laughing. It wasn't until Sesshomaru stood before him and lifted him by the throat that his laughter turned to a huge grin. Inuyasha ignored the crushing hand wrapped around his throat, it wouldn't kill him. Less he'd want to be killed by his mate...the thought only produced more laughter.

Sesshomaru resisted the urge to roll his eyes and gave his command to his baka half brother. "You will go to my mate's era and get her this...this thing she needs. Understood?" he said before dropping the grinning idiot to the ground.


Inuyasha returned to the forest a few minutes later, empty handed. His head was bent down in...dare he say it?...thought? Sesshomaru stood from his resting place and growled at the hanyou, pulling him out of his thoughts.

Inuyasha lifted his head, and with a very serious voice, explained himself, "Something is not right. The well did not let me go through."

Sesshomaru's brow rose at the confession, bidding his to continue.

"I've been thinking about the well for some time, wondering if it would continue to let me to cross over to the future or not. I guess not," he turned serious eyes towards Sesshomaru. "The last time I passed was almost six months ago, when you took Kagome as mate. I traveled forwards to let her family know, since we weren't sure when she'd be able to go back home."

Sesshomaru lost himself in his own thoughts, creating and forming his own hypothesis. Why would the well block him access? Would it deny his mate access as well? That would not sit well with Kagome, not at all. He nodded once at his brother, and turned to leave.

Inuyasha watched his brother turn and disappear into the deeper forest. He knew Sesshomaru wondered too if Kagome would be able to return as well, or if she was confined to this era...

XxX End of Flashback XxX

"Lady Kagome, why don't you grace us with one of your fantastic tales? I'm sure Lord Sesshomaru or Lord Urufu and his Lady will not mind," Lord Kumiho said, turning his light eyes from the jumping fire to look into Kagome's eyes.

She leaned more fully into her mate, not being able to support her swollen body completely in her position. Sesshomaru's arm tightened, his hand splayed possessively on her round belly.

"Alright then," Kagome closed her eyes and thought back to her sophomore year in high school, back to when Uri and Ayumi sat next to her. Smiling, she remembered just the story she'd always favored.

"Once upon a time there was a king with three daughters. They were all beautiful, but by far the most beautiful was the youngest, Psyche. She was so beautiful that people began to neglect the worship of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, and worshiped her instead," she paused to take a deep sigh, needing to inhaled profusely now that the baby was growing and pushing on her lungs and bladder.

"In fact Venus found her altars deserted, while men turned their devotion to this young virgin. As she passed along, the people sang her praises, and strewed her way with chaplets and flowers. This homage to a mere mortal gave great offense to the real Venus."

Lord Urufu turned to embrace his mate and whispered into her ear, causing a bright rose to dust her cheeks.

"Venus, Goddess of love and beauty called upon her son Cupid, who was mischievous in his own way, and complained to him. She pointed out Psyche to him and asked him to punish her in the most cruelest way possible, by making her fall in love with a terrible monster. Cupid prepared to obey the commands of his mother. There were two fountains in Venus's garden, one of sweet waters, the other of bitter. Cupid filled two amber vases, one from each fountain. Carrying both vases now, he hastened to the chamber of Psyche, whom he found asleep," this time Lord Kumiho snickered on his divan, quickly averting his eyes towards the fire when Sesshomaru glared at him.

Kagome shifted next to Sesshomaru, trying to catch her breath.

"He shed a drops from the vase carrying the water from the bitter fountain over her lips, regretfully. The sight of her almost moved him to pity, then touched her side with the point of his arrow. At the touch she awoke, and opened eyes upon Cupid, but could not see him, for he was invisible. Her magnificent eyes startled him that in his confusion he wounded himself with his own arrow. At that moment, he didn't care of his mother's vengeance, he only cared about repairing the mischief he'd done. So, he poured drops from the vase carrying the sweet waters onto her," this time Kagome glared at Lord Kumiho lightly.

Lord Kumiho in turn turned innocent eyes towards the Lady and Lord of the West, and then shot a quick glance at the Eastern couple whispering and snickering. It appeared that the tale was inspiring more than one couple.

"Despite Psyche's beauty, no one tried to court her or ask for her hand in marriage. Her two elder sisters of moderate charms had now long been married to two royal princes; but Psyche, in her lonely chamber, deplored her solitude, sick of that beauty which, while it procured abundance of flattery, had failed to awaken love. Her parents, afraid that they had unwittingly angered the gods, consulted the oracle of Apollo, and received their answer,

"The virgin is destined for the bride of no mortal lover. Her future husband awaits her on the top of the mountain. He is a monster whom neither gods nor men can resist."

