(Now if your interested this story, while it can be read on its own follows on from the scenario i created in Little Boy Lost, then Little Boy Found both of which are posted to this site)

Tony looked around Gibbs' basement nervously and attempted to look nonchalant. As if coming over to his Boss's place after work to at the very least watch his Boss fuck his co worker and friend was a totally normal thing.

Tony took a deep swallow of his cold beer. Yup normal normal normal.

McGee was shirtless and wearing only a pair of black expensive fitted designer suit pants with razor sharp pleats in them. What really caught Tony's attention was the black leather studded collar McGee was wearing with PET engraved on the silver plate at the front. Tony tried to stifle the jealously that sprung up. Gibbs hadn't given him his own collar until six months in and here was McGee with his own after two months.

What the hell was he doing here? When McGee asked him to come over and join him and Gibbs after work he should have just said no. He knew what they were doing down here, so it wasn't like he could pretend ignorance.

What he and Gibbs had together was a private thing. It was very personal, complex and intimate. It would seem that what Gibbs and McGee had was a very open thing.

Tony watched Gibbs as he bent over in his faded blue jeans and loose battered sweatshirt and worked on his boat, smoothing his rough hands over the timber frame of the boat. Hell he knew why he had come over. He missed Gibbs, missed his touch, the piercing intensity of his bright blue eyes. He had hoped that maybe during the night he could steal a kiss, a grope, something. Maybe he shouldn't have helped McGee seduce Gibbs?

Tony had genuinely thought that he was over Gibbs and he had decided he wanted to stand on his own two feet and make a life for himself away from Gibbs and their private games in the dark.

But now as he watched Gibbs slap McGee's ass as he changed over tools he found himself fighting off jealousy again. Gibbs was HIS!

Tony licked his lips and found himself finishing his second beer. Was it getting hot in here? McGee just grinned at him and slipped him another beer as he finished his own. What the hell was with the suit pants? Who wore suit pants and a leather collar as a relaxed evening combination?

Tony attempted a confident smile not wanting to let Probie know just how much this was bothering him.

"So….. how's the boat going? You don't seem to have made much progress since I last saw it' Tony asked politely

"Oh this is a new boat Tony to the one you saw. I have made a couple of modifications to the design….that I'm hoping will work out better"

Gibbs gave McGee a quick smile and Tim returned the private joke with a grin.

Tony almost scowled and he quickly drank some more of the cold bitter beer to cover it. Oh so Gibbs had even upgraded not just his men but his boat now too? Tony's eyes darted around the once familiar basement and couldn't help but notice the changes. There was now a large heavy wooden box in the far corner with a large brass padlock on it that hadn't been there a year ago. Is that where they kept some of their toys now? Did Tim have a key?

Tony's eyes stopped on the small television in the far corner of the ceiling.

'Since when do you have television down here? I thought that sort of thing was banned?" Tony could hear his voice demanding an answer

Gibbs glanced up at the screen and shrugged "Wasn't my idea. Pet was concerned about being interrupted so he put it up."

Pet?! PET! Tony could feel himself practically seething and he rounded on McGee.

Tim soothed "It's not a TV Tony it's a security camera" Tim reached for the remote and flicked a switch and black and white footage came up of the front of the house.

"That's how we knew you had got here…….. Everyone knows Gibbs doesn't lock his door so if he suddenly started it might seem suspicious… but at the same time I didn't think it was a good idea with some of the stuff we were doing together that we got… interrupted"

Tim didn't mentioned that the camera also meant that he had seen Tony waiting in the car for half an hour before deciding to actually step out and walk up to the house.

Tony nodded, trying not to admit it was good idea. There had been times when he had wished for something like that down here. But the whole asking some stranger to come down and set it up and wire it in had seemed too complicated and dangerous. Tim had probably been clever enough to do it on his own.

