How you doin'! It has been a while for me. I feel like every year, I keep getting less and less time to write or something. : A shame because I love it so much! Also a shame that the best title I could come up with (because I do want it to sorta be obvious what it is about!) is Stupid Cupid or Arrow Through the Heart. I feel like Stupid Cupid describes Bakura better though, don't you think? ;D Another hopefully funny and lighthearted story by me, cuz could I really write anything else?


Stupid Cupid: Cupid Bakura is sent out to find shy Ryou and bipolar Malik the perfect matches. Too bad Ryou and Malik never heard Bakura was awful at his job. Thief King Bakura/Ryou, Yami Bakura/Ryou, Bakura/Malik.

FYI: This story contains all three Bakurae. Yami no BakuraBakura and Cupid/Thief King BakuraDiabound (The true star of the story!) to alleviate any confusion. 8D

Please read on and enjoy darlings!

To make others happy but never truly be happy yourself.

That was what that bitch-ass god had told him the first day he'd been sent out on this 'stint' of his; 3000 years playing the role of cupid (as a few others did as well, because it was physically impossible for one person to do it all) and he still drew a blank at what the hell that was supposed to mean. Was he supposed to learn something from this job? He wondered it on every mission he went out on during those days and nights, hidden under the cover of the powers he'd been granted to be able to efficiently do his job-if one would even call what he did efficient. 3000 years was a long time and Diabound got bored-not just bored, tremendously bored to where he swore he could cry, his life couldn't have been any more uninteresting.

But then…there were other times where that boredom turned into some "harmless" fun, at least for him. For the humans, it was quite the opposite. Humans were so dispensable anyways; they just died and got reincarnated into something else so really, killing them off was hardly a crime. They all came back sometime or another with the same damn dilemmas as the millennia before, crying and weeping over broken hearts and unrequited love…which was Diabound's specialty-and not in that he helped it either, but that he helped cause it. Of course, he would always fix it (if the people amused him enough, or he knew higher-ups were watching), and even the times he didn't fix it, it was hardly a big deal. At least, not to him; he'd never be able to feel what it felt like, which was why he was so certain it was just some bullshit people made up to make it feel like their lives mattered. Whatever though, that was just fine with him; without his pathetic little mortals, what then could he spend all of eternity doing?

There was always the option for moving up the "god-ladder" as they called it, but why the hell would he ever want to do that? He certainly didn't care about his job, nor did he care what came out of it. It was given to him as a punishment in the first place, so he didn't see why council kept on his ass constantly about his success rates. Compared with alike "gods", whose percentage rates for successful and long term relationships they helped knit together near the 60-70 percent range…

Diabound's was 35.4 percent; more than half of the people he "helped" ended off much worse than they had been before, and a lot ended up dead. How was that his fault though? He simply gave the people a small "push" in the right direction, and it was up to them to work things out. …Even if Diabound had possibly shot his metaphysical "arrow" at people who were married, in previous relationships, had stalker-tendencies, etc.

But love was supposed to be blind, wasn't it? He chuckled to himself, laying atop his regal bed covered in the finest maroon and amethyst silks to ever grace the God's territories. He turned his head to the side, bronze arm lazily reaching over to pick a single cherry off of the plate of fruit he had set beside his head. He popped the delicious fruit into his mouth, the cherry's sweet juice coating his entire mouth. Blind indeed, and that was why people who fell in love were all morons-each and every single one of them.

He swallowed the cherry down and kept the stem inside his mouth, maneuvering his tongue to tie the stem into a knot. His rate had gone down even moreso of late, less than 20 percent within the last 100 years. The council wanted answers and to him, it was as plain as broad daylight; he had been doing this so long and things got dull; this century, he wanted to spice things up and make his life more interesting.

…Not to mention, he had been blowing off a lot of his work lately, for "personal" reasons. After 3000 years, didn't he deserve a break of some sort? Still, they never left him alone and dared to threaten him; within the next 5 years, he was to match 85 percent of people correctly, or else he was going demoted even further, down to hell where he'd be forced to do all sorts of manual labor for the rest of his existence instead of his "glorious" position here. He snorted to himself, eyes rolling. He didn't care; he really didn't.

…But…if he didn't at least get an okay amount of people…

He sulked, thinking of the expensive mattress beneath him, one that was equipped with a remote to control the firmness or softness of the bed, depending on one's preference. This was an awfully nice bed to have to get rid of. He shrugged, sticking his tongue out when the cherry stem was tied. His fingers came to yank it out, holding the little knot in front of his eyes. Soulmates…

He shook his head, using his palms to prop himself up on the soft mattress. It was almost time to go and check his requests for the day.

"Work, work, and more fucking work," He hissed, groaning as he slid off the bed, onto his bare feet. He could already hear his ever-friendly alarm alerting him he was needed right away; wasn't he always though? "I'm coming, you bleeding heart," He hissed, stomping toward his computer that contained all the information he needed to know where he was supposed to get his ass to tonight.

'Domino, Japan'. His eyelids lowered, looking over the profile of the person in "need". Interestingly enough, he hadn't been to Japan in a while. Most of his days were spent in the US, laughing at all the bizarrely matched and crazy couples that changed partners every other day, thanks to his help. He slowly trudged over to his sandals, slipping the thin shoes upon his feet. He bent over to tie the leather strings up and around his calves to secure them. He had gotten so used to it that it hardly took any effort at all. His kilt was already on (he wasn't naked for once), so all he needed was his portable communication device and his robe, then he was all ready to go.

He gave his cherries one last adoring look and snatched up the long, flowing red robe he'd always worn over himself, though it was "forbidden". Fuck them though, and fuck those stupid rules. He ran to his table, grabbed the small rectangular device that fit easily in his palm, pressing a single button on it. He opened his mouth to speak into the receiver, when it suddenly gave off a shrill ring.


"FUCK!" He jumped at the sound of his own ringtone. A name popped up on the screen-Pegasus-one that made Bakura grimace. To answer it or to not…

"God dammit!" He closed his eyes tightly, teeth clenched together as he pressed the little green talk button.

"What?" He snapped, holding the phone up to his mouth. He pressed the button for speaker phone, rather not wanting that obnoxious, ambiguous voice in his ear.

"Oh, Bakura, what are you doing, my little novice?" As usual, the man sounded as if he was mocking Diabound. Novice? Fuck that; Diabound was certain he'd been working in the "Cupid" branch far longer than that man had-but because Pegasus actually cared about his place in the angelic society and was a manipulative, power-hungry individual, he wormed his way into the council's good graces and achieved the role of Director of the Cupid Division-and because of that, the last 400 years had been spent in extreme agony.

"I will repeat myself one more time, "what?" Bakura boomed poisonously, leering down at the device.

"Tsk, tsk, that is no way to talk to your boss!"

"Oh?" Bakura snorted, eyes rolling. "How about I hang up then? If I'm not doing it right, I might as well not do it at all."

"Now, now," The man on the other end chuckled heartily, only further driving down Bakura's already low spirits. Bakura wanted to throw the stupid contraption out of his window. "No need to get so testy. I am just calling to make sure you fully understand your situation."

"Of course I do," Bakura hissed, clutching the device tightly. "I have already been to headquarters and have had my situation discussed extensively, by people with more jurisdiction than you."

"Well I never know, darling boy!" Bakura bit his tongue roughly, now really considering tossing it. "It seems you've selective hearing since your last two missions were utter failures-one would think you simply misunderstood, so I will tell you again, regardless if you think you need to hear or not."

"Well, let me fucking see!" Bakura countered, now yelling into the device. "One was a case with someone who was missing two legs and an eyeball-"

"What's this?" The man chuckled again, though there was no mirth in it. "Are you saying handicaps do not deserve love too? Because he was disfigured, he didn't deserve help?"

"No, that is not what I am saying, let me fucking talk!" Diabound huffed, licking his lips feverishly. "He was 50-years-old and a war veteran; he talked about nothing BUT Vietnam! Who the hell would be interested in him?"

"Someone would be; there are billions of people on earth and you never once left the city-yet once again, you fell into the same trap and took the easy way out; you slipped the potion into his own sister's tea! His own sister!"

"Well she was the only one I could find who was the least bit interested in him!"

"The only one, dear boy? Just admit it, you hardly searched." Bakura's freehand curled at his side. He glared at the wall, biting on his lower lip.

"Okay, so maybe I could've looked a little bit harder but it was a hard case."

"Mm, and what about the second case then? I'm curious what your excuse is for that one."

"It was a convict on death row! The only person he ever talked to was that prison guard!" Diabound lifted his hand, running his fingers through his hair anxiously. "How was I supposed to know the guard would end up sneaking the guy out?"

"And that the guard would then be murdered?"

"Well, that's what he gets for falling for a convict!"

"You mean, that's what they get for having such a failure help them?"

"I didn't fail; they were impossible and I think that is why you gave me them-you want me to get fired!"

"Well, you're right on that." Pegasus laughed, making Bakura wish he wasn't already dead-if only there was a way to go and murder him again. "You don't deserve to be here so why should I help you? But, nevertheless, I can't assign you all the crap missions, that would be much too obvious-instead, we've come up with new guidelines for you, as of today." Diabound's eyeballs popped, mouth dropping.

"You…you what?"

"What's a matter; you sound a little worried." Diabound cleared his throat, nails digging into his palms violently. He took a deep breath, letting his shock subside. He wouldn't let such an incompetent bastard scare him into submission; he'd known for a while that Pegasus had been trying to get him fired-that hardly mattered. However, what did matter was now was that Pegasus was getting officials in on it. It wasn't just Pegasus and his little goons any longer. He had to watch his back-and now that his last missions were a failure, he was in deep shit. New guidelines…


"You'll be working with a 20 people in the next year in Domino, Japan-in a mentor-like style this time. This means that you will show yourself to them and do everything in your nature to make certain that success if obtained. You will also have the privileges of using a human form to help guide the way for them. However, you can only become human from sunset to sunrise-never use your form in direct sunlight and don't ever let your form be seen by more than one client at a time. Should you fail to meet any of these guidelines, your powers will be stripped and you will be finished in this world. 100 percent success rate with all your clients-or you will fail."

"What!" Diabound yelped, shaking his head. "You can't fucking do that! It's impossible! There is no way-and how many fucking people am I supposed to be helping out there at once? How am I supposed to do all of this with 100 perc-there is just no damn way! 20 people in one year? Matched up for a lifetime? How am I supposed to make that many fucking people happy!"

"Isn't that the beauty in it all?" Pegasus laughed amusedly. "They have to all be happy and only one small thing will fix it all, and it is up to you to figure that out for now. If you're a good little boy, someone might give you a hint later on but for now…you're on your own, my little flower. You better bloom and bloom well, or else there might not be seeds for next season."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean, you bastard!" Bakura kicked his bed frame, resulting in hurting his own toe. "Dammit," He hissed, turning his head away from the phone. He grit his teeth, eyes closing as the pain sunk in.