This dreadful prophecy that the oracle foretold filled all the people with dismay, and her parents abandoned themselves to grief.

But Psyche said, 'Why, my dear parents, do you now lament me? You should rather have grieved when the people showered upon me undeserved honors, they dared call me a Venus. Do not grieve now, and allow me to fulfill my destiny.'"

Kagome had to stop to catch her breath now, which seemed to be getting harder and harder to do. She felt her heartbeat increase with the lack of oxygen, but continued her story.

"Accordingly, all things being prepared, the Psyche took her place in the procession, which more resembled a funeral than a nuptial, and with her parents and grieving people, they ascended the mountain. Once they reached the summit, they left her alone, and with sorrowful hearts returned home."

Sesshomaru's eyes narrowed into the dancing flames, sensing his mate's need for more oxygen. He knew she still needed two more weeks before the child would be born, and it was normal for the babe to drop lower onto the womb. A part of him, his beast, did worry the child would come early, if so, it would not be good. Unlike human babe that often came early and survived, hanyou and youkai babes needed the full five months in the womb to live...They could not be allowed even a day early.

But, his stubborn mate continued, "While Psyche stood on the ridge of the mountain, panting with fear and with eyes full of tears, the gentle Western Wind raised her from the earth and bore her with an easy motion into a magnificent palace, where she was waited on by invisible servants."

Kagome ignored Sesshomaru's attempts at having her rest from her storytelling, and tilted her head to glare at him. She was pregnant not incapacitated.

"When night came her new husband visited her, and told her that he would always visit her by night and fled before dawn approached, but his accents were full of love, and inspired a like passion in Psyche. She often begged him to stay and let her behold him, but he would not consent. On the contrary he charged her to make no attempt to see him."

"She insisted though, and he answered her that he would rather have her love him as an equal than adore him as a god. This reasoning somewhat quieted Psyche for a time, and while the novelty lasted she felt quite happy. Although her invisible husband was kind and gentle with her, and the invisible servants attended to her every desire, Psyche grew homesick. She persuaded her husband to allow her sisters to visit her. When they saw how she lived they became very jealous and talked Psyche into peeking at her husband, saying that he was a monster who was fattening her up to be eaten and that her only chance of safety was to kill him," Kagome paused as the need for breath consumed her. Now she was practically panting. Covering her mate's hand with her over her swollen belly, she continued stubbornly.

"Psyche resisted these persuasions as well as she could, but they did not fail to have their effect on her mind, and when her sisters were gone, their words and her own curiosity were too strong for her to resist. So she prepared her lamp and a sharp knife, and hid them out of sight of her husband. When he had fallen into his first sleep, she silently rose and uncovering her lamp she saw it was not a hideous monster, but the most beautiful and charming of the gods, the God of love, Cupid."

"She was so surprised she dripped some hot wax onto his shoulder. Startled, he opened his eyes and fixed them upon her. Then, without saying a word, he spread his white wings and flew out of the window. Psyche, in vain endeavoring to follow him, fell from the window to the ground.

Cupid held her tenderly as she laid in the dust, and said, 'Foolish Psyche, is this how you repay my love? After I disobeyed my mother's commands and made you my wife, will you think me a monster and cut off my head? But go; return to your sisters, whose advice you seem to think greater to mine.' With that he flew away."

Lord Urufu looked up then, all of a sudden forgetting his romantic state, "Pardon my interruption, Lady, but why would this woman, Psyche purposely disobey her mate if he strictly gave her an order?"

Kagome looked up at him, and furrowed her brows in though. Finally she answered, "Because she's human, and humans are naturally curious. But it is her human nature that helps her prevail at the end."

Lord Kumiho stared into the flames once more, lost in the web of his thoughts. He whispered into the room, not intending on anyone hearing him, "So that that makes her weak, makes her strong."

Kagome looked at him, and continued her tale while thinking of what he'd said.

"Psyche roamed about looking for her husband, and eventually in desperation approached his mother, Venus. Still angry, the goddess set various tasks for Psyche, all of which she passed, with a bit of help from nature's creatures and river gods. On her last task though, the river god gave her a box and told her to take it to the infernal shades where she would give it to Persephone. The Goddess Persephone was to place some of her beauty onto the box for the Goddess Venus, but Psyche being the curious creature she was, opened the box. What she found was not beauty, but a deep sleep."

As if the mention of sleep reminded her tired body, Kagome yawned. Stretching her legs and cuddled closer to her mate's warm side.

