Choices & Decisions

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Chapter 1:

"Midou, tell me frankly, did you forgotten which way to go?"

"Yarnball, do you think I'm like you? Of course I know where we are heading. For the love of god, stop complaining and whining like a girl."

"I did not!"

"You did. Stop denying it. If Ginji did not caught that stupid cold Natsumi and we desperately need the cash pay our bills, I will not have come on this mission with you."

"Hey, I am the one suppose to be complaining. I was told by Ms Hevn that you will not participle this mission. That's what I took it."

"None of my business if Hevn had lied to you. I am not the one whining right now. Can you shut for a minute? We are in an ancient castle for god sake and your voice echo ten times your normal volume."

Kazuki glared at Ban before keeping quiet and followed behind.

Both Ban and Kazuki were assigned a retriever mission together by Hevn to retrieve a necklace belonged to their client's great great great great grandmother who once lived in the castle when she was working as a chambermaid during that time.

According to the client, the castle was a mystery to the people living in that era and there were rumors that a curse was casted by the original owner to prevent anyone to disturb the castle after his death. Even now, as the castle stood high on the hill, it looked scary and eerie to anyone who seen it.

The necklace was said to be left in the drawer in the maids' bedroom at the basement of the castle when all the people in the castle fled for their life when the owner went crazy out of the blue one evening. As the necklace is very important to the family, the client paid a huge amount for the retrievers when they completed their job.

"Midou, I think I heard something."

"I heard nothing. Oh wait, here's the room. Yarnball, hurry up."

Thinking that he might have misheard, Kazuki followed Ban into the room. It took them awhile to make their way through the layers of dust piled up together over the long period before Kazuki reached the necklace.

"It's not that hard except a lot of dirt involved."

"Ya, let's get out of here now. I have a strange feeling about here."

"Haha... Don't tell me you are scare. Oh my, other than the fact you are girly, you are really super girly."

"Shut up. And stop saying I'm girly. I wish that one day someone start saying something you really hate about yourself."

"Haha... I love myself, every single part of it. Plus, whoever talked about me is simply jealous of me. Anyway, let's get out of here since you are so scared. I'm not interested to answer to your 2 protectors if any harm was to come to you.

Moving quickly, Kazuki and Ban got out of the basement and was heading to the exit when the castle started to shake. At first they both thought it was a small earthquake, however, the castle was shaking so vigorously that both fell down and had to grab hold of something before they could stood up.

"Damm it… what happened?"

"I'm not sure. But we better get out of here quick. I think there's something really not right about here."

Before either one of them could made it out of the door, a flash came straight at them and knocked them unconscious.

"… Yarnball… wake up... Yarnball…"

Kazuki felt someone was shaking him lightly. He tried to open his eyes and found himself lying on top of Ban. Immediately, Kazuki got off him.

"Hey, I'm not that bad am I? Anyway, do you remember what had happen other than the flash we saw?"

"No. I don't even remember when we got out of the castle."

'Me either. Let's get back home. Is the necklace still in your pocket?"

"Yes. Let's go."

"Ban-chan… you are finally home. What took you so long?"

"Ginji, I'm exhausted. Let me rest and I will tell you what happened later."

Ban stripped himself while climbing into his bed and settled down comfortably.

"Okay. Have a good rest. I will be in my bedroom if you need me."

"Kazuki, are you exhausted?"

"Yes, I think the job tire me out. I need to lie down for awhile. Will it be alright for you two?"

"No issue. You have a good rest. And in case you feel hungry, let us know."

"Thanks, Juubei, Toshiki. Night."

The next morning… …

"Kazuki, time to rise and shine, you have been sleeping from last evening till now."

Juubei smiled to himself seeing Kazuki had 'buried' himself underneath the blanket again. He carefully tugged the blanket away from Kazuki however he was shocked to find what hidden beneath the blanket.


"JUUBEI! Can't you see I'm sleeping??"

"Juubei, Kazuki, what happened?"

When Toshiki rushed in the room to see what had happened. He was shocked as well.

"Kazuki, how did you change into a woman overnight?"


"Ban-chan… wakie wakie….

"Ginji.. go away…"

"Ban-chan, are you sick? Your voice sound squeaky."

"I'm alright. get out. I still want to sleep."

"But Ban-chan…"

Ban felt so irritated that he threw his blanket away and screamed at Ginji.

"BAN-CHAN! What happened?"


To be continued… …