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The calm after the storm

At first Ellis wasn't sure, if she wasn't still dreaming. For a moment she feared, that the whole thing had been just a dream... this unbelievable, indescribable incident last night, which seemed to be too good to be true. But when she felt Nadie's warm breath beneath her collarbone, right at the start of her left breast, which was currently covered by a sweaty blanket, she smiled happily. It was real! Everything was real! She was lying here on the ground near the jeep, next to Nadie, with the redhead's arm around her waist, their legs still intertwined, Nadie's head resting on Ellis' arm and shoulder... and Nadie's long hair dancing on the blanket because of the gentle breeze.

„Nadie?" she asked quietly. „Are you awake?"

„Mm-hmm" her friend... no, beloved agreed. This sent shivers down Ellis' spine, since she could feel Nadie's deep, almost catlike purr on her arm. Her face became a little warmer.

„How long have you been awake?" she wanted to know. She didn't try to move away. Although she couldn't see Nadie that way, since she was still looking up to the sky, she was happy. But she searched Nadie's arm around her waist with her own uncovered hand and squeezed Nadie's hand gently. Nadie began to rub the back of Ellis' hand with her thumb.

„For a while" Nadie answered. „I didn't want to wake you."

„You could have moved" Ellis chided her softly. „I wouldn't have been angry."

„Didn't feel like it" Nadie denied. Ellis could feel her chuckle. „sides... I'm having a very nice view from this position."

Ellis giggled as she felt Nadie's tongue giving her collarbone a playful lick. „Don't do that" she pleaded. „I have no strength left to fight you off."

„How disappointing" Nadie said noticably amused, but then she stopped teasing Ellis. They were quiet for a few moments, listening to the wind and enjoying each other's warmth.

„Nadie" Ellis eventually whispered. „Last night was... incredible."

„Yes, it was." Seemingly this topic was too serious for Nadie to ask teasing questions. Ellis was glad for that.

„Have you ever done that before?" Ellis inquired shyly. „You know... making love?"

Nadie shifted a bit, snuggling up to Ellis a little more. There was a slight pause. „I've had sex before, if you want to know that" she finally answered.

Ellis blinked. „Sex?" she asked.

Nadie couldn't help it. She had to laugh. „I'm sorry, Ellis" she apologized. „I'm sorry, but that question... after all the things we did last night..."

„Why are you laughing, Nadie?" Ellis demanded to know. She felt a little offended. She had never heard anyone talk about „sex" before.

Nadie finally stopped laughing, but continued chuckling. „Sorry", she said again. „It's just because... we have had sex for hours last night, Ellis."

„Oh", Ellis made, which caused Nadie to chuckle again. „But what's the difference between sex and making love then?"

Nadie raised her torso and supported herself with her arm on the ground. Ellis looked into her face. A face she knew so well... and that still continued to amaze her. Nadie smiled at her. „There is no physical difference" she told Ellis. „It's about feelings. Sex mostly is just about you feeling pleasure and relieving tension, and it can be great." She carressed the blanket with her other hand, feelings Ellis' curves beneath it. „But making love is more than that... it is about two partners who want to give each other the ultimate pleasure... who can only enjoy themselves, if they can make their love feel good. It is also the ultimate demonstration of trust, because they give themselves to the other one as a present, their body..." Nadie's hand carressed Ellis' belly. „... their souls..." Her hand found the spot, where Ellis' beating heart was. She bent down a bit. „... everything they are."

With that Nadie bent down fully and kissed Ellis. Ellis let it happen eagerly. She had never felt such tenderness for anyone before. Last night she had learned much about excitement, exstasy and sexual fulfillment, and she had thought that nothing could top these sensations. She had been wrong. For now she could feel the tender side of love, this warm, blissful feeling just because of the closeness to her beloved. And yet she was the one who broke the kiss.

„So you say that we made love last night, Nadie" she clarified. She smiled a little cheekily. „But that doesn't answer my question. Have you ever made love before?"

Nadie looked into her eyes without the slightest sign of embarrassment. „Never" she told Ellis with her softest voice. „I've had sex a few times in the past..." She gave Ellis a quick kiss. „... but I have never had such feelings for anyone before."

Ellis smiled happily, but then something came to her mind. „Nadie" she began a little nervously. „You-you have made me feel very good last night. Thanks to you I've felt the most... intense emotions. I don't even know how they are called, but I loved to experience them... with you. But... did I... you... have I been able to...?"

Ellis hadn't thought she'd be able to blush anymore with all the... things she and Nadie had done in the night before. And yet she blushed. Heavily. She glanced at Nadie pleadingly and the redhead seemed to get what she meant. She smiled at Ellis gently and ran her fingers through the blonde girl's hair. „Yes, Ellis" she confirmed. „You have given me great pleasure too... even though you were inexperienced. You have sent me to heaven and backwards..." She grinned sassily. „More than once. But you know... this earthquake on your first orgasm was a little exaggerated."

„Nadie!" Ellis exclaimed, blushing again. She tried to punch the other girl, but Nadie just laughed and caught her hands in midair. She pressed them to the ground and used her body weight to hold Ellis down, obviously enjoying her powerful position. Ellis just had enough time to see the twinkle in her eyes, before Nadie attacked her lips with her own again. What kind of magic was this? How was it that Nadie could rob her of all her strength with just a simple kiss? It was a mysterious, terrifying, wonderful secret. For a few minutes there was nothing to hear but quiet noises of pleasure. Then, when they were lying next to each other again, this time looking into each others face, Ellis began to speak again.