Tim watched Tony with hooded eyes. He knew if something didn't happen soon Tony was going to bolt. And he wouldn't accept a second opportunity to come over. And that would be a shame. He knew he had a lot to learn from Tony. He considered carefully and then he whispered in Gibbs ear.

Gibbs blinked. And then smiled. Damn but just when he thought Pet couldn't surprise him he would up and do it again.

Gibbs considered Tim's word for an instant. Timothy was a very smart man. Gibbs of course knew this from his work in the field but there was a deviousness he was only just beginning to recognize.

Pecking order. Tim wanted to recognize Tony's prior claim on Gibbs and his own position in the food chain but he knew the order would have to come from Gibbs.

Gibbs turned to Tony and realized that Tony was minutes away from disappearing up the stairs. His smile already had that too broad to be quite happy look about it.

"Well Tony…… I would like to ask for your help"

Tony stilled in surprise. "You're asking my help?"

Gibbs as Master never asked for help. He never expressed any weakness at all… except in precious snatched minutes when they were both basking in the afterglow of mind blowing sex. What on earth could he possible want help with?

Gibbs smiled and Tony's heart stuttered.

"Yes well I want to teach Pet here how to give amazing blow jobs. You're the best I've ever met at sucking cock so I was hoping you would give him some tips."

Tony's mind went completely and utterly blank.

"I'm sorry? You want me to suck McGee's cock?" Tony's jaw dropped. Ok coming here tonight was a very, very bad idea.

Gibbs frowned "No Tony I want him to suck yours. That way you can see and feel what he's doing and work on his technique. I have been working with him but I get to a point and it's hard for me to …..well be objective."

Tony blinked.

"You want McGee to suck my cock? Shouldn't you be asking McGee if he's ok with that?" Tony looked from Gibbs to McGee who was slowly advancing on him and back to Gibbs again, backing away until he hit the timber workbench behind him.

Gibbs smirked "Oh trust me Pets more than ok with it. He asked you here tonight remember?"

Tony nodded "Well yeah but…. Well I was hoping ….. you know you and … me …"

Tony trailed off as Gibbs walked over to him his blue eyes boring into him.

"Don't ever forget Tony…. You were the one that left me to go and live your life not the other way around."

Tim quirked his head on the side in surprise at the underlying hurt in Gibbs' voice. That was something he had never picked up on. Ok so maybe tonight was important for a lot of reasons.

Tony stared as Gibbs dropped his gaze and turned away to continue fiddling with his tools. Gibbs was hurt when he left? It had been a gradual thing, that had felt a long time coming and nothing had ever affected their working relationship. Tony was stunned.

If he was going to earn Gibbs' trust back then ……

"Ok I'll do it" Tony tried not to think about what he was giving permission for McGee to do and instead looked at Gibbs trying to express who he was really doing this for.

Gibbs gave a tiny smile and a nod. "It's not exactly going to be unpleasant for you Tony. You don't need to look like your going in front of a firing squad."

Tony gave a small nervous laugh "Yeah.. I know but…. I mean its McGee"

Gibbs smirked "Yeah but trust me he's full of surprises"

Tony with a deep breath turned to look at McGee who was grinning devilishly at him and rather disturbingly licking his full pouty lips.

"Just be gentle there McGee ok?" Tony suddenly felt nervous about entrusting his intimate anatomy to Tim's pearly white teeth. Gibbs just smirked and flashed Tim a smile as Tim eagerly knelt at Tony's feet and started unbuckling his pants.

Tony leaned back against the workbench and tried to think of other things as he felt the zipper on his pants being lowered and his pants being pushed to the ground with a rattle. Normal normal normal

"So it's great to have the full weekend off roster isn't it…?" Tony's attempt at conversation was cut off as he felt firm hands and a hot wet mouth on his cock and a small moan escaped his mouth before he could stop it.

Jesus Christ!

Tony sucked in his breath as Tim's tongue swirled around him and he sucked him into instant arching hardness.

