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Malik Ishtar let out an arid huff, wrinkling his nose in distaste as the bubbles from his bath continued to rise past his chin. The water level was seconds from splashing over the porcelain edge, but Malik couldn't bring himself to really mind. He felt much too drained, as he did off and on throughout the week. Some days he was high as a kite and felt as if he had so much energy, he could run and run for days-but then there were other times, like today…

Was he sad? He didn't really know; he didn't have many things to be sad about. He had just moved into a beautiful suburban residence just a little outside of Domino city. Compared with this time two years ago, he was doing well; his violent father was gone, and the strange ordeals of his past were just that-the past. He didn't bring them up, instead letting them stay dead in the solitude of that murky pit of a home he had once been held hostage to. As far as he was concerned, it was as if none of it had ever happened.

Here in Domino, it was like a new Malik had been born; he reinvented himself and was truly happy for the first time in his life. Well, maybe not necessarily happy, but okay at least. Malik wasn't tortured and abused anymore; his days weren't spent in pitch black darkness. He had a loving sister and a brother-like figure in his life who watched over him constantly and took great care of him. He had his own room and personal space to grow in and was slowly becoming like any other male his age in Japan. He played video games and listened to all of the hottest music from Japan to the US; he'd been on a couple of dates and was slowly becoming alright. He was normal for the first time in his life; his behavior was a tad strange and albeit jumpy but in general, he was doing fine and maybe that was why it was so difficult for him to take. He was certain it was that; it had to be-and that was why, at times…

He got this feeling of pure emptiness, as if there was nothing inside of him. He wanted to sit his slim body up and turn off the handle but he felt too exhausted. His laptop sat atop the toilet, a play list of his favorite songs bouncing off of the walls-but he couldn't manage to sing along. He closed his eyes, swearing he could just fall asleep within the blanket of hot, steamy water that made his skin a lobster red. Perhaps it was living in Egypt and remembering how the hot sun used to radiate off of his tanned back when he was a child and free-somehow, the lucid water reminded him of just that; running in the sand with his forgotten friends, playing those stupid childhood games.

Where were they now; what were they doing…? It all seemed too long ago to dote on; he didn't know their faces, he'd forgotten all their names; all he remembered was the laughing and how he remembered thinking, 'I hope my life is always like this' and of course, it never was again. Because of that, he had a distinct fear of ever truly admitting to enjoying anything again-he didn't want it to be stolen from him and pried from his fingers. The rug had been torn from his feet before, leaving him crashing and falling for what felt like an eternity; if he ever wished for such an impossible dream, the terrible voice that echoed within his head would scream, scream at him until he couldn't breathe-"You don't deserve this; you'll never have it."

He tried to explain it to the therapist his sister had forced him to see after they'd escaped. She said he was simply traumatized and just reliving past conversations with his father in his head over and over again. But the voice wasn't distinctly his father's tone; it was his own. His father couldn't sabotage his life anymore; he was dead and rotting in the sand, exactly where he belonged. The therapist said it wasn't his fault but Malik didn't believe her; it was his voice in his head that kept telling him those cruel things, not anyone else.

If anything, it was that voice that paralyzed him more than anything. Some days it was gone and others it would tear at his insides and send his thoughts to complete turmoil. At times like that, he could only lay there on his bed with his eyes staring morosely out the window, hoping the stars would be out. When he felt at his lowest and the voice kept ridiculing, staring out to the heavens was the only way he knew he was still sane and alive. That was his escape and perhaps, that was why he had felt that strange wave of hope today, unlike any other. It was so childlike and elementary of him, but something inside of him begged for it the moment that star, one like any other, had come into view. The star was so luminous, he felt consumed by it, feeling as if he was the only one in the world that star was glowing for at that moment.

His heart had thudded, an irregularly placid smile curving on his lips as he stared out his bedroom window earlier in the evening. A single wish… "I wish to be…" What did he want more than anything else? Money, a motorcycle, perhaps a bigger house? "Happy. Love or something, whatever it is…" Malik trailed off, voice gentle and foreign from his usual spunky demeanor. "I want to be happy." His eyebrows furrowed in shock. As soon as his wish was said, it seemed as if the star had disappeared. Was it a shooting star, perhaps? He had really bad vision; he could've imagined that it was so bright to him in the first place. A small part of him still felt hopeful, despite what the voice said.

"Maybe soon…" He sighed softly, rolling onto his back to stare up at the posters of the bands upon his ceiling, haphazardly duct taped into place. "Maybe…"

He thought of that now as he laid buried beneath his bubbles. He crooned his head back, amethyst eyes staring up to nothing. It was an impossible wish; that he knew. Many people wished for the same things every day, so why should it be him that got it? His arm lifted, thin wrist resting over his forehead. Why should it be him? There were so many less fortunate people out there who would've died to have what Malik had. Hell, only two years ago, he had been one of them. Hadn't he already been saved? He was here now and doing better so wasn't that enough to ask? He felt selfish wishing for just a little more but, in truth, at the end of the day he was not happy. His heart hurt and all he could think of was where he wanted to be instead of settling with where he was now. Of course, that was just the thing-without knowing what one wanted, how could they have dreams that were possible to realize?

He made the slightest of movements and water splashed over the edge, signifying that it was definitely time to get up and turn off the faucet. Still, he felt like he wasn't able to. He closed his eyes for a moment and took a deep breath as he gathered his strength. Groaning, he slowly sat up as to not disturb the high water levels, hand outstretching to turn the water off, sandy fingers turning the crystal knob to the right. The faucet came to a halt and he was free to relax once more.

Sighing, Malik fell back heedlessly, waves jumping over the bathtub ledge. He knew that was a reckless thing to do and that he'd have to clean the mess up later. He was also well aware of his sister's extreme loathing of a wet bathroom floor. Was it cruel that Malik really didn't care? At times, he wondered if he was stupid because he did certain things that would automatically set his sister off. Isis was an even-tempered woman for the most part-at least, that was until they began to live in the modern world. Little things would set her off now, be it dishes in the sink or Malik's Duel Monsters cards strewn across the living room floor.

It was amazing really, what becoming aware of the world did to you. Isis worked at the museum, sometimes extremely long hours. At the same time, she attended night classes at Domino University, studying arduously for her Bachelor's Degree in history now that she had accumulated an AA degree. Less and less she wore the traditional clothing of Egypt, dabbling more often into Western-style dress. Malik had abandoned it altogether, as had their brother-like figure and protector, Rishid. They went out to movies and Rishid had even accompanied Malik to concerts recently. Rishid, when not working at the museum as well, was always on the internet, Myspacing and chatting with bubbly Japanese women. Isis and Rishid were so different from before; now that they were free to do as they pleased, to Malik, it seemed like they'd let their selves soar and were met with accomplishment after accomplishment.

…But what about Malik? He was in his first year of public high school this year, since the last year and a half had been spent being home schooled and studying non-stop to be ready to attend regular school. He still wasn't a master at Japanese, but was fluent enough in it to go to school, read, and talk with his peers. He had been attending over a month now. He liked it, he supposed, though now that it was getting colder, being awake at 7:30 am every day and having to stand outside to wait for the bus wasn't exactly a blast. 7 hours a day of school was also a little rough; mostly because halfway through, he grew tired and could think of nothing more than laying down on his bed. …And then of course, there was that too.

That being that he still didn't have any friends. He had spent every day so far exactly the same. He woke up a few minutes late and scrambled to get ready. He'd grab a cereal bar and a can of Sprite, then dash out the house doors as fast as possible in order to make the bus. He always overestimated how late he was, so he stood there freezing in a lightweight cotton sweater for 10 minutes, shivering. The bus would come, he'd show them his bus card then get on and try to sit closest to the back, preferably in a double seat to avoid having to sit by more than one person at once. The seat would hopefully be a window seat so he could rest his head against it, and fall asleep for the next 20 minutes until he arrived to school. Miraculously, he always managed to wake up just in time to dash off the bus. It never seemed to fail; he was always the last one to get off at the stop for Domino High.

Malik would cross a street and then he was right in front of Domino High. He would go inside ten minutes before the bell and sit alone by his first period door, jamming out quietly to his black Ipod. The teacher would come, smile at him, then he would smile awkwardly back and go inside, taking a seat in the back. He'd set his head on his desk and then proceed to fall asleep for the next few minutes with Green Day buzzing in his ear. The bell, being louder than his music, would alert him that class had started. He rushed to turn off his MP3 player in his pocket, but kept the buds in his ear since they were hidden by his long bleached blonde hair.

Bleary-eyed, he'd rest his head on his palm and smoosh his cheek upwards, feeling a little dead as he stared at the teacher. Then, almost as if on que, he would walk inside the room. He was either laughing crazily, arriving just as he left an obviously funny conversation with what Malik supposed was a friend-or, he was excessively angry looking, with his thin lips looking as if they were formed into an eternal scowl. The teacher would then make a snide remark and the boy would simply snort, either mouthing off to her or making some sarcastic remark that made all the students (Malik included) snicker. She would sometimes crack a smile too, in which, she would let the boy-Bakura-off the hook and he would then hook his thumbs into his tight jeans pockets and make his way to the back, two seats to the left of Malik.

Malik's lips smiled lop-sidedly when he thought about him. He was odd to Malik; there was something about him that made Malik interested and he always came back to thinking about him at some time or another during the day. He didn't like men and he also didn't do the whole "crush" thing, but if there was one person in the whole school that intrigued Malik, it was Bakura.

After Bakura, the day was rather bland. Classes and more classes, then lunch alone on the second story hallway. Classes and more classes, and then it was last period and then that other white-haired boy would come running in, absolutely breathless and with flushed cheeks. At least every couple of days, he'd make some graceless move and trip over his own foot, or just simply drop a pencil or whatever he was holding onto the floor.