"But Cupid, being now recovered from his wound, and not able longer to bear the absence of his beloved Psyche. He slipped through the smallest crack of the window of his chamber which happened to be left open and flew to the spot where Psyche laid. He gathered the sleep from her body, placed it back into the box, and closed it again. Then he awakened Psyche with a light touch of one of his arrows. Cupid flew to Mt. Olympus, home of the Gods and presented his case before Zeus, King of Gods.

"Zeus lent a favoring ear, and pleaded the cause of the lovers so earnestly with Venus for them, that he won her consent. As soon as Zeus had Venus consent, he sent Mercury to bring Psyche up to the heavenly assembly. When she arrived, he handed her a cup of ambrosia, and said, 'Drink this, Psyche, and be immortal. Nor shall Cupid ever break away from the knot in which he is tied with you, but these nuptials shall be perpetual.'" Kagome smiled as she told her favorite part of the story.

"And thus Psyche became at last united to Cupid, and in due time they had a daughter born to them whose name was Pleasure," she concluded, feeling a warm flood her body at the couple's happy ending.

She looked up see Sesshomaru, but his eyes were trained on the fire. She tried to decipher the emotions within them, but found none. Frowning, she turned to see the other Lords, and found them solemnly staring into the dancing flames, lost in thought. She turned to Lord Urufu's mate and she smiled reassuringly.

Sesshomaru thought at the irony of her tale. If all went well, then her tale spilled light into their current situation, in more than one way. Like her Psyche, she too would have to overcome difficulties...and if the Kamis permitted it, she too would share is 'immortality'. He knew the other Lords thought the same, he could see it in their guarded glances and their quiet shuffling.

"Perhaps it is best to retire to our chambers, Kagome," Sesshomaru's voice broke the silence. He breathed in and composed himself. He stood without waiting for her answer, and took her hand, guiding her up.

Kagome looked up at her mate and smiled towards him, grateful, for once, that he was 'laying down the law.' She turned towards the Lords and Lady, "Good nigh!"

OoO Next Day OoO

Ominous mist clung to the walls of the majestic castle, hidden within the folds of magic created by it's Lord. Among the mist, shadows danced menacingly, then disappeared. So was their dance, until the storm struck.

Ravenous winds blew from the south, as thunder howled through the graying skies. Powerful lighting struck wet land, as thick mature trees were ripped by an invisible force; wind. Powerful winds howled through the western land, ravaging and destroying, plucking and pushing. Rain clashed with the earth in an earsplitting battle, the wind shrieking with anger.

Within the walls of the castle, demon maids paced the halls dusting, chamberlains surveyed their workers, footmen and soldiers kept surveillance of the castle's high walls. No one was allowed entrance or exit. Except the midwife.

Withing the frigid walls of the castle, through endless halls decorated with rich furnishings, across walls with elegant draperies, and finally through heavy oak twin doors, sat a demon lord in all his glory. Eyes shut closed, fingers entwined beneath his squared chin. His pointy ears listening to nature's fury. Nature's wrath, opposing her own natural cycle. Ironic.

Nature itself opposed his judgment—damned his legacy. His heir. Soon, it would be time.

Soon. Within two weeks.

The great Taiyoukai lifted lids heavily brimmed with thick lashes, revealing smoldering honey orbs. Standing languorously, he strolled towards the window next to his oak desk. His unaffected eyes swept the land below, watched idly as his men circled and guarded his castle.

His clear honey eyes focused across his vast lands, past the turmoil caused by nature and the Kamis. Far in the horizon bordering his lands, a bright glow, barely noticeable through the havoc of the storm, emitted. It seemed to glow with an aura of it's own, casting it's purity up towards the heavens.

The well.

Clasping his hands behind him, his eyes flared as the wind picked up and collided against the window he peered through savagely, distracting his concentration. His cold boreal eyes returned the challenge full heartedly. His beast raising it's muzzle and roaring it's fury, claws digging into his master's mind, begging release.

Inhaling deeply, the Lord of the West tightened his reins on his beast, placating it. A barely nonexistent smirk crossed his chiseled features, as he idly imagined the Kamis themselves trying to prevent what nature dictated.

His mate would birth their pup—and survive. His pup would come into the world and rule. His Lady would forever more be at his side, regardless of the Kamis above.

As if sensing his challenge, the dark skies roared their fury at such an atrocity—such an abomination. Lighting shot down in a blinding flash of lights, obliterating massive trees into splinters. The eerie mist circled boulders and trees, layering above meadows and swallowing rivers. Rain and wind united, swallowing anything in it's path, howling in rage. Rivers broke their bank, reaching greedily towards civilization.

Glinting fangs burst from the Lord's lips, plunging into his lower lip. His eyes narrowed and red bled into them. His body process a wave of pain, slowly ebbing now. He felt pain, but it was not his...It was his mate's pain.