"You better figure it out or you know what that means. You best be off to work, Bakura. The people of Domino are counting on you." And with one last laugh, there was a click on the opposite end. Diabound was on the verge of exploding by now, torn between wanting to go scalp Pegasus and curl up and shriek over his stubbed toe. He was given impossible conditions to work under; usually a guardian finished with one person, than went onto the next-he was going to be working with multiple people, all in the same city? And 100 percent success in one year? Lifetime happiness was almost impossible to grant a person, and he was supposed to make 20 of these matches in 12 months? Hell, sometimes it took 12 years for a guardian to even find these matches for one person! There was no way, what was he supposed to do? Finding perfect matches wasn't easy-why the hell else did they think that Diabound hardly ever found them? And a secret? What fucking secret was going to make him pass?

20 people falling in love for a lifetime…

But the statistics! They showed only 1 in 10, even with a guardian's help, ever achieved that! Most guardians in the Cupid Division had high success rates only because of their high amounts of long-term relationships-anything that lasted 10 years or more. Even those couples that never separated til death, most of those didn't have 100 percent success ratings-he wasn't looking for matches, he was looking for soul mates and after 3000 years…

He could remember only 100 or less times he had accidentally stumbled into that. He was starting to panic, maybe a little-he fell onto his bed, letting his eyes close. The secret…

He had to find the secret and soon because without it, 20 perfect matches would never come together if he didn't know it. In fact, in the whole division of cupids he only knew of one person who had ever reached close to that many perfect matches in one year constantly-one person and…

It was the one person he refused to have anything to do with. 3000 years he had been holding that grudge and he would forever keep it that way-it was a stupid thought. He was ashamed of himself for evening thinking of asking anything of that person. Diabound would never grow that desperate, despite how badly he probably needed the advice. Never…

No; he'd figure it out himself and find his own way of getting himself out of this. He didn't need anyone's help; though he'd never met close to those percentages in his life, this was going to be a very different year. Starting today, he was going to go for that 100 percent success rate for the year-he couldn't back down from a challenge and he'd never let that bastard win. Somehow, some way…

3000 years he hated this job to the core, but this year, it'd be different. He'd show that council he could do this and flawlessly. Feeling pumped, he decided not to think about it anymore for now, and get off to work. He held his device in front of his face, and opened up his email box. "Domino, Japan, client number one…" He opened up the first assignment, skimming over the text. "Ryou Suzumiya, sixteen years old, lives alone, blah, blah, Skyview Apartments-aha, that's what I need." Gazing to the buttons again, he pressed a large blue one of the bottom. Holding it down, he sighed. "Domino Japan, Skyview Apartments." And with a sudden flash, he disappeared from his perfect bed to a completely different world.

The day had dragged on miserably, and Ryou was more than willing to blame that on the cold. For mid-autumn, the temperature seemed to be remarkably cold. It was cold enough that Ryou had considered wearing his gigantic puffy coat, one that looked quilted because it was sewn together in small rectangles. It wasn't exactly the most stylish of coats (especially since he was still using the same one he'd gotten from Old Navy when he was 12), but it was definitely cozy-one of the very few items he could ever remember keeping him warm in 20 degree weather. The temperature was still wavering in the lower 40s so he decided to attempt to be brave and bear the cold, despite his wish to dig through his coat closet and curl up with his marshmallow coat-though it wasn't so white anymore, but more of a off-white due to the aging fabric.

There was talk of possible snow already so many of the kids in his class were pumped. Ryou on the other hand, would've preferred for it to not get so cold-his body did not due well in freezing weather. Though, playing in snow could be fun but he didn't often get the chance to do that, anyways. He had few friends and the ones he did have, he wasn't all that close to. So, like today when they all went out to get pizza and hot chocolate, Ryou instead came straight home-despite knowing that if he'd really wanted the company, he could've tagged along with Yuugi and his friends. As 'close' as they seemed to think they were with him, he'd always felt distant from the group. It wasn't an unpleasant distance, given that he really did enjoy his privacy (and with as shy as he was, it was just easier to stand on the sidelines), but nonetheless, he couldn't help but wonder what if things were... different?

Thinking about things didn't exactly make them come true, so he'd scolded himself for worrying about it and settled down on the couch for his nap. He ended up sleeping overtime and didn't wake up again until his stomach growled loud enough to startle him. When he did sit up, he glanced to the clock on the table beside him, brown eyes focusing on the glaring green numbers.

It was 7:30 already? That seemed -too- late. Standing up, he wandered into the kitchen, checking the clock above the stove. Same thing, so it must be true. He felt a little silly for doubting one clock now, especially with how dark it was outside. Moving to the balcony, he paused, lifting ivory fingers to pry a blind away. He could see the street lights below being blown from the strong winds-there were thick grey clouds up in the sky, alerting of a possible weather change. Though it had been clear during the day, it looked like it was about to take an unfortunate change. How cold was it out there though? Much colder than earlier? He had on jeans and a grey pullover hoodie he'd changed into once he'd come home from school. His socks hadn't snuck off like they sometimes did when he slept, so he supposed he was okay to go out there and check. Doing a double take, glancing to the couch, his eyes settled on the light blue fleece blanket he'd been curling up with previously.

"Better to be safe than sorry I suppose." He smiled to himself and padded over to grab it, wrapping it around his shoulders. He went back to the balcony and pushed back the blinds with the little white stick that hung down. Pressing his fingers against the glass, a shiver immediately was sent down his spine. The glass alone was freezing; now he was rethinking going out there at all. Deciding to be brave, he slid the glass door open and stepped outside. It was pretty cold but not so bad that he was miserable-at least, not with his nice warm blanket around him, and his hood up to protect his pale, childish cheeks. Shutting the door behind himself to not let the heat out, he pressed his back against it, gazing to the sky. He could make out few stars from the gaps in the clouds, though the ones he could see were extremely bright. Moving over to the railing, he leaned against it, hands holding on to it loosely.

He knew he should've probably gotten started on his homework, so he wouldn't leave it until Sunday to finish it. That alone wasn't enough incentive to pull him back inside, so he lingered a while longer, still star gazing. "I wonder what everyone else is doing," he mumbled to himself, though he felt silly talking to noone. Still, it was better than the silence. He sank down then, taking a seat on the balcony floor with his back up against the railing. "I probably should have tagged along. At least then I wouldn't have had to worry about making dinner." He didn't want to feel like a third-wheel though, so instead, he'd just come home. Besides, it had been nice to get in a nap-being forced to wake up at 6:30 am every week day got draining.

He tilted his head back, once again studying the stars. One star seemed to pull away from the others, shooting across the sky in a most brilliant fashion. His breath hitched in his throat a moment. Without thinking about it, he murmured, "I wish I had someone to love me." Blinking, he then wondered what he was thinking. He began to laugh at his own silliness, realizing how stupid that had probably sounded. Wishing on stars never worked, right? It was childish of him to even believe there was a slight chance. Still, there was always that small glimmer of hope-though when he thought of it, what kind of person would he want to be with, anyways? He didn't have a crush on anyone at school and couldn't remember anyone in his entire life who'd he'd ever gotten that sickening butterfly feeling from. It made him wonder if there was something wrong with him; wasn't it normal for 16-year-olds to want girls? He lifted his thin fingers beneath his hood, scratching. He couldn't remember a time when he'd ever thought for a second that he was attracted to anyone. Having that feeling alone would've been nice, even if it only lasted a moment.

"Screw it, I really shouldn't even think about it," He reasoned, shaking his head. "It is sad enough I blurted it out." He smirked bitterly, gazing down to his knees. "Besides…it isn't like I have a whole lot to offer or anything, save maybe my old comic book collection-and what would a girl really find intriguing about that?" He chuckled and held onto the railing to pull himself up, gazing to the sky once more. "Sorry for wasting your time, star," He mumbled a little quieter this time. "I am sure there are way more important wishes for you to handle over mine." He sighed, giving a dazed little smile to the heavens. "But…it would be nice to not be so…"

He gulped, his stomach churning at the word he hated saying the most. "Lonely." He turned his back to the sky and decided he'd had enough of the late October winds for one night. He went inside and decided to do something that actually had a purpose, like making himself dinner-besides, he was getting pretty hungry; now it was just a question of what to make. Locking the door behind himself, his wish was the last thing on his mind-and yet, the first for someone else.

Diabound found himself hovered above a rather bland looking apartment building, white wings fluttering from his back as he lowered himself slowly onto the rooftop. Fuck, and what was the person's name again that he was even here for? Something like Ryuk. Err.

A light bulb suddenly went off in his head. "Ryou!" He hissed, and he glanced down at his device, which showed an address flashing before his eyes. Apartment number B 212. "B 212, huh?" He yawned, walking to the edge of the apartment complex to look over the edge at the balconies below. There were only four floors to the building, but many different clone buildings were beside it. He winced his eyes and was able to see an 'S' on the building across the parking lot from this one. "Shit, there's a lot…"

He pressed down the button again, repeating into it, "Skyview Apartments; B 212." Another flash and he was suddenly inside of an apartment, in a very dark room. "What the hell?" He gritted his teeth, hating how the stupid device always took him straight to the eeriest place in a house to be hiding. Not to mention, his presence made such a loud crash. Fuck; if only they hadn't given him that new rule about mediating with the couple personally. In the past, he hadn't revealed his true self to his clients often, simply because it wasn't required-not to mention, a lot of the time, people did not take to it well that they could see what seemed like a ghost following them around.

But when he had been human…

It was foggy to him now because it had been so long, but he did know one thing-when he had been alive, if he had known some bizarre creature was following him around like he did to humans, he would've found a way to re-kill them and make certain no angel nor demon of any sort ever dared to cross his path. He tried to breathe but found his face pressed into a rather musty bunch of fabric-he guessed an old coat. "Bleck-I-it!" He began, coughing in between words. "It is disgusting in here! Ugh!" He lifted a hand to his mouth, shoving junk out of the way to be able to cover it. "When was the last time this kid cleaned?"

He tried to move forward but found that his feet could not stabilize due to all of the shoes scrambled upon the floor. He slipped, hands instinctively shooting forward to catch his fall, palms pressed against the wall. "Goddammit, that is it!" He muttered, trying to keep his voice down-not that it mattered. With all the clambering he was doing, the kid was bound to be freaked out by now. Hell, the boy was probably off crying to himself in some corner already, right-either that or being smart and calling the police.

…But when were mortals ever that bright? Not that it would matter; if the police came, they'd see nothing but a messy closet. Ryou, however, would not be quite so fortunate. He would die of shock from seeing an angel trapped beneath a coat heap in his closet, fluffy white wings weighed down thanks to all of the linens that had fallen on him from the shelving above. Grimacing, he attempted to shove off all of the sheets, tossing them to the ground.

…Where the hell was that door handle anyhow? He pressed his hands against the wall, attempting to find it in the pitch black lighting. "Oh, fucking come on! It should not be that hard to find it! By the time I find it, that kid is going to blow in here with a shot gun! Fuck, I wouldn't be surprised if 5-year-olds had hand guns on them!" That was the one thing he remembered every time he came down to earth-it was definitely nothing like it was when he had actually lived there.

