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The Final Sunset

Ikkaku was sitting watching the lower ranking members of the 11th Division clean up the recent battle field. The Hollows of late had been rather more… hardy than before. Most figured it was the effects of the aftermath of the war with Aizen. This last battle had been tough; there had been times when Ikkaku had though it was the end but he had pulled through.

"You should thank me."

Ikkaku looked back to see Yumichika walking slowly toward him.

"Why should I do that?" asked Ikkaku.

"Well," started Yumichika planting his sword in the ground and sitting down heavily. "I called in the funeral arrangements."

"I hate doing that – another weakling dead," muttered Ikkaku.

He turned back to the battle field.

"So what's your secret?" he asked.

"My secret?" asked Yumichika.

"You've got a secret smile. You wear it whenever you have information I need to know but you don't want to tell me – so what is you secret?" asked Ikkaku again.

Yumichika looked across the field but said nothing.

"Keep your secrets, then," said Ikkaku turning his attention back to the field and the men working. After a moment he frowned.

"Oi, Yumichika," he said.


"Who were the funeral arrangements for?" asked Ikkaku.

When Yumichika did not answer Ikkaku turned to see Yumichika leaning against his sword, his sightless eyes turned toward the sunset.

"Oh, Yumichika," sighed Ikkaku. "Your final sunset."