„Nadie... will our life change now?" Hesitantly she touched a strand of Nadie's long hair and began to caress it. Until now it had been Nadie who had been caressing Ellis' hair in such a loving-playful manner. But Nadie didn't seem to mind at all.

„It depends" Nadie answered her. „We could continue travelling around – and making love. We could settle down – and continue making love in a real bed. Or we could just never leave from here."

„Nadie, I'm serious" Ellis chided her. „What about the people? Will they look at us differently now? Will we still be welcome everywhere?"

„Well, we haven't exactly been welcome everywhere before", Nadie remarked, but then her expression became serious too. She put her hand on Ellis', which was still stroking Nadie's strand of hair, and squeezed it. „I won't lie to you, Ellis", she said. „There will be many people who won't understand our feelings... who will shun us. There will also be many people who won't mind as long as we don't show our feelings too openly, like kissing right in front of them. But there will be tolerant people who will accept us, too."

Ellis took Nadie's hand and put it on her cheek. She loved the feeling of Nadie's hand on her skin... and not just in a sexual way. The horny skin on the shooting-hand filled her with the certainty that Nadie would always protect her. And the soft parts on Nadie's hand reminded her of the redhead's gentle soul and her feelings for Ellis.

„I don't want to hide my feelings for you, Nadie" she told the other girl in her most serious voice. „I haven't known happy feelings for a long time in my life... but thanks to you I am able to feel. I am FEELING so much, Nadie! And I want to share all YOUR feelings too! I want to be with you, when you are happy... and I want to comfort you, when you are sad. I want to be the one to calm you down, when you get angry, and I even want to be the one to be teased by you. I... I want to BE with you, Nadie... forever!"

Nadie's eyes had gotten wet during this speech. She pulled Ellis into a tight embrace impulsively. „This means that you love me, Ellis" she whispered into the ear of her beloved. „As much as I love you. Arigatou!"

Ellis eagerly hugged the other girl back, enjoying the sensation of their skin pressing against each other, sharing their warmth and increasing the feeling of blissful happiness inside of Ellis' chest. They stayed like that for a minute, feeling the heartbeat of the other one mixing with their own, before Nadie chuckled again.

„What's so funny?" Ellis demanded to know.

„I was just imagining us meeting our friends again" Nadie told her. „You know, Blue eyes, Roberto, Nina, Ricardo, Lirio... and us starting to kiss right in front of them." She chuckled again. „I bet Ricardo'd want to duel me for defiling Lirio's mind."

„Nadie!" Ellis ended their embrace and looked at her lover disapprovingly. „How can you think of kissing in front of a little girl!" But when she saw Nadie grinning at her, she had to giggle too. „You're a pervert, Nadie!"

„Took you long enough to realize!"

Ellis squealed as Nadie started to tickle her. „Nadie!" she shouted. „Stop it! Please!"

„Never!" Nadie announced, tickling her for another few seconds before ending this torture. When Ellis finally calmed down, she punched Nadie.

„That was mean!" she told the other girl. Nadie just grinned at her. „Nadie... when we meet our friends again... what will they think of us?"

„Well, I guess, some of them already know" Nadie said. „It's like that with best friends – they see these things way before you realize them."

Ellis grinned. „Just like in crappy romance novels."

Nadie grimaced. „Yeah, just like that. Gosh!" Ellis giggled softly, ignoring Nadie's disgruntled glare. „Still I'd prefer, if you to read a different kind of books."

„Oh?" Ellis asked, stopping her giggling and looking at Nadie provokingly. „And what would you like me to read?"

Nadie flashed her a very dirty grin. „Well, you know" she said in a deep, seductive voice „there is this specialized kind of romance novels... for adult readers only."

„Eh?" Ellis blinked. What was Nadie referring to? „Why for adult readers only?"

Nadie's hand found Ellis' thigh, pushing the blanket away and softly stroking it. The look in the redhead's eyes made Ellis' heart beat faster. „Well, these books are about... people making love" Nadie purred.

Ellis gasped slightly. There was it again, this funny feeling in her lower body. She was beginning to like it. „And why would you want me to read something like that?" she asked, smiling at the other girl.

Nadie moved closer to her, her hand slowly moving upwards on Ellis' body. „Because" she growled „you would maybe get one or two ideas to make our own lovemaking a little more... interesting."

Ellis laughed. „Nadie!" she exclaimed. „You are being naughty again!" Yet her own hands were already beginning to explore Nadie's trained body in return... nearly against her will.

Nadie's face was just in front of her's. „Exactly" the redhead whispered, before she crossed the distance between them.

None of them spoke in the following minute. It took them even longer to say more to each other again than just their names and simple, pleading demands. And when they finally got up and dressed, it was already near noon. Ellis didn't mind. Nadie had given her a wonderful present, as she had said... and Ellis had always been one to cherish a gift. And as they finally drove off to a yet unknown destination, Ellis swore to cherish Nadie's love forever.

Until death tore them apart.


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