"The door handle, where is it…!" 'Please let this guy be normal-looking.' That was his only wish-as long as this person had no personality disorders nor missing body parts, Bakura was certain finding this boy's match would be achievable.

…That is, if the boy didn't die of a stroke the minute he found something very unearthly there in his closet. If the boy developed a fear of closets in the future, Diabound wouldn't have been surprised.

Ryou paused in front of his TV. It was a little too quiet for his liking in the apartment so he decided to turn it on, snatching up the large remote. He pressed the red 'on' button, staring as the TV started up. It was set on the History channel. Deciding he felt like something else, he pressed '422', which was an MTV music video channel he'd first discovered when his dad had gotten him digital cable long ago, despite his pleading of him not really needing it. He wasn't all that fond of most of the music on it since it was mostly a mix of Asian and American rap, but it was far less lonely than hearing nothing at all. Satisfied with his choice, he left the room, lifting an eyebrow at the odd lyrics that sounded out within the living room.

L-l-l-l-lick it like a lollipop!

What did that mean? Ryou was a little afraid to know and the pictures that came to mind were all equally horrifying. He imagined full Japanese people singing it, amused at just how funny it would sound.

R-r-r-r-r-rick it rike a rorripop! Since he was English born, he'd never had a problem saying his 'l's, having learned Japanese second. It made him smile to think of what would happen if that rapper ever came to Japan to throw a concert.

"Hmm. What should I make tonight?" He asked himself as he padded into the kitchen, gazing around the dimly lit room. He walked across to the light switch, flipping it on so it was illuminated by more than just the oven light. How much prep work did he feel like having to do? How lazy did he feel on a scale of 1-10? He leant against the black granite counter top, arms folding over one-another. His fingers drummed along his elbows as he contemplated his options. He didn't really feel like doing all that much-maybe he could make a package of ramen? And of course add some extra vegetables in since ramen was not actually a healthy option alone. He felt like having meat too but meat took so much longer.


He went to the freezer side of the refrigerator, scouting out any possible pot stickers. "Darn," He cursed, seeing none in there. Oh well-they didn't sound that terrific in the first place. Discarding that idea, he went to the oaken cupboard across from the fridge and opened that up, finding a bunch of different boxed and canned options, and of course a steeple to every teenager's diet; dozens of ramen packages, all in different flavors. Picking up a red package and an orange package, Ryou stared at the two hard, murmuring.

"Hmm. Chicken or beef, chicken or beef…" He bit his lip as he thought, closing one eye. But if he was going to add vegetables…

Beef was always good to him when it had eggs, but chicken was better with vegetables, and since he didn't really want eggs, he supposed chicken won over. "Alright, it's decided!" He smiled to himself and tossed the red package back inside the cupboard, leaning his head to the side, lightly bumping it with the side of his temple to close it. Dropping the package carelessly onto the counter, Ryou sprung down to the floor in search of a medium sauce pan. He opened up his bottom cupboard where all his pans were, easily snatching the right pan off the top since it was the one he used most. Standing up, he closed the cupboard with his toes.

He went to the sink and turned the knob for warm water, deciding to cheat a little. Gazing over the bar as he waited for the water to get hot, he watched a music video idly. As usual, it wasn't something he'd heard before since he didn't listen to music often, save on a whim like today. His eyes squinted to be able to see the people on the screen, young women dancing around in a white room. Though there were five of them, he couldn't pick out one he found attractive, only furthering his suspicions that there was something wrong with his hormones. After all, there was nothing wrong with any of the girls-they were all fit with flawless skin and beautiful faces, not to mention long dark or caramel hair. Shouldn't he have felt something?

He frowned and turned back to the water, lifting the pan in his hand under the hot water. It grazed his skin but it didn't bother him too much, used to the heat from washing dishes for years. Once it was filled about halfway, he shut the water off and carefully walked his pan over to the old stove. He had always found it peculiar how when his father and he had moved in here, everything else had been remodeled apartment-that was, everything save the fridge and oven, which were still older models and were easily picked out as such due to their slight yellow tints.

Turning on the oven to high, he then remembered his idea about the vegetables. "I almost forgot!" He hurried over to the fridge, yanking it open to grab out what he wanted. A Coke was the first thing to come out (real healthy, he noted), then a cabbage and an onion. He supposed that was enough, not wanting it to be too complicated. He went to his silverware drawer and got a knife, and as he began to pull out the cabbage from its plastic wrap, he heard a strange noise from the hall. There was an odd bang, like the sound of something falling over in the linen closet.

His eyes widened, head quickly snapping in the direction of the hall. "Wh-what was that?" Though the closet was quite full, all that was in there were blankets and sheets on the overhead shelving and an overload of coats and sweaters hung up. Shoes and his vacuum were in there as well, and he supposed the vacuum could've mysteriously fell over and banged against the wall but how? What if there was someone else in the apartment?

Goosebumps stood on his arms as he froze in place, hearing more clanging. "Maybe it's just the TV. I-It has to just be the TV!" He gazed anxiously to the screen, as if hoping the TV would reassure him. There was a loud thump and Ryou was sure of it this time. There was someone in his apartment! But how, and for what reason? Ryou always locked the door when he came home! He gazed to the hall with wide, frightened brown eyes, settling them on the entrance. He was certain he'd locked the door upon coming in today! That would mean the person had gotten in some other time-but how? It was possible Ryou had forgotten to lock his door when he'd left for school this morning but that was highly unlikely. If not that though, how else could someone have gotten in? He lived on the third story of four, and there was no way anyone had entered in from the balcony or window without a ladder. He lived in a complex community that had a security guard that patrolled throughout the day, not to mention many neighbors, some of which he knew and was on good terms with. There were tons of people around here so surely, someone would've seen some stranger using a ladder to crawl in someone's window or balcony. If it was neither of those though, then what could it have been?

His mind froze, unable to reason what exactly he should do. He supposed he should call the police first, but what if they didn't arrive in time? In all the time it took them to get there, he could've already been murdered! He could go on the balcony and scream for help, but he would just as quickly get stabbed and drug back inside by his hair! He could always make a run for the door but by the time he got there, since it was only a few feet from the closet, the person could jump out and grab him. What other option was there though? Stay and fight? He felt a little sick thinking of that option; he wasn't a very good fighter since he didn't have much muscle on him. What other choice did he have? He was stuck; if he did nothing, then the person would get the chance to strike first!

He shook wildly as he began to leave the kitchen, walking ominously toward the hall. He knew he should make a run for it as he got closer, but for some reason, he was going to attempt to stand his ground and go to the closet. He clutched the knife in his hand with a death grip, stopping by the wall beside the bar to turn on the switch to the hall. His legs felt like jell-o as he stumbled further, fear rattling his bones. No, no! He had to be intimidating; he couldn't let the thief/murderer know he was scared! "Hello?" he called out meekly, disappointed with just how unthreatening his voice ended up being. He'd half-hoped he'd magically sound threatening and that whoever or whatever it was would get scared and run away-not that they had anywhere to run exactly.

"Is someone there?" He whispered, barely able to hear his own voice. The sound had come from this area, and he paused in front of the coat closet. He supposed now it could've been one of the bedrooms but the sound had seemed closer to him than that. However, he wondered why someone chose the coat closet since it was stuffed and not very roomy to be inside of. It didn't really make sense for someone to be in the coat closet, so he could check and worst case, if there was someone elsewhere in his apartment, -he- could hide in the coat closet. With a deep breath, he paused with his quivering hand hovering over the door handle. He should most definitely make a dash for the door and not try this. But…

He had to be brave! His hand clutched ahold of the handle, holding his knife high in the air. One deep breath and he opened up the door, immediately screaming bloody murder when he found himself face-to-face with…

White wings, a bright red robe and a skirt…

It was definitely a murderous freak; a run away from the Psychiatric ward! What was he going to do? He was yelling at himself mentally to run or stab the guy, yet his body did neither-he was scared stiff, staring into a pair of crazed blood red depths.

"It's about fucking time you answered." The stranger began to chuckle amusedly in a tone that made Ryou's heart palpitate. "I don't think you understand how hard it is to find the damn door handle in that disaster of a closet of yours."

"Hello?" Finally, someone was coming. Though, he was a little amazed that the person had the guts to come back to the closet like this; he would've thought most people would've ran for the door screaming. He could hear the person's soft, hesitant footsteps. He decided to stay quiet for now and not search for the handle anymore, since jumping out of the closet now was risky anyway. He just knew that the human would be holding a weapon, unless they were stupid. Though he couldn't exactly die if he got hurt, he could still bleed and more importantly, it would be excruciatingly painful-one would think the dead would be free from physical pain ever again, but Bakura had quickly found that to be quite false.

He tried to step to a corner in case the person opened the door and abruptly flung their weapon forward; he had enough scars on his cheek from close-calls in the past-better to not gain anymore, though he did think they definitely added character to him. His bronzed skin and choppy white shoulder-length locks had left him attractive enough, but add a few scars to his face and suddenly, he seemed all the more dangerous and alluring.

…Which was very affective and a plus up in heaven, where one could sleep around and never worry a single moment about sexual diseases or infections of any sort. Not to mention, the fact that he "helped" pathetic humans find love always got the ladies that much easier. He could tell the person was in front of the door now, making quite the stupid move of stopping. Bakura rolled his eyes, wondering if this person realized that by simply pausing in his action, he made it that much easier for a potential attacker to make their move. He pondered daring to scare the individual and jump out hollering like a crazed man, but decided against it since he didn't know how this boy would react.

He heard a hand on the door and found himself smirking. "Nnn, I hope you're good looking, Ryou," He mumbled quietly to himself. 'Please let this kid be easy to throw off to someone'. Finally, the kid found his balls and opened up the door, of which, made Bakura jump for various reasons. Not only was this Ryou unbelievably cute, but he was also incredibly moronic. Diabound hadn't moved and Ryou had started to scream.

He found himself laughing once the initial shock wore off, stepping in front of the door to face the boy. His gaze faltered on the knife, knowing quite well that the boy wouldn't be able to do a damn thing with it, despite what the human might have been thinking at that very moment, if he was even thinking. "It's about fucking time you answered." 'Because that closet is fucking cramped and it hurts my ugly wings to be trapped in such a small space.' "I don't think you understand how hard it is to find the damn door handle in that disaster of a closet of yours."

"W-What do you want from me!" Ryou squeaked, hand still trembling as he held the knife above his own shoulder. Diabound found himself laughing harder, wondering if he was supposed to be scared. He felt tears come to his eyes, lifting a hand to wipe at them as he stepped from the closet, using his shoulder to push Ryou out of the way.

"Gee, I don't know; your soul," He mocked, snorting as the other stumbled and pressed his back against the opposite wall, staring at Diabound as if he were waving a gun in the teenager's face.

"What..a-are…" Ryou's face was devoid of color, still continuing with that ineffective knife handling.