He sat next to Malik in the second row, but they never said a word to one-another. Though, the boy did speak to the short kid with the weird hair that sat beside him. It wasn't that he wanted that white-haired boy to talk to him but wasn't it kind-of rude of him to only talk to one person when there were two people at his side? Malik snorted, smirking when he thought of that kid. He didn't know his name but his face looked awfully feminine and youthful for 17. He was quiet and he somewhat annoyed Malik because he seemed to know every answer to the teacher's questions. The midget boy did too, but it didn't annoy him half as much as that white-haired boy.

He'd day dream for the rest of the last class since it was extremely boring, and then the bell would ring and he would go home. He'd lay down for hours with the TV on, but hardly watch. He'd do his homework while listen to music, then lay down again. After another hour, he'd take a bath and then go to bed for the night while watching a horror movie.

…Such an exciting life. He thought about getting a job but he felt like he couldn't because he was simply too lethargic from school. But then, there were other days where he had boundless energy and would actually have the strength to leave the house. He'd go running at the park until he couldn't any longer; then he'd listen to his Ipod and nearly pass out next to the murky pond the ducks swam in. A job though; what kind would he even want? He wasn't extremely friendly or anything; plus he still spoke his Japanese a little weird, unable to get rid of his annoying Arabian accent fully.

Better to do something where talking was minimal, but what would that be? Working through drive-thrus would be too much talking and cashiering required too much math and a lack of a backbone when people screamed at you needlessly. What about a warehouse though or working at a medical office as a receptionist? He groaned, dunking his head beneath water. It was all too much to think about, mostly because he didn't really want to work.

If he didn't work though, what could he do with all his extra free time? And he did have too much of that. Video games and game shows could only keep him occupied for so long. He was certain Isis would offer volunteer work at the museum if he asked for it-he was also certain he would never ask because that sounded insanely mundane. What was there to do that could keep him occupied for hours and never got boring?

Sometimes after school, he'd find himself spying on the sports teams practicing on the lawn. He had never been into many sports but it did kind-of look fun, he supposed. He wasn't about to run to school and go try out though. The kids who played likely had years of experience, starting from their elementary school days. Malik had been home schooled most of his life and could not compete with that. They'd probably just laugh in his face if he even so much as tried to tryout. Better to save himself the humiliating and possibly traumatizing experience and just stay home, where he obviously belonged. Besides, he wouldn't even know what sport to tryout for.

It was stupid to even think of, so why was he wasting the effort? Bringing him back to his immature wish on that star; ludicrous, ludicrous that he still thought that anything miraculous could happen. If he wanted things to change, he had to work hard and strive for them; help wasn't just going to come flying out of nowhere and land in his hands. If he wanted things to be different…why didn't he try harder to make things that way?

'Bescause', he thought, keeping his mouth and nose submerged in water. 'I feel like I can't…' And as long as he felt like he couldn't, he was certain things would stay that way. That was alright though because…he wasn't unhappy, right?

His head arched out of the water to be able to breathe. 'Not unhappy…' His eyes peered to the small window that sat above the toilet, golden curtains concealing the view of the second story bathroom from possible prying eyes of next door neighbors. He couldn't see any light shining in from the small crack between the two pieces of fabric; no doubt, it was late and his TV show would be on soon. Then, bedtime again. Nightmares and waking up every two hours in a sweat, then he'd deal with the same routine once again the next day.

He struggled to sit up, holding onto the ledge of the bathtub to pull himself to his feet. The moment he stood up, he thought about melting right into the bathtub again because out of the bathtub felt so chilly. He lifted a thin yet muscular leg and used his toes to maneuver the bathtub plug down to let the water drain out. Reaching a hand out to the marble counter parallel the bathtub, he scooped up a large beach towel with a tropical fish print and engulfed himself in it to try to make himself warm and dry off. As the water filtered out of the tub, Malik began to rub the towel against his damp skin, trying to at least be somewhat dry before he left the bathroom to go to his bedroom and find clean clothing.

When the water was far enough down that it didn't hit his calves, he lifted a leg up, setting the balls of his foot on the ledge. He begrudgingly unwrapped the towel from his midsection and began to run the towel along his leg, ridding himself of the now cold water droplets that slid down his leg and dripped onto the drenched floor.

Suddenly, there was a weird creaking sound coming from outside the bathtub. Malik stopped in place, leaning his head towards the way of the door. Lifting a brow curiously, he swore he heard footsteps going in the direction of his bedroom. "That can't be right," He thought aloud. "Isis and Rishid both shouldn't be home til midnight…" Had they come home earlier than expected? He couldn't imagine that happening though; Isis said they were swamped with paperwork that had to be filed and they definitely would not be home until, at the earliest, 11.

His eyes turned to the laptop on the toilet. The music was playing quietly, so it was definitely possible he had heard something out there. "Sister?" He called out loudly, voice bellowing against the walls. He blinked, still pausing in his actions. No response. He stepped out of the tub, water trickling against his one dry foot from the puddle on the floor. He ignored that for now, walking to the bathroom door and pressing his ear against it.

He stopped breathing for a few moments to make sure he could hear everything going on outside in the hall. Still, no noise. He dropped the subject, easily shaking it off. They had two cats so it was likely it could've been one of them, after all. He started singing quietly to the song playing and leant over, pressing his backside against the door. His long blonde hair hung in his face as he took the towel and dropped it over his head. He wrapped the towel around his wet, slippery hair strands and twisted it up on top of his head to catch most of the excess water.

Now for the water on the floor; he smirked and turned to the laundry hamper. Padding over to it, he bent down and picked up some dirty towels, throwing them on top of the water pile. "Good enough." He'd clean up the rest later, he told himself. But more than likely, he'd really just leave the mess for Isis. Satisfied, he took the towel off his head and enveloped it around his waist, right hand holding it in place. Opening the door, he stepped out in the hallway.

"Wait-did I really leave that on?" He wondered, frowning in disbelief as he turned his head to the left, seeing his bedroom door cracked open and his bedroom light on. He was stumped because he remembered turning off his light and shutting his bedroom door when he had gone to take a bath. He had to give the cats credit where credit was due-they could probably open a door, despite that they hadn't opened his bedroom door in particular before, but they certainly would not turn on his light for him. He was an extremely absent minded teenager though so maybe he had just forgotten to do either thing?

Once again, he brushed it off, not finding it to be a big problem. Malik wasn't easily frightened or spooked out by life's little surprises. He carried on his way to his bedroom, ready to put on his thickest sweats and bundle up under his many comforters for TV. Thinking about something he had heard on one of his favorite comedy programs, he laughed to himself as he pushed open his door.

"-Why hello~ there." Malik's laughter was slaughtered immediately. His head snapped to his bed, lavender depths met with the most frightening thing he'd ever seen. There was a half naked man sitting on his bed in nothing but a breezy beige linen kilt.

"W-What the f…" Malik's words quickly died, losing all feeling in his arms. Shocked, his hands went limp, falling to his side. He stared wide-eyed at the foreign man, mouth gaping.

"Ooo~." The man cackled, lips etched into one of the most disdainful, insulting grins Malik had ever seen. "Usually it's the ladies who drop their lacy panties at the sight of me but my, my," He lulled sensually, "You don't even have a va-jay-jay and I find you insanely fucking hot to look at."

Malik screamed, immediately snatching up his towel and hightailing it from the room. His naked behind was the last to leave the room and damn. Diabound howled with sinister laughter, falling back onto the bed. He didn't mind the sight of that at all.

Unable to enter his bedroom to get his clothes without feeling excessively humiliated, Malik took a dash for Rishid's bedroom. He borrowed a pair of jeans that were a few sizes too large and a long-sleeved striped red and white polo, the cuffs falling way past his finger tips. Peeved, he marched right back to his room to find out what this was all about-why was there a man in costume lounging on his bed?

Malik knew that he was probably a little strange for being more agitated than he was afraid; that didn't matter though. Whoever that person was, he had taken a piece of Malik's manhood by being the first person to see him naked (other than immediate family when he was a child) and -that- was unforgivable.

Fire raged within Malik's eyeballs, face red-hot in a mix of indignation and embarrassment. How -dare- that unnamed freak! Malik didn't care what he was or who he was, he was going to take him one-on-one in a brawl to the death; of which, he would be the victor. Bursting through his bedroom door, he stamped over to the man on his bed. To his displeasure, the man had found his remote somewhere and was busying himself with a TV show. He didn't even bother to look away from the TV when Malik flew in like a bat out of hell. The man was stretched out leisurely, holding his head in a palm as he watched his program.

"And just what the hell do you think you're doing, you asshole!" Malik snapped, seconds from jumping the man. He stood in front of the TV, fists balled at each side. The stranger's eyes turned calmly from the TV to Malik, still quite unperturbed. A small, carefree smirk twisted on his lips.

"Mmm~?" He grinned wide, showing off rather sharp canines. "Watching TV, or do you not even know what electronic devices you have in your own bedroom?"

"Yeah, no shit, I can see that you prick." He glared at the man, whirling around to lean over and press the power button for the TV. Still, the man seemed quite lighthearted; probably because it didn't matter that his entertainment had been shut off-now he just had a new form of it. "Now tell me what you think you're doing!" He had to give a little bit of props to Malik. For a scrappy 17-year-old male, he was a little intimidating maybe, at least to the average Joe. Diabound, however, was quite apathetic to Malik's threats. Malik was definitely scarier than Ryou had been though, that was for sure. Malik made Ryou look like a little fluffy bunny in comparison, and Ryou had even had a weapon in hand when they had met.

"Oh." Diabound moaned, licking his lips. He looked Malik up and down seductively, wiggling his eyebrows. "Right now I'm thinking of you in a little sailor suit, commanding me to do naughtier things to your body than you could likely dream of." Malik did not smile, finding that news particularly disturbing. "Come on, commander Malik~. Get back in that towel and let's have some real fu-"

"How the hell do you know my name!" Malik stormed forward, now at the very edge of his bed staring the creep on his bed down. "And what the fuck are you doing here you sick pervert!"