It had begun...


"Oh no..." a young woman gasped in terror, her eyes growing wide with pain. Holding one hand protectively to her swollen womb, her mouth flapped like a fish out of watter, unable to speak.

The maid at the end of the stairway, stopped her dusting, and turned to see her young lady half way down the grand stairs. The frightened expression within her cerulean depths alarming her at once.

"What is it my Lady?" the young cat demon asked, ears twitching towards her mistress.

"My water just broke..."With that the young woman paled even more. Gasping for air, she bend over, a silent scream ripping from her throat. She pushed her hand into her belly, while grasping the stair rail in a death grip. Instinctively, she tried crossing her legs underneath her pure white kimono, finding the action painful. She felt fluid rush down her legs in thin rivulets, pooling at her feet and dripping down the stair-step she stood on.

The maid across from her ran towards the young raven haired woman, and gripped her by the shoulders before she plummeted down the stairs. Gently swiping the young woman's dark bangs out of her blue eyes, now crystalline with tears, she cooed, "It's okay my Lady, we must get you back to your chambers and summon the midwife immediately."

A blood curling scream ripped from Kagome's throat, throwing her down onto the stair she stood on. The panicked maid next to her, aided her to seat on the stair, while calling out for help.

A tall fox kitsune with pale green eyes, ran towards the distressed maid. "Yami, what is going on?" He took in the sight before him and immediately paled. It can't be...it's too early.

Sprinting towards the woman sprawled on the stairs, he picked her up with ease and carried her to her chambers. He barely heard the maid behind him, "She said her water broke my Lord."

Kicking the sturdy wooden door, the Lord Kumiho rushed his young burden to the large bed in the center of the room. Immediately, Kagome was swallowed by the fluffy cushions and sheets, the futon soft and gentle on her back.

Another pain filled shriek bubbled out from Kagome's lips, her eyes rolling up. Gasping for air, her body crashed down into the cushions, pain wracking her body. Panting, she bravely propped her babe-swollen form on her elbows, ready to give an order. Her throat parched dry, she inhaled, and was unable to get the words passed her throat.

Sweat stinging her eyes, she blinked it away. Her body felt another contraption coming on, and her mind prepared itself for the ordeal. A wave of pain crashed into her body, clenching her womb and throwing her body back down.

A wide ruddy woman made her way towards the young woman thrashing on the bed, pain glazing her eyes. Carefully, mindful of her blunt claws, the older woman picked up the withering miko by the shoulders and carefully placed more cushions behind her back; for support.

"Bring me warm water, fresh linens, and towels," the older woman barked out orders at the frightened maids standing by the doorway. Hastily scurrying away like frightened animals, the demon maids rushed out the door.

Panting rapidly, the young woman in labor opened her mouth to speak, but instead found herself being rocked by another painful contraction. She felt her small hips widening, her cervix painstakingly stretching and dilating.

"Easy child, take each contraction as they come, work with them—don't fight them. Have confidence in your body," the woman soothed.

"Please...please," Kagome panted, her lips quivering and white, "please, call my ma—" her voice turned into a loud scream as another contraction rocked her small frame. Whithering in pain, she turned pleading eyes to her midwife.

"Call him," then another pain hit her full force, squeezing her eyes shut and biting her lower lip. Her words were ripped out from her throat in a growl, "Call Sesshomaru!"

Lord Kumiho rushed out of the room as new maids entered the chamber, intent on following her orders.


"Lord Sesshomaru, the babe is here...early...we must do it now," Lord Kumiho's voice boomed throughout the study. He remained by the door, staring at Sesshomaru's back.

Sesshomaru stiffened at hearing his thoughts being confirmed. He'd felt his mate's pain, felt her body begin the birthing process, yet had been too shocked to move.

Two weeks early...

That was all that crossed his mind. Two whole weeks early. The chances of their pup surviving were slim, but by the Kamis their child would survive. If by nothing else, then by his own iron will. Sesshomaru turned on his heel and in a flash was out the study and racing up the stairs; Lord Kumiho by his side. He stormed into his chambers and took in the sight before him.

His mate laid sprawled on the bed, nearly swallowed by the pillows and cushions around her. The midwife, a trusted brown inu youkai, propped her on more white and silver cushions, forcing her into a near sitting position. She panted as beads of sweat sprinkled her furrowed brow, as her pained eyes turned towards him.

The midwife proceeded to remove her gown in one quick motioned and covered her body with a white sheet. She rolled it up from the bottom, propping Kagome's legs up, and set it on her knees. She stood at the foot of the bed, examining Kagome's dilation.