"You know, boy," Diabound laughed amusedly, stepping in front of the boy. Ryou closed his eyes, free hand settling on his thumping heart. What was going to happen to him? Ryou was so certain this was going to be his last day on earth because why else would he be seeing a horribly frightening, handsome creep standing in front of him? And he still couldn't make a run for it-his body was holding him back! The stranger was drawing closer and he was stiff.

Diabound's sun kissed fingers reached up slowly. Ryou pressed himself further against the wall, as if it would help him get away. His eyes snapped open, giving Diabound the most hostile glance he could muster-which was still more a deer-in-the-headlights look. "Get away from me…whatever you are! If its money you want, I'll give it to you, just leave me alone! P-Please!"

"Money? What kind of moron would break into an apartment if it was money they were seeking?" Well this was definitely proving to be one of Diabound's most interesting clients yet, thanks to Ryou's jokes-or what Diabound thought of as jokes. He moved closer, ignoring the knife still. "I don't want anything you have to offer boy-unless maybe you're a good lay," Diabound uttered crudely, grinning. Ryou definitely looked scared now, making Diabound wonder if he had said the wrong thing-now that he thought about it, he supposed it sounded like he was about to rape the boy. Oops.

"I-You won't touch me, you freak!" Ryou demanded, though he sounded quite uncertain of that. Diabound was barely a foot away and as of yet, Ryou had done nothing with his weapon.

"Don't flatter yourself; you're not my type." Diabound frowned, eyelids lowering. "Now get a hold of yourself, you moron, and realize I am not here to attack, nor rob you." His hand slowly reached up, finger pads settling against Ryou's bony wrist. Ryou stared at him unsurely, yet the teenager still didn't move. His hand gently brought down Ryou's hand, the boy's soft eyes wandering to Diabound's wrist. He stared at his shaking arm in Diabound's hand, jaw quivering.

"I…" His eyes lifted, staring at the strange man in front of him. "don't understand. If you're not here to kill me or take my things, why are you in my apartment?" Ryou's eyes traveled to the wings that propelled from Diabound's back worriedly. "And why…uhm…"

Diabound blinked, realizing what Ryou was staring at. "Fuck," he hissed. He let go of Ryou's arm now that it was at Ryou's side, easily snatching the knife from him. Ryou looked frightened again for a second, but eased when he saw that the man's hand instead went to his pocket. When it came out, the knife was gone, and instead, a strange cell phone-like device came out. The man frowned and pressed a button on the device, and before Ryou's eyes…

The wings disappeared completely. "Wha-what the…" Ryou's eyes were bulging from his head once more, and all Diabound could do was grin.

"Your wish is being granted, isn't it? Why do you look so unhappy?" Diabound's arms folded over his exposed, built chest confidently. His head tilted, awaiting Ryou's answer. Didn't the boy get it? Why else would Diabound or anyone want to waste their time on some random teenage guy?

"W-Wish…?" Ryou repeated to himself, blinking ignorantly. He stared hard at Diabound, hoping he would continue. Granting a wish-but that was impossible! Ryou had never in his life wished for some strange man with wings to jump out of his closet and scare the crap out of him. Surely, this person had to be insane? Maybe if Ryou just kept calm and tried to talk to the male, he could figure out where this male really belonged and get him back to the hospital-as long as Ryou was cordial.

Ignorant to Ryou's thoughts, Diabound continued to study Ryou, eyes lowering to read the text on Ryou's sweatshirt. The mid-grey hoodie read 'Fishing Expedition 2003' in bold dark blue print. Diabound's eyebrow lifted curiously, examining over Ryou once more. He was tall and lanky, and looked as if he barely had a muscle in his body. His face was thin and proportionate, with rosy cheeks that sunk in slightly from what Diabound guessed was malnutrition-after all, it looked as if the boy hardly ate. He had round, innocent chocolate eyes that reminded him of a child, and luminous long milky strands that fell to his mid biceps. Now that Diabound thought about it…

"Are you really a guy?" Ryou's eyelids lowered, sending the strange male a reproachful look.

"Yes," He snapped back, suddenly irritated with the stranger. How dare he break into his house and ask such blatantly rude questions! "I really am a guy and I would like to know why you are in my house." Ryou eyed the male expectantly, waiting for an answer; so much for "cordial", but Ryou couldn't help it! If there was ever a question he hated being asked, it was that one. He didn't even look female, not really. Not to mention that was one of the first questions out of that thing's mouth-it wasn't often Ryou found himself disliking a person, but wow, that question alone ignited a fire within Ryou.

Diabound wasn't one for obedience. Instead of answering Ryou like the boy demanded, Diabound took his time, scanning the hallway walls. There were pictures hung in boring wooden frames and a cheap knock-off painting of what looked like Big Ben-not all that interesting to Diabound.

Ryou felt uneasy as he watched the man dawdle, crimson depths washing over his family portraits. Ryou frowned, eyeing the male's arrogant smirk, having the feeling that within his head, the man was mocking their family. Ryou blinked, surprised when the man had stepped away from him, instead heading over to the door, where the largest of the portraits was hung; a large print of his family that was taken when he had been eight-years-old. His mother was posed sitting down with Ryou's sister on her lap, her arms embraced around her. Ryou was down on his knees, leaning against his mom's leg, his father's hands on his shoulders. They were all staring into the camera, smiling so happily and this stranger was staring at it, picking apart Ryou's picture in that psychotic head of his, as if he was better than that.

"Ahh…I see, I see…" Ryou glared at the man as he spoke so quietly, still eyeing the portrait. Ryou crossed his arms, moving closer to the male timidly. He was avoiding Ryou's questions, further agitating Ryou. Diabound turned his head around, looking calm as he gazed to Ryou's face, unfazed at the dark look the boy was sending him. "This is your family, hmm?" He lifted his hand, pointing to the little girl in his mother's lap. "You look so cute in that dress." Ryou's eyes widened, lips parting to protest. Diabound quickly held up his hand, snickering. "I am just kidding, you prude. Anyways, I don't know why you're looking at me like that." Diabound frowned, eyes staring into Ryou's. "I would think such a kind deed would be praised-not treated with such hurtful looks."

Ryou's heart raced in his chest at the look the man was giving him. He felt uneasy with the way the man was looking at him, so he turned away, staring off to the side. "What good deed? Last time I checked, breaking in to someone's house was an offense! I don't understand what you're talking about!" Ryou protested, shaking his head. Diabound laughed, turning away from the male to go explore the rest of the apartment.

He left Ryou standing there, walking out into the living room. There was an oversized suede emerald sofa, which Diabound quickly lingered to. On one side of the sofa was side table and in front of the couch, a matching glass coffee table, where magazines and books were left scattered upon it, along with a remote. In front of the coffee table was the entertainment center that housed a good sized TV, and other electronics like game consoles and a DVD player.

"Aren't…aren't you going to answer me?" Ryou piped, stalking Diabound into the living room. Diabound decided to make himself at home, flopping onto the nice cushy couch. He grabbed the fleece blanket that sat atop a cushion, rolling it up and placing in behind his head as a pillow, since both pillows for the couch were on the opposite end.

"Hmm? I thought I already did. A little birdy came and whispered your deepest desire in my ear, and here I am," Diabound explained easily. Was he not speaking in the same language as Ryou? He gazed over to the TV screen, smirking as a lovely young Asian women danced on the screen in a skimpy outfit. "She's smoking!" He hissed, eyes lighting up. If only Ryou were a female, or at the least, dressed like the Japanese star on the television.

"My deepest desire?" Ryou asked, exasperated as he shook his head. He glared at the male, then turned his attention to the TV. He didn't know why, but hearing the male say that and look so comfortable on his couch only made him angrier. Who did this person think they were, just coming in here and taking over Ryou's living room? "Well…" He gritted out, tapping his foot upon the hardwood floor. "I changed my mind just now, so it is safe for you to go." Hopefully that was enough of a hint for the man to take. Whatever this psycho was talking about, Ryou wanted no part in it.

"Oh, did you?" Diabound turned around to find Ryou standing behind the couch, large eyes watching Diabound unhappily. "You changed your mind fast considering only a few minutes ago, you wished on that star for someone to love you-though I have to tell you, that is a pretty far-fetched wish with how rude you are."

"W-Wait…" Ryou gasped, mouth dropping open. His hands fell from his chest, one quivering as it came to cover his mouth. "How…did you know…were you listening to me talk from inside?" Ryou asked softly, though he knew that was quite impossible. He'd shut the door behind himself and there was no way the man could've heard that wish from inside.

"Trust me, I have more interesting things to do with myself than listen to you harp," Diabound answered, head falling back to watch the TV. He began to bob his head, rather liking the song that was playing. "Just think of it this way, Ryou-"

"Wait!" Ryou cried, staring at the man in disbelief. "I never told you my name! H-How did you know it? Are you a psychic or something?"

Diabound snorted, shooting up from the couch to stare at the teenager in disbelief. "Are you really that stupid kid? No, I'm not a fucking psychic but like I was TRYING to explain." He cleared his throat, sticking his nose up in a dignified manner. "I am a guardian of the cupid division." Ryou blinked cluelessly at Diabound, still not getting it. Diabound's eyes rolled. "In other words, I am cupid and I am here to find you someone to fuck. Do you get it now?"

"No," Ryou said simply, hand moving to cup his own cheek. "Cupid…but there's no way. I mean, how…could someone like you be cupid?" Diabound smirked, shrugging his shoulders. He gave the boy a devious glance and sighed, moving to stand up from the couch.

"Well fine, since you don't believe me, I guess I might as well not waste my time with you. Besides…" He went to his pocket to produce his device, pressing a button to get to his e-mail. He began to walk to the door, peering over his shoulder to eye Ryou. "I still have two other places to go out to tonight so I guess I'll be going then." He looked to the front, and headed for the door.

Ryou blinked, torn in two directions now. He could stay and stick with his logical side, that the person in his house was some weird creep who escaped a mental hospital and could not possibly have been magic, nor have been an angel…


He could at least try to believe in the man's words and see where this went. The man had wings that disappeared and had mysteriously appeared in Ryou's closet, not to mention he knew of Ryou's wish and his first name. Wasn't that at least a little bit of evidence? Though Ryou was scared, a small part of him thought this might be real and that part was growing bigger by the moment. Should he let the male go or see where this went, at the very least? 'I really am an idiot, aren't I?'

"Wait!" Ryou yelped, running after Diabound as the male's hand reached for the door. He lunged forward and grabbed a hold of Diabound's hand, surprising them both. Ryou's fingers were surprisingly cold on Diabound's, making him wonder if the pale boy at his side was really a zombie; Diabound didn't come in contact with many humans but the ones he did touch? He couldn't remember them being so icy to touch.

Diabound eyed their hands, and slowly let his gaze linger upwards, settling on Ryou's surprised eyes. Ryou blushed slightly and pulled his hand away, bowing forward slightly. "S-Sorry, I, err…" Ryou licked his lips anxiously, shyly gazing to the male's face once more. "I don't…know if I believe you…but I want to." He frowned, standing up tall once again. "I don't understand though; why…would I be picked to be helped?"