"Um the roster….cause …. I have tickets next month…… to….. something" Tony squeaked as his attention was diverted to the eager pulling and licking and twisting and … what the hell was Tim doing that felt so good……

Tony panted and sagged his head back.

"McGee isn't exactly new to this is he?" Tony gasped as he attempted to continue his conversation.

"Nope" Gibbs smirked and swigged at his beer as he watched his eager Pet sucking the beautiful hard cock of one previous slave Anthony DiNozzo. Now that was worth remembering. Gibbs ghosted his own hand over his own hard cock now straining in his jeans and gave himself a bit of a squeeze.

Tony's mind suddenly clicked into gear. Shit he wasn't going to let McGee think he was a two second wonder. Damn. He needed to get himself under control before Tim sucked him dry. Squashed puppies, dry cleaning bills, dead mutilated lance corporals, bloody entrails……..

Tony gripped onto the edge of the workbench, his knuckles going white as he felt the tremor in his thighs starting and his balls pulling up tight to his body. He tried unsuccessfully to stop himself thrusting forward into the eager sucking mouth waiting for him but he could feel the back of Tim's throat as he swallowed him, his hands fondling his balls.

Jesus Christ!

Tony came hard with a buck and a cry and clenched his eyes closed seeing white stars explode over the blackness. He shuddered as Tim swallowed and continued to suck before gently pulling Tony's now limp dick out of his mouth and licking it clean.

Tony panted and opened his eyes again to see Gibbs grinning at him "So what do you think? Any tips?"

"Yeah… of course yeah" Tony cleared his throat and tried to get his breathing under control as his heart hammered in his chest. "I can see what you mean about the getting distracted…"

"Just … just give me a minute to get my breath back" Tony furiously sucked in air as Tim stood with a smile, dusted his pants down and walked over to Gibbs.

"How did I do?" Tim's youthful face looked eager and hopeful for his praise and Gibbs wondered how he had been so blessed. Twice.

"Just perfect Pet"

Gibbs reached for his young agent who was ballsy enough to invite Tony, essentially the other man over tonight to join in their games. Gibbs kissed Tim deeply, rewarding him for his cleverness in keeping Tony for a while longer. As Gibbs flicked and probed his tongue through Tim's mouth he moaned as he realized what he tasted.


Gibbs pulled back and smiled. Something about that was just too kinky for words……. and Tim knew it.

Gibbs turned back to Tony with a smirk. "I can taste you on him….. did you know that Tony?"

Tony had watched the two of them kissing, Gibbs' hand curling up Tim's naked back, Tim's hand firmly on Gibbs' ass as they stood locked together. Tim stood just fractional taller than Gibbs, the collar at his neck screaming his subservience to the older man. Part of him told him to turn away, that it was private and the other part of him thought it was the hottest thing he had ever seen.

When Gibbs turned to him naked lust in his eyes and the taste of Tony already on his lips Tony knew he was a goner. Gibbs ran a strong rough hand up the back of his slightly sweaty neck and pulled him in for his own kiss while Tim watched, his own hand sliding down into his pants at the sight.

Tony could feel the heat of Gibbs erection hard up against him and the familiar smell of sawdust and sweat met with the taste of Jack Daniels and assaulted Tony's senses. He was suddenly overwhelmed with the need to just fling himself at Gibbs' feet, head bowed and demand to be told what to do.

Gibbs pulled away firmly, his hands on Tony's shoulders as his blue eyes devoured Tony from head to foot. "So how would you feel about staying and playing with us for a while? New game. New rules."

Tony flicked his eyes to Tim as he stood a few feet away, his pale bare skin flushed with arousal, the light catching the silver name plate on his collar. Tim caught his eye and grinned back at him.

Tony tried again to look nonchalant and failed "Yeah, yeah I think I'd like to try that… Sir"


(So this is Part One. The whole evening was too long to do in one hit. Please let me know what you think as its a bit out there even for me)