"Well! Aren't you rather brash?" Diabound chuckled throatily, fluttering his elongated lashes at Malik. "I know many things and right now, I'd say I have learned a lot more about you than I thought I ever would." His amused eyes twinkled, staring from Malik's youthful face to his groin. "And might I say, impressive."

Malik's fist twitched to make contact with the sick bastard's face. "You are-"

"Handsome?" Diabound offered, "Sexy, irresistible?" Diabound murmured, head canting to the side. "You know, I think since you showed me yours…" Diabound grinned evilly, hand slowly beginning to descend down his flat, unclad stomach. "I should only show you-" Malik darted forward, fist inches away from contacting Diabound's face. Diabound easily dodged the punch though, slipping from Malik's target.

"Disgusting and more disgusting!" Malik seethed, ready to strike again. "If you think I am some little puss about to let an ugly creep like you in cosplay rape me, you have another thing coming!" He jumped at the bed, outstretching his hands for Diabound's neck. Unfortunately for Malik, Diabound still moved much too quick to be caught so easily. Diabound hopped to his feet, laughing and pointing as the boy growled.

"And what would make you think I wanted to rape you? Hate to inform you, Mr. Ishtar, but you aren't that enticing!" Malik's hand shot forward to attempt to grab at Diabound's ankle. Diabound dodged the hand, jumping over Malik's head and onto the floor.

"Gee, I don't know!" Malik hollered, popping up to his knees. "Maybe because the way you talk to me is like how you'd holler at the male strippers at Chip & Dale's!" He fumed, hands set firmly on his knees as he watched his intruder warily.

"You really do have some imagination, don't you boy~?" Diabound purred, smirking down as he placed a single hand on his hip that peeked out the slightest bit, his kilt sitting so low. It didn't leave much to the imagination when it came to the angel's rock hard body. Even Malik found himself staring and feeling a little…

Well-it definitely made his face a little hot to think about it. He glared at the man, who was definitely not ugly like Malik had lied and told him. In fact, he was anything but. Now that the unknown person was standing there, staring down at him so superiorly, he could really gaze at the man and see all that there was. Bizarre red eyes, perfect white teeth, skin that was definitely not of Japan or any other Asian background-and that hair. That was what caught Malik's eye like nothing else; it reminded him of those boys, particularly the one with the bad attitude. It was a little eerie really; now that Malik was a little calmer in some ways (knowing the male was not immediately going to touch him weirdly since he was more scared of that than dying) he noticed that this cosplay man had the same feel about him as that boy-Ba-ku-ra. "Ba-kura," He said aloud to himself, in an almost whisper.

Malik thought of the two men, a little lost in his thoughts. He didn't realize where his gaze had fallen since he wasn't paying attention. Diabound, however, noticed it instantly. "So," He mewled, raising his hands slowly above his head. "I see you are a little interested after all." He began to shake his junk around, thrusting it toward Malik. Malik yelped as the man's hips drew close to him, immediately jumping away from the edge of the bed.

"What thehell is your problem!" Malik cursed, pressing his back against the wall as he glared at the man.

"Well," Diabound began, sighing. He turned around and hopped to sit at the edge of the bed, turning his head Malik's way. He leaned back, giving the boy a hazy grin. "You were the one staring at my shwang-shwang."

"…" Malik's mouth dropped, unable to believe what he had just heard. Who called male genitalia that? He snorted, turning his head away from the man. He folded his arms across his chest, slumping against the wall. "You have serious mental issues."

"Ahh." Diabound spread his legs apart, leaning back and placing his palms on the mattress to support his weight. "It is amazing they let me into heaven, don't you think?"

"Heaven?" Malik blinked, staring at the man in what was obviously disbelief. "Dressed like that, I can't see how they'd let you in anywhere, save maybe an anime or porn convention."

"Anime?" Diabound raised a silvery brow, obviously lost. "I don't think I know what that is. But if you say there are people as attractive as me and scantily dressed at those places, I am there." He would have to Google that up in heaven tonight; perhaps that was where he and lucky Malik would go to find Malik's…

He gave Malik a solid stare, eyeing him up and down again. Malik noticed immediately, feeling self-conscious. He frowned, bringing his knees into his chest. "Don't look at me." He sniffed, head bowing so that his hair would fall in his face. It was easier to not feel the man's stare so intensely that way.

"Hmm." Diabound had a hard time discerning what sex Malik would prefer. He wasn't fawn-soft like Ryou with such androgynous features. Malik definitely looked like a male and there was no confusion in that. He was in much better shape than Ryou in the fact that he actually had a build and was not a skinny toothpick of a human. Diabound paid little mind to Malik's bossy comment, still trying to decipher what he would like.

Malik grew impatient, still feeling the eyes. He frowned, turning to Diabound. "Could…ya stop?" He asked icily, further hugging himself. Diabound stared to Malik's face, giving him a rather devilish smile.

"Only if you let me touch your no-no parts." Malik coughed, turning his head the opposite way.

"Carry on then cause you aren't going near that." Diabound laughed, quite aware that was what Malik's answer would be.

"So." His eyes lit up, head tilting. "Ms. Nubian Princess, why aren't you freaked out that you have a croaked 3000-something year old sex god next to you?"

"Sex god?" Malik stared at Diabound incredulously. "You must be kidding. Anyone that sleeps with you has a cash-only fee." He eyed Diabound seriously, hands leaving his chest to instead cradle his knees, resting his head on one. "Please be serious and tell me what you are and why you are here for real."

"You'd be surprised what I can do." Diabound wiggled his tongue in Malik's direction. Malik wrinkled his nose in distaste. "There's a lot more magic in these hands than you would think."

"Yeah, that's great and all," Malik deadpanned, rolling his eyes. "But I would still like to know why there is a weird man in my bedroom at the time when I should be watching Deal or No Deal." He glanced to the clock, annoyed that it was already 2 minutes past the hour. By the time this moron actually got to the point of his presence in Malik's room, Isis would be home.

"You didn't figure it out yourself?" Diabound yawned, rummaging until he was all the way on the bed. Malik uncomfortably shifted closer to the edge of the bed as Diabound came to press his back against the wall. Normally Diabound liked to fuck with people until the very last moment but it had been a long night already. After Ryou, he was emotionally drained and ready to go back home and have a drink. "You made a wish, I am here to answer it."

"…" Malik glowered at the man, not liking that definition. "Oh yeah?" Malik snorted, smirking at Diabound as if he were the stupidest person on earth. "Then what did I wish for, Mister Fairy Godmother."

"Love." Diabound pressed the crown of his head against the wall, staring up to the ceiling. "And if not, then I don't know why the fuck they would send Cupid to help you." 'Love'? Malik felt a little disappointed in a way, because that was honestly not what his wish had been about. He hardly thought of dating, much less finding a perfect girlfriend or boyfriend, should life send him in that direction. Besides, he had his sister and Rishid who he loved. Who else did he really need?

"Hmm," Malik sounded back unenthusiastically. He stared at Diabound's sandals. "Cupid, huh?" Malik was positive he probably should've been more alarmed at the fact that there was a stranger sitting in his room who claimed to be a fictional character. Somehow, it wasn't that hard to believe though. He had known Malik's name and he knew that Malik had made a wish, though his understanding of the wish was incorrect.

"Yep." Diabound eyed the boy in a lazy fashion, surveying Malik's sleeves that overlapped his hands. "So, let's make this quick; do you have someone you want to bone already?" At least then even if that person wasn't a good match for Malik, he could get an idea of what Malik was into.

"Well…" Malik thought about all the people he knew. He couldn't think of a single one that stood out as more alluring than any of the rest. He took a moment to deeply contemplate what Diabound was asking. An idea struck in brain like lightning. "So, you could technically make anyone fall in love with me, right?"

"Uhh, sorta," Diabound shrugged nonchalantly. "There's bullshit details to it but technically, I could give you anyone you wanted, yes. But they also have to have some desire to be with you too, even if it is unconscious."

Malik frowned sideways, biting the inside of his cheek. "And unconsciously means…that the person doesn't really have to like me or show it, right? They could be secretly…" A fruitcake. "Gay and they wouldn't even know?"

"Yep." Diabound glanced to the boy, smirking small. "I can give extra pushes; it just has to be a good match is all. So, is there anyone? It will make my job a lot easier if there is." Besides, maybe the boy had picked himself a high-percentage match already and all Diabound would have to do is add a little extra effort where effort was needed.

A mischievous grin dawned on Malik's lips. "Well…" He licked his lips feverishly. In truth, there wasn't anyone he was genuinely interested in. However, when he thought about the people that came up in his mind most, he was the absolute answer. "There is…someone." He leant his head in more so his crazed smile was hidden by his hair. "He's…in one of my classes."

"Oh?" Diabound sat up, palms upon the mattress again. "Do you know where he lives or anything?" The smile was wiped off Malik's face. He lifted his head, looking to Diabound innocently.

"Not exactly. That isn't a problem, is it?" He asked, feigning worry well. In truth, he didn't really care. In fact, he was only picking this particular male because his life was boring and this way, he could see if this bogus Cupid-mumbo jumbo was real.

"Nah." Diabound shook his head. "Just have to feel his energies and more, uhh, really uninteresting and standard crap." Malik didn't really get it. He nodded along, offering Diabound a sincere smile.

"Oh, good. Because he is the only one I want," Malik explained, staring at Diabound in all seriousness. "If I can't have him, I think…" What was a good thing to say to get your way? "I might slit my wrists or hang myself or something."

Malik said his words with little emotion, putting Diabound a little on edge. Was this kid for real? No wonder his profile had declared him as practically insane. Malik smiled brightly suddenly, even managing a wide grin for Diabound. "But it should be no problem! I have ultimate faith in you!" He gushed, leaning forward to pat the weird Cupid-thing on its shoulder. Diabound stared at Malik oddly, still a bit skeptical of his act.