Diabound didn't know why, but he found himself scanning Ryou once more. He had somehow known Ryou wouldn't really refuse him and would beg him to stay, but still-well, it was weird-that is, Ryou was. Diabound let that thought slip and smirked carelessly, turning around to lean his back against the door. "Because someone felt sorry for you, isn't that apparent?" That summed it up pretty well. Tons of people wished for help with love but only the most pitiful were actually heard; normal people could usually settle things on their own.

Ryou looked surprised by that answer. His eyes fell to the ground submissively, rolling on the balls of his heels. "You…felt sorry for me?" Could that have possibly meant that… Ryou's ears grew hot, wondering if what he thought was true. But how could that be? He wasn't gay and had never shown any interest in males so why would one be sent just for him? That was too weird-god or someone, whoever it was…

Did they expect him to fall in love with…this man? His heart clattered in his chest, every inch of his body growing warm. This man with his exotic skin, mysterious bloody eyes and the scars upon his cheek-why was Ryou thinking like this? Should he ask? He knew he shouldn't, but he just had to get it out.

"Hey!" Diabound countered, "Don't put those nasty words in my mouth!" He wrinkled his nose in disgust. "I don't give a damn what happens to you-this is simply my job; one of the assholes in charge heard your wish, and then the lazy bastard sent me to grant it for you. Got it?"

Diabound swore Ryou looked slightly disappointed by that answer. That was just stupid though; why would it matter if he cared or not? He was still going to see the boy's wish through because he had no other choice. While he had no personal interest in Ryou, he did have an interest in keeping his job-and more than that, his bed. "I…see." Though it was still quite apparent to Diabound that Ryou really didn't understand it.

"So…you're granting me…my wish, right?" Ryou fidgeted uncertainly, eyes set on the floor.

Diabound blinked, giving the boy a bizarre look. "Are you deaf? Didn't I just tell you that was why I was here?" Now he was the one growing irritated.

"Well…" Ryou found himself chewing his lip nervously, eyes slowly glancing up to look upon the stranger. "I…wasn't sure if maybe you were my wish or…uhm."

"W-What?" Diabound choked out, eyes panicked. He felt goose bumps rise on his arms, unsure if he'd heard Ryou right. "You thought…I might be your wish as in, I might be the one who'd fall in-"

Ryou's face was beet red, signifying Diabound's every word was true. "I-I mean! How stupid of me!" Ryou laughed sheepishly, avoiding the male's stare. "I was just wanting to be reassured b-because, I most definitely, would not ever, ever want that! I mean…" 'You couldn't date an angel; people would look at you weird. Ryou, are you sure you aren't just imagining this altogether?' "You're a guy!" He blurted out, as if that was the only thing stopping them from getting together.

Diabound's gaze hardened for a moment. An old feeling he remembered well built up inside of him, reminding him once more of his fate. The words first said to him 3000 years ago echoed in his head as they did every now and again. "To make others happy but never truly be happy yourself." He laughed, though it was much more spiteful than he had meant for it to sound. "You're right, you are stupid." Diabound looked away from the boy. He pushed past the male as he walked back out to the living room.

Ryou blinked, eyeing the male's back with wide, regretful eyes. He had known it was a dumb question but was it just his imagination or had that creature almost looked…sad? He stood there, at a loss for words. If it wasn't that man, then who was it that man was going to help him find?

Diabound's eyes traveled to the bar, and just over that, there was the stove which contained a steaming pan sitting atop it, water bubbling over the pan atop it. "Were…you cooking something?" Diabound asked, changing the subject. Ryou yelped, quickly dashing forward.

"Oh no! I forgot!" Because Ryou was so scatter-brained and foolish, he ended up running haphazardly, completely missing Diabound's strong leg in his way. His leg collided against it, making Ryou gasp. Just as he was certain he was going to fall down onto the wooded floor, a pair of bronze arms caught his measly form, holding him in a painfully tight way against the male's chest. It crushed Ryou's ribs and hurt quite a bit, yet…Ryou's face was mere inches away from the stranger's. The angel's thick, sooty lashes were lowered over kohl-lined eyes, eyes that were staring at Ryou as if he were the most idiotic person on the entire planet of Earth. He felt so moronic and goofy on the inside, stomach flopping around in him like a fish out of water. It hurt to breathe and he could see the amusement in the male's eyes; the way that man was only seconds away from laughing, lips curved slightly upward in an almost smile and all Ryou could think was, 'damn' because…

He'd never felt so brain-dead and warm in his life, body held onto so tightly. The man, as Ryou guessed, began to laugh at him, quickly pulling away from Ryou's body. Ryou barely caught himself but was thankful he did. "Not very graceful, are we idiot?" Finally, his brain was coming back and he gasped again, remembering his pan and dinner. This time, he didn't stumble. He felt foolish though when he gazed down into his pan, finding that most of the water had evaporated now, since he had left it sitting for so long.

He groaned and took the pan off of the oven. Now what was he going to do? He didn't feel that comfortable cooking with the angel in his house but he was so hungry. His stomach was growling like a lion from not eating all day. Unbeknownst to Ryou, Diabound had once again made his way back to the couch, flopping onto it. He had the remote in his hand and was flipping through channels while Ryou had his food crisis, trying to figure out what he should do.

Ryou sighed heavily, turning from his pan to the TV. His eyes lowered as he found the channels changing thanks to the menace currently huddled on his napping area. Well, it didn't seem like the angel was going to be leaving any time soon and angels probably ate too, right? An idea came to him, and he wandered back out to the living room. "Do…you like pizza?" Diabound blinked, dropping the remote to shoot up from the couch to eye Ryou. Ryou laughed nervously, feeling lightheaded. "I mean, you do eat right?" And speaking of which…

"I…still don't know your name."

Diabound found himself staring at Ryou again. He snorted and turned away back to the show he'd settled on. "My name is Diabound and of course I fucking eat." He smirked slightly to himself, resting his elbow on the couch arm, cheek placed within his palm. "Now hurry and go order some and come back because like I told you, I am on a time schedule."

Ryou found himself gaping again at how crude this man-Diabound-could be. On second thought, maybe he'd order a personal pizza and eat right in front of his uninvited guest's face. He glared at the back of the man's head because he knew quite well that he could never be so mean-unfortunately. Sighing, he rolled his eyes and went to his phone, trying to remember the number for Pizza Hut.

"So…" Ryou uttered softly, eyes wandered around the living room in a timid manner. He'd just ordered the pizza, which was a supreme because he didn't know what someone-or something - like Diabound would prefer. His eyes finally came to their prey, the obscure lump on his couch that looked a little too comfortable to be working. He felt awkward just standing there, but wasn't sure what to do with himself. He eyed the couch longingly, knowing he'd feel less weird if he had a place to sit.

Sighing as the male laughed at the people on TV, Ryou rolled his eyes and decided to sit on the opposite couch arm where Diabound's head was not rested. Walking behind the couch so as to not get in the way of the man's TV show (though begrudgingly, he really wanted to), he sat himself lightly down on the edge, turning to face the male.

Diabound was grinning at the TV, fully ignoring Ryou's presence-or he was until he looked up to find Ryou sitting at the other end of the couch, staring at him. Diabound's grin quickly fell, eyeing the boy irritably. "What are you lookin' at?" He turned away to the TV, waving his hand dismissively. "Don't you have something else to do? I'm trying to watch this show. It's fucking hilarious!"

"Uhm." Ryou frowned, eyelids lowering as he glared at the man. He tried to keep his cool, but was quickly failing. Shouldn't this Cupid have been more interested in Ryou, his work, than some television program about doctors? "Aren't…you going to tell me how you're going to…do whatever it is you're going to do?" Ryou found his cheeks warming slightly, glancing to the TV. He raised a silvery brow, head tilting at the characters on the screen. "I mean…" He tried to gather his thoughts, not wanting to say the wrong thing. Ryou smiled small to himself, curling his toes within his socks. "What are we looking for?"

…Not that it mattered, because Diabound was still not focused on him. The man laughed loudly, slapping upper thigh-he couldn't help himself! This show was a gem; much too good to turn away from. "O-Oh my god! Th-these humans are fucking crazy! I wish we got this up there!"

"…Dia…bound?" Ryou called awkwardly, the man's name in his mouth foreign on his tongue. He turned to watch the man again, finding him quite oblivious to Ryou yet again. Ryou huffed, folding his arms over his chest. "Diabound." This time he said it more firmly, eyebrows furrowing as he stared at the man impatiently.

"Yeah, yeah," Diabound muttered, eyes not daring to move from the TV. "I'll get to it eventually."

"Eventually? But…I have things to do," Ryou tried to explain. "I really want to talk about it now." Now Ryou was just irritated. Diabound was so wrapped up in the show, Ryou was certain his words were going in one of the male's ears and out the other. 'But he won't listen to me! What can I do?' Ryou eyed the TV, feeling at a loss. What could he do to get the man's attention away from that TV? He was about to give up and just go start on his homework because Diabound was obviously too allured by that hunk of junk, just like everyone else in the world.

…Which made him wonder how old Diabound was, anyways. If he was an angel…he had to be old, right? Not to mention, his attire was rather strange. Did everyone in heaven dress like that or just Diabound-and more importantly, was Diabound even from heaven? He was so unpolished and rough on the edges; Ryou didn't understand how someone like that could've been a saint!

"Wanna get me something to drink?" Diabound asked, lifting a hand behind his head. "I'm pretty damn thirsty from my journey." As if his journey had taken him anytime at all.

Ryou was about to fall into the male's trap, mouth opening to absently say yes-but then he asked himself…

Why should he? If Diabound wouldn't comply to his wishes, he wouldn't comply to the man's either. "Oh, I'll get you a drink," Ryou hissed, a conniving idea dawning in his head. He smirked and stood up, glowering at Diabound.

"Soda. And if you don't have some, you should probably go get some." Ryou was about to go and knock that man in the head, but decided on something else much more effective and less dangerous for himself.

"Oh, anything for you." Ryou laughed mentally and instead of heading for the kitchen, went to the entertainment center's side, where the surge protector was. Diabound finally took notice of Ryou, eyes turning from the TV because of a commercial, to the young male's form.

"What are you doing?" He asked absently, eyes falling back to his entertainment. Ryou bent over and flicked a switch on the cord, making the TV immediately go black.

"W-What! What the hell did you do!" Diabound cried, sitting up immediately to eye the young male venomously. "I was watching that!"

"Oh, I know." Ryou smiled evilly. He stood up and stretched his arms above his head. "And that is exactly why I did that. I want you to answer my questions now!" Ryou demanded, setting a hand on his slim hip. "Then you can watch TV and do whatever you want to."

"Oh?" Diabound folded his arms over his chest, glaring at Ryou. "I'm sorry, I didn't realize I was your slave and was supposed to answer when summoned." Ryou grumbled, shaking his head. He hadn't meant it like that!

