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Alice, Rose, and I have been best friends since I moved to Forks in the 7th grade. We did everything together. Rose is a year older than Alice and I and is leaving for college in Seattle this fall, or should I say next week. This was the official last days of the 'The Three Musketeers'. Not one of us was in a good mood.

I was sitting on the floor in Rose's bedroom, Alice was lying on the bed, and Rose was in the closet packing up the rest of her clothes.

"This is not really goodbye guys. Don't look so sad." Rose whined with her head peeking out from the closet.

"I can't help it Rose. In just a week Alice and I will have to go back to Forks High without you. I just won't be the same!" I said with a little pout.

"Bella, just think of all of the fun we will have when you guys come to visit me on the weekends? The Three Musketeers back in action!" we all half smiled at that.

"Not to mention all of the shopping we'll be doing!" Alice said somewhat unenthusiastically. Not like Alice at all. I know that she was hurting too. We still had each other right?

The last week flew by. I was really going to miss my friend, but I knew that Rose would be OK on her own. If it was me, I would wait here in Forks until the other two graduated and we could all go together. Rose was much stronger than I am.

School started and it was much the same except for our missing best friend. Alice and I were planning a trip to Seattle to see Rose next month. I couldn't wait. Of course we talked on the phone almost every night, but to see each other in person would be much better. For the last two weeks Rose had been talking nonstop about a guy that she had met at school. I think that she has really likes this guy the way she gushes about him. I almost felt like I knew him too. We had been invited over to his parents' house for dinner on Saturday night. Rose was so excited for us to meet him.

Finally the day came and Alice and I were on our way. We took off right after school on Friday.

We sped down the freeway to Seattle in Alice's little yellow Porsche. We would be with our best friend in about four hours. Maybe three with Alice's driving.

"I can't wait to see Rose!" I squealed once we were two hours into our drive. "I am so curious about this Emmett also. Rose has never acted this way about a guy before. I'm so happy for her."

"I know. It's so nice of his family to invite us over like this. Us being complete strangers and all." Alice noted. "I hope he has friends."

"Oh my God, Alice! Wait. You think that he does?" I laughed.

"Rose said that he has a pretty hot best friend…I'm just saying."

"Just one friend? Not two. No fair Alice! I don't stand a chance!" I joked.

The rest of the drive went on with us thinking about the possibilities of Emmett having a couple of good looking friends that would like a petite pixie and a clumsy brunette.

We pulled up to the dorm where Rose lives and heard her yelling to us from her window.

"I can't believe you are both finally here! I've missed you so much. I'll be right down!"

The next thing I know I was being hugged tightly by Rose. "Rose please, can't breathe!" I gasped. She let go and hugged Alice in much the same fashion.

Our first night we stayed up late just gossiping about school, and Emmett. We had ordered pizza and had a slumber party in her room. Luckily Rose had gotten her own room. She was assigned a roommate, but the roommate dropped out of school in the first week.

"Emmett is so sweet. I can't wait for you to meet him. We will be heading over to his parents' house at about four. He is also bringing his best friend Jasper. The one I told you that would be perfect for you Alice. He's very interested in meeting you!" Rose said whilst nudging Alice's shoulder. Alice just blushed.

We got to the Cullen's house about fifteen minutes early, and found that Emmett and Jasper were already there. They were getting out of a giant red Jeep. Emmett was a big muscular guy with dark curly hair. Jasper was tall and lean with wavy blonde hair. Both men were very good-looking. Rose jumped out of the car to meet Emmett and gave him a big kiss and hug.

"Bella, Alice this is my boyfriend Emmett Cullen, and his friend and roommate Jasper Whitlock. Emmett, Jasper, these are my two best friends in the world, Bella Swan and Alice Brandon!" Rose said as she introduced us. Jasper and Alice just stared at each other. Fifth wheel anyone?

"Nice to meet you both, Rose has told us all about you" Emmett said. "Come in and meet my folks."

The house was beautiful, and huge. It was a colonial style home with pillars out front and a wraparound porch. But that was nothing compared to the inside. The living area was a big spacious room with two huge couches and a couple of chairs. This must have been a 'formal living room' is didn't looked too lived in.

We walked further into the house and met up with Emmett's parents. Esme Cullen was a beautiful woman with caramel colored hair that was just touching her shoulders. She was modestly dressed with slacks and a "v" necked sweater. Carlisle Cullen was a medium built man with blonde hair and was dressed in slacks and a white button down shirt. They looked perfect together.

"Hi kids. Make yourselves at home. Dinner will be in about a half and hour" Esme said. "Emmett why don't you give the girls a tour of the house while you wait?"

"OK, mom" Emmett replied.

We started walking through the house starting with the family room area. This is where the 'living' looked like it really took place. Again there were two big couches, and two chairs. The was a huge entertainment system against the wall with speakers located throughout the room. We passed a dining room, which we would see later during dinner along with the kitchen.

We headed up stairs to find five bedrooms. "This one is my parents' room. We don't need to go in there. This is my room" he winked at Rose. "This is the guest room. The end of the hall is…um…Well this is my dad's study over here" Emmett explained. It was weird the way he avoided the room at the end of the hall. We all walked into the study.

"Aw...Emmett is this you?" Alice asked. Pointing to a picture.

I looked to where she was pointing, it was a giant book shelf with tons of books on it, but two of the shelves had rows of pictures and what looked like awards on it. The picture that Alice was holding was a picture of two boys. One that was obviously a ten year old Emmett and another boy with reddish-brown hair that looked to be eight or so. They were both grinning ear to ear holding two big fish that they had just caught. Both boys were filthy. The younger one was so cute. His smile was crooked, and it looked like he had missing teeth.

"Uh, yeah, that's me" he said. His smile faded. I wondered silently what was wrong. Emmett, Rose, Jasper and Alice had moved on to Emmett's old room. I was mesmerized by the picture that we were just looking at.

I looked at the other frames on the shelves. There were several pictures of Emmett with this other boy ranging from baby pictures to the fishing picture. One picture was Emmett standing in front of the jeep that we had seen outside, he looked younger though. Another was Emmett with a graduation cap and gown. His parents were in the picture and they couldn't have looked happier. The next picture was of the other boy. He looked to be about thirteen or fourteen. He was standing in front of a grand piano on a stage. He was wearing a tuxedo. He looked happy with that lopsided grin plastered to his face. The next picture of this mystery boy was him standing in front of a shiny silver car. It was a picture just like the one of Emmett and the Jeep. Except the boy didn't look happy at all. He actually looked kind of pissed off. He wasn't even looking at the camera. That was the last picture of the boy. It was like he dropped off the face of the earth after that. There was more of Emmett that looked like they were taken this year.

"That other boy was, is, my brother Edward" Emmett said from behind me. "He's kind of a sore subject around here. Please don't bring him up to my parents"

"Oh" was all I could say. And with that we left the room.