"Uh-huh…" Diabound turned away from the boy, trying to analyze his situation. If the percentages for Malik and his lover-boy weren't perfect, he risked losing his job. However, if Malik went and killed himself over this guy, that was also running him at a risk. Matching a person with who they wanted counted a lot more than having your client six feet under. Surely counsel would understand that. Now, to only hope that Malik's choice was up to counsel's standards. "So, you have school on Monday, correct?"

"Yes I do. Why do you ask?" Malik asked, suddenly so polite and unlike the hostile teen he'd just had on his hands only a few minutes ago.

"I'll be back then, in the morning." Malik eyed Diabound, showing interest. "To go to school with you and see this…gay boy of yours. Anyways." He smirked, rolling onto his side to be closer to Malik. Malik was a little bothered by Diabound's closeness, but gave in. He crooned in closer, smiling.

"What is it?" He questioned softly, acting as if he hadn't been disconcerted by the man's flirtatious behavior only moments ago. Diabound inched closer until his hand was resting beside Malik's hip on the bed. Malik's heart began to thunder in his chest, glancing to the bronze hand next to his bony side. He didn't know why, but it felt oddly exciting.

"Well…" Diabound let his sharp canines drag across his own bottom lip, eyes traveling from Malik's plush, nude lips to his crystal-like amethyst hues. "Before I say my good byes, you could always give a poor angel like myself a little something nice~." Malik tried not to seem startled or mortified by being talked to like that. He sucked it up, sending a dangerous little smirk Diabound's way.

"Well, you didn't even bother to tell me your name. I think you're the naughty one here, don't you?" Malik breathed, staring at Diabound intensely. Malik hesitated, but decided to go for it. His hand stilled on his knee, then traveled painfully slow to rest on the bed. They both stared as Malik's thumb began to brush against Diabound's finger tips.

Diabound was quite baffled by the change in events suddenly, not to say he wasn't pleased. He wasn't picky when it came to pretty things; he liked them all and especially liked it when they liked him too. "You never asked," He hissed, voice low and enthralling. "Though.." He began to graze his fingers against Malik's as well. He smirked, still watching their hands. He hooked his index finger around Malik's thumb. Leaning in closer, Malik attention was stolen away from their hands, eyes boring into Diabound's. Malik's mouth was open slightly, anticipation building within-though what he was waiting for, he wasn't certain. "This came on rather quickly, didn't it~? Suddenly you can't get enough of me."

Diabound noticed Malik's rather rapid change of mood. To disguise himself, Malik tried to think of clever things to say. Leaning in a little closer, he kept his nose only centimeters from brushing against Diabound's. "I…" he trailed off, finding it odd how seductive his tone had gotten all of a sudden. "like to play hard to get. It wouldn't be fun~ if I let you have me too fast."

"Mmm…" Diabound murmured, captivated by Malik's cute face. "I do like bad little play things, I have to admit."

"Am I-I really that bad?" Malik asked, feeling as if his heart was beating up to his throat. He could hear it in his ears; was it so loud that even the angel noticed?

Diabound's eyes widened, quite excited by Malik's demure words. Fuck whoever Malik liked; he wanted the kid for himself suddenly. …Or at least to sleep with him first. Virgins were always such a tasty treat for Diabound. He laughed venomously, loving how he could feel the teen's lucid breath on his lips. "My name is Diabound," He whispered, eyes slowly closing. His neck strained so his chin tilted upward, teeth gently latching onto Malik's lower lip.

Malik murmured softly in response. His eyes closed, the world so hazy suddenly. He could only hear his own beating heart in his ears and Diabound's soft breathing. He was certain this was definitely the wrong way to go, but if anything, it was definitely fun. He leant his head forward, allowing Diabound to chew on his lower lip. Diabound's canines put a light pressure on Malik's lush lip, his tongue slipping out past his thin lips to give Malik's lip the lightest of licks. Malik opened his mouth pliantly, expecting Diabound to indulge further. Hell, this felt nice; Malik actually wanted him to.

It ended all too soon. Diabound's tongue retreated and he sat up, giving Malik's hand one more small stroke before backing away completely. Malik made a small begging noise, not having been ready for Diabound to give up yet. Diabound smirked, quite turned on by Malik's little whine. "Sorry but I can't. We'll save more for next time, no?"

"But…why do you have to go so soon?" Malik complained, pouting. He turned to get on his hands and knees, crawling toward Diabound on his bed. "You don't even have a little more time?"

"Not tonight," Diabound said, though he half regretted it. Why not stay and screw the kid tonight? "I have other work and bleeding hearts to see." He decided to give Malik a little taste of what was to come in the future though. Letting the boy get close, he pressed his hands into the bed and arched forward so their faces were in close proximinity. Closing the distance between them and surprising Malik who made a delightful little moan, he kissed the boy chastely, then backed away.

"And that concludes this episode." He grinned and left a dumbfounded Malik speechless on the bed. Crawling off, he went to the red cloak Malik hadn't even noticed was on his floor. Sitting back, Malik was about to speak when Diabound pulled out a rather strange looking cellphone-like device. Diabound turned back to Malik, giving him a wink as he pressed a button. Just like that, the room was empty and Malik was sitting there, wondering what the hell had just happened to him.

His hand lifted to press his finger pads against his lips in disbelief. Was it real…? It definitely was. Whoa. Now the question was whether he should be more excited for Monday, or just plain scared. But he wouldn't worry too much about it. Shaking his head, he tried to find his remote. "Time for some Deal or No Deal, me thinks." He'd worry about this love-business a little later.

Ryou, still quite struck by his meeting with the angel known as Diabound, had slept very little that night, if at all. For hours he tossed and turned, wondering if he had just been going crazy the entire duration of supposed Cupid's visit. Was there something in his brain that was so messed up that it made him hallucinate for over an hour? Certainly that was a foolish thought but was it more or less ridiculous than the idea of an angel magically appearing into his closet, all because of one measly wish on a star?

He sat in his living room, dressed and waiting for the angel to return as he had promised. Ryou felt like a fool for even believing the angel would come back for him, yet he believed it. Funny how that worked out; he had such blind faith and trust in people, even in those who were sketchy and probably did not deserve it. He tried his hardest to talk himself out of these situations and to have a more realistic, suspecting outlook when it came to people. Yet, his mother's words had stuck to him like glue since birth and she had only ever been forgiving of every one-he was definitely her son because he was the same way, despite inner-conflicts. No matter what, the angel on his shoulder won over the little demon and so, he was ever-susceptible to people who treated him like dirt and took advantage of him.

…Like that pizza boy. Ryou's resentment gurgled within. Of course, because Ryou was such a nice boy, most of his anger was gone but he still had that little evil voice in the back of his mind that told him that one day, he'd make certain that boy got exactly what he deserved. Which, when he thought about it, was nearly impossible because he knew next to nothing about the pizza boy, save that he worked for Pizza Hut. Ryou was too much of a pansy to actually call and ask for the boy's name so most likely, the situation would stay the same forever but he would always have that hope that somewhere, someday, that boy got what was coming to him.

He shifted on the cushion, leaning over to scoop up his coffee cup. 'World's Best Dad' was engraved on the side, and it was filled halfway with an English breakfast tea from one of Ryou's favorite tea brands. He took a sip of the now luke warm beverage, savoring the sweetness the teaspoon of sugar Ryou had added in had given it. His gentle hues glanced to the clock upon the digital cable box. It's orange boxy letters read, '9:57'. "It's nearly 10," He muttered to himself, glancing toward the balcony door. "That is hardly early." To the average teenager who liked to sleep in, 10 was plenty early-not to Ryou though. He was very eminent about such small details like that; early was 6-8 and anything else was late morning. Of course, he doubted that Mr. Cupid would see it that way.

Rolling his eyes, he looked himself down, wondering if maybe he had gotten ready a little too fast. He had on thick wool socks to keep his feet warm out in the misty autumn weather since they always seemed to be the first body part on him to freeze. It hadn't snowed overnight like the news had predicted; however, it was still near freezing outside with temperatures icy cold. There were puffy clouds high in the sky on the verge of having snow seep from them-exactly why he'd chosen to wear a pair of flannel plaid pajamas beneath his dark jeans. Paranoid of being cold, Ryou had chosen quite a few layers for himself. First he'd chosen a plain brown tee shirt to wear beneath a blouse he'd picked out from Hollister when he'd gone school shopping. The blouse was crisp and white with small brown stripes going down the length of the torso and arms. It was long sleeved and looked rather sharp on; he felt a little silly for dressing so nice though since he doubted immensely that Diabound was really going to help him find someone if he ever did bother to show.

He thought of Diabound and his face heated up a little. Of course, that could've been because of the sweatshirts he'd layered on too. A body-fitting clean white pullover hoodie with a dark blue 'Hollister' emblem across the front of the chest, and then a forest green zip up hoodie over the top of it that had an unbelievably soft brown furry lining within it. It was incredibly cozy and he had thought it looked kind-of cool with its Hollister emblem, 'HCO, California' upon the left breast of the jacket in white.

…And how could he forget his dark blue knitted mittens and a green and white striped scarf to match? He was definitely not going to let himself freeze today! His bigger worry was dying of complete boredom because it had been over an hour now and he was still sitting here, waiting for the man. Where could he have been? He was following his intuition and his intuition was telling him that Diabound would eventually show.

He threw himself back on to the couch in a frustrated manner, huffing. Why was he so worried if the male would show, anyways? Hadn't he just been thinking last night that life would be so much easier if Diabound did not return? He stared up at the ceiling, contemplating this subject. He was slightly embarrassed because he felt maybe just a little bit of excitement for the man to return. Why?

He turned his head, glancing curiously to the TV screen where his video game he'd been playing was on pause. Was it because he simply lacked better things to do on weekends? He was nearly always at home, going through the same routine. Maybe it was simply his desire to go out more that was thriving this strange brand of exhilaration. He couldn't fathom what else it would be.

CRASH! Ryou screamed and jumped up in his seat, hearing a rather loud bang come from the closet. His eyes widened, a large grin spreading on his lips unconsciously. It had to be Diabound!