"No, no!" Ryou sighed, form slowly falling to the floor. He sank down onto his behind, sitting cross-legged. "I'm just…" And wait, why was he feeling bad for being rude to Diabound? Diabound was the one who had broken in and entered, and was now taking over his house! "I want to know how it is you're going to help me! You're not even doing anything!"

"Well, gee." Diabound huffed, eyes rolling. "What the fuck do you want me to do, kid? Wave my "magic" finger and have your gay lover immediately appear before you? Obviously it doesn't work like that."

"That isn't what I meant either!" Ryou cried, mirroring the man, arms folding defensively. "Well…" His eyes widened. He didn't really know what to expect. In the stories he'd heard, Cupid shot the prospective lovers with arrows. He eyed Diabound's form, seeing no weapon of any sort-in fact, he hadn't seen the male with anything save that strange cell phone-thing. "What do you have to do? I don't understand."

"Of course you don't-that is why it is my work and not yours."

"I know that but you're being difficult!" Ryou's arms dropped, a hand lifting to press against his own forehead in frustration. "Am I supposed to do something to help you? Do you just poison someone with a love potion? What do you even do?"

Diabound closed his eyes, chin tilting upwards. "Well if you're going to be like that, you little shit, maybe it is just too difficult for you to grasp at all."

"What?" Ryou blinked, annoyed expression falling. He looked to Diabound pitifully, shoulders sinking. "I…" He had to get a hold of himself. He thought back on the things he said and felt guilty because he was being rude, probably ruder than Diabound was being to him. The male was here to help him, after all, and perhaps he really did have a long journey here and needed some time to unwind. Ryou was so curious though how it would all work out, he couldn't help himself! His head fell forward slightly, feeling disappointed in himself. "I don't mean…to be mean…or anything."

Diabound's eyes opened slowly, finding Ryou looking dejected, sitting there sulking to himself in self-pity all of a sudden. What the hell? Just a second ago, he had looked ready to come and attack Diabound; talk about a personality defect. Diabound eased back in his seat, slumping into the cushion. "Mean?" Diabound snorted, eyeing the kid mundanely. "Like you could ever do anything to upset me, you little freak. I'm a little too passive and I've been dead a little too long to care about stupid human emotions."

Ryou's eyes lifted, scanning Diabound in wonder. "How…long have you been…" The word dead seemed too blatant for Ryou. "Deceased?"

"Huh?" Diabound blinked, giving Ryou an odd look. "Isn't that a weird word for someone your age to use?" Diabound dismissed that, shrugging. "I forgot the exact number. 3000 and something. After 3 or 4 centuries, you kind-of stop caring much."

"Wow!" Ryou gasped, a hand pressed against his heart in amazement. "That long, really?" He stared at Diabound as if examining fossils at a museum. How was that possible? 3000 years? It was very hard for Ryou to believe, especially with the way Diabound acted. He would've pictured someone that old to…well, be more regal or something. Diabound seemed so young and feisty, as if he had a whole life before him. He wasn't serene or tranquil like he would've expected the dead to be-and he definitely was not sweet or especially caring. "But you look so young!" Which meant that Diabound had been young when he'd died.

Ryou's smile fell a little, the astonishment in his eyes quickly vanishing. "You look…so young…" And that made Ryou sad.

Diabound knew the look on Ryou's face all too well and quickly turned his eyes away, avoiding it. "Yeah well," Diabound stared at the wall emotionlessly. "It was 3000 years ago, moron; people barely lived to 40. I made it halfway, so in this day and age, it is like I was about 50 when I died." Ryou watched him with soft eyes, giving a small nod. He supposed that was true, yet…

20, even then, still seemed too premature. It made him wonder about Diabound's life, and what he'd done to come to such a fate. And then he noticed the scars of the man's cheek, and his curiosity grew. He wanted to ask; his entire being was dying to know-but he felt like he shouldn't. It definitely wasn't his business and he wasn't sure how the man would react. "I suppose…you're right," Ryou commented, smiling uneasily. He stared at the hardwood floor beneath him, hand falling to let a finger dangle along a scratch in the wood idly.

"Well, I know I'm right. Anyways, it's not fucking important; thousands die every day and anyway, back to why I'm here." Ryou found it odd how quickly Diabound tried to change the subject, but wasn't about to press on and tread into deeper waters. Diabound sighed, peering at Ryou. "What do you even want in a person?"

"Want…like personality-wise, looks-wise?" Ryou tilted his head.

"Mh'm, both. How old do you want this homo to be, etc, etc." Diabound peered around the room boredly, awaiting Ryou's pathetic self-evaluation.

"Wait-" Ryou gasped, remembering what Diabound had implied only a few minutes ago. Ryou hadn't corrected him then because he'd been distracted with something else but he certainly was not gay! "I'm not into males; not at all." 'Though, I don't think I'm into girls either.' He felt confused inside-just because he'd never found a girl he liked didn't make him gay, right? It just made him…confused. And weird.

…Right? He told himself he didn't and refused to not believe that.

Diabound's lips curved downward. "Yes you do, I can tell," Diabound said bluntly, refusing to argue on the issue.

"How do you know?" Ryou countered, shaking his head in disbelief. "You don't even know me! Besides!" He began. "I've never liked a man a day in my life so I can't be gay." Of course, somehow Diabound had obviously figured out things about him through some strange manner. Ryou's eyes widened; what if Diabound's powers ran deeper than Ryou thought and it was possible that the man could read into Ryou's mind? His heart raced in his chest, finding that a little frightening to think of. He wondered if anyone Diabound had ever helped had found the man a blessing-though he wasn't nearly as scary as the first few minutes of seeing him, it certainly was quite daunting to have something dead and visible in front of you.

"Well, obviously you're having love trouble because you don't know what you want in the first place, moron," Diabound said straightforwardly, not bothering to sugar coat his words for the boy-not that he ever did for anyone.

"What!" Ryou exclaimed, growing irritated again. "That isn't true! I just haven't found the right girl! A-And, I, I just!"

"I've heard it time and time before." Diabound shook his head, dipping his hand into his pocket. He grabbed out his communication device, peering over to Ryou. He gazed down at the screen, fingers pressing at the little buttons to get to a certain program. Ryou was about to protest, but Diabound looked up and gave him a simple look, reading something along the lines of, "save it." "Now that we have that settled out," Diabound cleared his throat, fingers resting on his little mini keyboard. "Start talking. What do you want?" Diabound stared intently, waiting for Ryou to spit it out already.

"I-I thought you said I didn't know what I wanted," Ryou snapped back, suddenly feeling a little defiant. "So if I don't know, how can I tell you?" Ryou crossed his arms frigidly, glaring at the man who still looked a little too at home on his couch.

Diabound, instead of being annoyed or surprised by Ryou's snippy answer, simply chortled and set his device aside once more. "I am glad you finally see it my way then. You are so helpless in this fucking field, you don't even know what you like." A crooked smirk dawned on the man's lips, eyeing Ryou amusedly. "In fact…I bet you haven't even kissed anyone, have you fairy prince?"

"What!" Ryou snarled, nails beginning to dig at his arms anxiously, holding himself a little tighter than he even realized. "H-How is that even relevant to what we're supposed to be talking about!" However, at least that meant Diabound couldn't read into his entire life history-that was at least slightly relieving.

"Well isn't it obvious? If you haven't done anything by this age…" Diabound lifted his tanned fingers to his chin, drumming upon it thoughtfully. "I suppose that just means you're spent or else simply hideous! Who would want to be with a squeaky clean little dweeb like you?" Ryou's mouth dropped, eyebrows quickly furrowing agitatedly. How dare that-! Just because he hadn't had a single, pathetic kiss didn't make him a troll, nor did it make him completely unfit to date!

…Err. At least, he hoped it didn't. His expression filled with worry, eyes turning away from Diabound. People weren't really that cruel, were they? He knew he was socially retarded in many ways and that not having a kiss by this late in his teenage years was a little sad but did it really make him unfit for anyone? "I…" Ryou began, blushing slightly. "I am not that hopeless."

"Oh really?" Diabound purred, giving the boy a toothy grin. "You certainly don't sound too certain of yourself, little prince. But I suppose if you really are worried that you are no good-and certainly, you should be worried-I would always be willing to lend you my tainted lips if you didn't want to be seen as such a pansy."

"Wh-" Was it just Ryou, or was that perverted man really offering what Ryou thought? Ryou gulped, glaring at the floor beneath him. There was no way that man would offer that-noone could've been so stupid and such a complete jack ass!

"Well…" Diabound laughed, elbow pressed onto the couch arm, head rolling into his palm. "What are you waiting for, baby." He began to make a smooching noise with his lips, sneering at the poor boy. "I am here and ready."

"You…" Ryou cursed underneath his breath. He shook his head, giving an exasperated sigh. His arms fell from around him, a single fist clenched. He had the urge to take a hit at the complete pig on his couch but knew it was best not to take such a risk. His hits were not very effective in causing pain and therefore, were pretty useless-not to mention the other side of the story, in which, if he so much as tried to touch the angel, he had not idea what the lunatic being would do back. It was so infuriating though! How could someone with such…such disregard for love and human nature in general be cupid? Were the higher powers really so stupid that they did not see that the job was unfit for such a complete…

Ryou hated to think bad things about people, but wow, there was just no question about it; Diabound was a royal asshole and Ryou was certain it was not love he was going to find in working with the evil angel, but complete chaos. Ryou was frightened to delve deeper into this situation and yet, there was still that small piece of him, no bigger than a lost pearl at the bottom of the ocean that just had to know. What if…despite the man's obnoxious ways, he really could help Ryou feel less lonely?

"Are a complete genius?" Diabound finished Ryou's sentence with utmost confidence, still grinning in an eerie way at the boy. Ryou felt his cheeks puff up, each word of the man's getting him more and more flustered and annoyed. "I know, little prince. You can't tell me a single thing about me I don't already know," He sighed heavily, almost in a dazed, dreamy manner. "I've had thousands of years to do soul searching, so to speak."

"Then why are you still such…a…" Ryou gritted his teeth, unsure if he should utter his true choice of words.

"A…handsome, elusive being?" Diabound howled in laughter, once again easily forgetting about the whole point of being here. Talking about himself had always been one of his favorite past times and he never passed up a chance to do just that.

"No!" Ryou snapped, suddenly springing to his feet. He threw his hands up in the air, deciding he gave up. How on earth could he ever work with someone who was so…full of themselves and nothing else? "A dick! A complete and utter bastard!" He huffed and puffed and stared at Diabound in his darkest manner, alerting the angel that he should be on his guard. And perhaps, if Diabound actually thought Ryou was hostile and rabid, he would've done something more than just laugh at Ryou's response-which only made Ryou irate. He was ready to give this up and push that damned cupid out of his front door!