"She's too small...her hips are wide, but not wide enough for the child of a Taiyoukai," the inuyoukai said, examining Kagome closer. At that, Lord Kumiho's eyes widened further. Too small...?

"The tissue around her womb might tear at any second my Lord," the midwife whispered so low only the Lords in the room could hear her.

Kagome could barely breath, she felt a knot of hot acid burn her throat, blocking all oxygen from her abused lungs. When the midwife spread her thighs and bent her knees, she'd nearly shocked on her own scream. She felt claustrophobic surrounded by the cushions and pillows. She felt someone next to her and turned her head and found Sesshomaru staring at her, unable to move. She looked behind him at Lord Kumiho, and if it wouldn't of been for the blinding pain, would of laughed at his expression. The man's eyes were barely in their sockets as he looked at the junction between her opened legs.

"Get out!" she yelled, her raw throat burning more.

Sesshomaru snapped out of it and turned towards the Lord of the East, "Out!" He'd never risen his voice at any of the Lords, but he didn't appreciate anyone other than him looking as his mate's nakedness. He turned back towards his Lady when Lord Kumiho was out the door, eyes still wide.

"Kagome, it's going to be alright," Sesshomaru calmed his mate cooing softly, yet the pain reflected in her eyes made him think twice. She was a mere human woman, carrying the child of a Taiyoukai after all...Sesshomaru snapped out of his negative thoughts and held Kagome's hand. He turned towards the midwife and locked gazes with her.

No. The chances were indeed very slim. Whatever sign crossed their gazes, Sesshomaru knew he had to do something—or he'd loose both his child...and mate. He looked down at Kagome just as a fresh wave of pain wracked her small frame. In that instant, his mind was made up. He knew he needed to turn his mate, there would be no other way to save her. The child would simply tear right out of her if he did not. A new fresh pang of pain sliced through his chest, he had caused this. He was the reason his lovely mate was suffering...and he was the reason she was at risk of death.

With a heavy heart, he bent down and kissed her fisted hand, and turned. He never looked back as he walked out the doors, even when Kagome screamed for him in her agony. Sesshomaru stepped out into the hall and felt something had been torn from him. His chest contracted painfully, as his eyes closed at the last sight he had of her. He would never forget that moments. Ever.


"Lord Sesshomaru?" Lord Urufu addressed Sesshomaru as he flowed down the stair way and passed him. Lord Kumiho hurried with him, both taking quick solemn steps. Lord Urufu hurried after them seeing the determine look upon them. Whatever they were contemplating on doing, it was important and he needed to be present.

The three Lords passed through halls and rooms, until reaching Sesshomaru's study. Lord Sesshomaru threw the doors wide open and walked to his desk. Lord Kumiho's attention snapped to the window where the wind seemed to furiously beat against it. His eyes narrowed at the location the winds were coming from; the South.

It would seem Lord Ryuu was impatient, and heeding them to finish their business, less they want a far in their hands.

"What are we to do Lord Sesshomaru?" the wolf Lord asked, his eyes wide and tinged with fear. He was not like the other Lords. Where the rest were tall and lean, he was buff and large. Yet he lacked the complete confidence in his ability, his noble blood line insured his Lordship however.

Lord Sesshomaru snatched the scroll from his desk, rolling it up and turning towards the two men with him. "We must perform the ritual now," his voice was calm and monotone, yet the underlying urgency was palpable. The room practically sparkled and snapped with the electrical waves of his youkai, urging the situation. He could feel his inner beast fighting his iron shackles, demanding release to aid it's mate. It would not—it simply refused to listen to reason, it simply wanted instinct to rule it. And Sesshomaru never acted on instinct, every move—every thought was pure logic. He was not an animal to let nature's instinct rule him.

He glided through the hall, grabbing an athame from one of his drawers and strolled passed one of the windows, when it shattered. The glass flew in, followed by the howling wind, scattering all over the wooden floor. Sesshomaru ignored it, and shrugged some of the glass shards off his shoulders. He walked out the study with the two Lords in tow. Quickly they passed banging windows and doors, expecting them to shatter in at any moment. The wind picked up with unparalleled furry, intending to cause as much havoc within the castle. The rain beat against glass furiously, trying to reach inside.

The three Lords descended down the narrow stairs to the basement, with each step they took the wooden stairs protested loudly. Lord Sesshomaru took one of the thick wooden sticks off the wall, holding it up to light the way. He moved through the dark tunnel, lighting new pillars as he moved forwards. The tunnel walls were long and narrow, fitting one person at a time. A small tickling sound was heard, and water crawled down the stone walls. They continued their way forward, ignoring the wetness of the walls and the dirt sticking to their boots now.

