Just a short little ECDLB-fanfic about Nadie being in denial about her growing feelings for Ellis. I wrote this in an hour or so, sorry but I don't have any time to correct the spelling and stuff right now. Maybe I'll do later.

Disclaimer: I don't own "El cazador de la bruja" or the characters. A shame, actually.


Motherly affection?

She'd have never thought that she'd be a mother one day.

No, THAT didn't sound right.

Best friend? Big sister? Soulmate?

Yeah, all and none of them.

Nadie sighed, frustrated. She couldn't even describe this strange relationship which linked her to the frail, blonde girl at her side. Even now, one year after she had met Ellis, the man-made witch, she didn't know what she should think of the girl sometimes. Ellis was quiet, honest, good-natured and indescribably cute, but there were times when she was different. Sometimes she'd start to sing the Taco-song right out of the blue, although she still said that she hated it. Sometimes she'd be in a foul mood, especially when Nadie left her alone to talk to other people. And whenever she used her witch-powers, she could be frightening. Right now her head was lying on Nadie's lap. She was reading.

A romance novel, what else? Nadie had no clue why Ellis liked that crap so much. These stories were nowhere realistic. But whenever Ellis was reading a new kiss-kiss-fall-in-love-story, she had this soft look on her face. Okay, bad description, Ellis nearly always looked innocent and serene, but when she was reading, there was this expression on her face, the smile, the half-closed eyes... it was like she was reading a letter from her beloved one. Which was nonsense, because Ellis HAD no lover. Nadie felt her stomach become tighter. Any man in this world would just make use of Ellis' purity and child-like innocence and would make her unhappy eventually. And most women too. But Nadie would never allow something like that. She was Ellis' protector. She would protect her like any other mother, big sister or whatever would.


Nadie looked down. Ellis was looking at her with a little sorrow and curiosity in her eyes. The blissful expression on her face had vanished. Although Nadie didn't know why, she immediately felt bad. She loved to see this expression on her friend's face. It made her look like an angel.

„Why are you sighing?" Ellis asked her. „Did you remember something bad?"

Nadie forced herself to smile. Her hand found one of Ellis' golden coils of hair and began to caress it. She didn't know why, but sometime in this last year she had gotten addicted to touching Ellis' beautiful hair.

„It's nothing" she told the blonde girl softly. „I'm sorry I interrupted you."

Ellis shot one last scrutinizing glance at her, then she closed her eyes and smiled. Nadie's chest suddenly became warmer. Oh, how she wanted Ellis to smile like that forever! She caught herself staring at this warm smile... longingly? No, that couldn't be true. It was just because she knew about Ellis' sad childhood memories. Of course she wanted her friend to be happy. Like any good friend or family member would. She pulled her hand away from Ellis' hair. The hand didn't seem to like this decision at all, it was quite hesitant to move.

„It's alright" Ellis said. „They are just talking again, not kissing." She frowned. She looked so CUTE when she did that! Nadie's hand stopped moving and she felt the indescribable urge to hug the other girl like a doll... or a small child. Of course, this had to be a motherly sign of affection because Ellis looked so sweet and child-like right now. Sure. Ellis continued: „Why do they spend so much time talking, quarreling and getting together again? They obviously love each other."

Oh dear god, how often had Nadie heard such questions? And yet she had always answered them. Because it was Ellis who depended on her. Ellis who needed her. It felt good to be needed.

„Haven't I told you that often enough?" she asked Ellis and wagged her finger at her friend playfully. Ellis giggled slightly and hid her mouth behind the book. „If they kissed each other on the first page, there would be no story. AND no one who buys the story."

„Sure, I know that" Ellis replied provocatively. „I just wanna know why they never realize that they fit together so perfectly. It's so obvious."

„That's because romance novels are crap" Nadie told her bluntly. „Other people, especially the reader, always know that the two lovebirds are meant for each other, but they always try to fool themselves. It's never any different."

„Why do you say it's crap?" Ellis asked a little hurt. Nadie cursed herself mentally. „Don't you think something like that could happen in real life too?"

Nadie snorted. „Like in these books? No. There ARE morons out there, but they aren't acting THAT silly."

„Oh" Ellis whispered disappointed, looking at her book.

Nadie grimaced. Why was she messing up so badly today? She should have known that Ellis would be depressed if she told her something like that.

„Look, Ellis" she said. „I don't say there is no true love out there – I'm sure it is. But these novels are just pure cliche. It just isn't how it works in real life."

„I see" Ellis mumbled and put a finger on her lips, being lost in her thoughts. Somehow Nadie's glance was drawn to this finger, as it carressed the pink lips of the girl. Her mouth watered. She had to warn Ellis. If this innocent pose was having that effect on her, Ellis' best friend, than other people would not be able to control themselves – or even try. Life would be so much easier, if Ellis wasn't that cute.

„Can you tell me how it works in real life, Nadie?" she heard Ellis' voice. Nadie blinked. The girl had a pleading look in her eyes, even though she was smiling politely.

„Huh?" she made. Why was she so unconcentrated today? Okay, not just today, it had been like that for quite some time. Everything was completely normal and peachy when they were around other people – aside from the sweet slightly annoyed expression Ellis put on then – but when they were alone, Nadie found it increasingly difficult to focus. Her attention was always drawn to something else, sometimes a memory and sometimes something Ellis did. She shouldn't be that careless, she was the girl's protector after all... but it was so good to be able letting her guard down around another human being, man-made witch or no. To trust someone so completely that she could let herself go without having to fear about consequences... okay, aside of the stupid things Ellis did at times, but that just made the girl all the more adorable. All the more worth protecting.

„Did you ever have someone you loved like that, Nadie?" Ellis restated and sat up. She was still looking at Nadie curiously. „Can you tell me about it?"

Nadie was nowhere a shy girl, but now she blushed. That was Ellis for you, asking intimate questions like that! „Ah... you know Ellis... this isn't something you discuss openly" she stuttered.

„But we're alone" Ellis annotated calmly, never losing the slight smile on her lips. „There is no one here but us."

Nadie didn't know herself why, but something inside of her rebelled against even thinking about a topic like that. „I don't want to talk about that right now", she replied gruffly and put her hands on the steering wheel. „We should drive now. It's getting late."

Then she felt Ellis' delicate arms hugging her own right one and Ellis' cheek huddling against her shoulder. When had it gotten so hot inside the car?

„I hope you'll find your true love one day, Nadie" she heard Ellis whisper. „I hope your true love will make you very happy."

Nadie couldn't do anything but smile. She turned her head and watched the blonde girl at her side tenderly. She put her unrestrained hand on Ellis' head and started carressing the girl's blonde hair again. She would protect this girl from this cruel world forever. She would never allow anyone getting close enough to Ellis to hurt her.

„I wouldn't even have time to spend with my true love, you know?" she teased the other girl. „Because you're getting in trouble all the time."

„I'm sorry."

„Don't be. I wouldn't want you to be any different."

And she would fight anyone who tried to change Ellis. Who tried to take Ellis away from her. Even the thought of living without the gentle girl scared her. But that was completely normal. A normal motherly, big-sister-ly or whatever-ly reaction to Ellis' childlike behaviour. Right.