"Like I said darling fairy prince…" He dragged out his words in his lulling, abysmal tone that felt as if it tickled Ryou's ear drums every time the male so much as bellowed one sound. Ryou's ears grew warm, eyes hardening as they stared at the creature on his couch who was still making fun of him. His mouth opened to retort, yet he was so flabbergasted by Diabound that he was unable to convey exactly what he wanted to holler at the man, a man who was difficult to an unimaginable extent. Diabound sat up straight, tucking his feet in closer to his behind, dynamical fire-like eyes stuck on Ryou's frustrated, skinny form. He smiled a smile that seemed a little too wise for someone who had such an immature cluster of choice words. Ryou found goosebumps forming on his arms, his mouth going dry as he found his eyes staring straight into Diabound's profound stare. "You cannot tell me something I don't already know."

Ryou wasn't sure why he found Diabound's words so striking; he felt lost in them, trying to decipher exactly what those words meant in place with that strange expression on the angel's face. Where sheer irritation had bubbled minutes ago, a foreign, indistinct feeling burned, giving Ryou the weirdest thoughts he'd ever had. Instead of continuing to utter curses at the man who dared to call him such insulting things like fairy prince, he found himself wobbly, stumbling towards his couch which seemed so small at that point in time. He bit his tongue and nervously sat down at the opposite end, though even that end seemed too close. 'Ryou, what are you doing?' He thought, feeling so confused as he found himself staring toward the man's dark, calloused knees. 'I don't know what I'm doing. I…want to… He is being a jerk to me; I should most definitely stand up for myself and not let him win this!'

But Diabound was already staring at him in a knowing manner, arms folding over his chest proudly. He scanned Ryou's bowed head, feeling somewhat like a king-a position he felt he always had deserved. Ryou had so easily succumbed to him, the strange boy so ferocious only moments ago seated on the couch beside him suddenly giving off a very pensive vibe. His brow quirked as his eyes traveled from the pristine, almost too white hairs that fell from Ryou's scalp to the boy's shaky, all-too-thin knees. He was so small for his height and at first sight, gave off such a rickity, spineless presence. Ryou was a boy with a handsome face and eyes that seemed too sad and old for his tender age. Ryou was so easily forgotten in Diabound's eyes-if he'd never come face-to-face with Ryou-walking past him on any street at any time of day, he'd have never noticed Ryou because it seemed like Ryou didn't want to be noticed. And what could be harder than that? If Ryou didn't want to be seen, why would anyone else want to see him? Ryou was so unconfident and what could've been less attractive than that?

It wasn't often Diabound felt guilt when he spotted a person's weaknesses. He usually brushed it off and didn't give them a second thought because though he was involved, he wasn't really. The way he often helped people was impersonally, in a way they never knew he even existed. Ryou was not the first he revealed himself to, but he was definitely the first Diabound was forced to care about. Diabound had to find Ryou a love and a perfect one, one that could withstand time and even Ryou's demure attitude. But love could only do so much, couldn't it? Ryou could fall in love and still be filled with self-hate and as long as their was that hate, because Diabound had seen it time and time again, it would tear every relationship of Ryou's apart.

If he wanted to fix Ryou, he had to…

Fix Ryou. Oddly, Diabound felt empowered-not only was he going to find this boy his homo match, but…

He was going to find Ryou…Ryou. Because fuck, it was just too depressing to be in the presence of someone who was so submissive and sad and didn't even try to put up a fight. The only question now was how was he going to do that, exactly? He contemplated this for a moment, ignoring for a time the pessimistic boy on the couch who kept taking shy glances his way every now and again, as if waiting for permission to speak. He supposed he'd have to do this guerrilla style and ambush this conflict-tomorrow

Tomorrow, he'd drag Ryou out of his apartment during the day, and he'd simply force the boy onto people and find the boy people to go on dates with. Of course, the idea of taking someone outside and simply tossing them someone's way, then forcing them to ask that person out was a little unconventional and he was certain Ryou would protest but…

A devilish smirk twisted on the angel's lips. Ryou had no choice; he'd asked for his help fair and square and Diabound was going to do just that. He was going to make Ryou figure out at least some things he did and did not like, so it was actually possible for Diabound to find Ryou a perfect match. He snatched up his device beside him and started to maneuver his way into his day-planner section, in which, he typed to himself to be up at the brink of dawn to come back to this house and put Operation: Fairy Prince into effect. He also checked the time on his planner. "Shit," He hissed, seeing that he had already been here a little longer than he had planned. His e-mail box was flashing with another assignment; Ryou was not his only priority tonight. He rolled his eyes, not thrilled with the idea of having to deal with someone else in the same night.

"What..?" Ryou piped softly, leaning back into the couch to bring his knees up on the cushion and into his chest. "Is something…" Ryou began to ask but stopped, wondering if it was even any of his business-though it appeared it didn't matter, because the angel on his couch was currently glowering at the weird cell phone-thing in his hand like he was about to break it in half.

"Domino city, Japan. Mal-ik Ishtar." Mal…ik? Ick? He screwed up his face, actually taking the time to read the small description of this person-usually he avoided reading any of the profiles, save the name and address. "Lives with his sister, slightly problematic-wait, only slightly?" His eyes widened, suddenly cursing in his mind at the screen. Whenever these profiles said things like slightly or may be…

It was usually a definite and to the extreme because angels were forgiving and did not like to attribute bad personality traits to people. Not only because an extremely large amount believed in the good of rotten human nature, but because if they said the clients the cupid division was supposed to help were terrible people, well, not a large number of the angels would be willing. "Bipolar; doesn't take to change well, inability to make friends. Oh great, because if this douche bag can't make friends, he can totally find a fucking lover. Yeah, my ass!" Diabound didn't realize he was hollering at this point with poor Ryou staring at him like a frightened puppy.

"U-Uhh…Should I…leave you alone or something?" Ryou asked, reaching a hand up to scratch his own head nervously as he eyed the male. Diabound blinked, having momentarily forgotten about Ryou's presence in the room. Diabound rolled his eyes and pressed the exit button on his phone, wanting no longer to read about the impossible person he was about to have to work with next. Fuck, and thinking of it that way made Diabound feel more like a psychiatrist than a match maker.

"Shut up, pansy," He barked, throwing his head back against the cushion. He turned his head slowly to Ryou, the boy's head once again bowed like a remorseful dog. "You know…you don't have to do everything I say, always. Noone wants to date a doll-or, well…" His bit his lower lip, shaking his head. Actually once, he had met a man who really had fallen for a doll. It was his case that was an April Fool's Gift from Pegasus. "Nevermind, but." Ryou looked up at him uncertainly, curiosity in his soft emerald depths. "I just…worked with someone who was slightly crazy and in love with a my-size-Barbie once, is all."

Ryou looked horrified for a moment at the news of that-but then soon found himself smiling weakly. "Well…there are definitely some strange people out there, and especially in Japan."

"Fuck you can say that again," Diabound muttered, eyes rolling. He threw his legs off the edge of the couch, sitting up once again. His hands settled on his bare knees, casting a glance in Ryou's direction. "And anyways, I was simply reading over the next fuckwad I have to go work with tonight here in a few minutes. He sounds like a total wackjob."

Ryou frowned again, looking at Diabound as if his words had been about him personally. "Because…he is Bipolar? That isn't very nice to talk about the people you help like that." And it did slightly hurt Ryou because he was certain Diabound had thought the same things about him before he had come here tonight. Ryou was suddenly curious what his profile said about him, anyway.

"Yeah, well, like I said-" Diabound pointed toward himself, smirking. "Not exactly a nice guy. If you had to work with the people I worked with, you'd be a complete dickhead too."

Ryou found himself glaring at the man, hugging his knees tighter. "No, I wouldn't. I am certain none of your clients are more difficult or as ill-bred as you." Diabound found his brows raise at Ryou's words, a snort sounding out from him.

"You sure like to use weird words for someone your age, don't you?" Diabound's eyes lit up. He suddenly shifted positions, lifting his right leg over his left to roll him slightly onto his side to the middle cushion, crooning over Ryou's way as he sat. He placed his right hand at the edge of the middle cushion, making Ryou jump. Ryou froze in place as he pushed his body to the arm of the couch, staring wide-eyed at Diabound who was suddenly way, way, way too close. Ryou's heart thumped in his chest, slightly scared that Diabound could actually hear it. "And…I think you are just mad at me because I haven't offered you my mouth yet. So how's bout it?" Diabound leaned in even closer until his face was only inches from Ryou's.

"W-What are you doing! You are freaking me out!" Ryou cried out, holding his hand tightly over his heart. He wasn't certain why he was still even on the couch with Diabound so close and harassing him. He should've jumped off and he still had the chance if he could just bring his body out of shock and actually move!

Diabound wiggled his eye brows. "I am trying to do you, isn't it obvious?" He chuckled, pouting his lips. Ryou gasped, mouth widening in horror. He swore he was having a panic attack! Here this weird man was on his couch, attempting to actually kiss him and he was still not moving away…?

All of a sudden, Diabound shot forward, making Ryou scream. The doorbell rang and Ryou sprang from the couch a little like he had just escaped a hungry alligator's jaws. In jumping, he had managed to smack Diabound's forehead into his hand, the man laughing in as Ryou booked for the front door. He quickly unlocked the door and tried to throw away the frightening memory of Cupid attempting to violate him on his own couch. He was certain that was going to be the moment in his life that scarred his young teenage mind and kept him from ever having a normal relationship for the rest of his life. He was perspirating and he still couldn't breath right-and now his pizza delivery person was going to think something was wrong with him! Now, not only had he lived through one of the scariest moments in his life so far with a dead man trying to kiss him, he was going to be humiliated by the weird look the person on the other side of the door would give him.

He sighed and decided to accept his inevitable fate, opening the door. He put on a small, distraught smile, avoiding the pizza person's eyes. "Hello," He said softly, hearing the sound of the TV come back on in the background. Ryou was suddenly glad that from the hall, you could not see into the living room, or else the pizza person might also have thought his house was haunted-unless he could see Diabound too?

"1478 yen," A male's voice muttered at Ryou in a grumpy manner. Ryou blinked, head turning upward. His porch light was turned off, making it a little hard to make out the man's face. Not to mention, the man's black zippered sweatshirt hood was covering practically his entire face, leaving Ryou with no clue what the man looked like. He was thin and tall, that was certain. Ryou could make out light, light strands of the man's hair-possibly white. They hung out from the male's hood, looking wild and untamed. His lips were thin and ghastly and sloped into a deep frown with his cheeks sunken in, much like Ryou's, save hollower. Ryou eyes traveled thoughtfully to the man's arms, which held his lone box of pizza out for him. His lithe fingers curled around its edges, nails looking chipped and bitten at. Next came the man's legs which were hidden in a pair of loose black Dickies pants. "Well…do you want this or are you going to examine my fucked up nails all day?"