"Goddammit mother fucking…!" The loud holler from the small space made Ryou laugh to himself in satisfaction. There was no doubt in his mind; it was definitely him. He snorted, slipping his hands into his green sweatshirt's pockets, stalking toward the closet. He was going to open up the door for the unfortunate angel, but soon enough, Diabound burst through the door in his same attire from yesterday with an old king size sheet attacking his leg, dragging behind him.

"Why hello!" Ryou chimed, just a little bit content that Diabound's teleporting into the closet inconvenienced him so. "I see your morning is going swell."

"Yeah, it is," Diabound seethed, grimacing as he kicked the old sky blue sheet away. "It'd be a whole lot better, even, if you'd clean that fucking closet so I could please enter it without crashing to my knees and having a million fucking musty blankets fall on my head." His gaze shifted to Ryou's eyes, giving the boy a pointed glare. Ryou couldn't help the small sinister smile that twitched at his lips, eyes leaving Diabound's to appear innocent as he eyed the floor.

"Well…maybe you should just learn not to magically appear in people's closets, yeah?" Ryou glanced up to him, smiling menacingly. Diabound didn't appreciate the sarcasm. He rolled his eyes, quite exhausted from a long night of things he'd rather not specify.

"Yeah, whatever kid. Let's go." He looked away from Ryou, heading toward the apartment door. Ryou blinked, picking up his wallet off the table and trailing after him. He then remembered Diabound's attire and found himself slightly cautious.

"People…" He bit his lip, not wanting to be rude. He glanced to Diabound's peculiar dress of a large robe and kilt. "They can't see you, right?"

Diabound blinked, dumbfounded for a second. He turned around to glance at Ryou, then realized the boy was staring at his bare legs. He suddenly realized what Ryou was so worried about. He laughed, continuing his trek to the door, hand reaching out to unlock the bolts and open it. "Of course they can see me; it just wouldn't be fun if they couldn't."

Ryou's eyes widened and he suddenly pushed past Diabound, shoving his back against the door to make it slam shut. "You…!" Ryou cried, face warming as he stared at the man's ridiculous outfit. "I can't-" He bit his lip, trying to fumble for the right words to say. Diabound stared at him with questioning eyes, a smug grin upon his lips.

"I don't understand; I think my outfit does wonders for me." He cackled, taking a step closer to Ryou to nearly press his body against the boy's. If possible, Ryou's eyes got even larger. Diabound's head canted inwards, fluttering his eyelashes at Ryou. Ryou gulped, body tense against the door as though if he pressed hard enough, it would get him away from the man's clutches. "Don't you think it brings out my eye color?"

"But…" Ryou shook his head slowly, trying his hardest not to look in Diabound's eyes-but it was so hard when they were so powerful and eye-level with his own. "It's…just that it is cold outside a-and…" He tried to explain himself, feeling way more self-conscious than he knew he should've.

"And?" Diabound raised an eyebrow. "If you're really all that worried about me being cold, well…" He trailed off, a single digit reaching out to begin to skim down Ryou's chest, making the boy shudder. "You could always find other ways to keep me warm."

"U-Uh…" Ryou's head felt like it was spinning. "I…" He stared into Diabound's eyes, suddenly compelled to drop the façade. "To be honest…I just don't want to be seen with you looking so weird."

Diabound smirked, finger lifting to poke Ryou's nose. "Bingo." Ryou's mouth opened in surprise, eyes following Diabound's hand that fell to his side. Diabound stepped away, reaching for the door and pulling it open again, easily thrusting Ryou's weak form from it. "And that is why you shouldn't worry." He stepped outside, turning his head around to find a confused Ryou staring at him. "I'm dead," He said simply, "Like a ghost-of course they can't fucking see me. Now come on, you idiot."

Ryou yelped as his wrist was snatched. He was dragged from his apartment, Diabound reaching to shut the door behind them. "A-Ah! But aren't you even going to tell me where you're taking me? Where are we even going!"

"Oh, don't fret over the boring details," Diabound groaned, letting Ryou's wrist go. "Now go lock your door like a good little dog and let's get out of here to find your prince charming." Ryou glared at the man, but obeyed because he had no other choice. He grumbled to himself, turning around to take his key and lock up.

"I'm not gay," He stated, eyeing his door reproachfully. He shoved his key in his pocket and sighed, slumping in defeat as he followed the very unangelic angel down his stairwell and into the frost that was this rather freezing Saturday morning.

"So…" Diabound paused as they reached the bottom step, looking out into the complex's parking lot and the many clone buildings that lined up and down both sides of the lot. "Where is the biggest shopping center here?" He glanced over his shoulder at Ryou, taking notice of just how heavily the boy was dressed. Under the gaze, Ryou shifted uncomfortably.

"Well…in downtown I suppose?"

"Okay; then it's settled." Diabound produced his weird device from his pocket and was snatching Ryou again, shocking the boy by holding him close.

"What are you doing!" Ryou cried as he was thrust into a rather warm pair of arms. His cheek was pressed against Diabound's warm neck since, when Diabound pulled him, he had done a very Ryou-like thing and stumbled over his own feet. He struggled against the hold but to no avail; Diabound was too strong. 'And shouldn't he not be so solid for a ghost!' Ryou really didn't understand this whole angel business.

Hold on tight, Fairy Prince~. We'll be there in just a second." Diabound clutched Ryou tightly with one arm while he pressed a button on his device with the other, bringing it to his mouth. "Downtown Domino City, Japan." Before Ryou could voice his obvious cluelessness, they were gone.

In the blink of an eye, Ryou found himself upon the ground with his back against a dumpster, Diabound standing over him. He opened his mouth to speak, eyes glancing around and finding it quite ludicrous that he could even be here-wherever here was. He could hear the shrill honking of car horns. Turning his head to the side, he could see the end of the alley, and many sky scrapers and illuminated neon signs; one for McDonald's flashed from across the street and he realized something-they were in downtown Domino, but how?

"Well…are you just going to sit there and let the scent of hobo piss seep into you or are we going to find you your love?" He snorted, folding his arms as he stared down at Ryou patronizingly. Ryou simply nodded, shakily standing. He wrinkled his nose, having to use the dumpster to be able to pry himself up from the cold ground.

"You know…you could've at least warned me that we were going to come here like that!" Ryou argued, sending a seething glower Diabound's way. He was certain Diabound had dropped him onto the ground when they had arrived too because his butt hurt from landing. 'He could've at least held onto me…'

…So he wouldn't fall and hurt himself, of course. Of course!

Ryou's stomach wriggled. He tried to ignore the sickening feeling and brushed himself off. "But Prince-Boy," The man purred, sending the boy a teasing smirk. He walked forward, bronze arms folded over his chest as he exited out of the alley way. Ryou pouted and followed, slipping his hands into his sweatshirt's thick pockets.

Once they were out of the disguise of the buildings, they walked out onto a rather busy street corner in the heart of downtown. Ryou recognized it, though it wasn't a place he came often, especially by himself-which to the human eye, he was today. He found himself staring for a moment, breath hitching. There was something about amazing downtown landscapes that took his breath away. It was silly really since he had come from a large city in Europe in the first place but…

There was just something special about Japanese cities that he found himself in love with. He smiled purely, astonished eyes taking in the sight of all the people crowding the streets, the cars creeping slowly by, constantly at a stop due to heedless jay walkers. It seemed like a picture right out of a movie to him; people were all bundled up in their warmest winter coats, the air thin and crisp. His eyes lifted to the sky which was a bright white due to the clouds hanging above his head. Snow clouds…

Unconsciously, he pressed his hands closer into him. While he wasn't a fan of snow, it would've seemed the perfect addition to a busy fall Saturday in the city. "What are you doing?" Diabound snapped, watching the boy as he stood there, staring. Ryou flinched, not even having realized he had been losing himself.

"N-Nothing!" He lied quickly. He smiled sheepishly and turned away, eyeing the ground as he began to walk, Diabound a good few steps ahead.

"You look as if you've never left your home with the way you were just ogling like that." Diabound snorted, peering over his shoulder at the boy as they walked. He had to take his pace down because Ryou was so unbelievably slow and leisurely.

"Heh…" Ryou tried to feign a laugh, but it fell short. He looked out of the corner of his eyes and noticed how Diabound was suddenly closer. He distanced himself, making a wider gap between them as they walked side-by-side.

"…Or was it just that you saw someone that caught your interest?" Diabound mused, licking his lips.

"No!" Ryou exclaimed, glancing at Diabound in disbelief. "Of course it wasn't that; I mean-" His jaw hung mid sentence as an older man passed by him on his left side. The man was staring at him strangely, as if Ryou was talking to no one. Ryou glanced behind him, finding himself met with more questioning eyes. He faked a cough into his hands. He looked like an absolute nutcase right now, didn't he?

"You mean?" Diabound urged, completely undisturbed by the watching eyes. Ryou blinked, finally understanding what this must have looked like. As if he had doubted it before but now, it was more real than ever-noone could see the angel beside him in ancient garb-weird Roman-style sandals and bright red linen robe.

Ryou didn't speak for a minute, waiting until he was certain no one was gazing directly at him. "But…can't people feel you if you brush against them?" Ryou hissed under his breath. Hesitantly, his hand came out of his pockets. He glanced at Diabound, eyes glancing as if asking for permission. Diabound stared confusedly, eyebrow raised as he watched Ryou's hand. He didn't speak, waiting to see what Ryou was trying to accomplish.

Was Diabound's solidity able to be turned on and off? Ryou's hand twitched as it came to just barely touch Diabound's arm, pressing a finger into Diabound's forearm, as if poking him. It was solid and definitely not like a ghost should've been. Ryou frowned, dumbstruck. His hand slipped back into his pocket, trying to contemplate how Diabound worked.

"Want to see for yourself?" Ryou looked up to Diabound, about to ask how. He didn't have to though because people were coming their way, exactly in Diabound's path. Ryou was startled, eyes bulging as the couple held hands, the woman walking right through Diabound's body. Ryou was about to speak without thinking, but then remembered exactly who he was next to. He lifted a hand to his mouth, hovering it over his lips to make it look like he wasn't speaking.