Lord Sesshomaru halted when he was before three closed doors, their tall wooden length looked heavy and thick, the hinges now rusty with age. He reached out towards the center one and pushed it open, he walked in followed by the two other Lords. Here, it was darker, not even their superior sight could aid them. The fire from Sesshomaru's lantern could provide enough light, the darkness swallowed the fire and diminished its glow. He moved the fire towards the left and pushed it against the wall, triggering a chain of lanterns to blaze with fire. Suddenly, the room was ignited with a fierce glow, lighting the entire room.

The chamber was bare except for the great marble boulder in the center, the shape resembled an alter or a very cold bed. Throughout the walls, various drawings and unknown words danced along, casting an eerie feel to the room. Magic swirled around the room, the feeling intoxicating.

"Lord Sesshomaru, you must bring your mate here, we will prepare for the ritual," Lord Kumiho said, his voice was neutral, yet the glean in his eye made Sesshomaru pause. He disregarded it as simply excitement, Lord Kumiho was young and such a ritual had not been done in over a millennium. He was about to leave, when he remembered something vital. "Lord Kumiho, we still need Lord Ryuu's blood," his mood turned more sour, "and I'm afraid he will not agree to aid us."

Lord Urufu turned then to him, "Actually, I've already acquired a vial of his blood, Lord Sesshomaru." His voice was even and for once, showed no fear in the face of danger.

Sesshomaru rose a brow at him, but the muffled scream from above had him rushing out the door and up the stairs in a flash.

Lord Kumiho turned to Lord Urufu and with a confused look, said, "How on earth did you get Lord Ryuu's blood?"

Lord Urufu turned to him and shrugged, "That day we met, he said he'd aid us only if Lord Sesshomaru's mate was turned. Since we both did not know what would await us when we arrive here, he agreed to give me his blood in case we did turn her. But, if she remained human, he would wage war against this kingdom."


Lord Sesshomaru burst through the chamber doors, to find his mate panting and thrashing on the bed. Her entire body, now nude, was covered by a thin film of sweat. He hurried to her side and ignored the midwife.

Kagome opened her eyes and tried to focus them, she could make out a blurry form bending over her and picking it her up. She closed her eyes shut as the next contraction hit her full force, the sudden movement making it worse. She fought the vile rising in her throat and pushed it down. Kagome frowned amidst all her pain as she felt warm fluid sliding down her thighs and down her legs, but was forgotten soon as the pain overwhelmed her.

Sesshomaru's eyes narrowed as he both felt and smelled the heavy scent of Kagome's blood. He halted halfway and replaced her on the bed. When he looked down at her thighs, he saw dark blood covering them and sliding down the length of her legs. The sheets were stained red with the fluid where she rested. His head swam with the heavy scent, but snapped out of it as he felt his beast rise and snarl.

Lifting her up once more, he rushed out the room, forgetting about the midwife. He ignored the blood seeping into his white kimono as he flew down the stairs and down into the basement. He was glad both Rin and Shippou had been confined to their rooms while Kagome was in labor, this was not a sight he would want them to witness.

He flashed into the underground chambers as Lord Kumiho and Lord Urufu lighted the last candles around the alter, while lighting the incense. One large silver chalices stood at the head of the alter, while the athame rested in the center. He walked towards the alter and laid his beloved on it gently as if she was the most fragile porcelain doll. He grasped her hand in his and kissed it.

Sesshomaru moved back and took the dagger, while inscribing symbols on the candles. He set each of the large pillar candles on each of the corners of the chamber. He place a red candle to the South, a blue candle to the West, a green candle to the North and a white candle to the East.

Kagome's painful scream echoed off the cold stone walls, gray with age. She fisted her hands at her sides and barely registered what was going on. She was on a hard, cold surface, and when she splayed her hands next to her it felt smooth and unblemished. She opened her eyes and saw faint light around her.

She spread her legs and pushed like her midwife had dictated. She saw Sesshomaru rush to her side and cover her with his white kimono. He helped her into a sitting position and maneuvered himself behind her, resting her back on his chest. He held her hands in his, as the other two Lords walked around them in circles, chanting words she could not understand.

"Be calm my little one, you will soon have our child in your arms," he whispered soothingly to her. He leaned down and nuzzled her ear tenderly, wanting her to feel the joy he felt—wanting to transfer his strength to her.

Lord Kumiho took the dagger and rose it to point at the ceiling, then to each of the four corners, chanting. When he returned it to the center, the dagger glowed bright red as red smoke swirled around it. He brought it to his wrist and sliced it. He took one of the silver chalices from the altar and allowed his blood to flow freely into it. Lord Urufu did the same.