Ryou nearly yelped, fidgeting at the male's irritable tone, scrappy and yet melodic and low all at once. He felt as if he should apologize, but then he realized that the young male was working! Was it really okay to be that rude to customers when you got paid most of your wages in tips? Well certainly, Ryou was going to be one, of what Ryou guessed, were many customers who did not tip the jerk of a worker. And anyways, what was with all the impolite people today in general? First the angel and now his pizza man? Both had eerily familiar vibes to Ryou. "Yes…sorry," Ryou said unapologetically. He turned away, quite positive he disliked the person in his doorway almost as much as the man on his couch. He rolled his eyes as turned away from the pizza man, grabbing 2000 yen out of his pocket. He noticed the pizza boy was tapping his foot at Ryou. Ryou glared at the man's foot, quite unimpressed. 'I should call Pizza Hut up and complain about this guy! How did they even hire someone who is this much of an asshole?'

"Here you go," Ryou offered, handing over the bill to the man. The man snorted and snatched the bill from Ryou's hand, taking a step back and offering the pizza to the boy with his free hand. Ryou watched him suspiciously, wondering if he should say something about wanting his change back. He took the pizza gently with one hand and stood there, waiting for his change. He figured that would be enough of a hint that he wanted money back-or at least, he did until the jerk turned his back to Ryou and began walking away. "Wait! Wh-What about my change!" Ryou cried, not caring if he sounded like the selfish one for not tipping the man.

He heard the man snort, his feet stopping at the first step of the stairwell. The man's body went stiff. "Are you really going to cry over 500 yen?" The man barked in his ominous tone that made the hairs on the back of Ryou's neck stand. Ryou felt excessively nervous suddenly, wondering if it was really in his best interest to pester this man to give him his money back. Sure the man was rather scrappy looking in appearance with such a slim figure-but the fact that he had a good three inches on Ryou (who was already pretty tall) made him feel quite a bit inferior.

…Not that feeling inferior was anything new to him; he'd never been much of one for voicing his opinion or arguing-even when he knew he was right. Still, this pizza man had been so rude! And who really did that; just walk away with tips then bitch at people for wanting all of their money back? No one could be that much of a moron, right? Unless the man was looking for a reason to get fired-or he just was the most careless person Ryou had ever laid eyes on. Either way, his demeanor irritated Ryou to no end. But really, it was only 500 yen and he wouldn't miss it that much; but that wasn't the principle of this! The man did not deserve the money and that was what annoyed Ryou the most.

"I…" Ryou began, trying to feel brave. He gulped down a lump in his throat, eyes hardening on the man's back. "Want my change back…is all." He heard the man start to laugh. The laugh was crass and heedless, making Ryou lose quite a bit of confidence in himself.

"Well I want your change and seeming as you, not me, put the bill in my hand…" The man turned his head around slowly, shady and piercing eyes stabbing into Ryou's own. Ryou's knees felt like Jello-though he couldn't make out much of the man's face because of the dim lighting, he could feel the man's gaze radiating on him and burning him from the inside out. He couldn't make out the color in the man's eyes, only that enigmatic glint. He smiled cruelly and lowered his foot to the next step below. "I believe it is obvious what fate has decided for me and you, hmm?" Ryou couldn't believe his ears. His mouth dropped, blinking in disbelief as the man continued his trek down the stairs.

His will to fight for his money had vanished from his mind, same as the words that should've been uttering from his mouth. This was impossible; who could've looked past that man's obviousness-one look and Ryou knew in his heart that man was problematic. Who would so easily look past that and hire that…that asshole!

Ryou grit his teeth, wondering how he could be so stupid as to just let that happen to him. Why did he always let these kinds of things happen? He turned away from his doorstep in defeat. Lowering his head, he wandered back into his apartment and shut the door. The smell of the pizza permeated, making his stomach roar with hunger.

500 yen…

One thing was definite; it was 500 yen he would never lay his eyes on again.

"What took you so long? I swear you were standing at that damned doorway for a millennia!" Ryou's mind finally came back to earth for a moment and he remembered his other impossible situation; Cupid in his living room, mooching off of him and stamping it off as "helping" him. His eyes lowered as he walked into the living room, in too much shock from the rude pizza man to reprimand the bigot on his couch for being just that. 'I swear…' Ryou thought angrily. 'If I ever lay eyes on that pizza man again I'll…punch him in the face! …Or something! He'll definitely hear from me so he better hope he doesn't see me!' Ryou felt a little better thinking of something so triumphant. He decided to take a deep breath and de-stress because…karma was on his side and that man would definitely have it coming somehow.

"Yeah, yeah," Ryou murmured, eyes rolling. He walked past the couch, remembering how the creepy being on his couch only moments ago had tried to…kiss him or at the very least got much too close for comfort. His stomach fluttered oddly as he thought of it, keeping his eyes off of the man as he walked by. "I'm getting plates."

"Actually…" Ryou halted, turning his head around to eye Diabound, who was suddenly standing right behind him. Ryou jumped in surprise, taking a step back from the man.

"Y-You don't have to stand behind me like that!" Diabound simply chuckled, eyeing Ryou with that mocking gaze. Ryou's heart went noticeably faster, averting his gaze from the man once again. "It's…weird."

"You're the one who is easily creeped out and untrustworthy; any smart person would have heard my footsteps."

"You're an angel!" Ryou cried, scowling at the man. "How do I know you even walked? You could've floated or flew or just simply snapped your fingers and-"

Diabound snorted. "I am an angel and this is reality, dumbass. Not Harry Potter." Ryou sighed fervently, about to turn away when Diabound's hand came out suddenly and touched his bicep. Goosebumps started up and Ryou found himself staring into the man's eyes just like he had planned not to do. "But like I was saying…I must be going; I've got other appointments tonight. I know you'll miss me but don't fret, my little daisy."

"Your daisy?" Ryou spat, quite unamused by the disgusting nickname. "Do not call me that."

"So touchy with words." Diabound grinned, arms crossing over his chest, golden bracelets jingling as he did so. "Fine, Fairy Prince it is. Anyways Fairy Prince-" Ryou sulked, unsure if that was better or worse.

"And how can you leave now?" Ryou protested, though he wondered why he was fighting that. Diabound leaving was not really terrible; it would be more like a blessing. "You've barely explained a thing to me!"

"I knew you just couldn't stand to see me go yet, could you?" Diabound grinned arrogantly, eyes traveling to the pizza box in Ryou's hand. His hand fell from Ryou's arm and instead snatched forth for the lid of the pizza box, lifting it and snatching out as piece as Ryou stared at him disapprovingly.

"Don't you dare get sauce on this carpet, you slob," Ryou muttered, eyeing the slice of pizza loathingly. Diabound cackled and took half of the slice into his mouth like a beast. He bit it off, a trail of mozzarella cheese dangling from his mouth to the slice. Ryou's eyebrows furrowed irritably, having that instinct to shoot forth and smack the man upside the forehead; no manners in the least! Diabound slurped up the line of cheese, staring at Ryou defiantly as if daring him to do a thing to try and stop him from, god forbid, eating over the white carpet. On the inside, Ryou's blood curdled but as Diabound predicted, he did not have the balls to do a damned thing.

Diabound chewed violently, swallowing the glob down his throat. "Mmm, it's been so long since I've had such greasy, delicious delicacies." To Ryou's horror, the hand of Diabound's with the pizza slice lowered to his pocket; he dropped the remaining half of the slice in there.

"What the hell are you doing?" Ryou asked, absolutely appalled. His hand grew tight on the pizza box. What kind of person kept snacks in their pocket? Then again, he supposed this wasn't so much a human as it was an alien. It made poor Ryou wonder if he was the only one in the world who found something wrong with an angel; if this was any indication of how the real heaven was, it was nothing like anyone dreamt of.

"Saving it for later." Diabound gave Ryou an estranged look. "Isn't it obvious?"

"No, but it is definitely disgusting of you." Ryou couldn't help but stare at the man's pizza-filled pocket, nose wrinkling. How could someone this grotesque be the answer to Ryou's prayers-prayers he still wasn't even certain he wanted answered. So far "Cupid" had been anything but charming or helpful-and he certainly didn't seem the type to be able to matchmake. He reminded Ryou more of the assholes on the football team than a regular Dr. Love. He gave the man a disbelieving stare, still wondering if this was somehow a joke; how could someone so uncaring be picked out to help and aid people in falling in love? After all, it was crystal clear to Ryou the man had likely never been in love himself-it just wasn't possible.

"Well," Diabound countered, oblivious to Ryou's thoughts. "I think it is pretty ingenius of me. Anyways, don't stay up too late, little Prince. Me and you have a date tomorrow."

"Wait-what?" Ryou snapped, eyes widening. A date? Ryou had never even been on one before with a real human-was Diabound really taking him on an actual…

But that couldn't be; hadn't Diabound already said he wasn't here for Ryou but to help him? A sick feeling welled in Ryou's stomach, as if a flock of doves had been set loose within him. He eyed the male suspiciously, not certain if he should take the angel seriously or not. It seemed as if Diabound was never serious but then again, he was so shady and untrustworthy in general that he left Ryou dumbfounded. "I…" Ryou peered off to the side, trying to pick out his words wisely. To go with his more logical head or his weak, compassionate heart? Which question was the right one?

'No Ryou, he isn't serious you idiot! He isn't serious!' "…Can people even see you?" He questioned sharply, though he was serious. Could they? He didn't know; the pizza man was blocked by the wall that blocked the living room's view.

"Why?" Diabound gave Ryou a crooked smile. "Do you think I would be invisible and have you talking to me and looking crazy?" He laughed harshly, Ryou retaliating a few inches back. A lump built in Ryou's throat because now he was almost certain that was what was going to happen.

"Well…" Ryou trailed off softly, avoiding the man's gaze as he stared at the pizza box. Diabound continued to chuckle, watching the boy with his intense gaze. He turned away, hand dipping into his pocket to produce his electronic device.

"You'll see tomorrow. It will be fun. Where something the fellas will like." Before Ryou had the chance to disapprove, he heard a beep from the machine and suddenly, his apartment was empty save for himself and his pizza box again. Ryou stood there in shock, blinking rapidly. Had that really just happened to him?

Head in a daze, he stumbled toward his kitchen, wondering if he was really okay in the head and if he should invite someone over for the night. It couldn't be real, right? He set the pizza box down on the counter and pushed it back to jump and sit atop of the ledge. Swinging his feet, his eyes fell to the floor and he thought about the golden-skinned angel; an angel too crude to be real…

But he had to be, didn't he? To make certain, his head snapped back to the pizza box. Opening it up, he found it just as it should've been-one slice gone because it was in an unearthly being's pocket.

Ryou's heart thumped in his chest, relieved-whether it was a good thing or not, Cupid existed and his arrow was set on Ryou, whether Ryou wanted it to be or not. Tomorrow…

A "date"…

Just what would it be like? Would Diabound really come back and if he did, who did he have in mind for Ryou? "It better not be a guy," He said sourly to himself, turning to grab a slice of pizza. He took a bite, shaking his head with a laugh. "No, it definitely would never be a guy." But at the same time, he couldn't help but feel like it wouldn't be a girl, either. He ate his pizza in ignorance, quite happy that he had no idea how the next few months of his life would turn out.

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