"B-But how is that possible?" Ryou looked as confused as he felt. "To me…you feel so…" What was the word for it?

"To you I feel human?" Diabound guessed, taking the words right from Ryou's brain. He looked quite unsurprised, aloof maroon depths staring ahead.

"Yes, exactly…how though?" Ryou kept his hand on his mouth, staring perplexedly as he tried to make sense of where Diabound was even leading them. That was difficult to comprehend because where did one even go to randomly find their "true love"? Ryou sure as hell didn't know.

"I am human for you-and for others I work with." Diabound shrugged, not finding the idea quite as complex as Ryou did. He had simply grown quite familiar with it; it hardly seemed worth thinking of anymore.

"Then…what do people feel when they walk past you?" Ryou pressed his lips together, wondering if he had ever simply walked right through a being of any sort. Wasn't it kind-of cruel in a way?

"Cold-like when a person involuntarily shivers," He answered in an almost bitter tone. Ryou's mouth opened slightly, turning his head to see Diabound's face. His eyes seemed harder than before, staring straightforward. His gaze flickered suddenly, meeting Ryou's questioning glance. Somehow, the man's eyes instantly softened, retaining only the same bored and arrogant expression from before. Ryou's cheeks felt warm despite the chipper winds. "Now," Diabound cleared his throat, defiant brow raising. "Let's stop with the 20 fuckingquestions and get to work."

Was it just Ryou, or had he purposely attempted to change the subject? Ryou nodded amiably and looked away, trying to get control of his suddenly flustered thoughts. "How…do we do that exactly?"

"Easily; tell me which of these mortals you'd like to screw." Ryou gasped, suddenly staring at the man like he was insane.

"You have to be kidding."

"No, actually I am quite serious." He glanced around, seeing a sign for an FYE music store. A wicked grin crossed his lips. "And if you don't want to tell me, I do have my own way of knowing." Ryou's stomach dropped, quite unhappy with the idea of Diabound having even more tricks up his sleeve. Ryou was skeptical though, always having been quite a sensible person. Easily, he rejected Diabound's demand.

"That's stupid," Ryou commented aggressively, trying to make himself seem certain. "There's no possible way!" He smiled, beginning to laugh because the idea in itself was so absurd. How could Diabound possibly see who he found attractive and who he didn't? There were so many different levels to attraction that no one could just know who you'd work out with.

"Fine, Fairy Prince; believe what you will," Diabound warned airily. He chuckled to himself, tone noting exactly what Ryou feared-that Diabound knew something Ryou did not. "But you're going to want to eat those words of yours."

"I doubt it," Ryou countered, still attempting to keep his position. Diabound kept laughing, stopping at the crosswalk that would lead them straight for the music store.

Diabound pointed to the music store, Ryou's eyes following his finger. "To the music store we go then."

"Wait-but I mean, really, how can you possibly know?" He rambled worriedly, more to himself than to Diabound. "You just…you can't. I don't think you can."

"Lucky for you Fairy Boy…" Diabound cackled, stopping in front of the music store doors. He waited for Ryou to catch up, staring amusedly into the boy's scared face. "I accept that challenge."

Once inside, Ryou managed to calm down a bit. Ryou walked down an aisle of assorted pop cds, feeling exactly as he expected-he found no single person in here attractive so far and therefore, if Diabound was to even call one out, he'd be very incorrect. "You do realize I can tell you're purposely going down the aisles with the least amount of people, right? And avoiding people's faces." Ryou stiffened, eyes widening as he stared down at a Green Day album. He pressed his lips together tightly, uncertain how to respond. Of the first, he was well aware and as for the second part, that was something he always did unconsciously-though he was a little conscious he did that, too.

His cheeks tingled, a fresh dusting of pink hazing over them. He hated when his faults were picked out-it made him feel even more self conscious than usual. "That's stupid," Ryou lied, refusing to turn around, quite aware he'd find a man in a kilt scolding him, probably with that same stupid sneer on his lips. His hand urged forward, fingers daintily picking up the album he had been eyeing. He pretended to read the song titles on the back, doing anything to look busy so Diabound would leave him be. "I am not doing that at all."

Diabound's eyes bore into Ryou's crouched back, the boy looking as if he were curling into himself, like he didn't want to be seen at all. Unluckily for Ryou, Diabound was not the type to simply pity Ryou and let him stand there, pretty much guarding himself for the rest of the world. This was Ryou's deepest wish and he would go all out and pull all the stops to make certain Ryou was appeased. "Then…" He murmured, moving in closer to invade Ryou's personal space. He opened his mouth, arching his neck forward until his lips were practically pressed against Ryou's crown.

Ryou couldn't have been anymore tense. His fingers grew cold, gripping the album tightly in his fingers, able to feel the man's warmth against his sensitive scalp. His feet clenched, as if trying to bring his toes in so tightly that they'd disappear-no, more like, he wanted his whole body to disappear. Goosebumps prickled up on his arms and down his neck. "Why…ever are you slouching like so, hmm?"

"I!" Ryou piped up, thoughts going fuzzy. Where was he…? He was forgetting-his eyes surveyed his surroundings shyly. Rows and rows of CDs and DVDs and people scowering the aisles for something to buy; the music blared above them, some top 40 hit Ryou had heard again and again and the chime of the door as new customers entered and exited.

What was wrong with him? It was like any time Diabound got close, Ryou's thoughts dripped like rain from the sky and formed many puddles that never seemed to connect. And of course, Diabound always found a way to get eerily close-any person would've been nervous with an angel breathing down the back of their head, right? It wasn't just Ryou. Ryou wasn't sure where his "I" was even going anymore. Fuck. Better to just start all over with something a bit more well thought out and not lurched out at practically the top of his lungs.

He tried to breathe evenly, but it was hard when his heart was speeding like a racecar. Shakily, he managed to sidestep Diabound and gain his space back, no longer feeling as trapped. "You just make me uncomfortable is all," Ryou hissed sharply, lifting the CD up to his eyes to examine more closely-and to hide his lips so no one could see him talking to nothing-he kept forgetting Diabound wasn't really there; at least, not to the naked eye. Too bad too because if ever he wanted to cry sexual harassment (which Diabound was always borderline doing), there was no way he could escape. That was quite the bitch.

"Is that so?" Diabound chuckled tauntingly, not seeming to be disheartened by that tidbit at all; oh no, never that-more like it delighted him to the core. His eyes scanned Ryou's lithe frame, from his long, lean legs to the way his russet brown eyes stared so intently at the same damn album, as if there was really that interesting of information to read on it. Yeah right. Diabound tilted his head to the side, smiling intently at the boy as he tried his best to not look at Diabound.

"…" Ryou said nothing, biting his lip in concentration as he leant forward to put away the CD and pick up another he really didn't find any interest in. Anything to keep from paying attention to his not-so-much-there…accomplice. He brought the CD in just as close to his eyes, trying his best to hide himself. If only he had an ounce of as much magic as Diabound so he could just disappear. "I don't find anyone in here attractive." It was said bluntly, in a way so that Diabound would know it was time to go, that this was hopeless.

"Oh?" Diabound lulled, still eyeing Ryou like some spectacular sculpture. The doorbell chimed and this time, Diabound's eyes led astray. More customers came in, nothing too special-that was until Diabound found himself staring at the thin frame of a very handsome, yet unpleasant looking individual-only unpleasant because those nude lips seemed to be stuck in an infinitive pout. But when Diabound thought about the pout, it wasn't really so unpleasant at all; more like, it made him want to go forward and tease and bite at that luscious plump lower lip.

"Yes," Ryou boomed, eyebrows furrowing irritably as he glanced to the corner of his eye. Diabound's eyes (thank god) were no longer stuck like glue to him but to something else. Ryou sighed exasperatingly, head turning to see exactly what the hell was so interesting now. Uh-oh. A familiar teenager had just entered the store, one Ryou recognized from school; a young man Ryou's age with perfectly straight white blonde hair two inches past the shoulder and eyes so eloquently lavender, Ryou had to wonder if the teen wore contacts. He wore a dark grey wool pea coat that was all buttoned up to guard from the cold, along with a pair of lightly sagged skinny jeans and well worn converse shoes that had the beginning of a hole at the toe. Ryou gulped; it didn't take any amount of words from Diabound to find out exactly what the stare was all about. Why did Ryou have a feeling this was so not going to end well?

"Go talk to him," Diabound whispered in a hushed tone, leaning toward Ryou. Ryou panicked.

"W-What!" Ryou gasped, cursing himself mentally because he'd dropped his hand with the album to his side, uncovering his mouth so that the whole store could see him shout to no one. He was stuck in place watching the blonde who suddenly began to look at him weirdly because of his overly loud outburst. Uhh. Shit.

Ryou's mouth dropped and he rapidly whirled around, facing the wall. His face was so warm; he could feel himself sweat inside his many layers of clothing. "I-I…I know him. So…I can't, you see…"

"You know him?" Diabound asked with much more interest than Ryou was hoping Diabound would show. Well, Ryou didn't exactly know him but he knew his name and he knew that he sat next to him in his first period at school. He also knew that the boy was extremely unfriendly and had never said a single word to him. In fact, Ryou wasn't even sure he'd heard the boy speak to anyone.

" Yeah, I do," Ryou muttered, folding his arms over his chest and stalking away to the furthest place in the store away from his classmate. "And I know he really doesn't like me." He always seemed to give Ryou these looks that seemed to be a cross between "you're stupid" and "you annoy the hell out of me", though Ryou had never done a thing to make the male not like him. Ryou didn't deal well with rejection and he certainly couldn't handle himself around someone who he was pretty positive couldn't stand the sight of him.

"Oh…" Diabound followed behind Ryou, turning his head back to watch the blonde maneuver around the store. "I think you could be pleasantly surprised."

