Elaine gasped as Jerry's mouth found hers again and again. Suddenly overwhelmed by the desire to be near him, she wrapped her arms around his neck and drew him closer.

When they parted several seconds later, they gazed at each other; unable to believe what had just happened.

"Jerry..." Elaine said when she was finally able to speak.

"Elaine, I... I need to tell you something." Jerry said.

"Um, okay." Elaine said, trying to control the quivering in her voice. She could feel her heartbeat increase in anticipation of what he was about to say.

He took a deep breath. This was the biggest thing he had ever said to anyone before. "I'm in love with you, Elaine."

She was so stunned, that she grabbed the arm of the sofa to steady herself.

"Y-you what?"

Jerry groaned. "You're not going to make me say it again, are you?"

Elaine couldn't help but smile. "D-did you just tell me that you love me?"

To her amazement, Jerry's face reddened, and he quickly looked away. Then he turned to face her.

"Amazingly enough, I did."

"So..." Elaine said.

"So..." Jerry repeated.

Playfully, Elaine tossed her hair. "Does this mean you're gonna start calling me 'Shmoopy'?"

Jerry laughed. "God, no! I always hated that name!"

"So what are you gonna call me?" she teased.

"Well, how about Lainey?" Jerry asked.

Elaine thought for a minute. "Yeah... that sounds good. But what should I call you?"

Jerry pretended to ponder the question. "How about Murphy?"

Elaine burst out laughing. "Murphy? Why would you pick that name?"

"Well, that was my name when George and I were in that limo going to that Nazi rally, and... I don't know... it kind of grew on me."

Elaine grinned. "Come here, Murphy." She said as she pushed him onto the sofa for a kiss that made them both dizzy with emotion.

(The next morning)

The door opened and Kramer burst inside. "Jerry!" He whispered. When he didn't see his friend he checked the rest of the apartment. Just as he was about to leave, he spotted them;

Jerry and Elaine were snuggled on the sofa, sleeping soundly in each other's arms. The sight made Kramer smile.

George stopped in the doorway and peered inside. "Is Jerry ready?" He asked Kramer. "I thought he wanted to go get some breakfast."

Kramer grinned and motioned for George to take a look.

George laughed. "That son of a gun!"

George and Kramer turned to leave but stopped to give each other a high-five.

Jerry and Elaine had found each other at last.