Lastly, Lord Sesshomaru took the athame and sliced his hand across the palm, he did the same to Kagome's and both their bloods mingled as they flowed into the chalice. He held the chalice firmly in his hand while he turned to look at the Lord of the East. The kitsune Lord gazed into his eyes and both understood what had to be done. Lord Kumiho stepped in front of Kagome, and positioned himself at her feet. He propped her knees up and ignored the fact that he was looking at her in the most private of ways.

Lord Sesshomaru gripped his beast ruthlessly, forcing him down instead of trying to escape and annihilate the kitsune Lord for seeing his mate only he should be able to. Lord Kumiho looked down onto Kagome's dilated opening, and his eyes widened. His pale green eyes trailed up to her rounded belly and saw when the child moved, causing her belly to vibrate. It seemed as if the child was dragging it's foot across her belly when he finally looked over to Sesshomaru. He exhaled slowly, trying to relax, and shook his head slowly once.

No. She would not make it if they did not act now. The child was already despairing and trying to tear its way out. He gripped Kagome's knee and patted it, "Just keep pushing my Lady," he said encouragingly.

Kagome let out her breath slowly, trying to even it out. She pushed as the next contraction hit her. Finally she felt her opening tear as she the baby stretched her opening further, the pain nearly knocking her out. Her eyes rolled back towards the ceiling as she squeezed Sesshomaru's hand. Kagome clenched her teeth tight until she was sure they would burst to splinters. A loud blood curling scream was ripped from her throat as she felt the babe slide out of her. She tried to lift her head from Sesshomaru's chest, but a sudden nauseating darkness overtook her. She felt her head swimming and tumbled back again.

Sesshomaru held Kagome close as she pushed, trying to free their child from her womb. When the babe finally slipped out, both relief and grief flooded him. The child cried into the glowing room, as Lord Kumiho held it, examining it.

"You have a strong son, Lord Sesshomaru," Lord Kumiho said as he smiled broadly at the Lord. Lord Urufu continued to chant from the center of the room, reminding them it was not yet over. Lord Sesshomaru's beast whined within his mind, dragging his attention from the babe held protectively in the kit's arm to his mate. Kagome looked pale beyond reason and her heart was laboring too hard to continue its beat.

He growled as he grabbed the chalice Lord Urufu had filled with his and Lord's Ryuu's blood, as well as his and Lord Kumiho's. He brought it to her pale lips and forced her to open them. White hot acid ran down Kagome's throat as she tried to stop the flow. Whatever it was being forced down her throat was burning her.

Sesshomaru knew she did not have much time, she had to consume all of it. He felt his fangs burst from his gums and into his lower lips, and in a heartbeat he bit down hard and deep into her jugular. He felt when her subconscious became aware of the pain inflicted on its physical body, but disregarded it. He allowed her blood to fill his mouth and then swallowed her sweet intoxicating blood. He tipped the chalice up and forced her head up as well, until it rested on his shoulder. He drank from her until his beast was sated and his youkai recognized it. Sesshomaru made sure every drop of blood was in her mouth before removing the chalice.

Kagome still looked pale and her skin felt clammy from hours of labor. Sesshomaru didn't want to loose her, not now that he'd finally found someone he could share his life with. Someone who'd taught him to open and release, take chances and believe that everything eventually happened for a reason. Now he understood that everything did happen for a reason, everything he'd done, everything his half brother had done—and everything she'd done, was only paving the way for them. They truly belonged together. And he'd be damned if he ever let something separate them.

Sesshomaru focused his entire attention to the woman he held tightly in his arms; his woman, his mate...his love. She would live, because he willed it. And they would remain together, even if he'd have to do the impossible—so be it. He had Tensseiga by him...just in case.

Kagome's eyes fluttered a moment before they burst open whitening all the way. Both pain and...something else swirled within their blankness. Pain contorted her features and twisted her body. She rocked and twisted, convulsion after convulsion overpowering her. Her lips twisted in a silent scream of agony.

The conversion had started.

Her body needed to get rid of all the toxins in her body and reshape itself. Vital organs needed to reconstruct themselves and bones needed to strengthen. Smoke of pink and purple swirled around her and Sesshomaru, her holy aura trying to fight off the youkai aura. The miko within her tried to protect it's host from the youkai's toxins, trying to rid herself of them. As the youkai trying to claim her engulfed the miko aura. Both fought for supremacy. Darkness and Light.

Sesshomaru was thrown backwards and slammed against the hard block wall, as the other Lords were drown back as well. Smoke and wind rushed past them in a swirl, turning and turning. It was as if a tornado was taking place in the center of the room. White lighting sparked around the altar, yet the smoke prevented anything from being seen. Lord Urufu laid on the floor covering his head from any danger as Lord Kumiho covered his eyes with one hand.