"And I think I am okay without that." Ryou looked behind him to give Diabound a stern look. "I really do not want to." Diabound's smile never faltered. His hand darted forth, grabbing hold of Ryou's wrist. Ryou made a noise, Diabound's grip so tight he couldn't go another step. He tried to tug away but stopped when he realized how stupid he looked. He didn't dare to look around the store, afraid to see how many spectators he'd gained.

"You will talk to him." There was no question about it in Diabound's voice-no matter how much Ryou fought, he was going to lose. Either he'd have an awkward conversation with a classmate who probably hated him or he'd keep fighting and screaming his head off until Diabound had him to the ground-and then the police would come and within an hour, he'd be constrained in a mental hospital. Choices, choices.

As much as it pained Ryou to agree, there was not really another option. Still, he had to at least try something. "W-Well…" He glanced to Diabound, giving him the most sugary sweet smile he could muster. "Can't we just try somewhere else t-to look for someone and come back-" Diabound's finger lifted to press on Ryou's lower lip. Once again, Ryou's words fell to the pits of hell. His stomach was feeling funny.

"As much as I do enjoy that tempting little sex kitten smile of yours, Fairy Boy." And the smile quickly fell because that was so not what Ryou was going for. Now, Ryou just looked horrified and beyond words-no more stomach butterflies but just an overwhelming sensation to deck the man in front of him. Diabound sighed heavily as Ryou yanked away and stood there staring at him with rage written all over his face. "If I let you have your way with me…" Diabound wiggled his eyebrows, only further unimpressing Ryou.

"Just stop," Ryou warned through gritted teeth.

"Then…" Diabound made a small moaning sound and Ryou had no idea why-actually, he really didn't want to know. "We'd never get anywhere with this and then you would be stuck with me forever." Amusement lit up Diabound's face. "Unless that is what you want…" Ryou looked frightened. Diabound took a step closer and Ryou definitely moved one step back. "And you can have me and tongue me anytime you want me, there is no need to be shy. Mmm…in fact, just take me by surprise-attack-fucks are the best." Ryou opened his mouth but no sound came out. His eyes shifted from side to side, but he could think of no appropriate response.

A huff and a quick flip of his middle finger and Ryou turned around, heading for his classmate-Malik's-direction. He could hear Diabound laughing but he tried to drown the man's obnoxious voice by thinking of exactly what he was going to talk to Malik about. He wasn't very outgoing and certainly wasn't much of a conversation starter-what was there to even say? He had started off at the speed of light to get away from Diabound and pretend he'd never heard the foul things that had come from the male's mouth but now as he came to the very aisle Malik was down…

He closed his eyes, rapidly giving up. This was so stupid; he didn't even like men, let alone this one. Why was Diabound forcing him to do this? He sighed heavily, unsurprised when he felt Diabound's presence behind him. That man was no angel, not in the least. "Come on, just go up. Ask him how he's doing or, fuck, I don't know. Ask him if he's single and if he's gay or whatever." Ryou bit his tongue, keeping himself from having another outburst. The last two were questions he really had no interest in knowing the answer to.

'Well, you can either stand here and look stupid and probably creepy-or you can just go and get this over with. Besides, what's t he worst that can happen really? Just say "hi"! And when he dismisses you…go. And that should happen fast so win-win, right?' Or so Ryou tried to convince himself. He rolled his eyes and looked up from the spot on the ground he'd been staring at, eyes meeting the sight of Malik leaning over, scanning through rock Cds. He took a deep breath and tried his best to be confident, striding forward. 'OH FUCK, OH FUCK,' He chanted in his head, feeling queasier by the moment.

Diabound stood there at the aisle end, proud and alert, eyes never leaving the two clients of his. How would Ryou do? Probably as well as Malik-both seriously needed human interaction classes. "Hey," Ryou offered cheerfully, standing at Malik's side, a good arms length away. Malik didn't seem to hear, still staring at the variety of CDs, looking for one in particular.

Ryou only felt more awkward, letting his hands slip into his pockets, pressing the coat tightly against him. "M…alik?" This time, he actually got a response. Malik stopped, raised an eyebrow and then looked up to stare at Ryou in that same heartless way. He looked agitated and quite confused as if pondering in his head why the fuck Ryou was talking to him. Oh, if only Malik knew…

"Uhh. Yeah?" Malik eyed Ryou pointedly, as if waiting for Ryou to explain why Ryou even knew his name. Ryou fidgeted, wondering if Malik even recognized Ryou from class. What if he didn't? Then he would just seem extra dumb!

"Hey!" He repeated himself again, offering a meek smile. Malik stared at him for a good second before responding.

"Hi?" It was more of a question than anything, like why are you saying "hi" in which Ryou wanted to respond by running to the nearest exit.

"Uhh…" Ryou paused, feeling the wetness on his palms from being so timid. "We go to school together, right?"

Malik stood tall, folding his arms over his chest. To Ryou, he seemed so sure of himself-but to Diabound, he didn't look anymore comfortable with this conversation than Ryou was. In fact, if anything, he looked ten times more frightened. "Uhh, yeah. I sit next to you."

"Yeah," Ryou feigned a small laugh. Though after he was done, he wondered if that was even appropriate to laugh at. Probably not. "We do… Weird that we ran into each other here, right?"

Malik didn't look like he agreed. "Yeah, I guess." Okay, and now Ryou needed to find his exiting word because Malik's tone let Ryou in on all of Ryou's worst fears-Malik couldn't stand him. He turned his head to look around and give Diabound a begging look, as if Diabound could wave a magic wand and save him from this awful conversation. Diabound motioned his hand at Ryou for Ryou to keep going. What else was there to say?

"Ask him what he's looking for!" Diabound hollered, giving Ryou an urgent look. Ryou pressed his lips together tightly, turning around to find out that Malik was back to scanning the CDs.

"So…what are you looking for? Anything I can help you find?" Ryou asked, giving the boy a bright and friendly smile. He took his hands from his pocket and laced them behind his back. Malik stopped and slowly canted his head to Ryou, scanning him from head to toe as if looking for something.

"Uhh." Ryou looked at Malik in hopes that the male would let him help or say something, anything, besides "no" or "yes". Malik took a step back, shaking his head. "Not really. Uhh…see you at school." Ryou gaped as Malik turned away without so much as looking at Ryou and practically ran out of the store. Ryou's mood sank, confidence in his abilities as a human being evaporating.

"He…fucking hates me." Diabound sighed, suddenly behind Ryou again. He placed his hand on the boy's shoulder to console, eyeing the teen's bowed head.

"Well if it's any consolation, he probably thought you worked here so it really is no wonder you drove him off. Sales associates are fucking annoying."

"How!" Ryou demanded for the fifth time in a row since they'd left the record store a good ten minutes ago.

Diabound sighed heavily. "Let's see…does "Anything I can help you find?" ring a bell in that fat head of yours? Way to blow it!" Ryou's eyelids lowered as he snapped his gaze to Diabound, his face containing that same stupid collected, uncaring expression.

"You keep saying that!" Ryou gasped looking astonished as he stared at Diabound in disbelief. "You're kidding, right? You're the one who told me to ask him that!"

"No," Diabound stated simply, flashing Ryou a knowing grin as they continued their way slowly down a deserted alley-by Ryou's choice of course. "I told you to ask him what he was looking for, but not exactly in those exact words." Ryou shook his head, at a loss. What was wrong with asking it just like that? It made no sense in Ryou's mind; it was a simple and friendly question and a good way to get to know a little bit more about Malik!

Diabound eyed Ryou, knowing quite well by the dumbfounded look on Ryou's face that Ryou had no idea what he meant, at all. Heaving a sigh, Diabound stopped in place as they neared the end of the block. "What I wanted you to really say was, "Hey Malik! So, what kind of music do you like? I'm trying to get into some new bands; any ideas?" Ryou bit his tongue, the hairs on the back of his neck standing as agitation took over. That was not at all what Diabound had told him to say!

Ryou stopped in his tracks, glaring at Diabound's back. "And how would I have ever known to say that when that is completely different from what you told me!"

Diabound laughed, entertained by the pissy tone Ryou was starting to take with him, reminding him of an angry housewife. He realized there weren't footsteps behind him any longer, so he stopped to turn around and look at Ryou. He let out another snicker, able to easily imagine the clenched-fisted Ryou in a frilly apron and polka dot bandana, tying back his long, all-too-well taken care of hair. "Well I don't know, champ. You look like a little woman so I would've thought you'd put more thought into your words and not make yourself out to be an ass like a dude would!"

"A dude? Aren't you a little old to talk like some sixteen-year-old Californian drop-out on acid?" Diabound made a weird gurgle in his throat then began to howl in laughter. Ryou rolled his eyes, absolutely livid. Even insults couldn't get through the angel's thick skin-nothing seemed to matter to him. "And for the billionth time, I am not a girl!" Ryou huffed, folding his arms over his chest defensively. "And if you're not really going to help me then can I please go home because you are just making me want to…" Ryou trailed off, too enraged to finish his sentence. His cheeks were all puffed up and red, making him look like an overgrown baby.

"Want to what? Cry? S-" Diabound snickered again, clutching his gut. "Stop making that face Ryou! I just can't stop laughing at your face!" And because Diabound was an idiot, he didn't realize the offense that sentence caused. While he was busy with his bizarre laughing fit, Ryou's malice boiled over the top. He stormed forward and threw as hard of a punch as he could at Diabound's stone-like bicep. Sadly, it hurt Ryou's hand more than it hurt Diabound. Diabound barely even noticed, shaking his head as tears dripped down his cheeks from laughing too hard. "Was…that supposed to hurt me? Really Ryou! I mean, really?"

Ryou scoffed, deciding it was time to throw in the towel. "We're done here!" And at that, Ryou stomped away with his shoulders hunched forward, pride and self-confidence completely shattered. Why had he even thought this would end up any different? Diabound was only there to humiliate and degrade him, not to help him out! Why did he have to be so stupid and believe there was good in everything? If he had just stuck with his first impression, he would've never came out here and been made to look like a jackass in front of one of his classmates who he would still have to face come Monday. And Malik would likely tell his friends about how weird Ryou was and then that would just make everything worse!

At the "we're done here", Diabound was able to control himself, just a little. He grinned still, not believing Ryou's words in the least. He turned his head to watch Ryou exit the alley. "Oh fuck, come on you puss, I'm only fucking with you!" He hollered, likely only making things worse. "With your cheeks so puffed out, you just kinda looked like an obese infant!" Diabound didn't receive a response but instead, he had a weird pang in his stomach as he glanced to the way Ryou had gone-right. He felt a cold sweat coming on, eyes refusing to leave from the alleyway's right edge. He went quiet, following after Ryou's footsteps.

By now, he couldn't make out Ryou's lithe form on the sidewalks, this part of downtown just crammed with people. It was easy for him though, seeming to simply float through as he hurried on, people walking through his form. It was such a weird feeling-it was like he had a good idea but he didn't know what it was; how did that make any sense? Somehow, it just seemed like it would come to him if he kept following behind Ryou and heading this way. Beginning to run, he finally found Ryou midst a crowd of people about to cross the street. The sign lit up for 'walk' and the crowd departed. Diabound stopped, watching Ryou's head as the boy entered the crosswalk.

He glanced from Ryou to the other side of the crosswalk to Ryou again-he looked further down that road, seeing a lone figure, face concealed beneath a ragged black hood. The person was tall and lanky, almost to the point where it was sickening. His legs were long and stickly, embellished by his tight skinny jeans that had way too many holes for such a cold day. A guitar case was slung on his back, making it so he hunched slightly as he walked. Diabound couldn't look away, eyes set on the male as, for the first time, he lifted his head up, a portion of his face viewable. Tufts of thick, unkempt white hair blew in the icy wind. Diabound could make out a pair of thin lips and cheeks that were sunken in from what Diabound guessed was from more than just a poor diet. His thin sweater was covered in patches and bleach stains and was zipped up to his giraffe-like, emaciated neck. Diabound's heart raced, somehow knowing just what to do.

This person had caught his eye and that reason was because…

"Ryou, Ryou wait!" He hollered out, hoping to catch Ryou's attention. Ryou stiffened at the cry but kept on going, quite stuck on his position. He was going to ignore Diabound and not let this press on any further-he was done with this ridiculous love-nonsense; he wouldn't acknowledge Diabound any longer. He kept his lips pressed tight as he stepped up onto the sidewalk, staring straight ahead. As for Diabound, he took to a run, easily drifting past people to get to Ryou. The male Diabound had been gawking at was just about to walk past Ryou, completely unnoticed. However, thanks to Diabound, that didn't quite happen.

"This is what happens when you don't listen to me!" Diabound grinned manically, shoving Ryou the hardest he could. Ryou's eyes widened, panic stricken over him. He tried to steady himself but it was too late! Diabound's strength was too much and Ryou was just too clumsy-before he could do anything, his head smacked hard against someone else's.

"Fuck!" It was so painful, it made Ryou yelp aloud-and yet, the curse hadn't come from him. Oh no. Ryou had a sickening feeling Diabound had done this for a reason now. He opened his eyes, vision waving in and out as it tried to refocus itself since his nose has nearly cracked open against someone else's. Ryou jerked his head to the side, attempted to pull himself away from the stranger he was about to grovel in front of.

"Shit, shit!" Everyone on the street was looking at the mangled pair. First the slighter of the two's arms had caught Ryou firmly against his chest, though that was only because Ryou was already too close by then to push off-their heads had smacked together, making the taller cling to Ryou. The collision made the male's nose throb-he wondered if it was broken. As if that wasn't bad enough, the idiot twisted his head to the side, his hair getting tangled somehow in not one, but two brand new lip rings on the male's left side. The boy pulled so hard to get away, it made him cry out. "Don't move you moron!" The man could taste copper, a small trickle of blood leaking from the holes in his face. Just fucking perfect.

"Wh-" Ryou was about to say sorry when the person he knocked into began screaming at him. His eyes widened, wondering what he'd done. He was going to get his ass kicked, wasn't he? He moved his head to meet the stranger's eyes but was yelled at again. "What's wrong, did I-"

"Just don't move!" Ryou blinked, confused as he felt foreign fingers playing with strands of his hair. He heard the male hiss, Ryou's eyebrows knitting absentmindedly. It felt as if his hair was caught in something-but by the time he was about to ask, the stranger practically shoved him away. Ryou stumbled back, catching himself on his heels, just barely. His arms flew to his sides, fingers stretched straight out as he steadied his form.

"I'm really sorry!" He wailed immediately, not sure how one could cover up an epic fall like that-he would have to be graceless to the point of retardation to knock into the man that hard. He bowed his head in shame, eyes closing tightly as he expressed his grief for "his" mistake.

"Sorry doesn't make my lip stop bleeding. Fuck!" Bleeding? Had Ryou really knocked into him that hard? Concern filled Ryou's soft chocolate depths as he looked up finally, coming face-to-face with someone who made Ryou's jaw drop. Taller than him, skinny beyond belief with skin so white it seemed inhuman-the only color on his face was the bubble gum pink the man's cheeks had turned from the bitter fall temperature and the small droplets of blood that Ryou could just barely make out in a small crack between the male's fingers where he was nursing his pierced and wounded lip.

"O-Oh no, does it hurt?" Ryou breathed out whimsically, eyes glassy as he stared up at the male, utterly astounded and for no reason at all. Ryou didn't blink, enchanted as he surveyed the male's handsome and somehow familiar face. They were on a crowded street corner with people bumping against Ryou's shoulders as they, albeit irritably, passed the stunned two. Even the slighter teen was stumped-his dark, smouldering eyes wide with shock as he stared at the boy who had asked perhaps the stupidest, most obvious question he possibly could have. Still, the initial frustration and anger didn't settle in the male's eyes until a good second later-when the shorter mirrored his stance by covering his mouth too, realizing how dumb he'd just sounded as well. "I…sh-shouldn't ha-have asked that. U-Uhm."

'Walk away, you idiot. Just walk away.' And yet the stranger still stood there, hand lowering from his mouth finally to reveal his bloody, puffed up lip. As for Diabound, he wasn't far behind-seeing how the two were reacting to each other, it was obvious his plan was a success. Diabound was just tickled with himself and his overwhelming ability to always be right. The two were practically drooling at the sight of each other. Diabound stared at Ryou's back, sure the boy was blushing like mad. Not gay? Impossible or he wouldn't have just spent almost an entire minute ogling a bloody, potentially very angry and very dude-like teenager. And yet, though Ryou had succeeded in tearing open fresh piercings on the man's face, the man just couldn't stop gawking at Ryou. This was practically a job well done-all he had to do was tell Ryou to go for it and ask the kid out and then they'd be another happy queer couple. Diabound was excited at this prospect of doing so well-it was too easy!

Grinning, he arched his head towards Ryou's ear, watching the other male who was completely oblivious to his presence. "Ask him out. Now. He wants you." Piece of cake; Ryou was going to get laid tonight and Diabound was going to throw himself a party on a job well done.

Ryou's lower lip began to tremble the moment Diabound whispered into his ear. Ask him out. Ask…him out? Well, it was not really in Ryou's nature and Ryou wasn't even into guys and surely, a stranger he'd just injured would want to do anything but spend an awkward date with Ryou. Ryou's heart sped up and his stomach did a weird flippy dance-he didn't know what came over him but for whatever reason, a false sense of security enveloped him and he got the idea that it was okay. "Go out with me. On a date."

Diabound grit his teeth-Ryou didn't have to get past "Go out with me" for it to be obvious things were going horribly wrong. The moment those words had fallen from Ryou's lips, that awed stare the stranger had been giving Ryou died-instead, the male looked outraged and was now staring at Ryou with a murderous glint in his eyes. Diabound gulped; perhaps he had told Ryou to go a little too fast a little too soon. Should he tell Ryou to run?

Ryou and Diabound both jumped back the moment the man shot forward, menacing form intimidating Ryou. The man's mouth dropped and Ryou actually backed up so far that he pressed himself against Diabound's chest. Both of his hands came to cup over his chest, fingers gripping tightly at his sweater. Oh no. What had he been thinking? That was just it; he hadn't been-the first words he heard, he'd blurted out like a buffoon. He braced himself, just waiting for the attack to come. The man looked ready to throw a punch at Ryou's face-his fist was curled, just daring to shoot up for Ryou's eye.

Diabound and Ryou both stood completely still-and yet, all that happened (and Ryou had to keep from screaming out of pure suspense and being a wuss) was the man shoving past Ryou, banging into his shoulder a little painfully. "No," He spat in perhaps the cruelest tone Ryou had ever heard-and yet, it was so familiar…

Ryou shook as he turned around, watching the form of the male disappear into the crowd. Where did he remember that voice from? "Did…I mention some guys aren't down to be asked out by girly men in public?" Ryou gasped in realization-Diabound, the pizza in his robe.

…The pizza guy. "And you still owe me five hundred yen!" Ryou lost all composure, screaming that out at the top of his lungs. Diabound stared at Ryou, befuddled. He was a little amazed at Ryou's rejection strategy-he would've never thought someone like Ryou could turn a refused date invite into looking like a simple quarrel between two ex-friends or something!

"Way to cover it up!" Diabound gave Ryou a good proud smack on the back. Ryou stumbled again, eyes hardened as he stared ahead. He had no idea what Diabound was talking about but it didn't matter-no matter what, he just knew in his heart that the kid had it coming for him and good. The first thing he'd do when he got home besides chuck his TV at Diabound's head for such a terrible day? Complain to Pizza Hut. And get that boy's name.

…For future reference, of course. Uhh, and in the bad way.

Ryou kept his mouth shut as he walked home, making sure to ignore Diabound the whole way.

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