Suddenly, the wind and crackling resided and was sucked into the center of the room, into the altar. Kagome's body floated above the altar and slowly floated down onto its hard smooth surface. Her head lolled to the side as her hands fell to her side, the kimono now on the floor. She looked like and ancient sacrifice to the Gods above.

Sesshomaru could see the faint dark stripes on her body, two slim blue stripes accentuated each hip perfectly, as the two dark blue stripes on her wrists were a perfect contrast to her pale skin. He nearly frowned when he did not see any marking on her beautiful sleeping face though. He moved forwards warily and picked up his kimono. Laying it across her nude form, he noticed the slight changes.

Had they done everything right? Shouldn't her youkai be more noticeable? He wished he had the answers, yet he didn't, and he couldn't prove it had worked all the way. Sesshomaru stiffened when Kagome opened her eyes, and his eyes widened further. What once were the most beautiful cerulean eyes he'd seen, now were slightly different. Now they glowed with the undertone of gold—much like his own. Strange. He wondered what else had changed.

He reached for her hand and was shocked. Literally. It was as if she'd tried to purify him. Kagome looked up and around her, still unmoving. Her eyes were the only thing roaming room. Her eyes locked on Sesshomaru's and instant recognition brightened her eyes. She smiled faintly and reached a hand for him.

Sesshomaru took it warily, ready to retrieve it if she shocked him again. This time, nothing happened. Kagome smiled warmly at him and asked, "Sesshy, where's our baby?"

Sesshomaru looked down at her, his eyes unreadable, "Kagome, what do you remember?" he asked. He saw the confusion cross her eyes.

"What do you mean? I remember the pain and the midwife telling me to push...and then..."she trailed off as she furrowed her brow. She couldn't remember much, but she did remember some. She remembered Sesshomaru sitting behind her...here? In the chamber...no, they'd not been in their room. They'd been down in the basement.

Slowly, it dawned on her. She remembered the chanting, the altar, the candles...the pain. She closed her eyes as she remembered the pain and swallowed the thick vile that threaten to rise in her throat. She looked down and grabbed the kimono. She peeked at herself underneath it and squealed. One, she was naked, and two: she had similar marking on her body like Sesshomaru. Was she demon now?

Sesshomaru squeezed her hand and kissed it. Kagome looked up and lifted a brow, feeling something she knew she shouldn't be feeling.

"Sesshomaru, I don't think it worked...at least not the right way," she furrowed her brows again and looked up at him, "I still feel a miko."

Sesshomaru's eyes narrowed in though, when Kagome squealed all together again. He turned to her and saw her hands reach around him. "Lord Kumiho, please bring him here!" she squealed in joy and anticipation.

Lord Kumiho smiled broadly at her and handed her the small bundle, wrapped in a too-large kimono—obviously his. Kagome shook with anticipation as she removed one of the kimono's flaps, exposing her...son. "Oh look Sesshy! He has your marking!" she said enthusiastically. Lord Sesshomaru looked down at his pup tenderly, reaching to pat his soft curly white hair.

"Raiden, that's what I'll call him...Raiden," she said tenderly cooing at the sleeping child.

Both pride and love swelled within his hear...a heart he'd once thought nonexistent. A heart a small miko had unearthed and held to her fiercely.

Kagome looked up at Sesshomaru warmly, tears swimming in her eyes. "Sesshomaru, look what we've created..." her smile brightened when he smiled tenderly. It wasn't a huge face-splitting smile—but a smile all the same.

"Lord Sesshomaru? Both Lord Urufu and I have spoken, and we think that your mate did, in fact, turn full youkai, but the miko in her neutralized it. In other words—she is both—yet none," his voice filled with wonder and respect as he finished, "...She's a whole species on her own..."

Kagome looked down at her tiny son and smiled, "A whole species of my own huh?" she looked up at her mate lovingly and smiled mischievously, "Think you can handle that Sesshy?"

Sesshomaru laughed a throatily for once in his life and bent down to capture her lips, "Is that a challenge koi?"

Kagome looked up at him and new bound love blossomed in her eyes as she hugged their child tighter, "Every step of the way..."

...The End...

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Raiden means God of Thunder. It is Japanese. I chose this name because Zeus was God of the Thunderbolt—and "King of all Gods". As the story's been saying, a "son of a great Taiyoukai and a powerful Shikon Miko would be powerful enough to rule as the Lands together"--that's the whole reason why the Lords were skeptical about their union. So, I think Raiden fits perfectly as a "role" of Zeus. Think about it...

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